OCHA picketing for handicap rights

I know not everyone in here is caught up with my goings on because you're not in Facebook... but I figured I'd share what I just posted there here to see if it's a Creative Moose for someone else ;)

So.. we had an okay-ish trip coming in to the "In-Loves" place yesterday. I decided that I really REALLY miss Penny's seats (the Lincoln) because of their lovely lumbar support. Oh goodness did my back hurt! Hubby's bought something for my seat that has a lumbar support so the trip home shouldn't be as bad. Other than the traffic jam we encountered (a horrid wreck) and that nasty storm we ended up going through... there was only one real complaint I had on the trip. Seriously, Virginia, if you're going to have one of your rest areas patching and repairing their parking lot, could you PLEASE tell them to plan accordingly? Not a single handicap spot available (not that we have a tag, but still... there were others in need for sure). In the few minutes we were in there were 5 of us with canes, one on a walker and one on crutches. It would have made much more sense to patch up to the handicap ramp, wait until it was cured, then start patching in batches past the ramp. Then there would have been at least a few places closer to the facilities....



Intense Guy said...

I don't mind handicap spots for OCHAs ... but strenuously object to having them for Barrels!!!

I've come to the conclusion that highway "engineers" are as stupid as politicians ... perhaps one rubs off on the other?

ChicagoLady said...

I don't think either OCHA's or Barrels deserve handicap spots! Humans only!!!


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