Apartments, finding new eating places and the nightshift

Translation for Tori: The above pic is the comic, Cathy, and it details a day in her life starting at 7am staring at the little screen (aka her monitor) and what she's looking at and ending with her in the same spot roughly around 10pm staring at the little screen. In the last frame she's thinking "My universe got so big, but my world got so puny." Hmmm maybe that would make a good one for my next banner.... LOL

Wow, has it been nearly a week since my last post? It's hard to believe. To be honest I dont even think I could begin to tell you how the time has passed either. It's hard being limited to just the laptop and having to share the time as I tend to lose track of what happened when. I can tell you that I've caught every episode of American Idol so far and have been blogging it over in MySpace. Im not sure about anyone else, but I've been truly underwhelmed. Of the nights we've seen, there have been ~maybe~ 2 good nights out of the bunch and even then the auditioners havent been the best. There's simply not enough there to make me go wow. Personal opinion, I dont believe we've seen the winner audition yet and Im still saying it is the year of the African-American male to win.

Saturday we went to see that one apartment that I mentioned in my previous entry. The two bedroom was nice but a trifle claustrophobic for me. The larger of the 2 bedrooms would have been only large enough for the bed, 2 endtables and the dresser with barely enough room to get in and out of the bed comfortably. The smaller of them was just a little over half that size. Let's not go into how large the bathroom makes me feel. The shower area isnt even the size of what we came out of in Texas. I'd be lucky to fit a leg in the tub so I can tell you there'll never be a bath in that tub unless the dog is the one having it. Yeah, I see it now, showers are going to be a joy and a half.

Sunday was a lazy day and we didnt even leave the apartment. No sense in it because not many of the apartment complexes are open on a Sunday.

Between Monday and Tuesday we did the grocery shopping, checked out another complex (this one had AWESOME prices but a 5 MONTH waiting list to get in!!!) and went back to check out a three bedroom in the previous complex. The three bedroom was much nicer but the bathroom was still one that isnt going to be pleasant using due to the size. I feel like I have to bend in half to use the sink and I swear the tub isnt much bigger than one of my shoes (and about as deep as well). The unit we saw was located at the front of the complex putting all those strip malls well within a decent, but entirely do-able, waddle distance which means I can get some exercise getting to and from work depending on the hours I end up pulling. We've put in an application at this complex and with any luck we'll get in. They ran our credit reports though and with the dings we each had...well we're keeping our fingers crossed. There were a couple that were on hubby's that concerned them and one on mine (one from back in 2000 no less!). One of his was easily handled as it had been paid off 4 years ago (yeah this is a good ad for checking your credit file yearly y'all) and the other is in the process of being dealt with. Mine, too, is being dealt with now and was something stemming back from my frist marriage. Actually ALL the dings on my report stem back from then. Since I've been in Texas, I've kept a low profile and paid everything in cash. Anyhow, this one was a personal loan and had nothing to do with a rent situation so with any luck they'll forgive that one. The decision is pretty much in the complex's hands right now. Im hoping they come to a decision in the next day or so. The good news here is that the January special they had running is being carried over to February so the 3 bedroom (924 sq ft) wont cost us much more than $50 more than the 2 bedroom (748 sq ft) overall. About $50 more for 176 sq ft additional space? I can handle that. Like I pointed out to hubby, if we go with the smaller apartment...we WILL have to spring for a storage unit for the extra stuff that doesnt fit (therfore making it more costly still). With the bigger apartment, it's highly likely we WONT have to do that.

Sometime over the last couple days we checked out a couple restaurants in the area. One was a mom and pop type establishment called Tom's Diner. The food's good and service is ok. The other was Clearwater Grill & Bar. O M G the food was awesome there. The waitress looked like she'd half expected that reaction as they have a 5 star chef in their kitchen. I had the San Francisco fettucini (chicken and shrimp over fettucini with green onions and mushrooms all drizzled with an alfredo sauce...*dah-ROOOOL*). I think I found my new favorite place to eat :D.

Oh and hubby's on the nightshift starting this week. He'll be there for the next 4 months which means I'll barely be able to see him. *sigh* I've pretty much decided to stay on a dayshift sleep schedule because once we get moved I have to be awake to get myself to interviews and such. It makes things difficult though because I cant do a blasted thing first thing in the morning as he's sleeping and then by the time he leaves, my mind is starting to shut down for the night. I've got dishes to put away, clothes to fold and supper to get cooked for tomorrow and Im simply too tired to even bother at this point. Well, I'd better scoot and attempt to get at least the laundry folded and the supper cooked. The dishes I can deal with tomorrow while he's sleeping.


AliceKay said...

Good luck with the apartment shopping. Sounds like something I wouldn't want to deal with.

Intense Guy said...

Same as what Alice Kay said. I do remember living in one that I really liked in Valley Forge. It was right next to the park - two bedrooms and two bathrooms separated by the kitchen, dining room, living room which had a slider door to the outside (it was a first floor gem). The only downside was the neighbor parked his Harley on the cement pad next to his slider door and woke the dead(me) when he started it up in the mornings. After talking to him, he started rolling it down the hill a ways before starting it, so it wasn't all bad. took a while though, since he was never home when I was. :-)

LadyStyx said...

Alice: Nope, you wouldnt. Im near tears as it is....and it takes an aweful lot to get me there.

Iggy: sounds beautiful......

ChicagoLady said...

Unfortuantely, most apartments have very small bathrooms. Both of mine are very small. Enough room to turn around in a circle, but that's about it. But since I don't spend the majority of my time in a bathroom, it doesn't bother me so much.

Most bedrooms in apartments are quite small for some reason, although I lucked out and have nice sized rooms that fit everything I need. I'm paying for it in my rent though, lol.

Be careful of those "move-in specials," in a year or so the prices will get jacked up.

I'm glad you found a nice restaurant nearby. I'm so tired of everything by me, I've been to most of them several times, they're all chains, with nothing new to offer. Besides, I don't have the extra cash to eat out all the time, so I limit it to maybe once a month.

Toriz said...

Good luck with the apartment search


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