I got a call today.

322 days and the letter was dated August 30th. This means there's only actually 318 days left.

Until when?

Until that fkn idiot who made my life a living HELL is maxed out in his sentence.

Maxed out meaning that he's spent the entire term of punishment incarcerated with no parole.

Maxed out meaning there more than likely will NOT be a half-way house because he got out early.

Maxed out meaning that no one else is going to be accountable for his whereabouts except him.

Maxed out being that I will have no damned clue where he will be and that I could turn any corner and end up face to face with his ugly, nasty self (especially considering that he LOVES the Civil War and I do live near a battlefield).


Fk ya.


Toriz said...


Enjoy these last days of peace of mind, and when the day arrives, try not to be too paranoid, and try not to let the worry of running in to him stop you from goingout and enjoying yourself in the big wide world.

Probably easier said than done. But try anyway!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Big hugs!!

If he's done his time, there is probably nothing the police can do. However, you can always get a restraining order if need be. I'd try, I know not easy, to relax and not borrow any trouble or worry for the moment. You are safe and you have a wonderful man by your side. Hopefully he will just go his own way and leave you be. It's going to be ok; you'll see.

Intense Guy said...

Have they gotten GPS trackers down to the size where they can be injected yet?

Is there any hope he's reformed? (hmm.. dumb question I guess, since 'it' didn't even manage to get parole...)

Diane J Standiford said...

Life sux and then you die. I agree with above, GPS his ass.

Liz Mays said...

I hate that he's getting out eventually!!!!!


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