Have you ever had those ItshouldabeenaKodakmoments and you could just kick yaself (or someone else)? Shouldabeen as in either you (or the loved one that you handed the camera to) hit the button that split second too soon (or too late) and then the camera takes forever to set itself for the next shot OR the battery dies OR worst yet, you forgot to grab the damn camera in the first place and if you go back home for it and return to the spot of the moment the moment is gone? I had several of those in the 5 days starting July 30th thru August 3rd.

01) Normally, I have my camera with me at all times. Wednesday, while I was headed to the salon to get my hair done, I was in the alleyway that splits the stripmall in two. It's a short cut that those in my subdivision use to get to the stores over there without having to go the long way around (it cuts travel time by 75% or more easily). Anyhow, while in the alleyway....I saw this HUGE butterfly sunning itself on the wall of one of the stores. It was a butterfly I'd never seen before too, a horace’s duskywing , and it was less than a foot away from me sunning itself on the wall.

02) On the trip through Maryland headed to New Jersey, just before the Fort McHenry tunnel, I looked to my right and there was this huge ship sitting out in the bay. It was big, grey and had a military look to it. I couldnt identify the ship with the angle I was seeing it at. If I was up higher (a bridge or something) I may have been able to tell at least what type it was (what with all the damn models I had to paint when I was married to that first friggin idjit). I was really hoping it was still there when we came back through and of course it wasnt.

03) To file in the too soon category, how about missing the bride and groom's first kiss because the husband (to whom I relinquished the camera to because he was in the perfect seat for the perfect shot) clicked the shutter too soon and the camera just couldnt get itself reset fast enough? Yeah. That's definitely a "Itshouldabeenakodakmoment".

04) Better yet, how about missing the garter toss because the camera's batteries crapped out on ya? Yeah...I clicked at just the right moment and then.... "low battery" flashes at me and here I am, at a wedding with kids around and cant swear or throw a fit.

05) I think that my very favorite is the one where I went in complete shock on the ride home upon seeing the sign on the back of this truck. It took me a full 3 minutes or longer of staring at it in a traffic jam and my husband's surprised comment of "You're not gonna get a picture of that?" to rouse me enough to turn on the camera and lift it up to get the shot. Needless to say the truck got well outta range before the camera was ready and I was REALLY pissed at myself for missing it. What the truck say? Oh who knows. I can tell you that it musta belonged to a handiman company (carpenter or otherwise) because the back said something about "If you need a screw fast" or something to call them. Yeah, now ya see why I went into friggin shock!

Ok. Now it's your turn. Name at least 3 "ItshouldabeenaKodakmoment"s that you've had.


Intense Guy said...

LMAO at that last one - I'll have to think about it. I know one will be a couple Charlie encounters where all I got on "film" was an empty branch. :)

Toriz said...

I've missed out on so many shots - especially since I now have to rely on others to do the photography work - that I don't know where to start. LOL!

Many of them have been Kero related. My Mam and hubby are so slow getting the camera sorted that by the time they've got it even out of the case (let alone turned on and aimed at him) Kero's shifted from the sweet or funny pose he was in. Like a few weeks ago when he was in his "full alert" pose stood on the little rocky bit in the corner of the garden near all the bushes. By the time I found out and suggested grabbing the camera (since nobody else had given the idea a thought) it was too late... He'd spotted something and was racing across the garden barking at it.

A lot of them feature my Mam too... For example... Yesterday - when Mam, Dad and I were in Tescos - we went on one of the escilators (sp?) that stay flat so you can take trolleys on them or whatever. Anyway, we'd never been on one before... Mam didn't take too well to it. Dad was in front of us and looking back at Mam... He actually said at the time he wished he had his camera (or mine) with him because of the look on my Mam's face.

And for my third one... I think I'm gonna go with...

The day we moved in. The movers had put the spare bed upside down and the bottom of it is just a bit of canvas stuff. Anyway, they'd put the matress on top so none of us realised and Dad sat on it. Next thing you know Dad's stuck in the bed... Arms and legs in the air. And wouldn't you know it... I had no idea where the camera was! Shame, 'cause it took him so long to get up (mostly due to the fact none of us could stop laughing long enough to help him) that I'd have had time to grab it for someone to get the shot for me.

There have been loads of others, but those'll do for some examples.

LadyStyx said...

LOL... Animal encounters that could be a whole damn entry on itself, iggy....especially with fur-kids, eh Tori?

whimsical brainpan said...

I really wish you had gotten a picture of that truck.

Since I don't own a real camera I don't really look at things as pictures I should take. So I guess what I'm saying is that I don't have any ItshouldabeenaKodakmoments.

Lame, I know.

ChicagoLady said...

I have two thought up so far, who knows how long it will take me to think of a third, so be patient with me, lol.

Intense Guy said...

While walking today I remembered two more missed Kodak moments to go with the blurry and where's the squirrel? pictures.

Once while fishing off the north tip of Long Island in April it was really cold and my hands were pretty frozen - but we saw this huge shark come up near the boat and a bunch of seals going bananas. I had a disposable camera for the "fish pictures" but it was down below deck so I ran down there and stepped on an expensive fishing rod and broke a rod guide ($35 repair) and dug my camera out and got back on deck - the seals were still hurling through the air and the shark, about a 12 foot one about 10 feet from the boat broke the surface. I lifted the camera and pushed the shutter and my hands failed me and I dropped the camera overboard.

The last missed moment was at the Indy 500 way back (Danny Sullivan won, I think it was 1982) and I was seated in the stands right in front of where he did his 360 spin out (and recovered and went on to win) My camera was in my pocket and in my haste to yank it out, I ripped my whole pocket off - and missed the shot anyway. :)

Toriz said...

Yeah... Missed animal shots could probably take up quite a large post. LOL!

OMG Iggy! You must have been so annoyed with yourself with that fishing trip one!

AliceKay said...

LOL....poor Iggy. Those were some great missed moments.

Karla said...

been there done that...Camels in the pasture, batteries died at the wedding reception, the moved all the OCHA's fromin front of arbys (kid saw them said your friend would like that, they are taking over Arby's)..yeah it's the pits ain't it?

ChicagoLady said...

Since I haven't figured out my third one yet, I'll at least bore ya with the two I can remember.

One was a Saturday, I was on the phone with someone, and out on my balcony, on the railing, were two mourning doves, and they started some bird porn. After the third time gettin' it on, I grabbed my camera, but they flew away.

My second was on the way to work, when I didn't have my camera, and on the side of the road there was one OCHA surrounded by albino OCHA's, in a circle, like they were ganging up on it.

I'm sure I've had more, I just can't remember them right now.

Deanna said...

Oh my I could fill a photo album of missed photo opportunities. Mom doing the hulahoop last year; me when I got mixed up and drove the riding mower deep into a cedar tree (rather than putting it into reverse), a rainbow (we don't have them daily like AK does...). Loved the post styxie.

Toriz said...

LMAO @ "bird porn"

Intense Guy said...

Darn. Those Bird Porn pictures would have been worth a fortune.


LadyStyx said...

*Laffz*@ bird porn!

Thanks,all, for participating in this post. I'll have to see if I cant find another fun one for us all to do.

ChicagoLady said...

Wait! Wait! I have my third moment! It just happened today, as a matter of fact. I was looking for the cheapest gas price of the four stations by me, and of course it happened to be the first one. So after getting to the last two and realizing I needed to go all the way back, the easiest thing to do is go over a block to my street, zip down it (avoiding all the lights and traffic) then go back out to the main road where the station is.

When I turned off my street to get to the main road, the street is curvy and divided, one lane each way. It's also right next to the lakes, so there are many Canada Geese (White Chin-Strapped Ducks). There was a whole line of them, starting to cross the road, one in the grass between the lanes, two in my lane and several still on the grass making their way to the street. I stopped, of course, since killing one is illegal. One that was in my way continued sauntering along, while I inched forward.

Then a car came from the other direction, scared the one in the grass back into my lane, and I had to wait for all three to go back onto the grass where they had come from. And by this time I had a pickup truck behind me waiting too.

Missed showing you, because I didn't have my camera with me.

Intense Guy said...

Those White Chin-Strapped Ducks really know how to saunter oh-so-deliberately don't they? I would have been ready to pull my hair out by the time they got back to where they started.

I'm glad Tori didn't come back with an additional comment saying she missed getting a picture of Kero peeing on a frog's head - I mean that wouldn't have been a "missed kodak moment" but a fortunate thing wouldn't it?

This was a cool blog entry, LadyStyx :)

LadyStyx said...

So not only is Chicago into birdie porn but she likes being "goosed" too. Hmm in teresting.

LOL@ iggy. That woulda been funny if she did though ;). Thanks for the compliment. Gonna be hard tryin for me to come up with something to beat this bugger.

ChicagoLady said...

Ok, Iggy got me remembering another one, and this one will interest all the ladies out there.

Several years ago, I was at a Minor League baseball game, our local Single A team I think part of the Florida Marlins organization. I was sitting over the visitors dugout along the third base side, so had a perfect view of the home team dugout.

Partway through the game, I think it was the first baseman, for some reason needed to change his pants. I happened to catch him with his pants off (seeing him with his jock strap) and he was pulling his pants up. Needless to say, that would have been a great "kodak moment" if I'd had a camera.

Reminds me of the AC/DC song, "Caught With Your Pants Down" off their Ballbreaker cd.

Toriz said...

I did get a shot of Kero peeing on another dog's head once... But decided not to share it and I think deleted it. LOL

Yeah, this was a fun post... You'll have to think up something else fun for us to do... :)

Deanna said...

LOL I just checked back at all the posts. Great shares. I'm doing the belly laugh here.

LadyStyx said...

*blushes* thanks!


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