Wasn't that moon gorgeous last night?

After several reminders from the newscasters last night, I decided to haul myself back down the stairs (I had to feed the cat anyhow) and take my new toy out for a "run" and see what it could do on the nighttime setting. My Canon never was able to get a decent shot of the moon and I was hoping that since it (the moon) was going to be closer than usual, it would make things a bit easier. I wish we lived somewhere where we could see the moonrise without all the businesses messing up the view (now a nice church or a single house or something, that would have been cool). I wish I had gotten out earlier, maybe it would have been larger. Meh. These days it's rather painful to get around so I have to weigh whether the results of any trip (whether outside the home or within the confines of the townhouse) are really going to be rewarding enough to make the aches and pains that will result during and after said trip even worth it. However, this event doesn't happen everyday.....

This first picture is shot with very minimal optical zoom. Boy, was that moon ever bright last night! I'm beginning to wish I'd shot a set of these from the upstairs office window too. The new toy/baby (a Nikon Coolpix L110) handled this task very well. So I decided to see what a full digital zoom would get me. I figured that if the first couple shots turned out poorly, that I could give it a second go around with the tri-pod we bought (the more zoom there is, the harder it is to get a good shot when your hands shake a bit so it's a good investment).

And here it is at full zoom and no tri-pod. The only assistance I had was the shed to help brace my arm a bit.

I used a Nikon..... and I LIKED it!

Can't wait until my company comes back in April to re-do his vacation. We're headed to DC for a few days. Museums, zoo, monuments.... it'll be a great test for the new camera.


Toriz said...

I'm glad you were pleased with the results of your photos, and hope they were worth the pain involved in getting out there to do them! *Hugs*

Deanna said...

I'm glad you like your new Nikon. I believe my mistake in taking the pictures was that I had a zoom on the camera. Live and learn!

Intense Guy said...

I wish you could buy something that would goes the aches and pains to go away.

That new camera of yours will take your mind off of them though! Wow.. what nice pictures!!

I like the birdie background too!


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