Speaking the same language

Calvin: I'm hungry. Can I have a snack?
Mom: Sure. Help yourself.
Third frame you see Calvin with a cookie jar in hands and a cookie in his mouth.
From the other room Calvin hears mom say: You can have an apple or an orange from the fridge.
Calvin: (speaking to the readers) Even though we're both talking English, we're not speaking the same language.


I've had this particular comic in my files for a while now and had no clue what I wanted to use it for. All I knew is that I found it funny. Today, as I was cleaning files and such, I came across it and my mind wandered. I know, it's a rather dangerous thing as it likes to go off onto some weird tangents and tends to get very very very lost.

Anyhow, it reminded me of several stories....many that have happened in our blogs simply because of the fact we're on different continents. Some that also come to mind have occured right here in my own home country. One that's standing out in my mind right now took place in the late '90s.... infact I think it was in 1996 because that was my first year at the school I was working for at that time. I was substituting for a teacher this particular day. The rule was, no food or drink in the classroom, simple right? The second floor where this classroom was had a water fountain as well as 2 soda machines. Well this one girl, thought she'd pull one over on me. She asked me if she could get a cold drink. I told her it was fine. She smiled and took herself straight to the soda machine and I thought to myself...clever girl....but not clever enough. When she walked in, the kids were snickering thinking she pulled on over on me because she did ask for a cold drink, I told her to drop the soda off at the desk and she could pick it up after class. The look of surprise on her face when I told her to do that was priceless. At this point she reminds me that I DID say she could have a cold drink. My reply? "There's the water fountain. The water is cold and is a drink....therefore THAT is a cold drink. You said nothing about wanting a soda to which the answer is no". The laughing got louder when the kids realized that I knew how to play their game and I knew how to play it one better. The fact that the girl in question was a class bully who was known for walking all over the subs by finding loopholes; the fact I found the loophole as quickly as I did and closed it off....made it funnier still to the kids in the room.


Toriz said...


Intense Guy said...

I just love that expression on Calvin's face.

I miss Calvin and Hobbes. The little guy was a hero of mine.

Karla said...

You go girl!!! She met the master didn't she? LOL

Deanna said...

I miss Calvin and Hobbes too :(
Way to go Styxie. My hubby taught high school for over 30 years. He has many funny anecdotes. The one that sticks out in my mind is the day Penny Quick had to go to the bathroom (true story, I swear...) She asked Jim for a hall pass. Being in a hurry, as teachers usually are, he wrote on the note "Bathroom. P.Quick" LOL, they laughed over that one the rest of the school year.

LadyStyx said...

yep, dont mess with a Damn Yank.

LOL@ punkn!!! I bet he does. Yes, teachers are always in a hurry and generally (those that actually do their jobs properly) have much more on their plates than they're actually paid for.

ChicagoLady said...

Damn! How did I miss this post? Did you sneak it in after I commented on the questionnaire?

I love Calvin & Hobbes, it's still my absolute favorite cartoon to this day. If Bill Waterston ever draws it again, I'll be in seventh heaven. In fact, I might just have to go grab one of the C&H books I have (which is all of them) and read it!

LadyStyx said...

Dunno how you missed it. I didnt sneak it in...just posted it. Only sneaky one I did was the Baltimore one as that's the one I was working on last night and I delayed the post until this morning....


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