Mystery fish solved!

Thanks to some diligent work from iggy and an email from Jenny, the Visitor Services Coordinator at The Nation Aquarium in Baltimore, I have finally come up with a name for the mystery fish from my last entry. Thanks to Google I now have a picture (albiet not one I took) of said fish to show all of you. Here is her email with the info:

I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed your visit to
the National Aquarium
in Baltimore. The fish you are describing is one of my favorite fish called the
lookdown, part of the Jack family. Their name comes from the blunt forehead, high-set eyes and low-set mouth giving the impression it is “looking down.” They can be found up here in the mid-Atlantic waters when they are younger, then they
move south to tropical waters. All of our specimens are adults in the Atlantic Coral Reef exhibit.

I hope this information has answered your questions. If you are interested in learning more about our animals and get an insider’s view of the Aquarium, you may be interested in participating in one of our behind-the-scenes tours. The Gallery Tour( would let you get up-close to the lookdowns when you participate in their morning feeding! We hope to see you soon.


Deanna said...

That is a cool fish. Are you going to take her up on the invite to a "behind the scenes" tour?

LadyStyx said...

I'd love to actually. There's several packages there that looked interesting on that link....

Toriz said...

There you go... Now you know! :)

AliceKay said...

Odd looking fish. Looks like it swam into a rock or something. :)

Intense Guy said...

LOL @ Alice Kay!

I was thinking it was a "bull dog" faced fish.

..and LadyStyx, now I really understand why you said, "Oh! Shiny!!!!"

That behind the scene tour looks like fun. I bet they have you putting your hand in fishfood buckets and helping feed the fishes. LOL

LadyStyx said...

The picture dosent even do justice as to how shiny it is either.

From what I saw in the links that's a possibility. Looks like they bring you into the food prep area to see how that's done as well. They've got sleep overs as well. One dealing with the sharks...where you're sleeping in an observation area underwater mere inches from the critters. They've also got sleepovers for the Rainforest and Wild Extremes areas.

Karla said...

I wanna go on the "behind the scenes tour" with Lady cause that way...well you get special looksises at all the fishies...:-)

ChicagoLady said...

I was at an aquarium in California, and my aunt and I did a behind the scenes tour. Unfortunately, I can't remember much, but I do know they had LOTS of seahorses!


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