It's been HOW long???

Lately I've been seeing my friends celebrating their bloggy anniversaries and every single time I say... "I really should check and see how many entries I've done" or better yet "How long HAS it been?"

This morning, I noticed a very significant number on this, the 2 Cents blog. I figured, now is as good as any to start running the totals.

I started blogging in Yahoo 360 on October 13, 2005. This makes this past Tuesday my 4th year anniversary. I originally started blogging to work out some of the hurt from the last marriage and it has sense grown into something much much more. It's grown into 10 blogs on this one account that deal with many different topics. As a friend of mine once said "She's got something for everyone". Some of it's just junk and little shares, and others have a bit more meat to them. Either way, it's all me.

The blog numbers are substantial. Not as many as some bloggers (you know who you are), but definitely alot of writing.

2 Cents from a Chaotic Mind has reached it's 500th post as of last night at 9pm.
Life's A Stitch (the Jokes I get in emails): 341
A Journey to Parenthood: 15
Styx Picks (the American Idol/Music blog): 71
The World Can Be Amazing (the home page): 323
Inspirationally Speaking (another blog started in the necessity to clear out the emails): 38
Craft Corner: 9 (I really need to add to this one)
Archived 360s: 124
and finally, the one that really needs more entries, The Like a Phoenix blog (which I often call the Padded Room): 45

For a total of 1,467 entries. Well 1,468 if you count this one.

Alotta words. Not much content. What can I say, deep thoughts give me a migraine. I'm hoping to rectify this someday. Heh. Maybe I should add it to the Bucket List...

**** Be more profound.

Yeah right, I see that happening. Especially with everything going on in my life.

Truck in the repair shop for 4 weeks in a row. It got so I threatened to draw up joint custody papers for her because she obviously LOVES her mechanic. The last time we brought her in, the poor dude nearly had heart failure seeing us. Until hubby told him it was just an oil change. He said we were so wrong for messing with him like that.

Then us into the doctors (and him outta work) for 3 weeks in a row. My sinuses are outta whack and I'm on my 3rd course of antibiotics. I hate this because these last two... well they've given me a certain side effect that I won't go into. Just know it's uncomfortable for me. Hubby has an infection in the sinuses too, I guess. The dr never said where it's just that it shows up in the blood work. He has also been on his 3rd course of antibiotics. Seems to be getting better.

There is some good, however.

I've made a couple trips in August to places unexpected. If you have been checking out my Flickr stream, you'd know what I'm talking about. For those that don't, I made a trip to the military museum as well as the Battlefield. Not exactly my favorite places to be, but I was desparate to get out of the house. I did manage to get through both trips without any major melt-downs. the only problem I had was when we were in the Gift Shop at the Battlefield. It was a bit small with alotta people in it and nothing that I really wanted to look at (unlike the Shop at the museum, which had some jewelry and a couple porcelain dolls, on of which I ended up buying).

We had a vacancy show up in the neighborhood. Let's just say it's mighty peaceful nextdoor and it's been that way since August. No, there wasn't a weird smell coming from under the door but there certainly is one of those realtor lockboxes on the handle. I'm kinda hoping it stays empty until we get ready to move. Then all we have to deal with is the other neighbor's teenage girl who tends to act out now and again. Not often, but sometimes the music gets a bit loud.

I was searching online early Tuesday morning to see what's out there and found a few jobs that I'd be qualified to do so I applied to one. They called me yesterday (Wednesday) for an interview today around 330pm. Unfortunately, the job I applied to wasn't being filled at the time (well then WHY was it listed on your job site???), but we discussed the possibility of a different position. I'm kinda hoping I get it because I can wear what I want that way and won't need to worry about getting uniform shirts and making sure they're clean daily (this company only gives you 2-3 depending on how many hours a week you pull). Besides being able to wear what I want, I'll be working overnight and won't have to deal with customers. Don't get me wrong, I like people just fine...but I'm more of a task oriented person. Give me some freight, a knife and leave me alone and I'll be just fine, thanks. Put me on the floor and expect me to get a task done AND handle the customers at the same time.... not really condusive to a happy worker.


Karla said...

I for one have found all your blogs interesting..rather it be junk and little shares or ones that have more meat. I enjoy reading about your everyday life as well hearing your profound concepts on things. Just keep being you hon..we love you just like you are :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon.

We had our house next door vacant for a good 6-9 months and then the neighbors moved in and we realized just how freely we had come to walking about naked with the window blinds open....ooppppssssss!!!!

Good luck with the interview!! I had a job once where we got one shirt and we'd have to wash it overnight for work the next day. Blah.

Jan n Jer said...

wow that is quite the update...first of all congrats on your blogoversary..that is an impressive amount of posts. I mostly come to this blog. Hope you n hubs feel better soon..sinus infections "HURT" ouch! of luck in your job this economy, there is not much out there.

Deanna said...

Your poor fingers must be worn out from typing! That doesn't even take into account all the blogs you comment on daily! Just don't get too profound on me ... I like you just the way you are!

Get feeling better SOON and I hope you get the job!

Intense Guy said...

Laffs @ Yaya!

I hope YOU, Ranger and the truck all feel betters soonest. Its been toooooo long.

Happy Blogaversary! The big 1,500 entry will be coming along soon!

I likes the content just fine. If you get profound, I'll have to put a branch computer in the "porcellan reading room" where I do my heavy readin'.


p.s., I'm still proud of you going to "The Battlefield". Did it occur to you that you fought a battle there and WON?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you all feel better soon ladystyx, and I'm with you, I rather work on the floor anyday than face to face with customers, but I don't get to do that..right now Im thankful for my job so I just take it one day at a time..and wow congrats on your blogs, since I have started reading yours I love them so don't change anything...HUGS

Liz Mays said...

I hope you get the job you want. It sounds more like what you were looking for anyhow.

I can't believe you have that many blogs. It boggles my mind. Congrats on hitting the 500th post on this one. :)

AliceKay said...

That's quite a list of blogs you have there.

Sorry to hear your truck has been in the shop a lot lately. I know the feeling.

I hope you and Ranger get to feeling better soon.

Good luck on the job search.

Melissa B. said...

Congrats to you, bloggy friend! You are one prolific chica...and if I were you, I wouldn't change a thing. As my Grandpa used to say, "I like you just the way you are-and don't you ever switch!"

Dorkys Ramos said...

"Not much content?!?" Woman, please. This is the one I frequent and I must say every time I come there's nothing BUT content. Be it clouds, deep thought or just ramblings of what's currently going on in your life, it's CONTENT. And we hope you'll keep them coming for another thousand more.

Hope you and your husband feel better soon and good luck with the job app!

Grand Pooba said...

Holy crap that's a lot of blog posts!! You sure do have a lot to say lol! I hope you get feeling better and good luck!

Wendyburd1 said...

WOW! 5 years that is amazing!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I enjoy pretty much anything you have to say, lol!! Great work on blogging for so long!

I hope you and the Mister feel better soon. I know how that is!!!! At least today I can read and type because my head isn't going to explode in pain!! I just can't biggie, lol!

Toriz said...

Congrats on the blogerversary! :)

And well done on going to those places. :)

Hope you, hubby and the truck are doing better.

And, hope you get the job!

Pamela said...

It's hard to keep the energy up in a blog.
Especially when everyone is draining away to Facebook for a quick fix.


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