Such sad news today. Heaven got another angel in the form of funny woman Bea Arthur. This Wordle tribute was made from the postings on Entertainment Weekly's site. In particular these two entries :



It's that time again. It's time for Shan's Week~end Wordle

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
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This week's Wordle is courtesy of my entry, Catching up part 4: Bloggy bling!!!

So how DO I rate?

Iggy, Wendyburd1, and Tori have all done this one so I figured I'd see where mine rate. Depending on where you visit, the rating changes a bit.

My main blog, I've got to be where my spirit can run free, is rated:

Craft Corner, My Padded Room (Like the Phoenix, I have arisen from the ashes), Family Memories, and my jukebox, which is presently running with the moniker Styx Picks, are all rated:

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Inspirationally Speaking and My MySpace both are rated at:

You can check your ratings out at What is my blog rated?.

a new toy

Now that it's gotten warmer out, the neighborhood Charlie has been making his rounds and visiting all the yards. This one was shot from across the neigbor's yard. He perched himself up there and I swear he was posing for me (make sure you get my good side!). The yard, I would guess, is about 15-20' across from where I was standing and this little sweetie was sitting. I had my camera zoomed as far as I could to get this shot and still had to crop out alot of the extra junk. I came around the corner of the yard, to close the distance... I even said please... for a nice tight close up and the cheeky little bugger decided to moon me instead (hey iggy, does that tail look familiar? LOL). Distance...about 10'.
I've finally decided and bought the camera I liked best. She's a Canon Power Shot A590 and a real beauty. I took her picture with the old Samsung...sorry that it's blurry. My Samsung is a 4MP and the Canon is an 8MP. Hot day-yum. My Samsung was beginning to take several seconds to warm up and I found it frustrating because I'd have alot of those Itshouldabeenakodakmoments (complete with swearing in frustration at the camera). Plus the lag she had between the shutter clicking, the preview to come up and then prep for the next picture was unreal. My new Canon fires right up and is ready in less than a fraction of a second and the lag-time between pix is ~maybe~ a second or less. I'm totally in LOVE with my new toy.

While I was out on the 16th of this month, I played with my new toy. I was standing at the end of my walk and on the public sidewalk when I saw this red blur go flashing by so I turned, zoomed, aimed and clicked in one smooth movement. That cardinal wasn't sitting still for much of anything. He needs to take some lessons from the squirrel. Ok, so I can't move ~quite~ as fast as I want to, but it was still a decent shot. The Samsung would NEVER have gotten a shot even THIS good.

Then there was this beautiful robin in the tree on their property. Its pic? Im not even zoomed all the way in. That bird is a good 20' or more away from me. All I did with this picture was crop it down some...that's it.

And Charlie? Well look what I got of him! He was maybe 1-2' lower on the tree than the robin. All I did was crop a bit of extra out of the picture. That's it. First he tried playing hide-and-go-seek with me.

And then he decided it was suppertime.

Oh I am SO going to be having fun with this camera! I've had it a bit over a week and already racked up nearly 200 pix on it. Seems this baby has another little battery in it so I dont have to re-do the date and time on it everytime I change the batteries. And speaking of the batteries? I've only changed them ONCE since I got this camera. With the Samsung I need to change them in less than 15 minutes. I'm lucky if I get 10 shots off before I have to change them out.

Just because I found it funny

I know a few of my readers that may enjoy this...

The lyrics can be found here, just click on the "more info" link on the right near their picture.

my silly cat

So a couple of weeks ago I was sitting home, alone, while hubby was out at work. I generally keep the tv going in the background just for some noise because I just cant stand an overly quiet house (even while sleeping). As I was typing away, I glanced down under the desk and noticed that Dharma wasn't in her bed, so I glanced around. Where do I find her? On the foot stool, watching the tv. This is somewhat normal for her, especially when Animal Planet is on.

Then I noticed what was on the television.....

Yep, she was sitting there watching a DOG SHOW. *shakes head* Silly kitty.

Catching up part 4: Bloggy bling!!!

So, at the beginning of this month, there were a couple awards that were given out that I need to get posted and say thanks for. The first one came out of Queenie Jeannie's entry Some New Awards. So far I've only received it the once, but I sure hope I get it again. It's such a cool award. Jeannie? Back atcha hun! Now you've gotten it twice! Im going to take a page from her book, if you follow here or at least read my entries AND I've been to your blog to leave bloggy love, then Im a fan of your blog. Go ahead and grab this for yourself.

This next award came from iggy in his Brand New Award entry. I was really surprised that I got this award as Im very careful and generally dont post pictures of my feet. Why? Well because I have Fred Flintstone feet and thaty're really rather ugly. Anyhow, in his entry I was reminded that I had posted this photo in a much earlier entry :
Who knew a moment of silliness on my part would win me that award??

Now, for another brand new award. I'd like to thank those who have endeavored to put a smile on my recently gloomy face. Please take this award as a token of my thanks.

Winners of this award are:

intenseguy : There is no way in hell I can narrow down how this dude makes me smile. Between the OCHA entries, that new pet of his, and the silly stories he comes up with...you never know what you're going to find on his site. He also gets this for dropping the occasional link in some of our email inboxes that sparks ummmm some unusual, twisted conversations.

Chicagolady: I'd like to thank her for a couple of her entries that really made me LMAO. Yeah, I know I instigated a little bit the topics of For Your Reading Pleasure and Tough Choice but she was the one who put it all together. Definitely some tear-jerking (from laughter), side-splitting moments there.

Queenie Jeannie: For that beautiful card I mentioned in the last entry. Ok, ok...I'll stop about it now. It's just that I cannot believe the care that went into this card! Right now her blog is rather card centric but that is what's most important to her (well that and Thomas & Bella) these days.

MarmiteToasty: For the box of scrummies. Chocolate cures just about everything... especially a case of the blues. Im so jealous that you have such a variety of Cadbury items!! If you havent visited her blog, you may wanna pop in from time to time. She's an experience and a half.

Yaya: Most especially her Friday Fragments/Focus Friday entries. So friggin random and so much fun to read. You never know what's going to be in that entry. Ok, so you have an idea of topics as many carry over from week to week, but just not what exactly will be said. It's like a week's worth of Twitters in a convenient condensed newsletter form. Awesome.

Tori: For her Furkids Friday entries that have taken on a decidedly funny twist as her darling Westie, Kero, has tweaked her JAWS program to translate his barks to English. Once he got that tweak working, he started taking over writing the Friday entries. Very funny. It always brings a smile to my face.


..Pooba..: Her's is another of those blogs you want to make sure you're not eating or drinking while reading....fair warning. I am constantly having to wipe my monitor or keyboard because of some off the wall comment she makes in her entries.

For the rest, if I recently left a *snortle*, *giggle*, *chortle* or anything close to that in a comment on an entry on your page (Punkn, RedPen, babyrocasmama, and MsHLP this would mean you ladies) ...please take this award and feel free to post it on your site. No rules to it, just a thank you for my friends who continually find ways to put a smile on my face. Feel free to pass it along to those that make you smile.

Catchin up part3: more smiles via the snail mail

So, as I was saying, alotta smiles showed up at the same time. There was an envelope with a beautiful Easter card in it made with me in mind! You should have heard hubby trying to pronounce the last name *giggles*. The back of the envelope had a beautiful embossing on it and a sticker saying this was GOOD mail. Thank goodness. No one likes the bad stuff!
Seriously people, the pictures...no matter HOW good they are...simply do NOT do her cards justice at all. Even with all the details in the pictures, they just do NOT show the craftswomanship (and the love) that goes into these beauties.

I also got a padded envelope from Michabella Creations. Thanks to a giveaway over at blueviolet's blog (which doesnt seem to be up anymore...oh noes!), I was introduced to Michabella's Creations. Part of blueviolet's give away was to visit the MC site and mention something that you liked from the site. You got extra entries if you actually bought something from the MC site as well. After an email with a question about their products got answered how I hoped it would be, I ended up buying one of their necklaces.

I love how they neatly wrapped it like it was a special gift for me. Oh wait, it was...from ME to ME!

I'd seen the piece and it reminded me of a link someone sent me. They'd said they saw the site and the wallpaper or banner on it reminded them of me. I figured after a comment like that and then seeing this piece that maybe I should just out and out buy it for myself. No sense dropping hints, it'd never show up if I did that. The good thing is that I saved some money with the code that blueviolet had had on her site AND free shipping so the item came to under $20 total.

Like Jeannie's cards, pictures simply do not do the piece justice at all! It's made out of bronze with no added metals so it shouldnt tarnish or leave green marks on my skin. And the ribbon the pendant is on? Is actually metal... and so soft. I always have problems with chains because they snarl up in the shorter hairs on the back of my neck. This chain didnt do that at all. There were some earrings to match but since I've allowed the holes in my lobes to close up, I didnt bother getting them.

Catchin Up part2: Smiles via snailmail

So on the 10th of April, some smiles showed up on my doorstep. I was expecting them, but the timing was just wonderful because I really needed something to smile about. I can't believe how much came with this one.

The box showed up at my doorstep wrapped in a white paper that was lovingly hand decorated in green polka-dots. That big white section in the middle is where my addy had been printed in the same color as the dots. My husband just looked at me when he noticed the package had come from England and wasn't addressed with Tori's address nor was it addressed with another friend's addy. It was from someone I talk to regularly he doesn't know yet, my good friend Marmie. ~smiles~

So, like a kid at Christmas, I rip into the wrapping. I had to laugh because my behavior was well justified with Marmie's creative use of Christmas wrap. Oh and look how she went green and recycled an icecream shipping box! Two thumbs up for that.

When I got the box open, I saw that it was absolutely LOADED with goodies. As I didn't recognize many of the brands that were facing up, I knew I was going to be in for a treat.

Can you believe all the stuff she packed in there? Once I got the box unloaded, I just KNEW my eating modification was going to be in severe jeopardy (seriously, it went to hell)... especially with all the chocolate goods (and me, with no friggin self-control!). She even tossed in a couple of small samples of marmite items. It wouldnt be a care package from her without them ya know! Sadly, the chocolates lasted less than a week. I decided I liked the Cadbury items the best. Even the ones with the fruit flavors to them, which is rather odd because the only fruit I even tolerate with chocolate is raisins. I've put the hot cocoa mix to the side for when the weather gets cold again. The crisps, umm I don't have the guts to try to be honest, especially with some of the names on them (see picture below). I also am way too spineless to try the marmite. Sorry , darling. However, all is not lost. Hubby has agreed to be the guinea pig for those items. It'll just be a matter of time before he gets around them. The Turkish Delight was definitely a unique experience. The jelly within was pink and smelled much like flowers. I think that'll definitely be a once in a lifetime thing (now unless I can find it with a lemony center, then I may just give it another try). Now that one with the hazelnut creme filling (the one labeled Bueno)....ohhh now THAT'S another story. Yummy.

Walkers Cajun Squirrel flavored crisps When I saw this bag of crisps, I thought of Chicagolady, iggy and punkn immediately. I dont have the heart to open them.
Thank you so very much for the scrummies, the sweet note and the lucky English penny, Marmie...and yes, I ended up stuffing myself daft with the chocolates. My poor figure and complexion! It was well worth it though!!

Just some fragments

This pic and the one below were taken on the 3rd, I think. As you can see, we had some dark skies. There was some wind but thankfully no real storms. You'd think with as dark as it was, I'd be camping out in the half bath downstairs or in "Harry's Closet", but we didnt get much more than a light rain out of it. The above shot was taken while we were coming out of the dr's office. The one below is those trees near the mall.

Even with stores going out of business around here. We still have some expansion going on. In the lot next to the Costco (and across from the mall area with the dr's office) , we've had 2 restaurants open (Chik-fil-a and Panda Express). This Walgreens looks like it's getting close to finishing up and there'll be 2 more smaller stores in the same area (one being a barber).

I saw this tree and immediately thought of The Blue Ridge Gal's post, Wildlife Hunkers Down and just had to snap it. I love how the barest red leaves just stand out against the green of the leaves behind it.

responses to comments

I figured I'd better put these in here as Im not sure how many actually go back to see if I've commented back or not. Besides my response is pretty much long enough to warrant its own entry at this point...

Thanks Chicago, Iggy, Punkn, Karla and Alice. I knew of all of my readers, you 5 would understand the most. Simply because you've seen me go through this before and know how long I've been trying (and not just with this husband...).
Tori: Me too. If I could only get him to go get his first. I don't think he's done much more than pick up the supplies needed (paperwork and specimen containers). Now I think of it, I dont see those anywhere and he aint mentioned going and doing the test. *sigh* I'd better out and out ask him.

Melissa: Thanks! Glad they're making someone happy. They make me miserable to the most part because they're EVERYWHERE around here and they aggravate my existing allergies. Snapped that shot myself a few weeks back.

Marmie: You'd think that but the chocolates (thank you again!) came after the unofficial weigh in and Im terrified of getting on the scales now because I did as you suggested (naughty naughty) and stuffed myself daft with most of the contents of the box. I dont dare try to pull those trousers on at this point, although I sure hope they still fit.
Wendy: The longer I follow your blog, the more I realize that. I don't know how you manage it with the ocd (or is it CDO? ~smilez~), I know I wouldn't be able to.

Thanks Bee and Rose & Janis. I've got a wonderful support system here. There are people I've known for several years and some not so long...others that are prayer warriors and some that just light candles and send good thoughts. I know Im loved here.

babyrocasmama: The only thing they've tried so far is Glucophage to attempt to get the body to regulate. Im not sure when you joined here so if I repeat myself forgive me. Between the dr and myself (mostly me bitching about how the drug made me feel) we decided to pull me off the medicine because my body didnt handle it well. Both ob/gyns I've been to (the one in Texas before we moved and this one here) have pretty much agreed that all testing must be done first, then the meds because there's no sense in putting me on a drug if my body isnt going to cooperate, ya know. Worse yet, no sense putting me on a drug if the husband's body wont cooperate. If his swimmers are fine AND the nasty painful test they want to do on me come back fine, then I'll be put on drugs to facilitate matters.

This week's Week~End Wordle

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
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01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

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This week's Wordle is courtesy of this blog: A Journey to Parenthood

Catchin up...part 1: Dealing with Blockage

So yeah, I've been having a bit of a blockage issue here. Oh no, not THAT kinda blockage. Ew. No, I mean the kinda blockage that comes from something in your life happening and bringing you to a low point which brings on a funk that is so damn hard to fight. It makes it difficult to do the most basic of things, even just jotting a few notes down in a blog entry. Those that have known me for a few years know that when I get this way, it takes a while for me to work out of the funk. They've also probably noticed that it takes longer each time to "get back to normal". These same friends could probably tell you what things are liable to trigger bouts of depression or make them worse if I'm already there.

Takin' it back a month:

Everyone who's been reading my blog know that I've been working at losing weight. I've done rather well. My last unofficial weigh-in was about 2 weeks ago and I'm down to 260, a good 38 pounds lighter than when I started. YAY! Every week up until March 20th, I'd take those smaller jeans that I'd saved from that box of clothes that had been given to me... hold them up and say "just 5 more pounds and I'm sure they'll fit!" On Friday, March 20th, I put on my knit pants and realized they were much too baggy to be wearing out in public without looking like a pathetic slob. I picked up a pair of the black jeans I'd been waiting to get small enough to wear and decided to see how close to fitting in them I was. Imagine my surprise when they pulled right over my butt comfortably AND buttoned easily! Not only was I in a pair of jeans 2 sizes smaller but I also had this going on. I had alot of hope and joy in my life.

Saturday the 21st, I took a test to see if I could confirm if that was really happening. I mean at this point it was 4 weeks late and all. Imagine the disappointment when I found out that it wasn't the answer I was hoping for. Although there's still hope the test was wrong, right? Oh no. Not for me. Sunday came along with its own confirmation that it wasn't to be. Top that, a story hit the news that night (or was it Monday) that brought me to tears. The friends I've known for several years can all pretty much tell you that a story of this type is a very big trigger for a case of depression. It's a trigger because I've tried so hard for so long and gotten nowhere. Yet some others who seemingly have no problem, throw their blessings away like so much garbage. It really hits me deep in the core and makes me cry every single time about the total unfairness of it all.

I can't tell you how timely one of my friend's entries was. She posted, right about the same time this all was happening, answering a question she'd received via an email about how she managed to stay so happy in her situation when realistically she shouldn't be. Her entry brought tears to my eyes as she expressed how she truly felt and how tiring it can be trying to be happy for people when you cannot seem to manage to have a child on her own. For me, being around pregnant people can be a real problem and even as late as afterwards and upwards into the child's toddler years. It just makes me very sad (imagine how hard to find out each time my brother and his wife find out they're pregnant, been through this twice already). Knowing that we don't have the means (unless the insurance covers it) to do everything that entails invitro or even the other option of adoption, this is pretty much it for us. If it's not natural, it simply will not be happening. So now we're into the testing phases. He'll need to go first because it's less invasive and I'm sure a whole lot less painful. Then will be me if his tests come back fine. If his come back wonky, I won't bother testing as it won't matter at that point. The hardest part is not knowing if we can or cannot. I'm hoping once the tests all come back, I might get better with this issue... even if the tests come back with answers we didn't want to hear. I may just see about a therapist at that point if the answers don't seem to quell my thoughts on it. I mean realistically, if the tests say we can't, then it's not my fault and I shouldn't be blaming myself. Then again, I know me too. In anycase, thanks for posting that sweetie. Sharing what you did really helped to know that I'm not alone with those feelings.

Well, anyhow, shortly after that entry hit... another one got posted that was really kind of cryptic. Since I was already feeling low, this one hit hard because I automatically assumed it was done because of the comment I'd left on the first one's blog. I know now that it was simply just bad timing and that it had nothing to do about my comment. However, when it happened I felt kicked in the gut. I got the same feelings that I'd get with my now ex as he had a way of making me feel so very small. I'm so glad I held off and didn't post what I was going to around then. The damage would have been excessive, I'm sure. In the end, I was mad at myself for allowing those thoughts to come to my mind and happier for the person in question. I hope you got everything sorted, dear. And remember what I told you, don't ever let anyone make you feel that small.

Once I get into a funk with a blockage like this, it becomes increasingly more difficult to write the longer I let it fester. I don't write not because I have nothing to say, but more along the lines of I don't know how to word it so I'm fully expressing myself without being offensive to anyone else (been there before, didnt like it one bit). Plus, when I look at my situation from an outsider's viewpoint...my problems are so damn small compared to what others are going through, which keeps me from dealing with my feelings and just allows them to bottleneck up. Once I get myself over it, the flood-gates open and I'm able to write again which is good because all the other entries that need writing are just piling up behind it. I think I'm close enough to being over it now so you know what that means...several entries are on the way. I've got a couple of awards that need posting and a third one I've created to give out. I've got pictures over the last few weeks to share, new items that I've bought and a couple of gifts that showed up in my mailbox in time to start putting a smile back on my face.

Gosh, I hope this all makes sense.....

I hate timing

EDITED on 04/14/09 after a discussion with mom. Edits at bottom of entry.

Go figure I'd do a Wordle from my memory blog that has the one entry on my great-gramma and end up with a phone call at 12:38pm from my Daddy with this news....

Heaven got another angel today. My mom's mom passed on earlier this morning. She was in her late 90s. Busha lived a very full life. Both her and grampa had held jobs and managed to raise 8 kids as well. My mom is the next to the youngest of the group. In the picture up top, with her is an aide from the resthome that Busha's been in for about 5-7 years or so. The lower picture has my Uncle Skeet on the left (don't remember his real name, just remember he's the shortest "kid" and that he's somewhere in the middle when it comes to age) and Uncle Fred (the oldest child of the family). Busha had been back and forth with her health for a few years now and a few times we thought we'd lose her. Somehow, she always managed to fight back. There had been quite a few emails back and forth lately (just this last week, infact), updating Busha's condition. The one I got a couple days ago talked about how the doctors had said she was headed into demise and they suspected she didnt have more than a couple months left. The same email said that the boys (meaning Uncle Skeet, Uncle Fred and Uncle Bill) suspected it was just a matter of weeks. About once a year I'd get emails like this, so there was no real shock upon receiving it. However, this time, while reading the email I was struck with the feeling it was going to be a whole lot less time than that. I hate when I'm right. The email that was received last night was filled with hope because gramma had perked up quite a bit. She still wasnt eating much, even with help, but this has been the norm for a while now. However, she still had her razor sharp wit. This morning, she's gone. She's left 7 children (one passed on already several years back due to diabetes complications), scores of grandchildren, many great grandchildren and a handful of great great grandchildren.

RIP Audrey Juanita Sugden.

edit 04/14/09 after talking with mom. Uncle Fred's the 2nd oldest.
Gramma was 93 not in her late 90's...that hateful alzheimers made her look older than she was.
Uncle Skeet's name was Lester. No wonder he chooses to go by Skeet.

It's Week~end Wordle time!

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
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I did the same as last week for my Wordle and simply put in the blog addy to see what came up. Yeah, I know, real original. heh

This week's Wordle is sponsored by my Memories Blog at : http://ladystyx02.blogspot.com/ . The blog is woefully neglected, unfortunately. I really need to get myself moving and put another few entries in there eventually.


It's Week~end Wordle time!

It's that time of week again!
It's time for the Weekend Wordle.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

02) Post it on your blog with a link to Shan's Week~End Wordles or Last Shreds Of Sanity.

03) Once that's done, go back to Last Shreds Of Sanity and sign the Mr Linky that she'll have up (this will help direct those who play along to your blog...we're talking new peeps reading and maybe new followers for everyone....). Dont forget to leave a comment on the sites you visit!!

This week, I did something different for my Wordle. Instead of picking just one entry as has been my habit, I just put in the web address for one of the blogs on my account and let it pick and choose from all the entries in that area. Unfortunately, It looks like it ...ummm...took most of the words out of the first 2 entries *blushes* on that blog. As such, .oO(oh this is sooooo terribly embarrassing!) I had a word come up that...well....let's just say the way it shows up in the Wordle is NOT the way it was meant in the entry. Honest!!! All I can say is:

01) If there are children around you may wanna usher them out of the room before viewing (unless you WANT to be giving a lesson as to WHY you just spewed ya breakfast beverage on the monitor)


02) I ~really~ hope Jeannie got to do that extra-curricular activity she mentioned on her blog.

Last chance, I DID warn ya!!! The following is DEFINITELY at LEAST PG-13!!!


The words in this Wordle were gotten from Life's a Stitch .

Ok, ok! I know! I'm expecting the comments, so go ahead and let 'em fly (once you've composed yourself)!!!


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