This last week

We've had a busy week....well at least hubby has. The poor guy came home aggravated every damn day. Part of him would like to quit this nonsense right now Im sure, but the other part is wanting to hold out for the severance package. I've already told him to do whatever he feels is in the immediate household's best interests. This week so far (and it's only Sunday) has the makings to be not much better than last week. Consolation is that he gets out for part of the day on Tuesday due to an appointment at the urologist's. I dont think he's passed any more least he aint said he has...but hubby's the type to not mention things if he dont want to worry me or he feels it isnt important enough. *inserts eyeroll* I keep telling him that Im going to worry either way and I just worry worse when he doesnt say anything.

Wednesday hubby goes in for his sinus surgery. The good thing about this surgery is that he wont be able to smoke for days afterwards. Im hoping it's enough to help him kick the habit permenantly. He told me a side effect is a temporary loss of smell and taste. So long as it makes those damn weeds taste terrible and helps him quit, Im all for it!

Got my project done for daddy and got it all shipped out to him on Saturday. He should be getting it on this coming Friday. Got an email from him saying he sent a check off to pay for the shipping of the unit. My bet is that he wrote a check that covers the shipping and then some. I wish he'd waited...hubby had told me not to tell him how much. Of course we went through this before in May when hubby pulled the "electronics fairy dropped it off" routine so I suspect daddy was ready for the same thing this time around. If I know hubby, he'll cash it and it'll end up mostly in my purse by the time things are said and done.

I did something different during my stream Saturday. Im known mainly for new music and rock during my shows but this week I played all jazz. It was such a nice change of pace and those that showed up (and the lil Miss Dufus that got me on the outside...*laffz* *HUGS*) seemed to enjoy themselves alot. I should play that stuff a bit more often.

Not much got done today. It stormed for about a couple hours or so so I sat and watched some tv. After the storm I worked on my MySpace and freshened it up as well as put the music up that I am promoing for the week. I think that's about all for today....I hear hubby home so Im gonna go see how things were today.


AliceKay said...

I hope your week goes better than you're thinking it might. Think positive, Styxie. *hugs*

Toriz said...

I hope this week goes better than last week went. And, good luck to hubby with his appointments. *sending hugs to both of you*

ChicagoLady said...

I'll keep both you and Ranger in my thoughts this week that everything goes well.

Oh, now I'm a "lil Miss Dufus"??? LMAO

LadyStyx said...

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Chicagolady...I never said who...just remember did. Just repeating the term you yourself used ;)


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