Not much going on around here. Just the usual. A couple thought provoking blogs have pretty much kept me quiet the last few days as I ponder the subject matter. I think I pretty much said all I had to in the comment on the one though; if I dissect the topic it'll just result in a long rambling entry (no surprise there) as my mind freely wanders about the subject matter and doesnt come to a definite decision on anything (I hate seeing both sides of really sux and makes me feel like Charlie Brown at times)...much like my MySpace blogs on Wednesday mornings during American Idol season. No definite answers just alot of why it'd be right ifs. Now many of my readers will know exactly which topic Im touching on but my other readers, that dont share that particular aspect of my life, are scratching their heads believing that they finally found proof I went off the deep end. In any case, events like that seem to happen in that particular world a few times a year and once a year there's always a blow-up of nuclear proportions so this was no real surprise. The only surprising things were 01) the time of year it happened in (from what I noticed they usually happen in the autumn) and 02) for the first time in 4 years, I wasnt involved in it in any shape or form (whether it be the stirrer or the receiver) so Im mighty glad of that. Dont get me wrong, I dont like knowing my friends went through this problem....not at all. It was enough to have me decide to pull down the ads from all my sites. If another site goes up that I feel good about, then I may just be convinced to put another ad up. Until then, however, I'll be staying out of chat for awhile. Sorry. Anyhow...on to other things.

The other one that got me to thinking was Tori's. In one of her entries she asked which Harry Potter character we saw ourselves as. Im going to quick apologize to Tori for hijacking the comment section to ask a few of my friends who I seem to liken. It wasnt right and I should have brought it over here if I wanted to ask it. Anyhow, I went and found a bunch of those quiz thingys you find online and most of them place me in with the Hermiones but I also got Luna and Ginny as results also. What I didnt admit to in her comment section but I will here is that I actually got a Dumbledore result too. I've always said I had a bit of an old soul. I guess that just proves it. Iggy was quick to point out that I had gone through alot in my life and as such really couldnt be classified as a student and had suggested I was more like Lily Potter with a little Proffessor McGonagall and Proffessor Sprout put in the mix. If I recall he tossed in some Firenze and Rolanda Hooch. I know a reference was made about how I'd fit into the HufflePuff House and I have to agree as I most closely resemble the character traits of the house. On the otherhand, with the comment that I was much like Lily places me firmly in Gryffindor. Why? Because every result in those quizzes (with the exception of Luna...who was a Ravenclaw...which house character traits closely fit me as well) were all well as many of those that were suggested (Lily Potter and Proffessor McGonagall....Prof Sprout was a HufflePuff). The only question is which houses Firenze and Rolanda Hooch would fall in. I know he was a Centaur (very cool choice by the way Iggy) but I dont recall what house Rolanda was in. All I recall was that she taught flying and was the ref for the Quiddich matches. I suspect with the traits she displayed that she was more than likely a HufflePuff too (loyalty, honesty, fair play, and hard work). Oh and yes Tori, from what was said in the last book...Hermione and Lily sound an aweful lot alike. I suspect that's why the Harry and Hermione characters were never intended to become a love interest for each other as she was too much like a mom. So, if Iggy's going to place me predominantly with Lily Potter (it was due to her fiercely protectiveness of her child right?) then I have to guess that I have a bit of Molly Weasley (nee Prewett) because she was just as fiercely protective and a pinch of Buckbeak as well. Anyone who's seen me working in a chatroom will probably agree that if you get on my bad side it's like getting Fluffy, Norbert(a) and Buckbeak rolled up in one mean-ass critter (Karla for sure can confirm this one). So Im going to ask in here (just in case you've missed Tori's blog)...who are you in the Harry Potter world?
*gets sidetracked* Oh look, their emblem was the lion and the element is fire....hmm Im a Leo with an element of fire...I guess that settles it. *gets back on track*
I know Iggy's already said he's much like Hagrid and I really have agree with that and I know Tori's said she's Luna/Hermione. I dont know Tori as well but from the way she writes, I'd say that's pretty accurate.

While we were out last week, we stopped off at McKay's Used books and after not finding something I'd like in the music section....I wandered into the youth books. I've pretty much decided to get some of the books I'd read as a child. It would be nice to be able to read them when I like and not have to pop into a library to borrow them...especially since most of the books take less than a day to read if I read straight through. I bought The Secret Garden (19th edition from July 1982), The Black Stallion's Filly (Im guessing the 2002 printing as that's when the artwork is copywrited for) and King of the Wind (the latest date is 1976 but the cover looks like it's in way too good condition). I've got all but the garden one read right now. I've also decided to make a list of all the books of each of the horse series that I need for the collection and plan on getting them all eventually. While writing out the list I looked up a couple of titles and found out they were actually each book 2 of a 3 book series. Well then, I just added those down as well . It'll give me something new to read as well as the old stories that I loved so well.

While we were getting ready to go out last week, I got an interesting shot from out my officepicture of the moon was 930am when I took this pic window. You can just see it in the center there. It's not often you see the moon out as late as 930am.....

This coming weekend my SCSis is coming for a visit. Her and her hubby will be travelling to DC to see the fireworks for the 4th and want to take us out to supper. Originally it was supposed to be them seeing the fireworks and then coming afterwords but we all decided it'd be too late to do anything on the 4th, especially since it's nearly an hour drive in bad traffic between us and the Capitol. It was decided that she and her hubby would come in on Saturday instead and we'd do lunch or supper that day instead. I cant wait, it's been almost 2 years since I saw her last. I wish they lived a bit closer. *laffz* Actually she says the same to me when she and I get on the phone. Im considering getting my metallic highlights covered this Wednesday. I know that if it looks like crap, SCSis'll be honest enough to tell me so. This way I have time to get it fixed before the wedding I have to go to in August.

picture showing how close the quarters are in the officeI may be offline for a couple days this coming week, so heads up. Hubby decided he doesnt want his desk any more because it's too big for the spot it's in. Im using an old pic because I want to spare everyone the chaos that's our office. What you cant really see in this pic is that there's ~maybe~ an inch between those two desks. His is the one with all the cubbyholes (something that I could really use with all the "projects" on my desk...) on the left. To the left of his desk is the closet. There is just enough room for a file cabinet between him and the closet. The closet door doesnt shut because all the stuff he has crammed in there....or is it because he needs things handy so he keeps it open?? Anyway. He's got little to no room over there. Less, actually, because since this pic was taken he's bought a new computer which has a larger tower (less leg room now) and a bigger monitor (less desk space now). He's decided he wants a smaller desk , so we'll be moving his one with the cubbies over to my corner and moving the one that's presently mine to the other room. Not sure if he's going to buy a new one or use the small one that's in the bedroom (the one that used to sit in our guest room for my sewing machine while we lived in Texas).
Well, Im gonna scoot. Hubby wants to watch a movie....


AliceKay said...

There are a lot of things I'd like to say about that first topic, but I won't. It's hard taking sides. It leaves you in a very precarious predicament. :\

Nice shot of the moon.

I hope you have a nice time celebrating the holiday with your SCSis. Have fun and stay safe. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

Hmm... I know how Alice Kay feels about the first topic. I've felt stuffed headfirst into a blender and am just waiting for someone to hit the "Fast" button.

I think Alice Kay would be a good Professor Minerva McGonagall crossed half-and-half with a music professor, but I don't recall there being one, or even any mention of music in any of the Harry Potter books.

ChicagoLady said...

Wow, I don't even know where to begin regarding who I think I'm like. Maybe I should go look up some of those quizzes you took and see what I get?

Have fun with your SCSis this weekend. I'm going to my friend's mom's house on the 4th for a bbq and fireworks. Then I think both Saturday and Sunday I'll be with my aunt helping her paint part of her friend's house. No rest for the weary.

Toriz said...

I had no problems with you asking people who knew you more which character you're most like in the comments of that post. I mean, it was related to the topic after all. And even if it wasn't... I still don't mind. If I minded I'd have said something.

Hope you enjoy your weekend with your SC sis.

No, I don't think there is a music teacher. If there was then they didn't see fit to mention his/her name or existance.

Perhaps AK would like the job? :)

AliceKay said...

I have enough jobs, thank you very much. LOL

(sorry, i've never read the Harry Potter books and didn't pay that much attention to the movies to catch all of the characters' names)

Deanna said...

I am glad I wasn't involved in the first part of your blog Styxy. So no comment there!
I've thought and thought and thought about the question and I keep coming back to Lily Potter for me. I'm not especially brave but family is EVERYTHING to me and I would fight to the end to save my family or someone I cared for.

LadyStyx said...

Iggy: closest I find is Filius Flitwick. That character was Charms Master and head of Ravenclaw. The later part of the entry for the character says he takes on the appearance of a Wizard conductor. I seem to remember a small gnome-like character in the movies conducting a choir at one point. I could be mistaken.

Punkn: While reading your comment I was struck with the thoughts of Neville Longbottom. He wasnt particularly brave either but when it came to friends and family he was very protective. I suspect a touch of Dumbledore too as he was equally protective but had the extra benefit of years of wisdom.Now that I think of it, I suspect you have a smidge of Mrs Weasley in you as well. She was a fun character to have around (so long as you didnt get on her badside).

Toriz said...

*Nods @ LadyStyx* Yes, that was Flitwick... I think it was in the first movie or something like that... One of the earlier ones anyway. But yes, there was a "small gnome like character conducting a choir" in one of the movies. It never happened in the books though, and there wasn't exactly a music teacher. But you weren't imagining that. :)

Karla said...

hmmm how to comment on the blog! LOL first part I wasn't in there so I dunno what happened...Harry Potter, emmm Never read the books and the movies never really interested me that much..those were the kids movies...I think if I'm like a movie character I'm shrek LOL.....
looks like a nice desk...Maybe he should just rearrange it and let you have thatone and him take yours LOL


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