A little of this, a little of that

After an emotional Sunday (and a fairly equally charged up Monday with the letters back and forth), things have "slowed down" some. I think between the blast from the past (ok...so what DO I call her?) and myself , we've figured out how she managed to find me. Let's just say with what she described that a certain Someone above had to had His Hands in it because I certainly do NOT have an explanation for it. As I was told... she'd checked out the prison website to make sure her, in her own words, "wonderful uncle" still had his butt behind bars. When she was done, she hit the back button in the upper left there. In her letter I think she may have had a typo so I can only guess where she was headed back to. I suspect it was Google, and sweetie if that is the case let me know. Well something happened and some, as she put it, weird websites came up. Something made her click the first link and damned if it wasn't my page that came up. The only way I can see this happening is if it brought her to one of my first entries here. Well first entry with the second go around through here....does that make sense? Anyhow, the only way it would have shown up is if it brought her to that first entry because I had put the web link to the prison in the entry. If that's the case...she must have done a LOAD of reading to get to the entry where she left her comment. Anyhow, I've been in contact with the older sister for a few days and she's been added as a friend to my LadyStyx MySpace page. I've yet to get an invite from the second sister (the one that commented on the blog). Maybe she's busy, maybe she changed her mind...who knows. I figure if she wants to stay in touch she'll send one through. I'm not going to send one though...just in case it'll cause problems with the family. Oh I know I was assured by the one that her branch of the family isn't mad, but still....just on the off chance.

Tuesday afternoon was my third shot. *UGH* This one burned to high heaven going in. The nurse suspects that it's because she didn't let the alcohol dry long enough before giving me the injection. GEE ya THINK!!? Yes, I'm very very sensitive in matters like this. Sheesh. This shot tired my arm out big time. I don't mean the "I'm tired, I think I'll nap off cuz I didnt sleep well last night" kinda tired. I mean the kinda tired you get where you've been lifting boxes all day or scrubbing the house down for hours...that kinda tired. It was the weirdest feeling. My body must be getting used to it though because it didn't lump up as bad as last week (this week it was only the size of a skeeter bite) and didn't itch as much either...even though there was more serum that was injected. When we were done, we went to Dairy Queen for a treat (because I was "so good and didn't cry during my shots"...yeah right...hubby just wanted a custard/soft serve ice cream cone) and then over to Dress Barn to find a shirt I could live with for the wedding. Most of their stuff doesn't fit as I'm just a tad too large but I did find a nice sweater-look sleeveless blouse to go with my skirt. It's a lovely shade of pink and doesn't have wide armholes like many sleeveless blouses for my size do (no one wants to see my bra when I raise my arms thankyouverymuch!!).

Yesterday, I made another unsupervised excursion. Granted, I don't go far but I actually did more than the usual trip. I went to go get my hair freshened for the wedding...4 weeks and the roots were already becoming slightly obvious. When I got there, the poor guy that did my hair the last couple times already had his hands full and told me it was going to be a bit of a wait. That's the problem with liking the most popular stylist in the salon! I asked him how long because I planned on making a couple other stops before going home. When he said that I'd have time for to go do them I asked if we were talking an hour or so. He said to call in an hour and he'd have a better idea. LOL. Shows me to just pop on in eh? So while I was waiting I decided I'd do some shopping. There wasn't much sense going home because if I did that I'd probably want to just stay home and I did need a few of the items I ultimately purchased.

My first stop was to Catherine's. My main purpose was to find a pair of biker shorts to wear under the skirt I'll be wearing to the wedding. I wanted biker shorts because they're longer and do a fairly decent job of keepin the ol "thunder thighs" from causing total discomfort while I'm dressed up. It's a trick I'd picked up in Louisiana in the hot summer months. It would get hot and sticky due to the heat and humidity and of course at the time all the female staff members at the school I worked for HAD to wear skirts. Well fat thighs pretty much cannot take that type of weather and anyone in their right mind wore knit shorts underneath....well unless they didn't mind the Cub scouts chasing after them with marshmallows on sticks hoping the friction would start a campfire. Oh...and you needed them for modesty sakes because we had a few perverted students that liked to hide under the metal staircase around back and look UP as the girls came down the stairs. Mostly it was a comfort issue though. Of course they didn't have any so I'll have to see if I find something that'll work when we go out later tonight. It's either that or I'll have to find another way of dealing with it.

While at Catherine's I picked up the knee highs I was going to need (thank GOD for long skirts!!). I also found a couple shirts on the clearance racks that I liked. I have this pair of jean shorts that fit but don't fit and I really needed something better in the top department to wear with them. Ya see, I'm built strangely. I'm short in the inseam but the trunk is long and of course the manufacturers of the clothing nowadays make their clothes to fit the trends. If I buy shorts (or even pants) that fit around my natural waistline, then many times they don't fit nice in the seat or the thighs. If I buy a pair that look nice while I stand, then usually I cant sit in them and if I buy so I can sit then they slop all over. I rarely find pairs of pants that fit off the rack as at 5'4.5" I'm too short for the averages and too tall for the petites. Shorts are another trial because I like mine longer...so they hit the knee. Why? Because of the thunder thigh issue. I walk and normal shorts start to ride up and then I have those cub scouts chasing me again. Top things all off manufacturers are still on the waistbandonthehips kick. Man do I ever hate that. I managed to find some shorts several weeks back at a decent length...however I have to keep pulling them up some. Why? Because I want them at my NATURAL waist and not down around my hips. Unfortunately, when I get them where I want them (so my butt and my hips are covered) the front part dips to below the belly button. Top things all off the pocket liners keep creeping up and poking out of the pockets and I think it looks tacky. So here I am constantly adjusting the shorts because they wiggle down to where they're made to be and at the same time have to pull the shirt down a bit because tends to move up a bit as I'm moving. Perfectly normal for a shirt and since it's cut at the appropriate hip length...well the belly has been getting a little flashnpeek action. If this isn't bad enough...hubby's discovered the back pockets... Anyhow (where was I..oh yeah the shirts), I was wearing said shorts yesterday so I figured to try a few shirts out and see if there was anything I liked. I found a couple that were long enough to cover everything that they should and allow me to move comfortably without worrying about looking overly tacky. The good news on those shirts (other than they fit well and hide what should be hidden) is that they were on the 50% off rack. WHOOT! Both shirts cost less than the piece of costume jewelry I bought to dress up the outfit I'm wearing to the wedding. YAY ME!

After Catherine's I went to Payless. If there is one thing I hate with a passion more than attempting to find pants or shorts to fit me is shoe shopping. I was reading in someone's blog today (in one of their earlier entries...not sure whose blog...was someone who's a blogger friend of a blogger friend I'm sure) that they were sure they missed the girly/shoe lover gene. Well I'd like to let them know, they ain't alone. I hate looking for shoes. Again...I'm hard to fit. Across my foot (especially my left one because I jacked it up badly a few years back), I'm a 9 wide. From toe to heel, however, I'm only an 8. Mom always called them Fred Flintstone feet....short n wide but got me where I was going. If the sizing wasn't already difficult, I also have narrow heels. In sneakers, this isn't a big issue as they are tied to your feet and for all people know, your feet really are that big. Dress shoes, are another matter. I can't wear heels anymore as they hurt my feet and ankles (so they MUST be flats), pointy toes pinch, round and square toes are ugly and most times I end up in these plumfk ugly-assed shoes that look like a guy's dress shoes that tend to slip off my heels (and yeah, I've tried "heel grabbers"...they dont work for me). Shoes that would look on a guy or with a pantsuit....which I'm not wearing. I am wearing a beautiful, flowy, chiffon(?) skirt with that pink shirt I mentioned above. So I opted for comfort over looks and will more than likely kick the damn things off as soon as the ceremony's over with. I'm tempted to find some black ballerina type slippers and wear those buggers instead. She did tell me to wear what I "feel comfortable and pretty in".

By the time I found a pair of shoes I could somewhat live with and the trip to Catherine's, I went back to the salon. I get in and the poor dude was up to his elbows with another client. Considering how warm and sticky it was I pretty much decided to sit and wait this time. I knew he wasn't too much farther until he could stop with that one client anyhow. She was having her hair colored (highlights and lowlights) and if memory served me right from the last trip in (I sat and watched another stylist working with the foils while my stylist worked on my hair), it looked like he was pretty close to being at a stop point anyhow. He got her moved over and told me to take a seat while he got my coloring. When he got back, I thought to myself...."does he have enough colorant in that bottle? I think not". Wouldn't you know, I was right. Guy forgot it takes 2 bottles even though my hair is short because I have so much up there. For the next hour or so he was running between the two of us getting things done. When one was at a point where the solution had to set, he worked on the other. Hers took a while though and I ended up spending a great deal of time at the sink waiting. He made sure it was worth my while though as he added some services that I do not see listed on my receipt. After he'd rinsed the color out, he put in a shine treatment (cold!) and let it set while he worked on her hair a bit...then he ran back after a while and rinsed it out, then placed in another treatment of some kind (VERY COLD!!!). Whatever he added, all I know is that the tight itchy scalp (thanks to the fact I don't drink enough water I'm sure) I normally have hasn't bothered me at all yet today. He must have been close to being done because he came back one more time to rinse and added a deep conditioning treatment to my hair and set me under the drier for a bit while he finished and caught a quick break. Yet another rinse and then my hair was blown dry and trimmed. This stylist seems to have an aversion to cutting hair at times. He has, however, managed to find a style I can live with. It's short enough to keep down year round and has enough volume to it so I don't look like I've had my head shrunk. Once my hair was dry he trimmed sections of it so the volume stayed and didn't weigh the rest of the style down.

When I got home, I started the laundry and checked my emails. Hubby wanted to know what was for supper. The last day or so, I haven't done much cooking because I don't want anything left in the 'fridge just incase something happens when we're gone. *knocks on wood* He's supposed to only be working a half day today but I haven't heard much from him since this morning. I suspect things have gotten busy and he'll be later than he planned getting home tonight....*ears perk up* oh wait...I hear him now. I'd better scoot as I have a few things to do before bed tonight.

EDIT: 1018pm: Got that friend request today from the next sister. After I accepted, she left a comment and wouldnt ya know...she called me aunt. ~smilez~


AliceKay said...

I drive to the other side of Monroeton to get my hair cut...over and back in a half hour or less. (I'm low maintenance...LOL) I don't even want to think about clothes at the moment. :\

Hope everything goes well at the wedding. Sounds like you're all set.

LadyStyx said...

I'm usually pretty low maintenance too. All I want is my greys not to show and a great cut that I can just wash n go with. Unfortunately, with this fine hair (and lots and lots of it), it takes a little extra at the salon to make it look presentable.

ChicagoLady said...

Damn, no warning that I needed food and drink and a potty break for that entry, lol.

Way to go, getting out and about again all on your own! If you keep this up, you might just start to enjoy doing it!

*Raises my hand in agreement about being 5'4.5".* It sure does make it hard to find slacks. The regulars are all too long and have to be hemmed (costs money), and the petites are just a skosh too short.

I have the same problem wearing shorts. They ride up my thighs as I walk, and I have to keep pulling them down. It's really annoying. But I can't just wear biker shorts, lol.

Glad you took the time to cover your "metallic highlites".

Intense Guy said...

*looks down at his AAA trip-trax printout and decides he took a wrong turn somewhere along the line, probably when reached for the Buck Rodgers decoder ring to find out what "metallic highlites" were and then dropped the silly thing*


Hope you have a great time at the wedding and that your:

1) shoes stay on
2) you pants dont ride up or down
3) hubby enjoys the back pockets when no one is looking
4) biker pants keep the marshmellows raw
5) bra don't show through the arm openings...
6) your next shot, the nurse wipes the alcohol dry and gives you a sip first
7) you reconnect as an aunt to some woman that have missed you.


MarmiteToasty said...

Blimey, you can type longer posts then me LOL.......

Hope you have a great time at the wedding........ I HATE shopping, unless its for pressies for maties...... and I only ever buy things for me that I really really need.....


AliceKay said...

LOL, Iggy. (i think you covered everything well)

LadyStyx said...

LOL Marmy. Im long winded hun. Always have been. In high school, we were doing a descriptive writing section in English class when we were given the assignment to describe our bedrooms. Well I ended up bringing in a 5 FULL PAGE assignment. The teacher freaked and you should have seen her face when I told her that it wasnt even everything in the room! I've tried the highlights version of a post but then I end up with lots of questions in the comments to answer so I try to anticipate what questions may come up. Most of my entries are really not nearly as detailed as they could be. *blames it all on my great gram who was the same way writing things down AND my mom who talks ALOT!*

1) they sure did and surprisingly enough they were more comfortable than I expected...but then I didnt do too much dancing either

2) no riding up...no comment on the down. Thank God for long t-shirts

3) you sure you dont know my hubby? He did just that.

4) skipped the biker shorts.Couldnt find any while we were out. As I didnt dance and it was comfy enough in there...another solution actually worked out well enough. There's a corn starch based gel in the woman's hygene area of stores that works wonderfully for parts of the body that tend to chafe....arm pits...that area between the trunk and leg....etc etc.

5) thank goodness it didnt...her sister pulled me to the dance floor to do the YMCA....that woulda been embarrassing (no more then HAVING to do the YMCA or the chicken dance...)

6) if she doesnt, Ima gonna punch her. As much as I'd like to have that shot of alcohol, Im not allowed any "adult type beverages" for 4 hrs before and 4 hrs after. Really sux because after being poked and then sitting around 30 minutes, Im generally good and ready for a beer (and for the most part I hate beer...)

7) I am....got two more notes over the last couple days. Gotta figure how I wanna deal with the one that was sent though.

Toriz said...

I have the same issues with shoes and shorts. Although, I also have to allow for the fact that I have a dodgy ankle that swells if I walk for long.


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