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Hot damn! My favs in American Idol (the entries are here Bee hun: http://ladystyxsjukebox.blogspot.com/) have taken first and second (NO!! I refuse to pick!!! You can't make me, Chicagolady!!) in some order this year. I NEVER pick a 1st and 2nd placer. This is even better thank last year's show. Top things all off my fav 2 chefs on Hell's Kitchen are in 1st and 2nd this year (another first!). The finale for that one is tonight so I won't be catching my eye candy on time, thank goodness hubby tapes that show.

Am up early after a 4 hour nap because hubby has an appointment at the urologist today for Journey type testing. Those that have been following a while will understand that comment. We got some answers last week. Nothing we wanted to hear, and definitely nothing *definite*. Won't go into it here. Maybe later in the other blog.

Next week's the Finale on my obsession (now that's another entry in and of itself...obsessions and distractions) so I'm hoping to get back to more of a routine writing here in this blog. We'll see. Some changes here, certain things that have been normal for me....well I just aint been doing because they don't hold my attention much anymore. This goes back to the obsessions and distractions. Once they work their way through my system, things should go back to normal...whatever the hell that is.

Anyhow...gotta go. Sounds like hubby's ready to start the day.


Pop and Ice said...

I hope that your visit to your husband's doctor yields some actual information for you to work with. It can be very frustrating to have appointment after appointment and test after test just to come up with nothing conclusive.

I would also beg a favor from you or your readers. I tried for hours last night to insert a Blip.fm into my post and failed. Can you tell me the secret? I just kept getting error messages after I would do the embed and the instructions on Blogger were too vague.

Intense Guy said...

Hmmm... I too hope you find out something delfinitely definite since I know the not knowing is a major part of what is bugging ya.


$49.02 - since someone has to help support your panty flinging obsession! :)

Carrie said...

I'm excited about Idol too! And I won't ruin the ending of Hell's Kitchen for you because I know you haven't watched it!

It's some good TV finales goin on right now!!

LadyStyx said...

Oh..I watched it! I got the other shows taped for later tonight. I believe it came down to the fact the one kicked in at the pass with their voice faster and showed growth while the runner up took a bit to warm up although they were consistantly great all season.

Wendyburd1 said...

So NOT an AI fan, Survivor is what I am all about this Sunday!!

ChicagoLady said...

I hope you found out something conclusive after the trip to hubby's urologist.

And you MUST pick who you think will win AI. You MUST!!!!!!!!!

I hear ya about distractions, but in my case, it's more like addictions, lol. Not THOSE kinds of addictions.

Or THOSE either!

AliceKay said...

I missed both finales while on vacation. :\


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