Many of you may remember a few weeks back, a questionnaire that got sent around to many. Several of you played along (and a couple know who you are!), but I'm realizing that a few in here didnt get to (that would be because I dont have your email addies...). So, Im going to put it up in here. If you played in the email, no need to answer here too as I still have your responses.

Normally I dont bother with this type of game simply because they are 25-30 questions in length (sometimes longer..*ugh*) and many times I get the same damn ones over and over. This one caught my eye though because the instructions said for me to fill it out in regards to the person that sent it. It was fun to see how well I knew the sender. Then I was to send the game along and see how many really knew me (and some know me too damn well!). With the exception of maybe 3-4 questions, there were no real "right" answers as some of my friends saw me at different points of my life. The one that got all the answers "right" has known me for over 30 yrs. Those that I met in chat had different "right " answers to some of the questions and the one other that played, well she was a co-worker many years ago so had a different "right" answer for a couple of them.

Here's the game (remember you're answering about me...):

01) Where did we meet?

02) Take a stab at my middle name?

03) Do I smoke?

04) Color of my eyes?

05) Do I have any siblings?

06) What's one of my favorite things to do?

07) What's my favorite type of music?

08) Am I shy or out going?

09) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?

10) Any special talents?

11) How many children do I have?

12) If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I would bring?

Like I said, many dont have any one right answer. Depending on when you met me, will determine the answers. Any one who caught my streaming days should be able to answer #7 at least. Numbers 2,3, and 5 have definite right answers though not all will know them so no worries. I'll be putting the answers up later this week.



Intense Guy said...

1) In a chat room somewhere long long ago -

2) Freida :0

3) No

4) You got those Mood Ring eyes...

5) Yes

6) Get allergy shots! No, you enjoy reading edumacationals.

7) Good time rock and roll

8) You've never been shy

9) You rebel at senseless rules - especially at work!

10) Your crafts and story-telling

11) Two furbabies - the "cha-wawa" being adopted?

12) A complete DJ porta-roadmaster cart with generator and enough music CDs to never repeat a song in a decade.

Toriz said...

01. I think I spoke to you a bit in the chat room at "The Wolven" but have gotten to know you more since I wandered over to your blog a while back.

02. Marie.

03. No.

04. Depends on your mood... I think normally a hazel/green colour though.

05. Yes.

06. Listen to music.

07. Rock 'n' roll.

08. Generally outgoing, though you can sometimes be a bit reserved in some situations.

09. It depends if you agree with the rules or not.

10. You do a really good job with those figures you paint and give as gifts.

11. No human children. Just 2 furkids... Katie Lou and Dharma.

12. Your allergy meds. :)

Karla said...

hey hey I already answered these questions.....hehehe

ChicagoLady said...

Waits to see what I got right when I answered this via email (if I can remember how I answered, lol).

LadyStyx said...

I'll give it another couple days as I know punkn aint been thru here yet and I'd be sad if everyone didnt have a chance to play if they wanted to. I do have all the answers received compiled in a Word Doc. If one of your answers is in the 4th spot in any of the questions then it'll be that way all the way thru. No, I didnt keep the names with the answers...there were a few that were funny enough that it'd be fun to guess who said what..LOL!

Deanna said...

Ok... Here goes......
1. The Loft
2. I have no clue... Marie is safe though
3. Nope
4. Hazel
5. Yep
6. Play music and crafts
7. Rock and Roll
8. Outgoing
9. You follow the rules if they make sense, otherwise, watch out!
10. Many - writing and painting are two of them
11. Two gorgeous cha-hua-huas
12. Hubby and number 11

Deanna said...

PS Thanks for waiting on my slow ass before posting the answers. Now that I think about it, I think I got the where we met wrong... I'm not sure which chat site it was. Oh well!

LadyStyx said...

No worries. I know it takes you a while to get around to them all sometimes. *HUGZ*


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