Updates on hubby and my mommy, music, my SCSis

Yesterday hubby went to his ENT appointment. From what he was telling me, it's a really good thing I didnt go in with him this time. First of all the doctor wasnt even there, she'd called to say she'd be 20 minutes late getting in. I dont deal well with waiting, especially when I manage to get places a good 10-15 minutes early most times. Im sure this will change once I have kids. Secondly, while she was shop vaccing out his sinuses, quite a bit of blood decided to make an appearance (there were stains on his shirt and pants because of it). I dont deal with blood too well and the great amount there is the less I can handle it. Top things all off the dr told him how large the polyp was that they removed. I gather for small polyps they simply cauterize the wound. The bugger was so large they ended up putting stitches in (which have to be removed next week). How large you ask? The bitch was as large as a walnut......larger than a quarter. No wonder that poor guy was continually getting sick!! He's still on some restrictions in what he's allowed to do yet.

Went on our weekly trip to Wally World today. Good thing too because the cupboards and the freezer were pretty much bare. While there I picked up KT's new cd and a Power of Rock cd. That last one I couldnt resist as it has some friggin awesome tunes on it. It also works right into the type of stream Im playing this week (anthem/arena/ stadium...whatever... rock). Im in the process of proofing some of the music for the stream as I write this (ooh J Geils....aint played that one in a while...and Triumph....hmmm). I got my hands on a couple other artists' works that I hadnt heard before (well ok I've heard OF the one group, just never checked out their tunes...) and I think I'll toss a song from each into the stream this week.

Got an email from mom today. Her doctor called today and her gall bladder surgery has been scheduled for October 18th. She'd rather have it done a whole lot sooner so she has less time to worry about it but it's not to be. I guess that since she's not in excessive amounts of pain (like I was) it's not considered an emergency. Oh and good news on that front. I got an email from both mom and daddy yesterday stating that daddy has been cleared to go back to work *finally*. Did I mention he'd been in an accident around the time I went to the hospital last year for my gall bladder? Well he's been out of work all this time and on therapy for his arm and shoulder. It's been a while because they've had to fight the insurance company every step of the way ( one of those you cant go to therapy until you know they'll pay for it yet the insurance wont pay until you've been there for an evaluation yet the PT wont touch you unless the insurance pays....*shakes head* ).

I received an envelope from my SCSis today. Inside I found an Amazon gift certificate for $25 (for my birthday...yeah she knows it was late..LOL). I give you one guess how it got spent...LOL. Im expecting 4 cds soon and all it cost me is 24 cents. Gotta love those gift cards. I'll be receiving Lao Tizer's Diversity (new jazz), John Stevens' Red (the redhead from year 3 on AI), Aly and AJs Insomnia and a Natalie cd. I cant wait. Especially for the Lao Tizer...I ~LOVE~ his music. After shopping I called my SCSis and thanked her for the gift(s). This weekend I'll be burning a cd or 3 for her and sending it as a surprise. Ive got a TLC cd that I'll be slipping into that package for her. I happen to have a copy of one she'd had before but it got the ole "5 finger discount" in one of her previous homes. Since I only like 3-4 songs off it and I know it'll make her happy, I'll just send it along to her.

Updates, MySpace, cds I cant wait for, and ripping a new orafice in someone's glutius maximus

Hubby's not feeling so hot today. We havent decided if it's because the pain killers are seemingly wearing off faster and faster (God I hope he doesnt get dependant on those things!) or if it's because he hasnt been allowed to take any allergy pills this week because of the other meds they have him on. It could be that he's also fed up with work and is torn between leaving now or waiting on that nice severance package. I've told him on the issue of the latter he needs to do what he feels is right for our immediate family. Once that's settled then I can make some of my own decisions.

He's got another appointment at the ENT Thursday to make sure everything is ok up in there and have his sinuses shop vacced out. Im hoping she says he can come back into bed with me. Gosh it's getting lonely (that and the fact there's no friggin sex because we dont want any blood rushing to the head...man this sux) in that bed all by myself. Oh granted the cat climbs up in there with me but it simply aint the same.

The urologist's office called yesterday regarding his appointment this Wednesday. I beeped hubby and asked about it because I was totally unaware there was another appointment already and he said there shouldnt be to please call and cancel. So I called and asked about it. I told the receptionist there was no way he'd have made that appointment (and I was right) for a Wednesday because he works every other Wednesday and last week was an off Wednesday (that's why the surgery got scheduled then) and no way would he have made back to back Wednesday appointments. She checked his file and asked if he'd done his 24 hr urine catch for lab yet and I said no...he hasnt had time because of surgery last week. The dr had said to wait until he'd had his follow up from his ENT first. So we cancelled the appointment so we wouldnt get charged. I get a call today from the nurse that's there normally to clarify and she herself said..."I have no idea how the hell he got scheduled. I didnt put it there and I remember his appointment. He hasnt called for the stuff to do his urine catch. When he does get around to that have him call to have blood work done and he can schedule for the next appointment at that time. It'll be 2-3 weeks before we get results anyhow." *shakes head* The ENT had told me during my appointment that they were having trouble with their front desk personel and their lack of communication with the patients. Maybe the urologist office has been hiring from the same personel pool....

I actually sat down yesterday with every intention of writing in my blog but got sidetracked in my MySpaces (yeah Im lame enough to have more than one) and ended up freshening up the decorations in them. Im still not quite happy with the LadyStyx one but the ***starshine*** account is looking fab. Go figure the account Im still not sure what I wanna do with is the one that looks fab. Maybe I'll just close the Yahell 360 I have and use the ***starshine*** account instead. Im not using my 360 much anyhow. In fact Im using it so damn little that I've taken to just putting the first few lines in the entry there and a link for them to come read here anyhow.

We all know how excited Im about that one cd coming out (*chanting Bo Bo Bo Bo!!!*) but there are a few more that Im really looking forward to. This week's release that Im getting is KT Tunstall's newest cd called the Drastic Fantastic. If it's anything like her Eye to the Telescope cd, I think Im gonna enjoy it....alot. The word out is that it's better though. Im looking to get the new Bruce Hornsby cd (Camp Meeting) sometime in the next week or so. It was released on August 7th and it's all jazz. I havent seen it in WalMart so I think I'll end up grabbing it through Amazon. Thinking of grabbing Herbie Hancock's Possibilities there too (that one was released August 30,2005). It's a compilation cd much along the lines of Santana's All That I Am cd. Im also looking forward to the new Vanessa Carlton cd called Heros & Thieves which will be releasing on October 9th. Im liking the one track off it and will be playing it sometime this weekend....unless I decide on a particular theme, then it may have to wait.

This last weekend, hubby and I didnt do much. We'd done all our errands Tuesday night and so didnt have to go anywhere. As such we vegged infront of the bigscreen and watched movies Friday and Sunday. I think we watched at least 3 each of those days . Friday we watched the two Underworld movies and I think there was something else but danged if I can remember what it was. On Sunday we watched Liar, Liar, Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux and Over the Hedge. I'd seen the first and last ones before. Ultraviolet wasnt all that and Aeon Flux, though similar was slightly better (not by much though).

Many of my friends know the rules about me picking up the phone. If I dont recognize the number I wont pick up. Why? Because of that good for nothing piece of crap rotting in the Pennsylvania prison system who could be getting out any time now. As such, if you're using a calling card or a new number and your name doesnt come up on my caller id I wont pick up. My friends all know that if I dont pick up either that has happened (it happened to my TXSis when I switched phone providers) OR Im busy. In either case they know to just start talking and once I realize who it is 9 times out of 10 I'll pick up and chat for awhile. Most companies, once I explain this to them are really good about starting to leave a message. Other companies, however, arent so good about it. Take Catherine's... their call comes up as Not Provided with a phone number. They call once in a great while to let me know about specials going on....maybe like once every other month or so. When they get the machine, they simply leave me a message telling me what the special is and then leave it at that. Personally, I could just tell them to quit calling because Im on the email list and get all the notifications anyhow. I dont because they dont make a total nuisance of themselves and every now and then it's nice to have the reminder. Columbia House, on the other hand, is a different matter. They've taken to calling 2-3 times PER DAY...and their number comes up Not Provided as well. Instead of leaving a message, they simply hang up. They've hung up on my machine, they've hung up on me (when I get pissed enough to answer) and they've hung up on hubby. Thank goodness for http://www.whocalled.us/ otherwise I'd never know who to get crabby with. I got into Columbia House's privacy rules and saw all I had to do is write them. Ok fair enough....so I write them a nice email telling them basically quit it or I would report them to the FCC and the BBB and while I was at it I was going to cancel my account through them and I was willing to bet my hubby (who has a separate account through them) would too. That email was on Sept 6th. I got a nice response back (9/7) saying they were terribly sorry and would I please reconsider. They promised it'd be dealt with. Ok fine. I'll be patient and let them deal with it. The phone was quiet of a day or two...then it was about 5 days or so. WOW ok so they fixed it. On 9/11 the phone started ringing with their number (thank goodness for post-it notes that can be placed on a computer monitor) again. I figured, ok they're calling for hubby's account then because he hadnt written yet. I let it go a couple days figuring they'd catch on ...right? Nope. So hubby wrote them on the 13th through his account and pasted my email to them and their response PLUS the 4 additional calls they made (in 3 days mind you) they'd made to us into his complaint. While he was at it I hit reply on the message I got from them and told them yet again we were being harrassed and what dates and times they called. We got no answer this time through email. By 10:43am on 9/14...they called again. So this time , armed with a NY attitude I picked up. They asked for my hubby and I told him to deal with them. He ripped them 15 ways from Sunday and Im sure whomever he was talking to noticed they had a new asshole or three. He was told sometimes it took 2-3 WEEKS for the number to get removed from their lists.Yeah right. We figured that this would take care of it....right? Nope the stupidshits called AGAIN at 12:20pm the same damn day. Notice that not even 2 hours has passed at this point. Well I let LadyStyx loose with her NY attitude (not ***starshine*** that bitch is too nice) and I dealt with them. I told them it would quit and TODAY. Every call was being reported to the FCC AND my next step was to take it to the BBB. I was FIT TO BE TIED!!! I ripped this one not only 3 new orafices but I did it 15 different ways. I told her what my hubby was told and I told her that it BEST be done a HELLUVA LOT FASTER! Well I was promised that she was taking the number and account info down and bringing it straight to her boss to be taken care of NOW. We havent had a call from them since. Havent had a letter of apology in email either. I've placed an order to finish up my commitment with them and when it arrives I'll be dumping that account. Like I told the lady on the phone...I can get my dvds cheaper at WalMart. If they dont have what Im looking for, then Im sure other stores like Barnes & Noble or Circuit City may have what Im looking for....and they wont be calling me ad nauseum.

Update on hubby

For those following along, you know that my hubby had 2 appointments over the last couple days. Yesterday, he had an appointment at the urologist's. They did some additional testing and it looks like the huge Death Star that was in him was, indeed, broken down to several more manageable sizes. I gather most of it was dust as hubby said that the results show that he has 2 of them about a quarter the size of the last one. He's now carrying bouncing baby twins...one in each kidney. Sometime in the next week or so he'll be getting a specimen container from them and has to do a 24 hour catch of all his urine. From that point, they'll be analysing the urine and probably taking a blood test to see WTF is going on and why he's getting them so often. My money's still on the excessive caffeine. The only other thing that I can think of is if this problem can be genetic. I dont think so though. I know, Google is your friend...go look it up. To be honest right now Im too damn tired to do so because we were up and going a good 5-6 hours before my body's used to and it just wants to shut down for the night.

Today, he went in for his sinus surgery. All went well. The dr removed a polyp from hubby's right nostril and is going to send it in for analysis. She said she doesnt believe there is anything wrong with it (other than it was occupying space that it had no business in) but just to be safe she's going to have it tested. On a good note , she decided not to put splint up his nose to hold the septum in place, she said he didnt need them. Now watch, if I have to go in and get his done (and it's highly likely) they'll end up splinting my little bitty nose...it'd just be my luck. Hubby's got a couple stitches in his right nostril that will need to come out next week when he goes in to have the sinuses shop-vacced out again. He's bleeding alot more than some but that's because he has high blood pressure...and the fact he wont sit still. Im gonna have to duct tape his ass to the sofa, I just know it. Thank God that stuff comes in clear...this way the neighbors will never notice. He's not to lift, stoop or do anything to make the blood rush to his head. With any luck we can stop bandaging his nose in a couple days. I cant wait because we're having to change the bugger out every 3-4 hours....sometimes less.

This last week

We've had a busy week....well at least hubby has. The poor guy came home aggravated every damn day. Part of him would like to quit this nonsense right now Im sure, but the other part is wanting to hold out for the severance package. I've already told him to do whatever he feels is in the immediate household's best interests. This week so far (and it's only Sunday) has the makings to be not much better than last week. Consolation is that he gets out for part of the day on Tuesday due to an appointment at the urologist's. I dont think he's passed any more stones...at least he aint said he has...but hubby's the type to not mention things if he dont want to worry me or he feels it isnt important enough. *inserts eyeroll* I keep telling him that Im going to worry either way and I just worry worse when he doesnt say anything.

Wednesday hubby goes in for his sinus surgery. The good thing about this surgery is that he wont be able to smoke for days afterwards. Im hoping it's enough to help him kick the habit permenantly. He told me a side effect is a temporary loss of smell and taste. So long as it makes those damn weeds taste terrible and helps him quit, Im all for it!

Got my project done for daddy and got it all shipped out to him on Saturday. He should be getting it on this coming Friday. Got an email from him saying he sent a check off to pay for the shipping of the unit. My bet is that he wrote a check that covers the shipping and then some. I wish he'd waited...hubby had told me not to tell him how much. Of course we went through this before in May when hubby pulled the "electronics fairy dropped it off" routine so I suspect daddy was ready for the same thing this time around. If I know hubby, he'll cash it and it'll end up mostly in my purse by the time things are said and done.

I did something different during my stream Saturday. Im known mainly for new music and rock during my shows but this week I played all jazz. It was such a nice change of pace and those that showed up (and the lil Miss Dufus that got me on the outside...*laffz* *HUGS*) seemed to enjoy themselves alot. I should play that stuff a bit more often.

Not much got done today. It stormed for about a couple hours or so so I sat and watched some tv. After the storm I worked on my MySpace and freshened it up as well as put the music up that I am promoing for the week. I think that's about all for today....I hear hubby home so Im gonna go see how things were today.

Havent felt like writing, lotsa stuff going on, Bo Bice vids (thank you twinrockers!!), and a recommendation on a cd...

Im not certain what it is. I was doing so well there for awhile too....even in the Padded Room entries. All of a sudden it's like I just cant bring myself to put anything down in font. It's not as though there isnt anything to talk about... Im thinking it may be that medicine Ive been on lately. I took the last dose last night so it should all be over soon. All I know is I feel like curling up and doing absolutely nothing...well I take that back, I feel like crying...for no real reason.

Daddy sent me an external harddrive that he bought for himself and asked that I do a few projects for him and slide them onto the drive before sending it back. The bugger is 250GB...TWICE the size of BOTH my C and E drives put together. Im working at getting hubby to buy one of these buggers for my music and art stuff. This way I can work on anything I want at any location. Unfortunately, with as small as my drives are (my computer's going through an inferiority complex and the external aint even out of the box yet) it's going to be slow going. While I was working on his projects (ahhh gotta love multitaskin) , however, I managed to clean up most of my E drive and found a good 8 GB of space that had been junked up with duplicate music files and music I dont play that often. I moved the stuff I dont use for my streams to my C drive and will more than likely get rid of them entirely (except the seasonal music and the instrumentals). As I was cleaning I found several other artists that my SCSis would like so I think I'll surprise her with another cd. Her hubby's birthday is this Saturday and he'll like this music too. Once I get it all said and done and decide what Im keeping and what's going to get pitched I'll be using my file program to list all the music and if the file isnt too big (yeah right) I think I'll print a hard copy for reference.

I got an email from my mommy the other day. She was telling me that she'd gone to the doctor's for an abdominal scan. I gather a month back or so she'd been telling me about some symptoms she'd been having and I'd recommended going to the dr and asking if it isnt gall stones. Sure enough the CT scan came back and she has a hum dinger in there. The largest stone measured 2.39 CM and there were several smaller stones around it. DAMN I didnt know those could get so damn big!! She's due to go to a surgeon for consult on Sept 19th. I told her the surgeon's gonna say the gall bladder will need to come out. Can you imagine something that size breaking loose and getting wedged in the tube right outside the pancreas? Ugh. We've been writing back n forth for a couple days now with her asking questions and me giving her a heads up on what to expect. Dad's freaked because "any surgery can be potentially bad". Unfortunately this is going to be a necessary one to keep her well. I only hope they do the "3 lil hole" operation and dont have to do it the old fashioned way (incision from sterum to belly button). I didnt mention that to her as I didnt want to worry her anymore than she is as she's as nervous as I am around doctors. I'll keep ya'll updated on that.

With any luck hubby will be getting his sinus surgery on the 12th of this month. Those stinking kidneystones (which I dont believe he's passed quite yet...at least he aint mentioned it ) just threw us for a damn loop. Because of the timing he had to push his surgery on his sinuses back and I have a hunch we're going to run into some conflicting scheduling. I know that I have an appointment at the obgyn on the 13th and he might not be able to drive so I'll need to reschedule that but I wont call them for a couple days yet....no sense calling them twice over the same thing ya know. Maybe better yet I'd better call them right after I write this entry because I know it wont be this month we can do anything anyhow. Oh hell, wait a minute...it's Labor Day and they wont be open. I guess I'll call tomorrow.

I got up today a trifle earlier than usual. After looking at the clock, I attempted to roll over and catch another hour or two worth of ZZZZs. I dont know what it was but came wide awake and sat right up. Evidentally something was wrong... I got up and did my usual wake up procedure (medicines, let the dog out, make a quick trip to the potty while dog is out, etc etc) and nothing here seemed amiss. I let the pooch in and turned on my 'puter and there it was....a note in my email from hubby entitled "Truck died". Good God. A little background on the truck...it's a 1988 Ford Lariet and up to this year had rarely given us a speck of trouble. It's been to and from Tennessee countless numbers of time and helped us in 2 moves. In essence, it's old and tired. It's gotten so we'll get one thing fixed and shortly after something else will go kablooie. Thankfully, it got him all the way to work and only gave out when he got to the gate. He was able to coast it into a parking space. Hubby says that the water was all dried out (he just filled it a couple days ago mind you) and that there was oil everywhere. Right now we're praying that it's not going to be an arm and leg fix. We're hoping his friend (the dude who works the night shift on the same days that hubby works) can help fix it. If not we'll need to tow it to Brown's garage, and get an estimate. I have a hunch it's gonna get towed there and then towed back home. Personally with the money we're starting to chunk into it on a regular basis we may as well put the funding into a mileage friendly rental car. Especially since some parts on that bugger cant be found easily anymore and will need to be custom made.

Ok, so maybe it aint the medicine....

I am, however, excited about the new Bo Bice album due out next month (as if the banner and the countdown on the home page wasnt clue enough). It looks to be quite exciting if the rumors are to be held true. I got a bulletin in MySpace today suggesting a few of the songs that may be on the album based upon the songs he's been doing in his shows. They even were kind enough to to put some videos in their bulletin. The videos arent the best quality but what can you expect from low budget cameras at a live show? I've reposted it at the bottom of this entry (and if anyone's looking for lainie in the next few days, I suspect she's still watching the videos below...LOL) Im thinking of posting a different Bo video every week until the release date. Im thinking on the Home Page.

Oh and while I was scouting for tunes... I noticed that Bruce Hornsby has a new cd out called Camp Meeting. I checked it out in Amazon and it's a nice jazz album. Those that like jazz may like that and while you're at it check out the George Benson & Al Jarreau Givin It Up album. I bought that puppy on a whim and am so glad I did. They've got some great stuff on it. I'll be playing some on this coming Saturday's stream. I'm thinking of doing something different (for me it's different) and playing all jazz and big band stuff. If anyone has any ideas for that type of stream drop me a note.

The Bulletin I was discussing:

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: twinrockers aka u2vixen
Date: Sep 3, 2007 2:40 AM

Though official word has yet to be released, it is expected that Bo's new cd due for release on October 23 will include these new songs he performed at his recent gigs, giving a fresh vibe to the music we call southern rock.

I'm Gone

American Blood

See The Light

Only Words

This one's really hot... Aaawww!!


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