Gas humor

Two coworkers talking and the one mentioned that his $600 stimulous check showed up and he used it to fill up his SUV

In a lab one scientist says to another that they're experimenting with less expensive alternatives to fossil fuel while in the background a third scientist loads a car's gas tank with Dom Perignon

Dude filling up his ole gas guzzler of a car and is thinking $93.86 for one tankful? Geez my first CAR cost 75 bucks

Two dudes in the desert, crawling see a gas station with gas at only $1 a gallon. The one says to the other, Dont be a fool man, it's only a mirage!

The one that looks like a newspaper scan came out of the Claiborne Progress...the newspaper from hubby's hometown.


ChicagoLady said...

LMAO, so true! It's just a mirage, we'll never see gas that low in our lifetimes.

Intense Guy said...

My next car will get at least 4 miles to the bottle of Dom Perignon!



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