a semi-busy-nothing-important-but-alot-getting-done kinda week pt2

Tuesday, while we were heading to run our errands, we saw a sign in the window of the local Hollywood Video store...Buy 2 Get 2 free dvds. Oh hell. If there's one thing I cannot resist (other than copious amounts of chocolate in any form, music, stuffed animals and plaster crafts) it's dvds at a good price. My biggest problem is that there were several movies I had (read as left behind because of the dumbass that shall remain nameless) that I'd love to replace. The hardest problem is remembering which I have now and ones that I HAD....which means I get confused alot and have to ask hubby if we have it or not which makes me feel really damn stupid. Anyhow, sales like this are tremendously dangerous for the both of us. We can easily pop down nearly $100 and that's AFTER weeding out several titles that are simply not "must have nows". Among the titles we bought are: The Other Boleyn Girl, The Water Horse, The Producers, Mad Money, The Bucket List and John Tucker Must Die. I've watched three total movies since last weekend and I'm half tempted to throw another in for this evening as there's nothing on but the NCIS marathon on channel 35 (but then again....Mark Harmon's always a pretty nice distraction ;) ). I've watched John Tucker Must Die (very funny movie...especially with some of the dirty stuff they pull on him and how that dog turns it around to his benefit...), Mad Money (not a bad movie...Katie Holmes is absolutely adorable in this movie but it isn't exactly Dianne Keaton's finest work) and the Phantom of the Opera. The last one, I've listened to the original soundtrack to and so I was very familiar with it. The movie helped clear up a little confusion I had towards the end of the soundtrack as well as gave new perspective to a couple other areas (back flashes where I wasn't aware there were any..). The singing wasn't bad but I much preferred the original soundtrack over what was presented in the movie. No one sings the leads quite like Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. Although, I do have to admit seeing Minnie Driver in the part of Carlotta was a hoot and a half. It takes some real skill to appear to sing that badly and still stay in key.

Tuesday...I know there was more. Oh I think it was Tuesday when we went shopping too. We headed over to the UPS store and picked up our mail (before the dr appointment I think..we got alot done before that appointment for sure), then we went to GameStop and bought a gift card for my friend's wedding gift. Hey...she gave the store as an option! Like I told the clerk, everyone else is gonna buy house type stuff and if anyone is gonna buy her something a little left of center...it'd be me. After that we went to WallyWorld for a few items and it was here I made that decision on the window treatments. I got the curtain rods and the tiers...then hit up the electronics department to see if they had a certain cd. *grumblez* nope. We got home to unload before going to the dr and I realize *DAMN!* I got the wrong size on one of the rods. Left the rod in the truck on our way to the dr's. Went to the dr and then to the WalMart (the one closer to our place). While at this WallyWorld, I check to see if ~maybe~ that cd showed up here yet. Nope. Damn what the hell....WalMart's not gonna carry the Ace Young cd? I thanked the clerk that tried to help me and said I'd hit Target for it because I KNEW they'd have it. LOL. Yeah, Im all for telling peeps thanks for making me not feel guilty shopping your competitor (and no...I still dont have it...I think I'll be heading to Amazon in a bit to get it). Luther's was lunch...boy it was sticky enough outside I wanted a beer so badly but I wasn't allowed to have one (no alcohol 4 hrs before and 4 hours after those damn shots). Our last stop was at the Bottom Dollar for the few groceries we needed. About two weeks ago I had a fit with how cluttered the cabinets in the kitchen and the freezer were so I've basically said no shopping unless it's NEEDED...milk, bread, eggs fine...anything else ain't needed! We've cut our food bill in half the last couple weeks...I'm so damn proud. Go us!

I'm not sure what all we did on Wednesday. I think we kinda just stuck around home as it was due for one of those stupid storms again and I hate being caught out in one. Hubby finished up the catch-all room that day and we can move around in it comfortably now....but then I mentioned that in the last entry. After he was done and cooled off some, (and after I had an unexpected nap) I went downstairs and got his hair cut. I think he'll be all set for next week as it takes a while for his to grow back in. I usually end up cutting it 4-5 times a year at best. Now mine, well it'll need a bit of sprucing up next week before we go. Since we won't be able to check in until 3pm, I may hold off and get it done that morning before we leave. Then it'll be semi-fresh for when we get there and minimal work will need to go into it on Saturday morning to get it to look nice.

It did definitely storm on Wednesday. About 45 minutes after I got his hair cut, the storm warnings started up. There was a tornado watch until after midnight and flash flood watches until after peak traffic time on Thursday. Surprise surprise...the warnings on the television actually showed up IN A TIMELY MANNER! Wow. Color me shocked. Was that dripping in enough sarcasm? I hope so.

Thursday I heard hubby get up and get ready for work. I felt him give me a kiss and heard a see ya later just like every other day. A couple hours later I had a surprise that I wasn't expecting when I heard the front door being opened and the dog getting all excited. Considering the noise she was making, well I KNEW who was home and wondered how I managed to sleep the whole day away. I rolled over and it was only about 8am-ish. HUH?? When he got upstairs, I asked him why he was home so soon....not that I minded...I miss him lots when he's gone. Well he told me that they wanted help the next few Sundays because one of the other workers is going to school and needs Sundays off for one reason or another. When they asked hubby to help out this coming Sunday, he told them so long as he could go home for the day. It was a fair enough trade I guess. Only problem is that he has classes on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning so he won't really be getting a day off until Friday.... *bah*. Once I got up and got going, we decided to go out and take a run to yet another comic shop that's closer to our townhouse. We managed to wipe that shop clean of boards and bags too (did I mention he has ALOT of comics? oh I did?). With any luck he has enough supplies to finish up the boxes he has HERE. I stress here because he's got about 12-15 of the long boxes back at his folks' home and Lord knows if he has them bagged correctly yet.

On Thursday we also went out to Bob Evan's for lunch. Mmmm Italian Sausage and penne...yummy! Well...usually yummy. They seemed to have over cooked the pasta a bit more than I care for (I love it el dente). After we ate we went to the local library and donated about 6 months worth of magazines and 2 books. Boy were they ever happy to see that donation come in. While we were there, we got ourselves library cards. I don't see that we'll be there too often what with the Internet for research and all the books we have here to read (not to mention the dvds for viewing...). It's always nice to have a library card just in case though. I wanna say there was another stop after that,but I don't think there was.

Not much else...I worked on my page some yesterday. The dandelions were pretty much iggy inspired and I'd hoped to get them up before he got back from his "dandelion break" but I couldnt get it to work out the way I wanted. At least not until I found the busy bee for my banner. I think I kinda like it. Well I suppose I should scoot....I've got a load of laundry in the washer that needs to go to the dryer and a steroid rat that really should be set outside for a bit before she messes in my house. While downstairs, maybe I'll get those curtains up as well.

Oh...before I forget (again)...Iggy wondered in the comments section of part one how many different things each of my readers collect. So everyone put your thinking caps on.....dont answer it in here though. I'll be devoting another entry for just that type of conversation. Oh....and those that I sent that questionnaire to via email...if you havent done it yet, if you could get it turned in....I've got something planned for the answers I got (yes, I'll be giving the "correct" answers)

Everyone have a wonderful day! Winkin smiley that says You're special on it


AliceKay said...

I think I need a nap after reading those last two posts. LOL

Btw, I received that questionnaire from several people but deleted them all the other night. Sorry.

Time for bed....good night and hugs.

Toriz said...

The Water Horse is on my "stuff I want" list. LOL!

My hubby had as many books and comics as yours does at one point. He probably still would now if it wasn't for the fact we were limited to how much we could bring over with us from Canada so he had to have a clear out. We'd already paid through our noses to send some stuff over ahead of us as it was. He still has loads of books, but not all that many comics.

I've only been to the library once since I joined it, and that was close to a year ago. But... *Shrugs*... At least the option's there. :)

Intense Guy said...

I enjoy NICS - I oculd watch Cote de Pablo and Lauren Holly (gosh, I fell in love with her back in her Picket Fences days) for hours and hours and hours. I can identify with Sean Murray's character (although I'm not as smart) too.

I suspect I was most fortunate in being able to see the "Phantom" performed on Broadway, in Philadelphia, and in London.

:) Sarah Brightman is an incredible performer. The stagework for the Phantom is (well, was) simply mind-boggling.

LOL@Steriod Rat... hope ya got her outside "in time".

ChicagoLady said...

I think that entry just plumb wore me out. And there's more to read! Ugh...


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