Updates on hubby and my mommy, music, my SCSis

Yesterday hubby went to his ENT appointment. From what he was telling me, it's a really good thing I didnt go in with him this time. First of all the doctor wasnt even there, she'd called to say she'd be 20 minutes late getting in. I dont deal well with waiting, especially when I manage to get places a good 10-15 minutes early most times. Im sure this will change once I have kids. Secondly, while she was shop vaccing out his sinuses, quite a bit of blood decided to make an appearance (there were stains on his shirt and pants because of it). I dont deal with blood too well and the great amount there is the less I can handle it. Top things all off the dr told him how large the polyp was that they removed. I gather for small polyps they simply cauterize the wound. The bugger was so large they ended up putting stitches in (which have to be removed next week). How large you ask? The bitch was as large as a walnut......larger than a quarter. No wonder that poor guy was continually getting sick!! He's still on some restrictions in what he's allowed to do yet.

Went on our weekly trip to Wally World today. Good thing too because the cupboards and the freezer were pretty much bare. While there I picked up KT's new cd and a Power of Rock cd. That last one I couldnt resist as it has some friggin awesome tunes on it. It also works right into the type of stream Im playing this week (anthem/arena/ stadium...whatever... rock). Im in the process of proofing some of the music for the stream as I write this (ooh J Geils....aint played that one in a while...and Triumph....hmmm). I got my hands on a couple other artists' works that I hadnt heard before (well ok I've heard OF the one group, just never checked out their tunes...) and I think I'll toss a song from each into the stream this week.

Got an email from mom today. Her doctor called today and her gall bladder surgery has been scheduled for October 18th. She'd rather have it done a whole lot sooner so she has less time to worry about it but it's not to be. I guess that since she's not in excessive amounts of pain (like I was) it's not considered an emergency. Oh and good news on that front. I got an email from both mom and daddy yesterday stating that daddy has been cleared to go back to work *finally*. Did I mention he'd been in an accident around the time I went to the hospital last year for my gall bladder? Well he's been out of work all this time and on therapy for his arm and shoulder. It's been a while because they've had to fight the insurance company every step of the way ( one of those you cant go to therapy until you know they'll pay for it yet the insurance wont pay until you've been there for an evaluation yet the PT wont touch you unless the insurance pays....*shakes head* ).

I received an envelope from my SCSis today. Inside I found an Amazon gift certificate for $25 (for my birthday...yeah she knows it was late..LOL). I give you one guess how it got spent...LOL. Im expecting 4 cds soon and all it cost me is 24 cents. Gotta love those gift cards. I'll be receiving Lao Tizer's Diversity (new jazz), John Stevens' Red (the redhead from year 3 on AI), Aly and AJs Insomnia and a Natalie cd. I cant wait. Especially for the Lao Tizer...I ~LOVE~ his music. After shopping I called my SCSis and thanked her for the gift(s). This weekend I'll be burning a cd or 3 for her and sending it as a surprise. Ive got a TLC cd that I'll be slipping into that package for her. I happen to have a copy of one she'd had before but it got the ole "5 finger discount" in one of her previous homes. Since I only like 3-4 songs off it and I know it'll make her happy, I'll just send it along to her.


AliceKay said...

Wow...big polyp inside that fella's head. Hope he's feeling better soon. It's the waiting that gets on my nerves too. The past 10 or 15 years has been the worst. I hope your mom's surgery goes well...I'm sure it will.

The KT Tunstall cd sounds good, and even the Aly & AJ. I've had a bunch of their songs for awhile now. Not sure what cd they're from tho.

I'll try to catch part of your stream tonight. Gotta get going now...gotta be to work in an hour. :(

LadyStyx said...

He's feeling better than he had been with that thing up his nose. There's been a reduction in his snoring too which makes ME happy.

Havent listened to the KT cd yet, though I have it ripped to the computer. Right now Im concentrating on getting the stream set for tonight.

Hope you had a good day at work.


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