Just doing some thinking

You ever make a promise to yourself or anyone else (in some cases several other anyones) and find it hard to keep that promise? Oh I dont mean anything major in the slightest. I mean something very little. Several months ago I had gotten into a tiff with a few people on this particular site and in my hissy fit I had vowed to never go back to their blogs and promised they'd never see me again unless they so wished. I even went as far as to dump those particular bookmarks off my favorites file just to be sure. Thankfully one was nice enough to forgive my theatrics and said it was ok for me to go in her blog she didnt mind (thank you hun ..I know you're reading this). She was even nice enough to give me her link back. Unfortunately, now I have a couple problems.

First, there are times when I want to leave a comment in regards to what she put in her blog but dont want to stir up anything with the others that I know go in there. On the otherhand, I'd hate to keep making my comments in here or in email when I could simply just put them in the blog. It'd be easier if she had it so comments could be made annonymously but then Im sure they'd ask her who the comment was from.

Second, try as I might to stay out of the others blogs, I just had to see how they were doing. We'd all been friends for a little while and even though I was mad and upset...well I still care about them a great deal. Im glad to see the one tried to diet and wish she'd get back on the horse because I KNOW she can do it. In another I've seen where critters invaded her home and how worried she's been over a family member. Today I find out that that family member has passed. As much as I'd like to leave my condolences in her blog, Im not sure how it would be received by her or the others. Last thing I need is to add any tension among the group. Thing is, I shouldnt even know this because I'd said I wouldnt go into them.

Got an email from my friend in NY wondering if I was going to our 20th highschool reunion or if she just wasted $90 (for her and hubby to be). Wrote her back to tell her I wasnt going and why. I hope the other girl in the addy box is going. I'd hate to think she'd wasted her money.

Not much else is going on here. Just SSDD for the most part.


ChicagoLady said...

First, they should know I still read yours, because the link to your 360 blog was there in the open for everyone to see.

Second, you are as entitled to read and comment on my blog as they are. If they don't like, too bad. We're all adults, and they should be able to handle seeing comments from you about my posts.

We've all said things in the heat of anger. I can guarantee you we've ALL said we'd never do something again, then gone and done it eventually. That trait is not unique to you, it's a human characteristic, lol.


LadyStyx said...

OMG...you mean I really AM actually HUMAN!!??? Damn and here I've been billing myself as a Reubenesque Venusian..... *laffs*


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