So this is pretty much what is outside my office window right now. Bright, sunny, oh so blue skies and 90 some odd degrees. As much as I'd love to say the weather's been wonderful like this everyday, I wont because that would just be a big ole lie and then some. In the little more than 2 months we've been here we've had no fewer than 5 tornado warnings. Wait...arent we a tad bit east of the Appalachians for this crap??? Seems like every few days we can be absolutely certain of storms....guaranteed once a week but many times it's been twice a week. Needless to say, I've been an unhappy camper.
On the 4th of June, I got a call from my SCSis. Are you sitting? It was the first time in 4 weeks I'd talked to her. Yeah...I said FOUR WEEKS. We talked about 10-15 minutes. Up until her call, we'd had skies like pictured above. Next thing I know...the sky went a ~lovely~ shade of steel grey. Then the thunder could be heard. I told her I loved her but damn I was gonna simply have to go and right now. I had not even gotten the phone into it's cradle when it started pouring...dumping buckets of water everywhere. It didnt even have the courtesy to sprinkle first. In the first one, I shot that from the bedroom. The townhouse I mentioned in the previous entry is the one you see and I think you can see the tree the "Charlie" was in. The wood there is the sash of the window...sorry. I was trying to get a shot of the sidewalk so you could see how narrow it was but I didnt want to go into the lower part of the frame due to the screen. The second one is thru the sliding glass door. You get a real good shot of the damn bamboo we're fighting (you can see it poking up over the fence from the neighbor's side as well...their yard is pretty much being over taken by it). The yard's since been mowed. All the rain lately has made it hard to keep up with it at times. Oh...and this storm was a bit milder than the ones that had been hitting...definitely milder than the ones that hit us on the 10th or so and then headed up north to mess with Pennsylvania. That particular storm (the one on the 10th) had a couple of flashes of lightning (complete with a bright bolt) and thunder at the same time that I knew the bolt was closer than I'd care to have.


As you can see...Katy wasnt fond of them either!!


ChicagoLady said...

Awww, poor Katy. I had a German Shepherd that was scared of storms. Because my parents listened to mostly AM stations, we'd hear the tzzt on the radio before a storm ever got close. That dog would be looking for the smallest place to hide and would just shake until well after it was all over.

Intense Guy said...

I couldn't get the videos to work *bangs his monitor repeatly* but had to smile at Katylou hiding under the coffee table... Or maybe she's hiding from the screening of "Astronaut Farmer"? Was Billy Bob any good in this movie?

LadyStyx said...

Chicago had trouble with it last night too. I checked em before signing in and they're working just fine over here. Sounds like Blogger's being a damn dink again. Tried to upload them to the Blogger yesterday (while you and I were emailling each other)but it refused to take em. I didnt wanna resort to YouTube to get em posted to be honest. I'll see if it'll take em today.

The movie was ok.It was a Sunday afternoon, nothing else is really on, oh look what's on the basic cable channels (not the premium stations or the pay- per -view) kinda movie. Hubby liked it though and that's all that matters because he'd been wanting it and I got it for his birthday.

*nods* @ Chicago. Yep...that's pretty much Katy too.

Intense Guy said...

Ah, the videos show now - that rain was coming down in buckets.

They are still cleaning up fallen trees and branches up here. Every couple years the winds sort of prune out the dead and weak branches.

Tori_z said...

The videos worked first time for me... I love listening to storms. :)

Sorry to hear you and Katie aren't enjoying them though. Mind you, if I was having them that often I wouldn't enjoy them as much either I expect.

LadyStyx said...

It's because by the time you got to them Tori (and the second time for iggy), I'd managed to get Blogger to upload them and I removed the YouTube ones...


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