Stay safe

a tattered teddy standing on top of a foot stool pouring champagne in a tower of glasses

Calories burned: 394.8

trip miles: 11.28

ave mph: 22.56

Have a wonderful New Years Eve everyone. If you go out, stay safe.

just another day

Calories burned: 379.9
trip miles: 10.85
ave mph: 21.70

so a couple things didnt get done

Calories burned: 377.2
trip miles: 10.77
ave mph: 21.54

So his testing didnt get done today. I thought it was just a pop into the lab deal and it wasnt, he has to actually call for an appointment in another building. Lord knows if he'll actually do it.

Didnt get the oil changed today either because the wait to have it done was 3.5 hours....

DID manage to get to McKays Used Books and load up on Christmas music for next year. There's one more I ~think~ I saw there that I may go back for in the next day or so. I got a dvd while there too. Bought the movie Mr Deeds. Now generally I cant stand Adam Sandler, but Im discovering Im liking most (not all) of his movies....go figure.

Oh and while we were out, I saw a pretty angel in the window of the Tuesday Morning shop. On our way back to the truck, I popped in to see how much it was. When I picked it up, I noticed how heavy of a piece it is and when I flipped it over for the price tag I saw it was musical too! It's about 10" tall or so and only cost $19.99 (quality of item is in the $30 range EASILY). She's playing a flute and has music notes all over her wings.

I posted another comic in the Home page for those eating modification people in blogland and changed the decor around in here. Im considering a format change on the page as Im likin the look of the 3 column pages but I know me....just means more space to junk up. That's the last thing I want.

today's stats

Calories burned: 376.4
trip miles: 10.75
ave mph: 21.50

Things are going to be a bit out of the ordinary this week. Hubby's off until the following week and of course, I cant get into a set pattern as per my usual. Got plenty to talk about but right now I got a hubby wanting to spend some time together....which is nice, in a way....but at times (like when Im trying to read and write blog entries) it can be a pain.

Tomorrow we gotta run some being a test for hubby (his turn to get poked and prodded for "those" tests). Trying to decide on if I want to buy this cabinet I saw the other day at WalMart (it'd be nice to put my dolls in) or put the money I got from his family towards a nice camera (if I could get my tech support to find one that would "fit" my needs). Actually, if I get the inexpensive camera at WalMart that hubby saw...I ~could~ get both....

today's ride

Calories burned: 385.5
trip miles: 11.01
ave mph: 22.02

Got home late-ish last night so it's been 4 days since my last ride. Been feeling a little stiff the last couple days and have definitely felt a bit off to say the least. Im definitely going to need to make sure the ride is a daily thing from here on out.

Havent had a chance to read through all the blogs yet...there's 5 days worth now. I'm going to try and get them read tonight, but I cant guarantee anything at this point. Im more inclined to crawl into bed instead.

packages, plates and preparing for a trip

A package showed up today from my folks in California. YAY!! In it were 2 packages for each of us, one for BOTH of us and a big gold pressy with a strip of "Happy Birthday" paper across the front of it. In the emailled instructions I received a few days ago I was told that "there is one package among the shipment that you'll KNOW that you can open right away". I would gather that since all the other boxes were labelled "no peeking" and "dont open until Christmas" that the one gold box was the one I was to open right away. So, like a child, I ripped right into that package and what to my eyes should appear but a beautiful porcelain dolly dressed in blue and white. According to her tag, her name's Melissa.

I called mom and let her know the pressies arrived and we talked for a bit. We decided that since
we'll be busy tomorrow with the dr appt and travelling AND because we wont be home for Christmas Day (and we didnt want to haul all the gifts to TN and back NOR wanted to wait til we got home), that hubby and I could open the gifts tonight. He got a couple pairs of really warm lounger pants for when he steps outside to pollute his lungs and a new watch. I guess the latter will be set aside for when the one he has now (one that my mom bought him last year...) finally kills. I got a nice fleece button up jacket and a Donna Karan Cashmere Mist perfume and body lotion gift set (hmm...ummm....same exact set I got from her last year...). Also in the box was cosmetic bag (I dont wear makeup *usually*) filled with perfume samples (I dont normally wear alot of perfume and am still working on the samples from 2 years ago....), and a caddy for all our small electronics stuff (like the cell phones). The caddy is going to go upstairs on the dresser. Im sure it'll come in handy. I think next year Im gonna steer her to my Amazon wishlist. I know how some people feel about those things but it's the one way to make sure I dont end up with yet another DK Cashmere perfume set ...again. Better yet, I'll hint that I need some painting supplies....or a nice piece of jewelry...I dont have much of that. Oh not that, I'll end up with another watch...

While I was at it, I opened the package that had arrived from a dear friend in Pennsylvania. It's been sitting on my computer cart downstairs for a few days now, just waiting on an approved Christmas wrap unwrapping day. Normally, it would have waited for Christmas morning as per my usual behavior. Why? Because when I was married to The Jerkus, we never had any money to do for each other and the only presents under the Christmas tree were ones we'd gotten from family, friends and the students at the school we'd been working for. There were some really nice things in those presents. Many times, that's where our Christmas meal would end up coming from. Sad really. Anyhow, I opened the pressie from our OCHA Santa himself, iggy, and there was a small calendar (and the autographs of the people from the company he works for) and a decorative box with 2 cds of Christmas music and a dvd with a cozy fireplace! Oh lookit this! One of the songs is one I sang in choir....I dont think I've ever found that song anywhere else!!

Well I guess I better go. I have to get a shower and get packed and clean up the kitchen and and and...well you get the idea. Oh! Before I forget, I got another one of my license plates posted over at . Thank you for the honor Mr & Ms HLP!

Oh and today's ride is the last for about a week as we'll be headed outta town tomorrow, unless the obgyn decides I MUST be sent somewhere the day after Christmas, then I wont be going anywhere. We should be back by the 28th or 29th.

Today's ride was a nice comfortable ride, not overly working it (like yesterday) but not exactly lazing off either.
Calories burned: 373.8
trip miles: 10.68
ave mph: 21.36

Everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Yule or whatever you're celebrating this time of year and I'll see you next week. Oh and steer clear of the inflatocrap whenever possible.

That's it, Im moving to L.A.!!

Well at least, I plan on vacationing there from Thanksgiving to Christmas yearly! Why?? Well, because of this, of course :

Ok, so I'll have to give up on the snow (only snow there is what's shot up a nose and I aint into that garbage), but I think a hawt Santa's well worth the trade!!

As we were out the other day, I got better shots of the inflatocrap I was talking about at the resthome. The one snowman with the clear belly is a snowglobe of sorts with the "snow" being blown around inside. I think there's a Santa one there that does the same thing. In the last pic...all the way to the left is a striped blow-up. That thing's actually and inflato-merry-go-round....and yes the animals inside actually move....*shakes head sadly*

Today's ride:
Calories burned: 392.6
trip miles: 11.21
ave mph: 22.42

another award!

So I recieved another award the other day. I know that Tori ( wouldnt have given it to me if she felt I wasnt deserving of it. I *still* have no clue what I did to deserve it. Looking back on several off my entries I do nothing but whine and complain (or b!tch) for the most part, but hey I'm not gonna look a Blinghorse in the mouth. There are many others that really do deserve this more than I do. Unfortunately, I think most that I follow have already received it. So Im not going to name anyone. I am, however, going to invite those that have yet to receive this award to go ahead and snag it for their very own.

weather, gifts, plates, inflatocrap, shot, ride

We've had a bit of a cold day today. They're calling for freezing rain and yuck sometime around midnight and going into tomorrrow. Im trying to hurry and get my laundry done tonight so I dont have to mess with it tomorrow.

I got the niece and nephews gifts wrapped up today. Definitely will NOT be using that one company again. Granted the work is good, but the stupid idiots are sending the order out piecemeal. Which reminds me, one piece still hasnt arrived yet so I gotta drop them an irate email later when I go upstairs. Once the pressies were wrapped, hubby and I got the one box that has to be shipped (the one nephew lives in Tennessee so we'll bring with when we go to visit) out and on it's way (another mental note to drop a line to my SIL and let her know it's on its way).

While we were out, we dropped off a big box of clothing at the second hand store. The clothes were all too big for me and Im sure there'll be someone out there that can use them. It'll surely help out the store. Business must be doing well for them because they're doing some remodelling. I look forward to seeing what it looks like afterwards.

I got a bunch more license plate pix while we were out the last couple days. I'll get them loaded to my Photobucket account a bit later. There were quite a few I missed because the camera's simply not fast enough. I did manage, however, to get a few shots of that rest home and the inflato-crap on the lawn. I'll post those tomorrow.

The shot didnt go so well this week. Not at all. It was bad enough that I even took a picture so I can bring it in the next time I get a shot. The reaction was actually much worse than last week. Odd because it was the same damn dosage. It's still itching today and the pink covers all the back of my upper arm and reaches around to near the front. Im gonna see if I have some Benedryl pills and see if that'll help. The nurse had told me before that it shouldnt itch more than 24 hours. I half expect we may have to work on this level for awhile. *sigh*

Today's ride was interesting....very interesting.

Calories burned: 379.5
trip miles: 10.84
ave mph: 21.68

No...that isn't a mistake. The only difference between this ride and yesterday is a tenth of a calorie....LOL!!

medical update

Calories burned: 379.4
trip miles: 10.84
ave mph: 21.68

The reaction to my shot last week did not go as well as had been normal. I had chalked it up to not feeling 100% and being upset (which increases the blood pressure and just makes me feel a whole lot worse). Well today, I made sure a full meal was in my belly as per usual for a shot day. I went in feeling ok-ish, considering the temperatures have been yo-yoing here and of course that does NOT help one feel really well. I told the nurse (a substitute today) what the reaction had been and said that we needed to repeat the same least that's what my usual shots nurse would do. So today's shot was exactly the same amount as last week....and today's shot...well, it reacted the exact same way. Within 30 minutes of the injection, the site was extremely pink and already starting to lump up a little. Here it is, 6 hours later, and it has lumped up to 2" in diameter and has gone a nice shade of hot pink. Did I mention that it itches too? If a week's dose is skipped, then the same amount it used the next time you go in. I suspect that due to this reaction AND the fact I'm going not going to be getting my shot next week (going to be out of town), it's highly likely we'll need to take a step or two back *again*.

re-post because Blogger is a damn pest

This is a repost of the bikes.....I hope it enlarges for ya this time!!

mish mosh

Calories burned: 394.2
trip miles: 11.26
ave mph: 22.52

Not much went on today. Just the everyday shopping. Tomorrow is shot day. I suspect she'll give me the same dose as last week because of the bad reaction I'd had to it last time. I gotta have blood work done as well to check my liver function so we'll be getting that done first. The picture below is of the white bike "fence" in the red decor I mentioned in a previous entry.

some totals, carolers, thanks

Calories burned: 377.7
trip miles: 10.79
ave mph: 21.58

Totals to date:
Calories burned: 6372.9
total miles for the month: 182.03

To put the total miles into perspective, a trip from my place to Norristown Pennsylvania is only 179.94 miles....Im only 4.29 miles short of a trip from here to Reading Pennsylvania. As for Chicago....that's a 2 MONTH ride.

I suspect that if I HAD really made that trip to iggy's neighborhood, the above scene would have greeted me....OCHA carolers, getting into the holiday spirit! So long as they dont offer me any fruitcake, I'll be happy.

I wanna thank Wifey and her hubby for the awards they were passing out. I have them in my awards entry now. The one on Wifey's page just goes so well with my decor (her's is in my sidebar...the one below is from Matt's page) and Matt's, well the one he's giving out is just too cute!!!

And I got them simply for saying a nasty Scrooge deserved a horse head in her bed! Well, Chicagolady has her connections and I do too. Shoot, I was married to the "mob"...I still have a few connections as well. What color should I put on that order for ya Wifey? A nice roan? Or maybe a Palomino?

new level, weather, I can have sweets again!, they wanna what?

Calories burned: 355.3
trip miles: 10.15
ave mph: 20.3

Today was the first day of tension level 5 (look out ya'll, I'm getting tenser!!!). It's a pretty good ride for a first day on a new level. This level will be carrying into the new year as next week we may be headed to Tennessee for the holidays and I wont be riding for at least 6 days. It's going to take a bit to get me back up and riding again after that I'm sure so I'm just going to take it right to the 15Th of January to make sure I'm in proper shape for level 6.

The weather yesterday was wonderful. I'd bundled up to go for my appointment at the dietitian and didn't even need the winter coat. I ended up ditching it and just going in my shirt sleeves because it was so warm (66 degrees!). Today? *laffz* Today it was so cold I had to wear my Jammie bottoms to keep warm inside. They're calling for rain and 60s by Friday, temps in the high 40s and rain on Saturday and then low 40s and snow by Sunday. No freaking wonder I've been in and out of not feeling well. Thankfully the Dr wrote me a 'script on Friday for an antibiotic, just in case. I suspect I may just need it by next week. With the way my ear's been acting, I may just take it anyhow just to be sure.

As you could tell by yesterday's first entry, I was a little jazzed up on my appointment. The dietitian was very very happy with me. We sat down and went through my food diary and she nitpicked here and there but saw alot of what I was doing RIGHT (which I hadn't been doing before). She was thrilled about my biking, about the fact that I increase the tension every 15 days, and even more thrilled that I'm tracking it on a spreadsheet as well as listing the day's ride in the food diary. She high lighted some problem areas to watch out for and gave me other options for those choices I had made. She's told me that I now need to really watch my fiber and gave me a target to reach everyday on that. It'll be easy to reach if I just increase the amount of bread I Each slice is 5 grams of fiber each.....and the Total cereal (mmm Cinnamon, yummy) I've been eating lately will help out there too. She's also told me I need to increase the amount of fruits and veggies I've been eating....well not so much the veggies because a good many are gotten in my daily salad and now that we're hitting winter, there'll be a bowl of soup with veggies in it daily. She DID add, however, something I've been hoping for. I'm allowed (as opposed to eating them when I know she said not to) the occasional treat again....there are only 2 rules. 1) It cannot be more than 100 calories (yeah right) and 2) it must not be every day. I think I'll be trying to stay the course and do without though because I know me and my sweets. Since October, I've only had maybe 4 treats total and only one swig of diet caffeine free Coke.

Well we did get some bad news yesterday. Not only has hubby's company mostly closed the plant in Boise and rearranged some of their work force....not only are they forcing their workers to use their vacation time (gotta love those companies that use timebanks) and not come in to work for 2-3 weeks, but now EVERYONE from the CEOs down to the first rung employees are getting a pay cut. At this point, it looks like this company's gonna do it right though. The ones getting the biggest cuts (20% of their salary) are the ones at the top of the ladder...the executive officers (damn well know the other company he worked for would NEVER have done that). In fact, a couple of them are voluntarily taking an additional 10% cut (for a total of 30% reduction in their salary). The rest of the pay cuts are going to be on a "sliding scale (?)" where each pay level is going to have a certain percentage taken....those at the bottom (new hires) shouldn't be losing anymore than 1%. Now this doesn't seem like alot, but considering that he only got a 6% raise from his last job to this one AND we're in an area where things are more costly than the national average (compared to Garland where they sit a good 4% BELOW national average on most things)...this is a bit more than I'd like to see disappear from the check. On the other hand, I'm grateful that the upper levels of management seem to be bearing the brunt of this cut AND they haven't been talking lay-offs. That would be a killer.

I think that's about it for now.....

Everyone have a nice evening and stay safe n warm!

today's ride

Calories burned: 406.0
trip miles: 11.6
ave mph: 23.2

Damn. Missed the best ride over all by just *THIS* much. *sigh* Ah well.

The dietician was very pleased with my progress. Especially since this is the holiday season and not many peeps can lose weight at this time of year.

I was going to do a bigger entry, but my SCSis called around 6pm or so and considering what's going on in her life right now, well it was extremely important to talk with her for a bit. Assuming Im up as usual tomorrow, I may just get a more detailed entry done.

a very very good visit

Please remember that the weight posted in the last entry was a bit heavier because of the things I listed. Today Im feeling great. Went in EMPTY of anything that would weigh me down and made sure to take the shoes OFF before getting on the scale.

August weight: 298
last weight my dietician had registered: 284
pictures that were posted: approx 280 or so
today's weigh in: 274

goal is to lose 148 pounds
24 down.....124 to go ( I cant wait to adjust that counter at the bottom of my page!!!!)

yes, Im a tad jazzed :)

Will post another entry in a bit....after I've had a chance to read the blogs and get my ride in for the day.

dr, alien probes, not feeling good, medical updates

So Friday was a semi-longish day. It started with an alarm going off around 730am or so. Not that it mattered because I was awake around 645am. This is a bit earlier than normal as most of my friends can tell you as Im notoriously a night owl. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately) I've been getting my tush to bed before midnight for almost a week now....actually closer to 1030-11pm. It actually feels good for a change. I could still use an hour or so extra but Im catching up on some of the zzzs that I usually dont get.

We got ready and left around 8am to go to the Imaging center for my scan. The appointment wasnt until 930am but the traffic is always horrendous that time of day (they keep sending us out the the Fair Oaks offices...). Good thing we left early because not only was the traffic bad, but the building was a bit hidden out of the way. Hubby walked me in to be sure I didnt get lost (I get lost easily) and then left for his own appointment (he was getting his stitches out). I wont go into this appointment here (that one probe though...oh my!! all I could think of was when did I get abducted by aliens????)...details about it are in the Journey. Remember to read the banner in there before you get into the entry. It's there for a purpose. When I got out, hubby was waiting on me...stitch-free.

Breakfast was at the Silver Diner ( ). I had the most yummy french toast with fresh strawberries EVER. Im not going to fuss that I went off my diet because Im allowed 2 starches for every meal...and 2 slices of toast cut diagonally into 4 pieces of french toast counts! Plus there was 1 cup of fresh fruit and hubby gave me one piece of breakfast sausage (ok, that was naughty but it was less than the 2 ounces Im allowed). So yeah, I had a good meal before going in for my shot.

After breakfast, we headed out to the dr's office. The last few days I havent felt 100% at all. My left ear had been aching off and on and the spot just under my earlobe and down the side of my neck had been aching as well. Now, before anyone worries, this has been a common thing for me lately. The sinuses get aggravated and back up behind that deviated septum and these are the 2 areas that hurt first. I've figured out that when they start bothering me, I've got about 2-3 days to fight it before it spreads to the other ear and becomes a full blown sinus infection. However, since it was a shot day...I figured I'd better see the dr just to be sure because if I was going to need antibiotics I was going to forego the allergy shot and get on the antibiotics pronto. The dr said I was just coming down with a bit of a cold and it wasnt anything to worry about. However, since things tended to go bad and fast with me it would be prudent to have some antibiotics in the house just in she wrote a 'script, just incase. Oh! ~grinz~ and my stats:

BP : 139/71 (even after that appointment earlier and not having a chance to rest after checking in)....down from the 11/10 reading at the obgyn of 142/90 (where I had time to rest before going in to the exam room)

Weight: 279 pounds. This is with shoes on (I usually take em off as well as as many clothes as I can and stay modest in the dr's public areas), a full belly (I usually weigh empty), full ummm waste recepticles...(so! They called me really fast...I didnt have time to potty!!), and that stupid friggin bloat a woman gets once a month (that cant be helped ya know). Even with all that working against me....I weighed 279. DOWN from the 11/10 weigh in at the obgyn of 284 pounds. This means nearly 20 POUNDS GONE since August!!!! Most of it lost since October.

So the last couple days my back has been bothering me some. It wasnt in just one spot either. One was expected, just not as painful as it was. The other was more like the one I ended up having in early January 2007, just not to the point of sticking me in the hospital. I explained most of how it was feeling in the comments section of the last entry so I wont keep on about it today. I was so miserable when I got home Friday that I ended up crying which is the worst thing in the world to do when Im sick. All getting upset does is push my blood pressure up and if Im not feeling good when I start, I feel worse afterwards. Oh and this week's shot? Lumped up to 2" in diameter and itched all the way into last night and a bit into this morning. Yeah, Im sure getting upset didnt help matters there either.

today's ride:
Calories burned: 388.4
trip miles: 11.09
ave mph: 22.18

Yeah, Im feeling a bit better today even after an interrupted sleep period. I woke up bright and almost alert at 1235am...a mere 2 hours after crawling into bed. Was awakened when the alarm went off for hubby and then again at 630am...have been up ever since.


Calories burned: 323.2
trip miles: 9.23
ave mph: 18.46

Still not at 100% but got my ride in. Still hurting (not from the ride or scan) in a couple areas (one's my back, I suspect I'll have to start doing those stretching exercises for it again) so I spent the day with the heating pad again. Im feeling better so I just may get an entry written tomorrow sometime.
Calories burned: 313.8
trip miles: 8.96
ave mph: 17.92

Not feeling well. Hurtin quite a bit (no not from the scan). Gonna grab my heating pad, a blanket and retire for the evening. I'll be in to read the logs tomorrow sometime.

Today was a busy day!

Last night, we had some great temperatures. When I went to bed at around 10pm (three nights in a row now and last night I went willingly AND it wasnt because I was exhausted! Yeah...I'll wait for a minute while the shock wears off), it was 61 degrees out. You didnt even need a coat to sit outside. When we got up, however, Omigoodness!!!! It had dropped over 20 degrees overnight! Brrrr The low 40's aint bad when the weather has been slowly sinking over a few days, but a 20 degree drop in 10 hours or less???

Today started a little early than usual. No, we didnt have a new schedule for hubby... just a few things to do. The mini-hoover (aka: da pooch) has been doing alot of clicking while walking on tile floors lately so we decided to take her in for a grooming.

While we were out we got some breakfast at IHOP (Im seriously addicted to the blueberry-lemon coffeecake pancakes) and then headed over to WalMart to get this week's shopping done. May as well because neither of us likes to be out in the stores on Saturdays as it's too busy. In addition to the usual stuff, I popped over to the men's department to check out the coats. A couple weeks ago, I'd looked at the ones in the ladies department and found one I really liked at a very nice price. I dont want to spend a great deal considering the fact Im losing weight and it's likely that anything I get this year will not fit come next winter. The one I liked was a good length (past the butt...gotta keep the glutes warm!), a wonderful color (a deep purple) and had a hood (which is the most important thing right now). However, when I tried the size that *should* have fit fit everywhere BUT in the upper arms (Im kinda meaty up there). Do you think they'd have that coat or any other in the ladies section in a size larger ?? Nope. Infact, even though they sell other clothes in sizes up to and including size 5x....their winter coats do NOT go past a size 3x!! I mean WTF?? Why the hell would you increase the range in sizes for everything BUT winter coats?? If ANYTHING, that should be the ONE thing that is actually SOLD in a size larger than the standard range of sizes!!! *sigh* Needless to say, I found it discouraging and very depressing....especially since I've lost at least 10-15 pounds.

So the last few days, Ive been checking out the different stores that cater to the larger woman. There were a few coats I liked, but didnt like the price on. I mean why spend $80-120 for a coat that will last only the one year? Today, I popped into the men's department in hopes to find something that will "do" until next year. Something with a hood and that was long enough to keep the important stuff warm. Hubby found me a nice one in a chocolate brown with a hood in a men's 2x (which fits just nicely) for $40. Top things all off, I had a $10 gift certificate for WalMart that I got from Classmates for enrolling in their Gold the coat only cost us $30.

After WalMart, we decided we may as well go to the Shopper's and get the groceries bought for the week too. We've gotten everything but the bananas and hubby's bread (he's still eating white while I've switched to wheat), but we get all those over at the Bottom Dollar store in the mall just behind us. We'll pick that up tomorrow when we come home from the dr's office.

While I was in the blogs today, I popped into Cassandra's blog at Momma Needs a Time Out! ( and she had a heads up about a give away. I generally dont bother with the give aways but this one...I cant resist.

FIESTAWARE! I used to have 2 place settings of this stuff courtesy of a secondhand store in Pennsylvania and of all the dishes I've ever owned, they were my favorites. Personally, I'd love to replace all my dishes in the cupboards with them but at $50 a place setting...and I like to have at least 6-8 settings see what I mean. Ka-chingville. I'd settle for a 4 place setting of it to be honest and if it comes free...well that would be even better.

I think that's it......I didnt miss anything did I?

oh yeah...I got my ride in
Calories burned 403.6
trip miles: 11.53
ave mph: 23.06

I dont know if I'll even top that....but yeah, I was really workin it today.


Calories burned: 398.4
trip miles: 11.38
ave mph: 22.76

So I wrote the obgyn's office yesterday and let her know that I was still having problems. The RN wrote back to say she was forwarding it to the dr for review. Last night I get this from the dr herself:


I would stop the metformin. Please come back to the office for discussion after your ultrasound. It does not sound like you are tolerating this medication. Take Care!

The ultrasound is this Friday so I may or may not feel like writing afterwards. It all depends on what all they do to me and if Im given any news at that point or not.

decorations, gifts, and something else

So far, most...not all, of the niece and nephews' gifts have showed up. Im just waiting on one more thing for a couple of them. Im not sure I'll be dealing with this particular company again. I would think that if you order from one company that the stuff would all arrive from one place...especially since it says NOWHERE on their site that the stuff will be coming from anywhere OTHER than the location listed on said site. So needless to say, the gifts (which I'd hoped to have this week to pack and ship) are coming in piecemeal. We had to make 2 trips to the UPS Store to pick up packages this week...actually 3 because hubby went just yesterday too. Well one of the trips was on Saturday.

The house with the white bikes was pretty much decorated up nicely. On the trip home, I wish I'd had the camera ready and anticipated the pretty sight that was going to meet me while coming from the opposite direction. They'd had all the white bikes trimmed out with red umbrellas and bows. Going out to the UPS store, however, I saw these pretty, rather LARGE snowflakes hanging from their trees.

While out and about sometime in the middle of last week, I saw a display that brought to mind a certain someone's blog this point, it's eluding me who's it was though. Anyhow, I made a mental note to have the camera on hand when we went out the next time. We had cause to be out in that direction again on Saturday afternoon and so I was ready. The traffic was horrid because there'd been a parade in town that morning. Imagine my surprise when I was able to get 2 birds in one shot!! The OCHAs must enjoy a good parade too! You can see behind them the decor I was aiming for. The WHOLE PROPERTY that the rehab center is on is decorated in those tacky inflatable ~things~ (said with a sneer and wrinkled nose). Now I can understand one or two...ok, even 3 because it's a large property.....but there must be at LEAST 2-3 DOZEN of those inflatables in the yard!! The picture on top was taken on the trip back towards home..

Yeah, that's SNOW you see!! It started Saturday evening after we got home.The first of the season here. I suspect, considering our location that it's going to get a bit worse come the end of December and into January. I got lucky with the shot. The flakes were small enough that if it'd been daylight out, I seriously think that they wouldnt have shown up in the picture at all. However, it was just dark enough that the flash went off and got a few of them making their trip down to the ground.

We actually got enough snow that it accumulated. It's really NOT enough for me to be happy yet, but enough to be satisfied for now. I suspect after the one decent snowfall...when I have to shovel my way out to the dryer (which located in the shed) and just a couple more laundry days where I absolutely HAVE to wear my winter gear just to get it done....I really do believe I'll end up not liking it too much. Well, at least until we get into a new place. Im going to insist on the washer and dryer being IN the unit so I can do the clothes in relative comfort.

I've been friggin tagged *again*

Queenie Jeanie ( tagged me with a Photo Tag. Yeah, I know...but she didnt know my feelings on it when she did as she hasnt been following long enough yet (hense the extra reading thingy up there^^).

The rules are as follows:
I have to go to the fourth photo file on my computer and choose the fourth photo.
I then get to tag 4 friends to do the same.

Well guess what....I aint tagging anyone... neener neener neener!! You want to play, feel free.

Unfortunately the 4th file has 4 more files and then the pix so Im going to treat everyone to 2 pictures that I have yet to post anywhere. The first one is the 4th pic from the 4th file (which is actually the 8th item in the 4th file) this one is a colorized picture of my daddy in his uniform with a picture of his boat in the header of the picture. You can see there's a bit of a family resemblance (my brother looks even more like him, with the exception of the nose....)

The other picture is the 4th picture of the 4th file’s 4th file….the couple you see are my mom’s parents. I’m not sure if this was taken when they were courting or if it was sometime after their wedding.

today's ride courtesy of my female empowerment list ( )...some particularly high energy ones came up in the ride today AND a lack of Metformin in the system helped!

Calories burned: 394.3
trip miles: 11.26
ave mph: 22.52's been a wee bit of a fight over here

Damn I hate this Metformin. I started back on the 3 times daily dose last Friday and it's been a fight to stay functional around here. I've gotten so I do not want to even eat because I KNOW I'll have to take one of those damnedable pills just afterwards. I think you were right the other night iggy, it's possible the sugar keeps crashing out. Just enough to tire me out, but not enough to do anything worse yet. So do I wanna be tired because I havent eaten OR do I want to be tired because I had to take my medicine? Not that I have a choice...Im supposed to be taking the stuff for something OTHER than my blood sugar anyhow. The first pill makes me drowsy...kinda like I hadnt eaten in hours OR hadnt gotten enough sleep (not that I normally get much sleep but I do get enough to function on). By the second pill, Im ready to crawl into bed for the night. Hubby came home last night and took one look at me..."Honey, what's wrong?". Ok this tells me I dont look right either...gee thanks. By the 3rd pill....well I gotta apologize to Chicago...sorry hun, I did mean to come back into MSN.... At 1015pm I was in bed and by 1030pm I was snoring. Does this mean I got a good night's sleep? Hardly as I was awake half the night for one thing or another. It took me 2 hours to get fully awake today....I ate my first meal about 2 hours or so ago but didnt bother with the pill yet because I really need to get things caught up first. I *think* I got all the blogs read and pretty much commented on. I do have another 1-2 entries planned but I suspect once I take my first dose, I'll be out of it again so this will have to suffice. I've written the obgyn's office again and Im hopin to get a note in the next day or so (she's out of the office until Thursday) so I plan on staying the course until then. *sigh*

I have, however, managed to get my rides in daily...tired or not.

Calories burned: 362.0
trip miles: 10.34
ave mph: 20.68

Calories burned: 370.2
trip miles: 10.57
ave mph: 21.14

Both trips were done shortly after takin my meds and boy I was whipped afterwards. I havent taken my pill yet so Im hoping for a slightly better ride. Id better go grab a snack before I hop on the bike.

playin hooky

Calories burned: 394.9
trip miles: 11.28
ave mph: 22.56

Gonna play hooky tonight. In the middle of doing laundry and watching the Harry Potter marathon on the Family Channel. Everything I wanna discussed is either on the camera or upstairs on my main computer. I havent even really been in the blogs yet tonight...skimmed a couple but that's about it. I guess I'll read them tomorrow morning....

a little of this and a little of that...

Calories burned: 386.7
trip miles: 11.05
ave mph: 22.10

Feelin lazy today. Im so tired. Started back to my 3 doses of Metformin today. Im going to give it a couple days and see how I feel. I need to remember who told me this medicine was going to make me lose some weight and smack em stupid because ever since I been on this crap, I've bounced back and forth over the same 5 damn pounds....even WITH staying on my "eating modification and exercise plan". Got so depressed that I fell off the wagon and dove straight into a calzone. I'd been craving pizza for a week and the calzone was as close as I'd get at the time.

Im so disappointed. I thought with the loss of weight that maybe a new jacket was in order. The wool one I was given will not be good enough as it's too damn big and the one my folks bought in January still doesnt fit well enough and it's not warm enough anyhow. So I thought maybe one of the nice ones at WalMart...they were a decent price, long enough (over da bum) and had a hood. Unfortunately, even with the 15+ pound weight loss, the arms are too tight, even in a 3x jacket. I mean WTF?? And do you think think they had a size larger? Of course not. Carry everything else in sizes up to a 5x....but not a decent coat. *rolls eyes* I guess I'll need to make due with the one I had in Texas (which doesnt have a hood but is long enough) and just put a lined hoodie underneath it.

We got the 10 by 13 we ordered of the picture of us today from Sears. I got it put up in the dining room to replace the Christmas one from '05 or '06. Looks nice...I think the frame needs to be replaced though as I think it'll look nicer in a black frame instead of those brown wood ones.

We got a call from the UPS Store yesterday. Meant to go by today and pick up the delivery. I suspect it's the gifts for the kids. At least that's the impression I got because they'd asked for me and I heard hubby say "this is her husband". I guess we'll pick it up tomorrow and I'll get it ready to be shipped for next week. I hope the stuff doesnt look too cheesy.

Hubby's arm seems to be doing better today. He aint complained about it once and he's been on the puter most the night so I guess that's a good sign.

After going for my shot, I popped into the Hobby shop next door to the dr office and bought the kit I'd been looking at. It's not really the pattern I've been wanting but I havent seen them get any more in. My luck, I'll actually enjoy doing this art and then have trouble finding kits...*again* (like the pre-print canvases of butterflies I'd done). Anyhow, the price in the store was about $5 less than the price online AND they had a sales tax free special going on so I went ahead and got it. Here's the link: ...Im pretty sure I grabbed the Old Mill one, but I could be mistaken. Im not thinking so well right now. I should get to bed....

just the trip stats

Calories burned: 389.5
trip miles: 11.13
ave mph: 22.26

surgery, medical updates

Calories burned: 364.8
trip miles: 10.42
ave mph: 20.84

Hubby had an appointment at a surgeon's this morning. He's had a lump on his arm and one on his finger for a while now. His dr gave him a referral to this surgeon to see what needs to be done. They opted to remove the lump on his arm today. No, there wasnt a major problem...just one that was uncomfortable for him at times. Turns out it was nothing more than a fat deposit. We're not sure how it happened, only that it happened sometime while he was on an antibiotic. I dont know, maybe it was just the timing of it. He was told that the one on his finger is a ganglion cyst ( ) and that the dr would need to send a separate referral for it because this problem would require a trip to the operating room. Thankfully, it's on his left hand so it shouldnt effect his day to day workings too much.

Next week, not only do I have my shots on Friday, but I also have that scan scheduled for the a.m. I suspect that's going to be a Journey entry... Got a couple other things going on here too but Im not going to talk about them right at this moment. Just gonna keep an eye on things and talk to the dr if it doesnt clear up in the next day or so.

in response to wifey's comment on the last entry

Qs woulda made it easy to stay within the 10...

Quartz...the rose color is nice...

Quiet. No matter how much I fuss about how I miss hubby all day and the fact I have to have something making noise (tv or music), there are times I really like the quiet alot.

Queen! I LOVE Freddy Mercury and Brian Mays' voices!! Some of their less popular songs are their best.

Quadrupeds. Particularly my kitty. Im just an animal lover so almost anything crawling around on 4 legs I love.

Quarter Horses. I love horses in general and this ~could~ have been put in that last one but of all animals, the horse is my fav.

Quilts. A nice warm quilt fresh from the dryer on a cold day is wonderful.

Quarts of Baskin Robbins!! My favorite brand. I wish it wasnt so expensive.

Quantities (large) of chocolate in almost any forms. Some is liked better than others.

Quirks. They're what make us individuals.

More Fun Quizzes at

Quizzes. Great time killers. :)

On the other hand, if you'd pulled the X (or possibly even the Z), I think I may have had heart failure.

Mmmmm: conclusion: part 9: M is for Miscellaneous

M is for Miscellaneous. These are the Ms that didnt quite fit into a category...unlike mah-jongg and mustangs which kinda straddled a couple.

Money. Something just about everyone loves...a necessity in this day and age. With the economy the way it is, it's something everyone is wanting and dont always have enough of.

This time of year, my mind drifts to Mistletoe. Oh how I miss our home back in Texas because we had this huge tree in the front yard that had mistletoe growing wild in its branches. Mistletoe also brings to mind other things. Things like.....

...moustaches and mouths....particularly of the handsome man Im living with. I love moustaches on most guys. Most, not all, some actually look better cleanshaven...but not many.

I could've cheated and said my family, but I decided to just choose the few that actually fit the theme. Mimi's real name actually started with an M she fits in twice. This picture was taken in the early 70's....I believe she was in her 50's at the time. She's the one that passed on January 2007. I miss her.

M also is for mom. This picture was taken in 1981. I remember the day perfectly. It was so hot that day that I changed my mind on what I wanted to wear for our family picture and mom got really mad at me. All I knew is the dress I had intended to wear was too warm for standing around in, nevermind the 1/4 miles walk in the 90 degree temperatures and then the ride on the non-air conditioned bus to and from the studio we were going to. She ended up wearing this really pretty sundress and I borrowed one of her others.

Finally, M is for ME!! Sorry about that shameless self promotion, but if you knew my whole story you'd be proud that I said that. It's taken me 5 years to get to the point of actually being able to say it.

Mmmm part 8: M is for MILEAGE!!

Calories burned: 376.3
trip miles: 10.75
ave mph: 21.50

Right now, this happens to be one of my most favorite Ms! The above picture is last month's totals. I missed 316 miles by just 1/10 of a mile. BOO! Ahh well. Maybe next month. This month we'll be gone at least a week so I know I wont make it...unless I catch my level 4 legs real quick, and that's entirely possible as today the level feels almost as easy as the last one...
I believe we've hit number 9. Will be posting the last M in the next entry.

Mmmmm part 7: M is for Music

M is for Music and is evidenced by my F drive...I *REALLY* LOVE my music. I have an extremely ecclectic taste in my tunes. There are music files from 12 Stones all the way to ZZTop and a great deal in between. If I was to list everything, this entry would be pages and pages long. However, in the spirit of this game I'll limit my favorites to just my M file.


Mozart. I also love Chopin, Vivaldi and Beethoven...but unfortunately, they dont fit the rules I've been following.

MiG Ayesa.

Magni. MiG and Magni were both participated in the RockStar program that aired for 2 years. MiG is an Aussy that competed in the INXS version of the show, while the Icelandic Magni performed in the SuperNova version.

Monkees! The album pictured is one of the two my mom had. It's the one that introduced me to their music and one that I played as often as I could get my hands on it.

Mamas and the Papas. I have such wonderful memories of my mom and I singing along to this two part harmony. There was a time I knew every song by heart..

Manhatten Transfer. I was introduced to this group in highschool by my senior year choir teacher. He had us singing their version of Birdland in the select vocal ensemble.

Mary J Blige. Some of her songs are just so powerful and can touch you right to your core.

Miles Davis. Love his instrumental work. When Im playin jazz, some of his songs are inevitably in the playlist..

Marvin Gaye. This one needs no explanation...LOL

Michael McDonald. Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan or as a solo artist, this "blue-eyed soul" singer is a must listen. For the younger set who dont know him....if you like Taylor Hicks, you'll LOVE Michael McDonald.

Moody Blues. Gotta love me some English rock!


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