Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday Chicagolady!

I was wanting to get you a cake with a certain Winchester jumping out of it, but he's so fussy. Something about not wanting to get frosting in his hair!! What a damned diva, I swear. So, I'm going to leave this instead. I went to YouTube and found that one musical number he did, you know the one I'm talking about. I'd post the video, but every copy on there had the embedding disabled so this link will just have to do....

Hope you had a beautiful day!

YAY! Glee's back!

So Tuesday night we had not only the return to Glee, but a remake of Madonna's video Vogue as a teaser for next week's Madonna themed episode.

And yes, that is actually Jane Lynch singing the part.....


'Dynasty' oil tycoon John Forsythe dead at 92 (his name is linked to the MSN article covering the story).



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