Questionnaire:the answers

And here's one of the blog entries ya'll been waiting on. The good thing about this questionnaire is that many of the questions didnt have any right answer. Those that did have a right answer, were easy enough to answer if you were industrious enough (yes, even the middle name one). Some answers have been slightly modified to protect the not so innocent....

01) Where did we meet?

The answers I received:

My front porch
The Cabin
The Loft
A chat room - gosh, I can't remember which one though
In a chat room somewhere long long ago
the loft
At Marrero Christian Academy in August
I think I spoke to you a bit in the chat room at "The Wolven" but have gotten to know you more since I wandered over to your blog a while back.
The Loft

Answer: Depending on what time of my life you came along, this answer will vary. If you were one of the many that got this that met me in chat, you may have met me in the Loft. I never chatted at the Cabin. I started in WildAngel's Loft and then went to Chatter2Chatter. After C2C, I was in Park Ave Chat for a couple months then to The Wolven and finally AckcessDenied. I know it seems like I've been around longer than that but I really havent. I started chatting in 2002 and streaming in 2004.

02) Take a stab at my middle name?
The answers I received:

I've no idea. "Shine" or maybe Ann
Freida :0
I don't think you ever told me!
I'm not sure Marie.
I have no clue... Marie is safe though

Answer: I mentioned this answer just once in my blog and most probably wouldnt have known it if they werent one of my readers at that time. If you knew my first name, it was probably easy enough to guess. My first name is common as is my middle name. Congratulations to those that said my middle name was probably Marie, for you're right. LOL@ at the guesses of Shine and Freida. I can understand the Shine guess and if my parents had been hippies then that would have been a possibility. ....but Freida? I'd love to know where that guess came from!

03) Do I smoke?

Answer: Well this one was easy. Everyone knew the answer to that one because all know how I fuss about hubby smoking!

04) Color of my eyes?

Answers received:

You got those Mood Ring eyes...
emmm I think they are blue or is it ranger thats blue and your brown?
Depends on your mood... I think normally a hazel/green colour though.

Answer: If you'd seen a close pic of me you'd know this. LOL@ at the Mood Ring answer because that is actually closer to what they are. I have what I call kaleidescope eyes. They're technically a blue-green hazel (more green than blue). Depending on my mood, health, the clothes Im wearing, lighting , etc etc etc....they look to change colors. It can be very cool when it happens and it happens quickly. When Im in a good mood...they're more blue...kind of like turquoise. When I get mad...they go pure green.

05) Do I have any siblings?

Answer: Again, everyone got it right! I have one genious brother that Im absolute proud of and jealous of all at the same time.

06) What's one of my favorite things to do?

Answers received:
According to your husband...hehe
crafts/paint plaster thingys
Read edumacashunals
Get allergy shots! No, you enjoy reading edumacationals.
spend time with Ranger
crafts such as the little christmas villages
Listen to music.
Play music and crafts

Answers: Im as ecclectic in my hobbies as I am in my music. Every one of these was right its own way. LOL! I love to spend time with hubby, painting, counted cross-stitch, listen to my tunes, blog, read the edjumakashunalz (comics), work on my web pages, make banners, do wallpapers and generally hang out with my friends.

07) What's my favorite type of music?

Answers received:
top 40
Anything but rap... but, I'm going with older rock and rollrock
Good time rock and roll
Long-hair and strange to me
Rock 'n' roll
Rock and Roll

Answers: Like I said in #06, Im ecclectic. I was taught to appreciate most types of music. My music files range from 12 Stones all the way to ZZTop and a good deal of everything in between. I mostly stick to rock and top 40 but I really love me some 80's tunes anyday. Ohhh yes some old time rock and roll ...gotta love it!!! Contrary to popular belief, I appreciate *some* rap, but not alot. I go mostly for what some would call rap-lite. I can sit and listen to Will Smith anyday but once in a while I've been known to listen to Eminem as well. The hard-core stuff though, hell no. LOL@ the long hair comment. I know where she got that from though as I was listening to Yanni alot back then. These days it's rock, pop and jazz.....gotta love listenin to Lao Tizer.

08) Am I shy or outgoing?

Answers received:
You've never been shy
shy to a point, outspoken is more you LOL
You would say shy but I think you are outgoing
Generally outgoing, though you can sometimes be a bit reserved in some situations.

Answer: LOL@ the DUH answer. That one showed up because Im a Leo and that respondant grew up with me. Technically, in a face to face situation...Im extremely reserved until I know the person Im talking to....then watch out. I used to be more like I am in chat...very outgoing and gregarious but life has taught me some hard lessons so I tend to stand back and measure a person up before I even approach them nowadays. Sad really, but most of the time these days I like to keep to myself. Too many people look down their noses as I talk to them or ask questions that they really wish they hadnt by the time Im done answering them. *shrugz*

09) am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?

Answers received:
A rebel who follows the rules
You follow 'em after making them
You rebel at senseless rules - especially at work!
rebel rebel rebel
you can be a rebel but generally follow the rules
It depends if you agree with the rules or not
You follow the rules if they make sense, otherwise, watch out!

Answer: Well I much dont know how to answer this one. It's funny that everyone seems to think Im a rebel though. Maybe I am. There are several that are very close. I try my best to follow the rules as best as I can but if the rules go against common sense then I find I have trouble following them. LOL and YES....if they really dont make sense then watch out!

10) Any special talents?

Answers received:
again...see your hubby
Making banners
Is this PG or Adult rated? LMAO
Your crafts and story-telling
yep you make some beautiful ceramics
artsy and craftsy
You do a really good job with those figures you paint and give as gifts.
Many - writing and painting are two of them

Answers: LOL evidentally there were a couple of you on the same wave-length here! *laffz* Since a person generally will enjoy hobbies that they do very well in (as in have some bit of talent in), I dont have much to add to this one.

11) How many children do I have?

Answers received:
None yet!
None yet
none yet
2 furbabies
Two furbabies - the "cha-wawa" being adopted?
none yet
No human children. Just 2 furkids... Katie Lou and Dharma.
Two gorgeous cha-hua-huas

Answer: I dont have any two legged ones at this point (but it's fun trying!!!). I do have 2 furbabies (furkids) named Katie Lou and is a chihuahua and the other is of the feline purrrrrsuasion. Here's a picture of them in our kitchen in Dallas. It doesnt look like it, but they get along quite well for being of different species. The canine just tends to get pushy and demanding of affection and the feline.....well she aint fond of that. She never raises a paw against her "sister" though.

12) If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I would bring?
Answers received:
a boat!
allergy medicine
A wireless laptop so you can read your comics and blog :)
A complete DJ porta-roadmaster cart with generator and enough music CDs to never repeat a song in a decade.
I hope for food but probably a book or TV
Your allergy meds. :)
Hubby and number 11
Answer: Can I take them all?


ChicagoLady said...

Well, I know which answers were mine. I was actually considering Marie, but for some reason I didn't think that was it.

I loved the first answer you listed for #10: Again, see your hubby (for special talents) LMAO

And the favorite type of music wasn't what type do you listen to, but what's your favorite? That's why I answered Rock, lol.

It was fun seeing some of the other answers. Thanks for posting them!

Intense Guy said...

Sooooo.... is this PG or Adult rated?


I think the Frieda thing came from you saying you carried one of your furbabies around - the mind when it gets old, does strange things!

:) Thanks for posting the answers - I agree with ChicagoLady, that was fun!

AliceKay said...

Yep, although I didn't participate in the questionnaire, I enjoyed reading the responses and the answers. :)

LadyStyx said...

Chicago: I dont think I really HAVE a favorite style. It all depends on mood really. One day my fav may be rock (generally the old or classic rock) and the next day my fav just may be Pop Music. I like to call my style PopRock with an ecclectic twist ~grinz~

Iggy: Knowing that one or two of my past life are reading this and both are under 25...I think we may wanna try to keep it down to an R rating at least. *laffz* Frieda...oh yea! I thought it might be because of my naturally wavy bottle red hair! ~grinz~

Thank you , thank you, thank you!

Karla said...

Wow do we know you pretty well or what ??? LOL

Toriz said...

We didn't do too bad then. :)

LadyStyx said... well that it's scary at times! LOL!!


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