Update on hubby

For those following along, you know that my hubby had 2 appointments over the last couple days. Yesterday, he had an appointment at the urologist's. They did some additional testing and it looks like the huge Death Star that was in him was, indeed, broken down to several more manageable sizes. I gather most of it was dust as hubby said that the results show that he has 2 of them about a quarter the size of the last one. He's now carrying bouncing baby twins...one in each kidney. Sometime in the next week or so he'll be getting a specimen container from them and has to do a 24 hour catch of all his urine. From that point, they'll be analysing the urine and probably taking a blood test to see WTF is going on and why he's getting them so often. My money's still on the excessive caffeine. The only other thing that I can think of is if this problem can be genetic. I dont think so though. I know, Google is your friend...go look it up. To be honest right now Im too damn tired to do so because we were up and going a good 5-6 hours before my body's used to and it just wants to shut down for the night.

Today, he went in for his sinus surgery. All went well. The dr removed a polyp from hubby's right nostril and is going to send it in for analysis. She said she doesnt believe there is anything wrong with it (other than it was occupying space that it had no business in) but just to be safe she's going to have it tested. On a good note , she decided not to put splint up his nose to hold the septum in place, she said he didnt need them. Now watch, if I have to go in and get his done (and it's highly likely) they'll end up splinting my little bitty nose...it'd just be my luck. Hubby's got a couple stitches in his right nostril that will need to come out next week when he goes in to have the sinuses shop-vacced out again. He's bleeding alot more than some but that's because he has high blood pressure...and the fact he wont sit still. Im gonna have to duct tape his ass to the sofa, I just know it. Thank God that stuff comes in clear...this way the neighbors will never notice. He's not to lift, stoop or do anything to make the blood rush to his head. With any luck we can stop bandaging his nose in a couple days. I cant wait because we're having to change the bugger out every 3-4 hours....sometimes less.


AliceKay said...

Glad to hear Ranger made out okay with the surgery. I hope he listens and doesn't try to do anything he shouldn't do before it's time. I hope they can figure out why his body is producing so many kidney stones soon.

Toriz said...

Glad the surgery went well. Hope he does as he's told and doesn't try to do something he's not ready to do. And I hope they can find out why he's producing so many stones soon!

Anonymous said...

gllad to hear its going good:-)

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad the surgery went well. And I can think of something else he might not want to do, causing blood to rush to his head, lmao.

Sorry, my mind just goes into the gutter all on it's own.

And bouncing baby twins to boot! Do you know if they're male or female yet? lmao

LadyStyx said...

TY, TY, TY, and TY. Yes, I cant wait til they figure out why all the kidney stones either. Im so tired of seeing my poor honey sick all the time.

Chicago...found out they were fraternal...one of each ;)



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