Allergy update

Two pharmacists at the pharmacy window with a woman fainted infront of them. The one says to the other...She's going to need a prescription for light-headedness. She fainted when I told her how much her meds cost.Looks like it's all sorted out. Just waiting on them to call me to set an appointment. I was hoping to start the shots this week but it doesnt look like it's in the cards. It started with 2 emails yesterday morning.

From: MD
Sent: 7/14/08 10:28 AM
Subject: RE: Medication Questions

Thank you for emailing, I ordered for manassas, have calls in to clarify, will let you know, thank you.

To which I responded:

Sent: 7/14/2008 5:27 PM
To: Office of MD
Subject: RE: Medication Questions

Ok. Thanks. I'd like to get at least a couple of the shots under my belt as Im making a trip at the end of the month (long weekend to NJ) and if there are going to be any complications, I'd like to get it figured out sooner rather than later.

Oh...and did you mean to send me this email or was it meant for someone else?:

RE: Medication Questions
From: MD
Received:7/14/08 10:27 AM

I ordered shots for manassas, can you clarify with patient and extract lab, thank you.

This was the message this morning:

From: MD
Received:7/15/08 9:45 AM
Thank you, I sent message to you and our allergy nurses. Claudia found your vials in the Springfield refrigerator last night and was going to send to Manassas this am.

Oh so damn close. Im hoping they call before we leave for hubby's appointment at 3:50pm to say it's there and sure they can squeeze me in for my first shot. I think while Im there (and knowing the medicine is on it's way)I'll just see about setting myself up for a standing Tuesday appointment for the next 25 weeks.


Intense Guy said...

Good luck with getting the shots - and don't get faint-headed!

Toriz said...

Good luck with getting the shots. :)

ChicagoLady said...

Good luck, I hope you get it all sorted out and settled before your weekend in NJ.

Intense Guy said...

So how did it go?

Hopefully you avoided the roach "stuff" (or at least it was fresh).

All kidding aside, I hope the shots went smoothly and you recovered quickly from them.

Intense Guy said...

By the way, I did a little looking, but the Internet is a little 'thin' on information on "Farkography". What is this - some sort of photoshop picture bashing / mashing?

Karla said...

waits and waits and w a i t see how it finally came down...good luck

Deanna said...

Did you get to start the shots? They may let you take several a week for starters. It might be worth asking. Hope all goes well.


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