a semi-busy-nothing-important-but-alot-getting-done kinda week pt1

Monday night before going to bed, I popped on the site that has my medical file and requested refills for my medicines. I know I wont have time this coming week to deal with them so I figured to get them outta the way. While requesting the refills, one of them popped a flag up telling me that it was going to need to contact my doctor because there were no refills available. Well damn, I didn't realize it had been so long. I suspect that when I had gone in the dr only gave me 2 months worth of prescript. Well you dumb-head! My files said I was on it for months now. Sheesh I hope the next dr is a bit brighter.

Tuesday we had a stop or two before the doctor's office. Hubby's in the middle of consolidating his collection of comics in the catch-all room and needed some more small boxes, bags and boards to get them at least protected properly. The boxes were bought mostly to make them more manageable (they're mostly in long boxes which are a bitch to move from one area to another....especially since they're too heavy for me to help out right now). We ended up going to 2 different comic shops for bags n boards...wiped them clean of their stock and STILL don't have enough for him to complete the project. Yeah, he's got THAT many books. He's got a good portion done though and has my old desk set up in there with things neatened up some. It's so neat in fact, that I can go in there farther than the litter box (which is just inside the doorway).

Sometime after the trip to the comic stores we popped on over to the dr's office (there was a trip to WalMart in between but that will be dealt with later). We were about 30 minutes or so early. I got myself checked in and talked with the receptionist for a bit, getting my next 5 appointments set up. I let her know that it was getting to be that time of year to have that "special" appointment so I may as well set it up on one of the Tuesdays to either go before or follow my allergy shot. She told me that 5-7 days prior to "that" appointment that I was going to be required to do lab-work so we got that appointment set up as well. On the 19th of August, I'll be going for lab-work so I have to go in a tad early and fast before hand. *bleah* The appointment isn't until 230pm so I may just stay up a bit later the night before and grab a snack before bedtime. I hate 12 hour fasts...they always give me a nasty headache. The appointment on August 26th is not only for my shot but for "that" dr appointment. I was told to check in a bit early and they'd see about getting me my shot first and then the dr would see me. This way I'm under the dr's observation during the 30 minute wait period that I have after my shot. *wrinklez nose* helluva way to spend my 2nd wedding anniversary..eh? Well anyhow, I got shot number 2 this week. Yet again, it itched like a big ole skeeter bite for about a couple hours. At the time, it didn't lump up or go pink. There was simply a small red dot where the shot was administered. Then, it got worse. By Tuesday evening, I had a pink patch at the injection site that was roughly 2" in diameter and it lumped up like a spider bite. It stayed itchy and pink into Thursday with the spot feeling tight like just before a spider bite heals. Oh how I look forward to next week's shot *sarcasm*.

Patient asking dr...Your oath to do no harm...does that include my wallet?While there, I picked up my meds. Thank goodness that some of them are a 3 month allotment! Good heavens are some of them expensive. Most especially my Astelin. The bottle has 50 days worth of doses in it. I wish it was cheaper but it works...so I guess it's worth the money. I'll be so glad if they take me off it eventually. Even though it works, it tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth....both literally and figuratively. Everything...dr's appointment and medicines cost me roughly $150 this week. *sigh*

I made a decision regarding my kitchen window treatments. I have decided I really don't want to bother with the blinds I have up. Even if I get them spotless, they're really still kinda jacked up badly. As much as I'd rather just replace them, that middle window requires a special order because it isn't a standard size. This cost money and I'm really not up for spending extra money for a custom-made blind if we won't be here more than 18 months or so. Unfortunately, I've made this decision AFTER the season containing the pattern I bought so the matching tier curtains...well WalMart doesnt carry them anymore. My biggest choice was to either buy all new curtains again so the tiers and valances match OR find something that at least matches colorwise. I opted for the latter. NO, the fabrics dont match...no the cut doesnt match BUT the tiers are a solid white which brings out the bit of white that is in the tiers. I think it'll all get left with the townhouse. I'm pretty sure the next people won't want the jacked up blinds anymore than I did so I'll pitch them with the next trash day. I'll be getting the curtains up this next week. I have to do it before our trip because I have company showing up the weekend after we get back here and I may or may not have time to do it then.


Intense Guy said...

Part one? Wowsers, you were busy enough for a week!

Ranger has a serious comic book collection - I wonder how many different things people that read your blog collect? I collect old worn out walking shoes LOL - I dont bother to bag 'em.

All those doctor appointments would almost have me to the point of just having 'em move in... save the traveling. Hope that they eventually do you mucho good.

The Busy Bee makes a nice desktop background - thanks for the graphic!

LadyStyx said...

What can I say? Im longwinded! That's a very good question....one I should pose in my next entry.

Toriz said...

WOW! That was a busy few days. I get tired just reading entries like this. LOL!

Sounds like the shots were fun... NOT! But if they help then it's worth it... Right?

*Makes a mental note to be greatful next time I'm visiting a doctor that at least the NHS is paying for it and not me*

LadyStyx said...

Yeah...and to think that aint even all of it...

LOL @ the mental note. And to think...I've got insurance and it pays for most of it. It's the co-pays that can be a killer.

AliceKay said...

Our new medical insurance doesn't have the co-pay but that deductible sure was a killer this year. :( I'm just grateful we don't have to pay for Terri's Nexium the rest of this year. CVS is billing our insurace for over $150 for 30 pills of that stuff. :\

Happy Anniversary early! LOL (i'm having a CT scan of my chest done on my anniversary)

ChicagoLady said...

Glad you're keeping busy. It seems there's always things to keep us busy, huh?

I can't WAIT to hear about the next shot,lol.


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