Mmmm part 8: M is for MILEAGE!!

Calories burned: 376.3
trip miles: 10.75
ave mph: 21.50

Right now, this happens to be one of my most favorite Ms! The above picture is last month's totals. I missed 316 miles by just 1/10 of a mile. BOO! Ahh well. Maybe next month. This month we'll be gone at least a week so I know I wont make it...unless I catch my level 4 legs real quick, and that's entirely possible as today the level feels almost as easy as the last one...
I believe we've hit number 9. Will be posting the last M in the next entry.


ChicagoLady said...

Ok, this says M part 8, and part 1 was your dislikes, right? So where are the others? Am I going crazy?

*wanders off singing: They're coming to take me away, ha ha, he he, ho ho, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time and like to see those men in their nice white coats...*

LadyStyx said... I doubled up in the one with the computer sites and the mah-jongg game...and then before that I doubled up with the zoos and cars...

Intense Guy said...

Ladystyx got umm... good milage out of this letter "M" thing...


Go Styxie go!!


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