It's Saturday again...already? Dang

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

02) Post it on your blog with a link to Shan's Week~End Wordles or Last Shreds Of Sanity.

03) Once that's done, go back to Last Shreds Of Sanity and sign the Mr Linky that she'll have up (this will help direct those who play along to your blog...we're talking new peeps reading and maybe new followers for everyone....). Dont forget to leave a comment on the sites you visit!!

*sniff sniff* all over for another year. I actually had more readers this year once I moved it over here from my MySpace account. I just may make The Jukebox the new home for that topic.... hmmm I feel a poll coming on!


Anonymous said...


Intense Guy said...

Thats a nicely enhanced Wordle.



Karla said...

wowsa! polls! I LOVE polls!

The Wife O Riley said...

I hate when my shows end for the year! Especially the ones on cable because it takes them like a year and a half to come back on.

Great Wordle!

Shan G said...

HAHA very cute!

I got ya all linked...I think. Blogger didn't post the scheduled WEW post and Mr. Linky is having issues...AGAIN!

LadyStyx said...

Thanks iggy! Aint that a great pic of the two of them?

Then vote Karla!! LOL

I hear ya wifey.

Thx BRM! I'll be by later. *sigh* I gotta get on a different browser to access many of the blogs these days....unfortunately, yours happens to be one of them.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Not so sad about Idol, but no more LOST or Survivor?? Now THAT hurts!!! LOL!

Vickie said...

That is one cool wordle!!


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