Updates, MySpace, cds I cant wait for, and ripping a new orafice in someone's glutius maximus

Hubby's not feeling so hot today. We havent decided if it's because the pain killers are seemingly wearing off faster and faster (God I hope he doesnt get dependant on those things!) or if it's because he hasnt been allowed to take any allergy pills this week because of the other meds they have him on. It could be that he's also fed up with work and is torn between leaving now or waiting on that nice severance package. I've told him on the issue of the latter he needs to do what he feels is right for our immediate family. Once that's settled then I can make some of my own decisions.

He's got another appointment at the ENT Thursday to make sure everything is ok up in there and have his sinuses shop vacced out. Im hoping she says he can come back into bed with me. Gosh it's getting lonely (that and the fact there's no friggin sex because we dont want any blood rushing to the head...man this sux) in that bed all by myself. Oh granted the cat climbs up in there with me but it simply aint the same.

The urologist's office called yesterday regarding his appointment this Wednesday. I beeped hubby and asked about it because I was totally unaware there was another appointment already and he said there shouldnt be to please call and cancel. So I called and asked about it. I told the receptionist there was no way he'd have made that appointment (and I was right) for a Wednesday because he works every other Wednesday and last week was an off Wednesday (that's why the surgery got scheduled then) and no way would he have made back to back Wednesday appointments. She checked his file and asked if he'd done his 24 hr urine catch for lab yet and I said no...he hasnt had time because of surgery last week. The dr had said to wait until he'd had his follow up from his ENT first. So we cancelled the appointment so we wouldnt get charged. I get a call today from the nurse that's there normally to clarify and she herself said..."I have no idea how the hell he got scheduled. I didnt put it there and I remember his appointment. He hasnt called for the stuff to do his urine catch. When he does get around to that have him call to have blood work done and he can schedule for the next appointment at that time. It'll be 2-3 weeks before we get results anyhow." *shakes head* The ENT had told me during my appointment that they were having trouble with their front desk personel and their lack of communication with the patients. Maybe the urologist office has been hiring from the same personel pool....

I actually sat down yesterday with every intention of writing in my blog but got sidetracked in my MySpaces (yeah Im lame enough to have more than one) and ended up freshening up the decorations in them. Im still not quite happy with the LadyStyx one but the ***starshine*** account is looking fab. Go figure the account Im still not sure what I wanna do with is the one that looks fab. Maybe I'll just close the Yahell 360 I have and use the ***starshine*** account instead. Im not using my 360 much anyhow. In fact Im using it so damn little that I've taken to just putting the first few lines in the entry there and a link for them to come read here anyhow.

We all know how excited Im about that one cd coming out (*chanting Bo Bo Bo Bo!!!*) but there are a few more that Im really looking forward to. This week's release that Im getting is KT Tunstall's newest cd called the Drastic Fantastic. If it's anything like her Eye to the Telescope cd, I think Im gonna enjoy it....alot. The word out is that it's better though. Im looking to get the new Bruce Hornsby cd (Camp Meeting) sometime in the next week or so. It was released on August 7th and it's all jazz. I havent seen it in WalMart so I think I'll end up grabbing it through Amazon. Thinking of grabbing Herbie Hancock's Possibilities there too (that one was released August 30,2005). It's a compilation cd much along the lines of Santana's All That I Am cd. Im also looking forward to the new Vanessa Carlton cd called Heros & Thieves which will be releasing on October 9th. Im liking the one track off it and will be playing it sometime this weekend....unless I decide on a particular theme, then it may have to wait.

This last weekend, hubby and I didnt do much. We'd done all our errands Tuesday night and so didnt have to go anywhere. As such we vegged infront of the bigscreen and watched movies Friday and Sunday. I think we watched at least 3 each of those days . Friday we watched the two Underworld movies and I think there was something else but danged if I can remember what it was. On Sunday we watched Liar, Liar, Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux and Over the Hedge. I'd seen the first and last ones before. Ultraviolet wasnt all that and Aeon Flux, though similar was slightly better (not by much though).

Many of my friends know the rules about me picking up the phone. If I dont recognize the number I wont pick up. Why? Because of that good for nothing piece of crap rotting in the Pennsylvania prison system who could be getting out any time now. As such, if you're using a calling card or a new number and your name doesnt come up on my caller id I wont pick up. My friends all know that if I dont pick up either that has happened (it happened to my TXSis when I switched phone providers) OR Im busy. In either case they know to just start talking and once I realize who it is 9 times out of 10 I'll pick up and chat for awhile. Most companies, once I explain this to them are really good about starting to leave a message. Other companies, however, arent so good about it. Take Catherine's... their call comes up as Not Provided with a phone number. They call once in a great while to let me know about specials going on....maybe like once every other month or so. When they get the machine, they simply leave me a message telling me what the special is and then leave it at that. Personally, I could just tell them to quit calling because Im on the email list and get all the notifications anyhow. I dont because they dont make a total nuisance of themselves and every now and then it's nice to have the reminder. Columbia House, on the other hand, is a different matter. They've taken to calling 2-3 times PER DAY...and their number comes up Not Provided as well. Instead of leaving a message, they simply hang up. They've hung up on my machine, they've hung up on me (when I get pissed enough to answer) and they've hung up on hubby. Thank goodness for http://www.whocalled.us/ otherwise I'd never know who to get crabby with. I got into Columbia House's privacy rules and saw all I had to do is write them. Ok fair enough....so I write them a nice email telling them basically quit it or I would report them to the FCC and the BBB and while I was at it I was going to cancel my account through them and I was willing to bet my hubby (who has a separate account through them) would too. That email was on Sept 6th. I got a nice response back (9/7) saying they were terribly sorry and would I please reconsider. They promised it'd be dealt with. Ok fine. I'll be patient and let them deal with it. The phone was quiet of a day or two...then it was about 5 days or so. WOW ok so they fixed it. On 9/11 the phone started ringing with their number (thank goodness for post-it notes that can be placed on a computer monitor) again. I figured, ok they're calling for hubby's account then because he hadnt written yet. I let it go a couple days figuring they'd catch on ...right? Nope. So hubby wrote them on the 13th through his account and pasted my email to them and their response PLUS the 4 additional calls they made (in 3 days mind you) they'd made to us into his complaint. While he was at it I hit reply on the message I got from them and told them yet again we were being harrassed and what dates and times they called. We got no answer this time through email. By 10:43am on 9/14...they called again. So this time , armed with a NY attitude I picked up. They asked for my hubby and I told him to deal with them. He ripped them 15 ways from Sunday and Im sure whomever he was talking to noticed they had a new asshole or three. He was told sometimes it took 2-3 WEEKS for the number to get removed from their lists.Yeah right. We figured that this would take care of it....right? Nope the stupidshits called AGAIN at 12:20pm the same damn day. Notice that not even 2 hours has passed at this point. Well I let LadyStyx loose with her NY attitude (not ***starshine*** that bitch is too nice) and I dealt with them. I told them it would quit and TODAY. Every call was being reported to the FCC AND my next step was to take it to the BBB. I was FIT TO BE TIED!!! I ripped this one not only 3 new orafices but I did it 15 different ways. I told her what my hubby was told and I told her that it BEST be done a HELLUVA LOT FASTER! Well I was promised that she was taking the number and account info down and bringing it straight to her boss to be taken care of NOW. We havent had a call from them since. Havent had a letter of apology in email either. I've placed an order to finish up my commitment with them and when it arrives I'll be dumping that account. Like I told the lady on the phone...I can get my dvds cheaper at WalMart. If they dont have what Im looking for, then Im sure other stores like Barnes & Noble or Circuit City may have what Im looking for....and they wont be calling me ad nauseum.


ChicagoLady said...

WOW!!!!! What an ordeal with Columbia House! I'm almost surprised you didn't unleash LadyStyx on them sooner, lol. I'll have to check out www.whocalled.us, never heard of that website.

I picked up the KT Tunstall cd tonight, along with James Blunt, Barry Manilow Greatest Hits of the 70's, Babyface, Diana Krall GH, and Trisha Yearwood GH. Only one I didn't get was Reba Duets. Will have to look someplace else tomorrow.

I've seen Liar, Liar. Loved it! I've also seen Aeon Flux, it was very weird, didn't think much of it. I haven't seen the other two listed though.

Blood rushes to the head during sex? Who knew! lmao

LadyStyx said...

Depends on positioning.... *laffz*

How is the KT Tunstall cd? Is it as good or better than the Eye to the Telescope one? Oh and I forgot while writing the Eagles have a new one coming out soon too called Long Road Out of Eden. I love their release from the album called How Long. Their release date is October 30th from what Ive read.

AliceKay said...

Those calls sound very annoying. Good to hear the problem has been taken care finally so the harassment will stop.

I like Vanessa Carlton. Haven't heard her new tune yet. :\

(yeah, that blood has to rush somewhere...LOL)

AliceKay said...

I happened to be watching Vh-1 a few minutes ago and saw the Vanessa Carlton video for "Nolita Fairytale". It really didn't catch my ear all that well. :\

ChicagoLady said...

I haven't even had a chance to unwrap the KT Tunstall cd yet, lol. Maybe tomorrow when I have a few minutes to spare, I'll try to get that done.

(Thinks about that *positioning* statement.)

LadyStyx said...

Chicago- Was hoping to get your review on KT first but ended up buying it anyhow. Gotta get it while Im out n about for my weekly errands.

.oO(no trapezes, chandeliers...total bummer)


Alice- I havent seen the video yet. I've noticed that sometimes I'll like the song but hate the video (or vice versa). I think what I like best about the song is the piano. It could be it reminds me alot of her song Ordinary Day. Many times the first song an artist puts out from their album isnt necessarily the best the album has to offer (Bo Bice's album Real Thing is a great example of that...released the one song and at least 2-3 were far superior to it). As such, Im really holding out hope that this is going to be the case with Vanessa's recent cd.


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