I cant remember where I was cruising the other day...it was either in the comics on the Seattle paper page OR it was a quirky note on my MSN page...but I came across some photos. Within the photoshow was this one that I found of particular interest. Why is it of interest? Because ~someone~ posted yet another truck orgy picture AND I was reminded of a certain car spindle. In anycase, I thought I'd share this picture I found of Carhenge.The link Im leaving takes you to an interesting site regarding this and other such odd places...like The Cadillac Ranch.

The weather is quite lovely today. It was warm but not overly hot and it was DRY. Not only dry because there was no rain today, but dry humidity-wise. Oh I could just kick myself though. Yesterday I was in one of ya'll's blogs and had said something about us being due for rain again and damned if it didnt do just that! It actually rained twice. The first time was an odd one. It came out of nowhere, the precip fell straight down and it only hit my house and the townhouses on either side of me. Every other property got no rain at all !! Later in the afternoon it rained again. We lost power for about 10 seconds or so, but that's about it. It was mostly rain, very little thunder and barely any lightning (thank goodness).

Im in contact with my allergist. The results came back yesterday. The ratings are 0 (zero) for not allergic through 6 for very allergic. I have a very minor allergy to the cat, dog and dust mites...a 0 (zero) on the molds (which I suspected otherwise I wouldnt be able to take penicillian and I can take that stuff). The ones that I reacted worse to, yet again, were the weeds and the grasses (3 and 4 respectively). I noticed that none of the tests included the flowering trees and plants so I wrote and she answered there is nothing they can do about those. The pollen that come from them isnt considered an allergin because it's not airborne. she explained that a non-airborne pollen is considered an irritant. What's the difference? From the pamphlet I was given:

"Although irritants dont cause nasal allergies, they can bother the nose and make allergy symptoms worse. Cigarette smoke, perfume, aerosol sprays, smoke from wood stoves or fireplaces, car exhaust and strong odors are examples of irritants."

Ok....so this explains the year round allergy symptoms now. Im allergic to the grass and weeds with a mild allergy to everything else. Top things all off my husband's smoking, the car exhaust (that I get exposed to because we dont have an a/c in the truck and my husband insists on smoking in there) and any other strong odors exasperate the symptoms. Strong odors such as any perfumes I may wear (or in any of my detergents), bbqs, campfires, etc etc... It looks likes the shots won't completely rid me of the allergy problem but should at least reduce the symptoms to the point where I wont need to take the meds as often. The dr will be putting in the order for the shots and have them shipped to the clinic. In 2 week's time, I'll be getting a call from the clinic to arrange for my appointments.

While we were out today, we swung by a jewelry repair shop. I havent been able to wear my engagement ring for several months now (since before we moved) because the band broke on it. Strange thing, it just snapped on the back part of the band and if you didnt know better, you'd think that it was one of those cheap-assed adjustable costume rings with that break in the back. It was an inexpensive fix, thank goodness. It seems as though when I had it sized through JCPenney's, they did it the quick fix method and just hammered it out to the new size and then polished it up thereby making the back part of the ring thinner than it should be. The jeweler here added a bit of extra gold to it to not only patch the split but thicken the band a touch in the back. Awesome. A $10 fix. While I was there I decided to have another ring (the ring that was originally bought to be the engagement ring) resized to fit another finger. This one was a bit more expensive because it was being resized 3 and a quarter sizes larger to fit my index finger. They had to add quite a bit more gold so it cost me $50. It's worth it though because now I can wear all the rings my dear hubby has bought me at once now. I could have left it the same size and stacked it on top of the engagement and wedding bands, but it looked really tacky that way.

Not much else going on. For those of you who cannot access my front page, I've added some to my jokes area, my inspirational area and an entry in the padded room. I may actually add another entry there tomorrow. For those of you just joining the padded room, I suggest you go all the way back and catch it all from the beginning.


ChicagoLady said...

Well, at least now you know what your worst allergens are. Too bad they can't do anything about the fckn trees, but maybe by keeping the other stuff more under control, that reaction won't be so bad.

Glad you got your rings fixed so you can wear them both now!

Intense Guy said...

*laffs at the "truck orgy" picture postings* I guess I'm just not right huh? :)

And you know something, I actually and really want to see the Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. If I plan my trip right, I could swing by the cadillac ranch.

I guess I better revise the Car and Tractor Spindle Ranch plans to include a stonehenge... I mean, afterall, the tourist will be expecting it, won't they?

I'm glad none of the allegy ratings were a "6" - sounds like the cat and dog you can't do much about but I guess the ciggy smoke and the perfume you can - not that it will be "fun".

My brother's college roommate had trouble with irritants... he had to masking tape all the dorm windows shut and had this big HEPA filter thingy in the middle of the room - and he still tooted his nose like it was a clarinet. With company like that, you would think the Drug Co.s would find something that worked.

Karla said...

Dang girl! Well at least they can help you somewhat now and maybe you will start feeling better...*hugs*

Toriz said...

Hmm... So, basically, you're allergic to everything, just some things cause a worse reaction than others.

Well, at least the shots should help some. And, being able to at least reduce the meds is a real plus. :)

ChicagoLady said...

Iggy beat me to it. I forgot to mention about puting Carhenge in the Car and Truck Spindle Ranch, so was going to do it now, but he's already added it to the list of attractions. Thanks Iggy for remembering!

LadyStyx said...

True there Chicago...as long as it reduces the symptoms so they're manageable and so Im not on an antibiotic every 6 months or so because everything piles up behind the deviated septum (I know...tmi), I'll be happy.

No iggy, you're "just not right" and that's what we all like best about you. You're sweet as can be and funny as hell and that's all that matters. :) Yeah the hepas help. I've got a hepa filter on the vacuum and an ionizer in the bedroom which helps out some.

*HUGZ* Karla...yeah. I know. Will be starting the shots in 2 weeks so will keep all updated on it. At least this will help me rid my fear of needles eh?

Exactly Tori.

LOL @ Chicago....am surprised you forgot considering it was your blog it was posted in...wasnt it? I forget. Ah well....

AliceKay said...

Sounds like some of the things that bother you also bother me. I use a fragrance free detergent and fabric softener in our washer and I don't wear perfume or colgne. The slightest scent of some of the customers perfumes give me instant headache. Good luck with the shot therapy...hope it helps you. (hey, tell the hubby to stop smoking in the vehicle when you're riding with him)

Deanna said...

Dang! At least you know what to avoid. Take the shots - they sure helped me! *Adds the Cadillac Ranch to my list of must sees lol*


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