Catchin up

I started this one originally as a post called Brighter Days, because at the time they were. Things have taken a bit of a left turn and I suddenly find myself sitting upon the fence without a clue which direction life's going to take me. I seem to be facing some of the same situation as before, with the twist of dealing with it with someone I really love who loves me in return. It doesn't make me feel any less on edge though.  I've already told darling that we need to start weeding and boxing in preparation. Anymore than this I cannot say, only that there will be a change coming and more than likely by the year's end. No, NYBro, I won't be able to discuss it when you call this week so please don't ask. Know that you're welcome in October as planned, but it just might not be in the same location as the last visits.

I've still been on my reading kick. Although, it's slowed down just a bit. Mostly because I'm antsy, but also because I tackled a couple really large reads. You'll notice that I started an account over at Good Reads and I can be found there under this pseudonym with Dharma's picture attached to my profile. I loaded all the books I've recently read into the account, but couldn't remember exactly when I read them so they're kinda mish-moshed right now. The 2 most recent are in proper order though. Each of those two bigger books (The Mists of Avalon and The Lord of the Rings) took 4 weeks to read.  Once I have a few more read, I'll be shrinking that bookshelf widget on the right down to the recent 5 or 6. Here's what I've read since my last decent posting:

Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & The Olympians series (5 book series)
Cornelia Funke's Dragon Rider
B.E. Maxwell's The Faerie Door
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings
Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon and The Forest House (the prequel)
New total (counting TLotR as one because it's in one volume and not split up like they did when the movies came out) : 34 books since September

Half way through all I planned on reading... another 33 or so to go. Haven't decided if I want to keep going with MZB or not. There are 2 sequel books to The Forest House that fall as prequels to The Mists of Avalon. Part of me wants to keep up with the story but I don't have the last 2 books yet and I'm starting to get burnt out on the genre, so I may jump to something else tonight when I pick my Nook back up.

Other than reading, I've been painting a bit and almost have the one project one. Not sure where it's supposed to be headed but I know it's not meant to stay here. Although I ended up choosing the colors I used in my wedding for it,  I suspect it's actually headed to a friend in Michigan, but I'm not 100%. I'll be painting its twin afterwards. This one WILL be for me and I'll be using blues and silver on the trim.

I have a couple other projects lined up. The one is nearly done, I just need to do a final sort and then get it all bindered. After that one I need to start going through my trip bin and sorting what's what, pick out some pictures from my Flickr that I really like, and start putting the albums together. I'd like to thank my NYBro for the starter album, that was much appreciated! I'd also like to thank iggy. He'd taken a few of his favorite pix of mine and had them made into a calendar for me for Christmas. Seeing my work in print, as opposed to online all the time, really gave the the drive to dig out the bin of stuff and at least queue the project up.

Other than that, not much is going on here. SSDD and all that rot, ya know?

I know, I know... I owe everyone an entry in that medical blog too....

Oh and before I forget again (although I remembered it where it counts)



ChicagoLady said...

Wow, look at you go! 34 books! And painting, and sorting pictures, and and and...

Wish I had all the time you have, I could do so much more reading. But I do what I can with the time I give myself.

Good luck with whatever is coming down the road for you.

I'll have to check out Good Reads, looks like an interesting site, and I've been wanting a good place to keep track of books I've read.

Dorkys Ramos said...

That's an impressive list there! I'm happy if I can get through one book and see a project through to its end. Hope things get better on the personal front, too. Will be thinking about ya.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope things work out for you! Moving is a huge PITA but I understand why you might be going. Hugs!

Can't wait to see your PROJECT!!!! We want to SEE!! *hint*

I've been reading too, but only because I'm a total addict for The Walking Dead, so I've been reading the comics - blech! Why can't they just write in prose???? But still, it's awesome, lol!

I need to be doing some more crafting but it's so hard to find, and keep!, my mojo!

Have a great week!

Intense Guy said...

A Elbereth Gilthoniel
silivren penna miriel
o menel aglar elenath!
Na-chaered palan-díriel
o galadhremmin ennorath
Fanuilos le linnathon
nef aear, si nef aearon!

I'm awed you got through the LOTR and The Hobbit in only 4 weeks!!

I hope your journey through muddled Earth doesn't stress you out further... There shouldnt be any more Dragons left... and as along as you avoid Mordor, you should be fine.

I got this silly Captain And Tennille song in my head now - "Love will keep us together..."

It will you know...

Intense Guy said...

P.s., that elvish poem says:

O Star-queen, Star-kindler,
glittering down ..and sparkling like jewels from the firmanent's glory of the host of stars!

To remote distance after having gazed from tree-woven middle-earth,
Snow-white, to thee I will chant,
on this side of the ocean, here on this side of the great ocean!

:) got to have a good Elvish dictionary handy...

Toriz said...

You have been busy!

Don't hate me for this, but though I've read the Hobbit about a dozen times, I've never read The Lord Of The Rings. Watched the movie several times (animated and live action) but never read the book. I was going to borrow my Dad's audio version, but then he gave it to my brother (forgetting he'd promised I could borrow it). Then I was going to buy it myself, but... Have you seen the price tag on the audio version? So I haven't yet. I will though... Eventually!

Anyway, I hope whatever's going on works out OK for you and your hubby!

Deanna said...

Hey girl. It was good to see a post from you. You have been reading a lot! I'm a big Tolkien fan :)

No matter what is going on, it will be much easier facing it hand in hand with someone you love. Stay strong!



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