A forgotten event

Boy....with everything that went on I forgot to talk about my ENT appointment! Both hubby and I went to the ENT doctor Thursday. Man I didnt like that. They put me in my exam room, I took one look at the chair in there and recommended highly that they put my hubby in with me before they started the exam. They ended up moving us both into the larger room at the end of the hall. Even the extra space in the larger room did nothing for me....it just gave me more space to get away from the chair. I think I would have been ok with the exam if hubby had gotten through it without a peep but that didnt happen. Knowing he's not the type to complain much, just the fact he said ouch when the scope was placed up his nose was enough to convince me I didnt really want to be there. Oh it wasnt a loud ouch...just enough to acknowledge that it was uncomfortable. Being alone would have been worse for me though. The dr said that hubby definitely needs surgery to remove a large polyp and correct a deviation. Unfortunately the deviation and the polyp are on the same side of his nose and that's why he gets so sick all the time. While in there they're going to trim down something called a turbinate (?) as there's some excessive growth there as well (the pic shows 3 different turbinates...the one she pointed to was the one lowest in the nasal passage). It'll be a 2 hr surgery and he'll be sent home with splints in his nose to hold the septum in the right place as it heals. Now this wont cure his allergies...just make them more bearable and less likely to infect on him.

When it was my turn, the dr took one look at the body language and knew I wasnt going to be an easy case. Nope, not at all. And when we mentioned that I nearly broke my hubby's hand while at the podiatrist's office...with my left hand and Im a righthanded person...well she knew it was going to be rough. She was good though. I was given the option of being scoped or not but like she said my case seemed to be straight forward and she didnt believe she was going to find anything else even if she put that nasty piece of equipment up there. I told her, if she really must to go ahead but if it wasnt necessary she might want to not try it. *laffz* Hey at least I was honest about. Now if I can break her of using a tongue depressor on me. It aint necessary...hasnt been since I was 5 because my dr back then taught me how to open wide enough so he could look without having that piece of wood crammed down my throat. Anyhow, she was going to review the scans (damned dr's office makes me the appointment and didnt bother having the scans sent over...dumbasses) but there was only a slight deviation up there ...and alot of pus and gunk. I also have something wrong with that turbinate so it'll need trimming. Yes, I would benefit from the surgery but it wasnt nearly as pressing as my hubby's case. She says Im on some really good meds though and if I can keep it in check we may not need to do anything. However, next time the sinuses go bad she wants to know. You can guarantee Im going to fight this tooth and nail. She did ask me about my tonsils and I told her I did get sore throats now n then and that a previous dr said if I kept getting them he was gonna yank the tonsils. Why do I foresee this in my future..?

Got a card from my NYBro today for my birthday. I had to laugh as he knows me way too well.
Way too well....LOL. Love ya man!


Not much else for today. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

shopping, lunch, a Bavarian pretzel, a 2x4 and other mish mosh

Friday we got up and going a bit earlier than we needed to because hubby wanted to go to Fry's to pick up some more blank dvds for the projects he has going. We try not going there too often as it's a "toy store" for him and being the techhead he is, all the electronics and makings for upgrades on the computers simply makes him drool. If he had the money I think he'd buy one out just to have the stuff for himself. To be honest, I wouldnt mind so much as I'd have a whole lot more music to stream with. Very rarely do I get out of there with less than 1 cd. I think this feat has been accomplished only twice since I moved here. This time was no acception as I found a cd that I had listed on my Amazon wishlist and figured I'd grab it while I was there. I heard this one artist while cruising the music section in MySpace and had really liked her stuff. Her name is Missy Higgins and Im really looking forward to her newest release to show up stateside. The cd I ended up buying is a previous work of hers called The Sound of White.

After going to Fry's we went to my PT appointment. He told me last week that he was going to be aggressive and last week I was a touch sorer than the week previous. This week made last week look like a walk in the park. No I wasnt twisted quite like the photo but damn it sure felt like it. I was beginning to think he was trying to make me into a human pretzel (the fat, soft Bavarian kind..of course). It was like a game of Twister only without the colored spots, the spinning dial or the fun. If I was tired going in, I was worse leaving. I could have crawled into a bed and slept all night after that. This isnt to turn anyone off to getting PT . Yes it hurts, but Im also woefully out of shape. I didnt have this problem when I was working 40 hour weeks because I was getting a workout then with hauling freight and climbing ladders to stock shelves. Once I moved here, I havent worked a day....and that's why Im this far out of shape Im sure. Yes this hurts, hurts like hell on some days, BUT Im more limber this week than I was a few weeks back. It might still ache back there BUT I can finally twist some to my right. Not pain free....BUT at least Im not having to grab the back of the chair and pull when Im trying to move to that side. So, yes, I think we're making some progress.

When we got out of there (and I managed to pour myself into the truck), we went out for lunch. It's the one thing I get to look forward to after therapy. This week we decided to try someplace different. We figured that McAlister's Deli was going to be some little hole in the wall type place. We were pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise. They are one of the few places in all of Texas that knows how to make sweet tea correctly. One knows it must be strong enough so you cant see through it (because you'll be adding ice and you dont want it to water down too much) and sweet enough to tell they actually put sweetner in. Most places here, sweet tea is so weak that it's no more than colored water...then they add beaucoup ice to it and it waters down even further. We wont go into the fact that it's never sweet enough. Anyhow, at McAlister's, the tea's made properly (*WHOOT*) and the food is delightful. I would call this the Fuddrucker's of sandwich shops (Fudd's is a very upscale Burger King/McDonald's/Wendy's for those that havent experienced one). The upscale look and the awesome food make it a place worth going to...better than McD's (who have an upscale decor but havent really followed up with the food quality).

While eating lunch, we decided to go to Target instead of WalMart because we were already on the right side of the road. It was a nice change of pace. The entrance we usually use is located next to the electronics department. Ohhhh BIG mistake. I did ok....not as good as if I hadnt stopped at that one display which is prominantly on that front corner near the door, but I did better than I would have been if I'd had my way. I walked out of the department with 3 cds... party mixes. I chose the ones I did for the upbeat tunes they had on the cd. They'll be in heavy rotation in the stereo for sure. They'll also be good if I finally get that exercise bike Im wanting. I actually had around 9 cds in my hand (@ $8.99 EACH) and could have bought them all with the money I had in my purse but I decided to be good. Next week I cant guarantee anything because all of them had AWESOME mixes of tunes. Oh I could easily burn what I have to disc, but Lord if I'd be able to remember which particular songs were on each cd (yeah I've been trying to find them online for a listing on each....).

Saturday....omg I wish someone shot me to get me out of my misery! I was so damn stiff it wasnt funny. I was as stiff as a board back there. To show you how sore I was, I normally get an ache in my lower back while doing dishes....I couldn't even feel THAT ache over all the other pain in my back. It took a liberal coating of Flexall to get it to feel 50% better. It took all day for it to feel manageable. So bad I didnt even bother with the exercises as I couldnt move anyhow. Today I feel better though. My back and side still hurt but I can move at least. I really am thinking this is arthritis aggravated by the incident in January. It wouldnt surprise me if it was. Considering what happened to that side in '91 and putting together how my right knee feels alot of the time because of the way I tend to fall (and the fact I lead with my right going up and down stairs, ladders n such).....I really suspect this is going to be an ongoing problem and am rather doubtful that PT is going to help fix it.

After reading a friend's blog, and after my stream last night, I decided it was time to update my WinAmp for my stream. It looks like theres a few more neat little clicks and whistles with it. Im wondering if they fixed that one problem that I'd been having with the old 5.08 version. I wont know until I have a chance to stream with the bugger. I see a few things I wanna check out on it for sure.

Not much else is coming to mind other than the 2 or 3 projects I want to work on so maybe it's time to get up and get them done....or at least do enough where I can say I worked on them....LOL.

Pix and comments

This is the crafting corner of my kitchen that I mentioned in the other blog entry. On a sunny day it gets so nice and bright in there and I dont need much in the lines of overhead lighting. There's a door to the spare bedroom farther to the right. I used to have my crafts set up in there but it became a "out of sight out of mind" issue with me and since I was hoping to make stuff to sell, it didnt do any good to leave it in there. Besides that room got too hot and the light didnt hit the room until later afternoon....plus it hit the projects all on the wrong side (a shadow from my hand would be cast on the piece). Top things off I wanted the stereo for kitchen work AND for painting. I could always roll the stereo into the spare room if I really wanted to but I also dont want the "kids" coming in that room (it's the only pet free room in the whole house). Cant close the door because the plug on that wall (the wall between the kitchen and the spareroom) is located in the kitchen which means cords in doorways and doors not being able to be closed all the way...and sneaky 4 legged kids roaming where they dont belong.

Here is one of the 6 pieces Im working on. It's about half done. I got the flowers painted late last night and have a bunch of touch up to do on it. The pic isnt too good because the flash tends to go off no matter what and it manages to wash some of the subjects out. To compensate for this, I cover over the flash and then attempt to lighten the picture later as it's easier than going the other direction.

EDIT 072607 @124pm: Picture adjustment. I hope this is better.

Chicago has so many questions! LOL

Even though I went into quite a bit of detail, my friend Chicagolady actually came up with a couple questions that couldnt be answered by the entry in my Padded Room and a really good question for the main blog. I feel the answers are a tad lengthy for a comment back so Im just going to pop them in here in case someone else was wanting to know and just hadnt gotten around to asking.

From the main blog:
I know how you feel, I've had days where I just don't feel like posting, or doing anything at all. Sometimes a break helps, but then I've found it kind of hard to get back into the routine.Think about what it was about that time that you hoped might be therapeutic. Was it the day-to-day stuff you've been talking about, or were there other things that need to be dealt with? Maybe your focus needs to be more refined?

I find taking more than a few days' break just makes it easier to stay away. That's what happened to my alternate 360 page (which has become the Padded Room here). I took a few days off because the subject matter was giving me a migraine. When I tried to go back to it, the headache would come back so I'd stay off a few more days. Then it turned into a few weeks...then months. This could be just a sign I need to drop the whole damn mess but on the off chance I have someone reading that went through (or is going through) the same garbage, it helps to know they arent the only one that this has happened to. Occasionally when people find out this is my second marriage, people will ask about the first one and this way I can just steer them to this blog area. If they want the gory details, they can do what ya'll have been doing and read the entries.

The day to day type blog actually started out as the therapy blog but I figured it'd also be nice to have a day to day thingie in case someone lost track of how I am doing. Like my friend Gary comes in here and keeps up with the goings on. When he gives a jingle every other week or so, he's pretty much caught up and can fine tune his questions to my latest babble (and this way I dont have to struggle to remember what we talked about last time). Im not certain I CAN refine it anymore than I have. I've got 2 separate blog areas (albiet they are on the same account here which I find absolutely fantastic!) and for the most part can keep the past crap on one while the day to day stuff is here. There are days, however, when something is going on in my life that gives me a backflash so every now and then (Roads Not Taken entry is one of those) the dividing lines get rather blurred. I can only hope there's enough division to help keep things more organized.

I had thought it would be more therapeutic because it's the same stuff I'd be telling a therapist if I had had the mind to go. However, if I went to a therapist all that was said would be behind those walls and in those files. Granted, it'd have been more helpful for me to have that additional support but then there's also a possibility they would have put me on meds for depression (I was suicidal at one point, Im sure of it) as well and I hate drugs. Plus with the info locked away in such a manner it would never help anyone else. I guess that's why I really started it. Not only to help myself some, but to help others. I cant guarantee it actually is reaching many more than a few, but maybe someone out there is reading and thinking of a friend and is passing this link along. I hope all this was able to answer your question. My luck it was just a babbling mess as usual.

From the Padded Room:
Do you still find painting the plaster pieces as relaxing as you did then? Do you still listen to Yanni when painting?

Sometimes I do. Not all the time though. I found it relaxing before because I was following directions word for word...much like in counted cross-stitch. These days, I dont do kits so much as openstock pieces. Some, like the horse plaques Im doing, do come with instructions but my creations usually look so much nicer than if it's finished as pictured. I've been hoping some of these would sell on EBay but they havent. It could be the pictures arent so hot, could also be where Im listing them on that site as well. Who knows.

Some days it's very relaxing. Im finding out that I cant paint nearly as long as I used to (I used to paint for 2-3-4 hours a session). Nowadays, I have to take frequent breaks and pieces take longer now. My hands cant handle holding the bigger pieces as well as they used to (but but but ...those are my favorite pieces to do!!) and neither my hands nor my eyes handle the smaller pieces (like ornaments) quite so well anymore. The less detail on the smaller piece the better. My eyes like to cross at the most inopportune moment at times (so no, glasses wont help this...just give me a bigger headache because they're needed for distances not up close). My hands arent really as steady as they used to be and then there's my back. I really need to get a taller table...or a shorter chair.

No, I dont listen to Yanni while painting anymore. The freestyle painting I do doesnt require nearly the concentration so I can play anything I want (plus someone isnt telling me to shut up all the damn time so I can sing while I work if I wanna..he HATED alot of the music I usually like to play). I dont have my Yanni collection anymore anyhow. As it was all in cassette, and I had to run light, it got left behind ( I had 7-10 tapes of his too). All I took when I left were my cds and I didnt own any Yanni cds at the time. I have a few cds that I picked up over the last year or so and I have several other files on the computer that I ~could~ burn if I wanted to. I guess I havent because my kitchen is actually an all purpose / catch-all type room (I'll post some pix later on the home page). I have my stereo in there so I have tunes to listen to while doing the dishes (the apt we were in had an open plan and I used to just play music on the tv in the livingroom- cant do that here) or doing laundry. While doing that, I need upbeat tunes. Right now I have Hilary Duff's Dignity in as well as a cd by Pink, one by Gloria Estefan and a couple others I cant think of off the top of my head. This way I can sing and move around to some awesome tunes (ok ok...I dance around rather clumsily too...So You Think You Can Dance has no worries...I have no intention of auditioning!). When I paint, I seldom think to change out the tunes. Some cds are harder to paint to though. Heart's real rough because I tend to sing more than I paint or I hit the repeat button...repeatedly...because of a great song (Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Bon Jovi, No Doubt and Janet Jackson are equally tough...LOL). I guess I really stopped listening because I didnt need to get into that serenity zone as much as I did. Yanni can be so soothing and relaxing for the most part and I really needed that around that time.

I hope this sufficiently answered your questions Chicagolady ~grin~.


I havent been writing much lately because there really isnt much to tell. That and the fact I just dont *feel* like doing much of anything at all. Im not sure what it is to be honest.

It could be the fact that this last PT session really took alot out of me. Joey really worked over the muscles this time. Im so glad it wasnt a movie night as I wouldnt have been able to sit through it. Right now I cant tell if it's still my back or just my side hurting right now. It used to feel like it was all in my back which tells me it was possibly an injury to both. I also asked if it's possible that one injury so long ago could have irritated really bad and that's why it's acting up now. He said it was possible but he wont know for a couple sessions yet. I do know he had a problem working out this one section of my back...it just didnt want to relax any. Makes me wonder wth is going on back there. Today my side hurts worse than anything. I may have to curl up with some heat today and see if that helps. Not that I really want to add heat because it's plenty warm enough here without the extra.

It could also be the fact that this nights schedule for my hubby is just getting on my last damn nerve. It gets so incredibly lonely here without him. Oh granted I get the bed to myself and sleep really well just fine without him. It's the fact that I have a hard time getting there at a decent hour if I know he's not there. The padding around quietly while he's asleep doesnt bother me much as I do that nights when he crawls in before me. It's the getting myself going once he's up and getting things done that's a hassle. The mind is going but the body wants to shut down around 7 or 8pm. Why so early? Because the mind is still going around 4am when I force myself into bed and then it insists on getting going around noon....when my body is just craving sleep. Yeah I bitch about it but do you think I'll make it to bed early tonight? Nope, havent yet. Ive meant to for a week now... but my body will crash around 630pm or so and I'll end up snoring on the sofa...by 8 the mind will be racing again. I'd say maybe it's time to cut out the caffeine but since I dont drink anything but water, milk or decaf tea at home anymore....

It could be the fact I've been dredging up all that crap from my past in an effort to get it out and gone. I have to wonder if this is healthy after all. I'd started that blog as a form of therapy but it doesnt seem to be helping me much right now. Maybe I need to set it aside for the next few weeks because this really isnt the time of year to be messing with that crap but I know me, if I put it aside, I may never pick it back up again. This could be a good thing in the long run. On the otherhand, it could be a bad thing too, to let it just sit and fester in my memory. I dunno.

It also could be just the fact my birthday is coming up next week. Im going to be 38 and Im feeling like Im turning 102. Each birthday seems to make be feel a bit worse than the one before. Yeah I know, I aint all ~that~ old and I still have time to accomplish some things in my life. I just need to get the drive to do them. On days like this, I dont have drive to do much more than roll over in bed and give the world a 1 finger salute.

Same ole same ole

So I have been doing my exercises everyday, twice a day (cat/camel demonstrated). I dont feel anything much different in that spot. The only difference Im feeling is the lower back isnt liking things too much the last few days. It's not my time of month so Im thinking that the extra movements daily pretty much have it upset. Im looking forward to PT tomorrow though because I want to talk to Joey (may as well start using his name, I have a hunch I'll be seeing alot of him for a while) about that one accident I was telling y'all about in the Padded Room and see if that could possibly be part of the problem. Im betting he's going to tell me yes.

We've had a mixed bag type of day. One minute it's bright and sunny but humid, then the next minutes it's raining. Not a long storm, just a brief shower with HUGE raindrops. Then we get sun again with the humidity. Been like this off and on all day. Hubby's been outside mowing around the raindrops. He got to the point of wanting to stop for the day and hold the rest for two weeks as the grass doesnt usually grow too fast in the summer (usually it's all burnt out). Then he made the mistake of asking my opinion. I told him if he was going to definitely mow next week to hold it but I didnt believe the lawn was going to hold off two weeks (we nearly lose the dog in the grass as it is). It definitely wouldnt hold if we keep getting the rain like we have been. I guess he checked the weather reports for the next week and we're supposed to get rain again because he's outside finishing it up.

According to hubby he's back on days starting August 5th. I cant wait. The money differential means nothing to me when I cant see my guy more than 20 minutes on any given day. I am so glad I dont work because it'd be a whole lot worse Im sure. I hope his buddy had a good month on days because you know for sure I'll fuss nexttime it's suggested. Although I do admit, I've had more time to write in here with him on nights.....not to mention time to update my other MySpace (yeah Im geeky enough to have 2 accounts and no I dont have the link up on the front page of Blogger...yet). It started out as a place for all my crafts in an effort to sell them but I wasnt getting enough hits so I made it into yet ANOTHER personal spot. Havent decided what to do with it though. I'll probably keep it to travel pix and crafts...who knows.
Looking forward the that first weekend in August. Hubby's still planning on making that trip to Tyler so we can see Squint. It's just for overnight and I'll be back on Saturday in time to stream. WHOOT WHOOT! I cant wait.

A Road Not Taken


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost

Have you ever had one of those roads not taken in your life? Or maybe two or three? I know I have. As I was settling in for the night (or maybe I should say for the early morning), and while I was in that stage between falling asleep and being wide awake, I was flashbacked to one of my roads not taken. I began to wonder what would have happened if I had taken that road if the opportunity had presented itself. Dont get me wrong, Im very happy where I am, but I do have to wonder if things would have turned out differently or if I would have ended up in the same position just with a different person. You see, this road that wasnt travelled involved a young man that belonged to the same theatre group as my family. I met him when the group was doing Pippin. I was a sophomore in highschool but could pass as a tad older. He was very tall, very broad in the shoulders and the sweetest guy you could ever imagine. He was just the type of guy I was into at the time (see left, that's me at age 15 the year after I met him but I hadnt changed much, I was still pretty much dressing the same). Im guessing age may have been a factor as I get the impression I was too young for him when we first met and he was much too young for my mom (he liked flirting with the both of us). It didnt stop him from wanting to sit with me during the stage performances after we'd worked the ticket tables though. When I got into my junior and senior years, I was too busy for the theatre work I used to do so I pretty much faded from that scene and didnt see him again until I was in my very early 20's. I was working at KMart the next time I saw him and had *just* started seeing Jim. Things were already rocky between the two of us and I think if another option had presented itself, I would have at least explored it. I remember the day he showed up at my job vividly. It was another of those not so good days. I was on a diet and had lost a ton of weight. I was feeling ok about myself but of course working in receiving with a bunch of nice guys can give anyone an ego boost. Especially that day when I'd shown up in my new jeans and they were 4 sizes smaller than I had been wearing. I'd lost enough weight where I got so I could tuck my shirt in and boy didnt that accent my newly slimmed waist. I was really into the jeans with the spandex in them as well because they hugged the curves oh sooo wonderfully. Well, one of the gals came back and said some guy was here to see me and gave me a general description of him. I peeked out the window and sure enough it was that road not travelled. I popped out long enough to talk to him. When I stepped out the doors to the sales floor his jaw just dropped. Seems he was in the area and wanted to do lunch. Sadly I had to turn him down as I'd *just* gotten off my lunch break and wasnt due for even a 15 minute break for a good 3 hours. I was kinda hoping he'd ask for a later date....supper or maybe lunch the next day, but he didnt even pursue that option. I think the "I cant right now" took the wind from his sails and he just didnt think to fish for another date while standing there. It's sad because the nexttime I heard from him was maybe 2 months later. He called my apartment (I have no clue how he got the number to be honest as I thought it was unlisted....maybe he got it from my mom I dunno) while I was with Jim. I picked up the phone and talked with him briefly. He asked if he'd interrupted anything and I had to tell him yes, I was with someone at the moment. I never heard from him again. Now that I think back, I think he did have a thing for me but never acted on it. When he finally got the nerve to do so, it was just simply too late. On a personal note, if he'd decided to pursue a relationship (even as late as that phone call), I dont believe Jim would have had a chance as this guy was really much more compatible with me. The question now is, if he'd pursued and I'd taken him up on his date, where would it have gone? Would I have been happily married with 2.5 kids now or would I have been in the same situation as I was with Jim? Then of course there's the fact that if I took the smoother path with the nicer guy then my present hubby may or may not be in the picture at this point. For all I know this dude could have been worse than Jim and being built bigger would have posed a bigger problem. I just dont know and probably never will.


Yesterday, hubby and I decided to run a few errands. We figured a couple stops and I'd be back in time to stream. Who knew that a couple quick stops would amount to nearly 90 minutes out! We stopped off to the comic store first to get the latest editions to all the series that hubby reads and collects. Did I mention he's been collecting since the 80's? Yeah the collection is quite substantial. Think of a box 11x8x17 packed solid (the comics are each in an acid-free envelope)....now picture more than 20 boxes. That's only half of his collection. The rest is still in his folks home. Almost all are complete runs of series....plus the trading cards and the autographed photos....yeah he's a serious collector. Well it could be worse...it could be those junk polybags of cowboys and indians my ex was so fond of. At least these have some value to them.

Anyhow, after there we ran to a Dollar Store (can you believe how many there are now a days?) to get me some of those little disposable diaper baggies. Nooooo I aint preggers!! I just find that they are so convenient for scooping the litter as they are just the right size. The last one had been used the day before so one our trip out he took me to a dollar store....it was the wrong store. LOL So I sat there describing what the store looked like and hubby got it figured out and brought me to the right location ( a Dollar Tree). It's the only one of those cheapy stores that even carries them. I bought 2 boxes which will last me for a bit as each box has 100 baggies in it.

While there, the cashier was going too slow for my liking and the customers ahead of me werent making things easier for him by having a decision read or their checks ready so I told hubby I was headed for the Baskin Robbins next door as I wanted chocolate icecream and this way we wouldnt need to make another stop. I got to the next shop, bought the icecream, had a conversation with the clerk (I could swear they made the to go stuff as pints and not quarts and damn they dont make the strawberry cheesecake flavor as a pre-pack anymore!!???) and was back at the Dollar Tree with my chocolate and peanut butter and hubby's plain ole vanilla before hubby was even out the Dollar Tree's doors.

We got home with 5 minutes to spare and thankfully I had my stream all set to go. The night before I had actually set a stream that was going to be "Number 1's on this date in history" type thing. While proofing it, I discovered that I was enjoying the 70's music more than the rest of the stream so I ripped it all out and set nothing but 70's tunes. On my way to bed (2am Saturday), I turned on the tv in the bedroom and wouldnt you know an infomercial for Flower Power came on and all this 70's music was playing. What a way to get confirmation that I have the stream set properly! If I had left the original playlist as it was, I would have either been out of bed and resetting the list OR I would have ended up redoing it when I got up (my friends all know I'd more than likely do the former). I think I'll be doing another all 70's stream again in the next week or so. The hard part now is deciding what Im going to promo on my MySpace as I usually pick the song that gets the best response and promo the group there. Maybe I'll see if Ozzy has a page and grab the tunes from there as Im thoroughly enjoying the one song he has out on video now.

As I was writing in the Padded Room today, I had a particular flashback that came to mind as that spot on my back gave me a nagging twinge (a reminder to do my exercises perhaps?). This flashback has gotten me to thinking that maybe this back problem is one I've had for a long time and the reason it's cropping up NOW is because Im woefully out of shape and I havent had to work for 3+ years. Working would have kept me in shape and limber so the muscles wouldnt feel the need to protect anything...plus the muscles would be supporting the spine properly (yes Alice this is push number two). Im going to have to ask my PT this next Friday if it's possible that injury from soooo long ago merely got aggravated and that's why this is hurting now. I mean think of it...my right knee's doing it and it's the one I always manage to fall on (the first fall on that knee happened 30 years ago...off a bike on a stone road).My left foot's the same, 3 years ago I smacked the daylights out of it and to this day it still is bothersome at times and there's nothing that can be done about it. If I hadnt been writing in that part of my blog, I doubt I would have thought of it though. Funny the things that come up when you open up which thou shouldnt be opening. Damn I started falling apart earlier than I thought I did!


We had a long day yesterday. By the time I got home I bet I could have dropped on the floor and slept all night. I didnt, but I bet I could have if I had allowed it. Who knew being poked and prodded for 30 minutes could get you so tired out for the rest of the night?

My PT appointment was for 130pm. We thought it was supposed to be for an hour, but it lasted only 35-40 minutes tops. Hubby had an appointment at work for 215pm so he dropped me off and scooted out the door. My PT got me in right on time. We spent a few minutes talking so he could hear from me (and not the other PT I saw last week) what all was going on. He put me on heat for 10 minutes and then proceeded to work on that side. There's a joint where the ribs meet up with the spinal column in the back and he's thinking that I did something to one or possibly two of the joints back there. The body, when it realizes there's a problem, will make the muscles in the area either go really lax OR tighten them up depending on what is best to protect the injured area. In 6-7 months, there could be more damage than we think because the muscles got used to being so tight for so long. He says that there are a couple things he wants to try but he cant do them at the same time because if I come in the next week feeling better, he wont know which one worked or if it needed to be both. Right now he's working at getting the muscle looser there (it's as tight as my shoulders get when Im stressed). After he gets the muscles to relax some, then he can see what's going on with the joints. It took him about 15-20 minutes to get it to relax just a little. I cant imagine how long it would have been if he had to work my whole back! Afterwards, he showed me another excerise he wants me to do. Im being told to do my exercises for as long as I can do them painfree and not to push the body any farther than it wants to go. The object is to make the back more limber, not put me in the hospital. Anyhow, the exercise is to lie on my back with my knees up and move them together side to side using my stomach muscles. This will strengthen my stomach up so the back doesnt have to work so damn hard. I only need to do 15 reps 2 times daily. It's not long because my spine tends to lock up near the tail bone if I lie on my back too long and then it's impossible to get up. Once I got my 15 reps in, he iced my back down for 5 minutes. I was told I was going to hurt but it wasnt so bad last night until later. Feels like he left a bruise under the skin around back there. Today Im stiff as hell, but will be still doing my exercises in a bit to loosen up.

From what hubby said, the meeting went ok. They went over his resume and asked a few questions. They then asked if he had any and he mentioned a plant in the Lexington Kentucky area. From what he explained there are some companies that are in joint ventures with TI so this plant would be TI, yet at the same time, not TI. With any luck his years and everything could transfer over and nothing would be lost (worst case here would be if he got it but they didnt cover the move and he'd end up back at the beginning again, then it wouldnt be worth the move). This would put us near his folks (about 2-3 hours away) but far enough away to discourage surprise "pop overs". It would also put me near my bro and his family as well as place us around the area my folks are hoping to move to in a few years. Everyone would be happy this way....well except my TXSis as I'd be moving away and my SCSis as it's still not close enough for easy visiting anytime we want. We're keeping our fingers crossed as this isnt definite, in fact it hasnt even been announced yet that they'll be doing this venture. Hubby at least told them to please keep him in mind if and when it goes down.

I had to wait about 45 minutes on hubby after my appointment. My PT had me so tired I almost fell asleep waiting to leave. Hubby picked me up and we went to Palominas for supper. The place aint all that. I dont know why he keeps insisting on going there. Im hoping it was this time only because it was closest to the movie theatre. Personally, I would have rathered Denny's or IHOPS as their food and service is better. Granted Palominas is a buffet and you dont need to have much in the line of service, but it wouldnt kill them to at least be a bit more pleasant than they are. Dont even get me started on the food that looked good but didnt taste all that great. Well except the chicken, cornbread and Caesar salad (and that's debateable on the salad). The fish, mashed potatoes (which tasted like german tater salad mashed...*BLEAH*) and iced tea were the worst. I never thought I'd say that a place made their iced tea too strong but damn my spoon nearly melted and I swear they laced the tea with coffee. I thought the slice of chocolate cake would make up for it...umm nope. Where the tea was very strong...the chocolate cake was a complete opposite....weak assed chocolate. Im betting the vanilla cake had a stronger flavor to it. I'll have to check next time Im inflicted with that place.

We went to see the Transformers movie last night. It was actually quite good if you could look past a couple of glaring holes in the plot (well I found them glaring...some others might not). The movie is definitely one you go to see the special effects only as the storyline (as well as some of the dialog) is really pretty lame. I give it a mantinee price and drinks which isnt a bad rating. I'd even pay to see it again and definitely get the dvd. If I'd paid evening rates and bought snacks, however, I'd have been disappointed. It was definitely as good as the Silver Surfer and loads better than that steaming turd called Spiderman3. I told hubby if we'd seen Spiderman 3 last night after that therapy session I would have fallen asleep. Even as tired as I was , I made it through the 2+1/2 hours without squirming much nor being overly bored....well maybe I was bored for only a couple minutes max. There are definitely some humorous moments in this movie especially when the boy's car (an Autobot- goodguy) decides to attempt to help the boy get the girl and starts playing appropriate music for the mood (like playing Baby Come Back as the girl's walking away). Hey, the car was only tryin to help!

After the movie we went to Wally World to do our shopping. I dont know how I managed to get all the way through the store without falling over. Surprise surprise I didnt buy any music at all this week. I think next week I'll pick up the new Ozzy that came out in March or May or something. The tunes are decent and I think it's worth the money. Actually I think I may pay the extra on Amazon for the Japanese release as it has a couple bonus tracks on it. I was considering picking up the Aly and AJ one but I want to proof it on Amazon before I decide if Im going to plunk down the money for it. When we got home, surprisingly, I didnt lie down. If I had I would have fallen right to sleep Im sure. Oh no....I got myself to my computer to check my emails and then got sidetracked on a project. Next thing I knew it was 2am....damn.

Got my results

Well, I got some of them at least. The dr said my blood work looks good, but I dont think so...the numbers are higher than last year. Considering I'm as heavy as I am....maybe it aint so bad.

Total cholesterol is a 202 (18 months ago it was a 198 )

Triglycerides are at 168 ( 18 months ago they were a 146 )

HDL is a 42 (18 months ago they were at 41 )

LDL is a 126 (18 months ago that was at a 128 )

So at least the HDL and LDL are headed in the right direction. Thos other 2 numbers, however, Im not happy with. These figures are after fasting before having blood drawn. I hadnt eaten anything past 1230am that morning and only had a little water for my meds. My CBC came back normal though, as did my Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (measures sugar, blood salts and liver/kidney functions). My thyroid test came back normal (so yes all this fat is indeed my damn fault). The other two tests that she did that day came back as normal as well. That's a total relief. I wasnt looking forward to having to cope with a positive result on the one test (no it wasnt for cancer or anything else terminal so no worries there). Havent got the test results back on the ct scan yet. Strange because hubby's showed up last week. His bloodwork paperwork never showed either....they did call and talk to him directly though about a week before the ct paperwork showed up (checked him for polyps and found not only them but a deviated septum also) so maybe they just havent mailed mine out yet? I'll give them a jingle while Im out tomorrow.

Tomorrow looks to be a busy day for us. We've got yet another goodbye luncheon to go to at 1130am, my PT appointment at 130pm, my hubby has an interview at 215pm through work and then we plan on a movie and supper out afterwards (assuming the PT doesnt beat me up too damn much of course). I think we'll be skipping the luncheon. They're going Mexican and Im really not wanting to have gas while Im at the PT (especially if the PT is cute). We still have to get our grocery shopping done for the week too. Gonna be a very busy day. Oh wait, he doesnt work tomorrow so maybe the shopping can wait a day. It's not as though we're out of anything important (just bananas, milk, bread, eggs, juice, breakfast bars, chocolate...nothing ~really~ major LOL). The interview for hubby is one of those blanket ones. A few questions and make sure the ole resume is up to date. Then I guess from there they'll be starting to see what is out there that he's qualified for. My luck they'll find something at ST (a semi-conductor place in Texas) for him. I hope not, word is that they're closing. Man I love being friends with the wife of someone who knows someone over that way (and that someone is in the management level).

Oh and the band I missed? They'll be playing in Tyler on my birthday. Ive already informed hubby that I-WANT-TO-GO. Period. End of conversation. Unless he wants to have a very Very VERY unhappy wife on his hands. So with any luck we'll be headed out Friday afternoon to Tyler (2 hr drive), getting set up in a hotel and then to Clicks to see Squint. Over night in the hotel, then drive home Saturday afternoon. I wont even miss my streamtime (unless I get fired between then and now...yeah right...but ya never know anymore).


Yeah...I pretty much feel THAT tired. I actually got to bed at a fairly reasonable hour last night (1 am as opposed to just crawling in at 230 or 3am) and had lights out about an hour or so later. All in all pretty damn early for when he works nights (when I generally dont hit the sack until 330-4am and watch 2 hours of tv before falling asleep). I managed to catch about 5 hours before he came home. Normally, anyone coming home at that hour wont bother me as Im the type when Im tired to sleep through next to anything. I've been known to sleep through the alarm, him getting up and dressed and out the door. Ive been known to be so asleep I dont even feel him get into bed (even though he has a habit of leaning over and kissing me goodnight). I have even been known to sleep through a mild earthquake and bad construction zones where the road's all torn up. *HOWEVER* there is this 4 legged beast of his that is going to find me stuffing her squeaky chew toy up her ass one of these days. Invariably, when he comes home...*HIS* 4 legged wonder child likes to commense ripping up and down the hallway like it's the Indianapolis 500 or something. She sounds like a damn elephant (she's a 10 pound chihuahua). If that isnt bad she grabs her chewy toy and squeaks it and beats it all over the floor until she hits this Nirvana of sorts (one pictured isnt the offending toy...that's the one I got lucky enough she ripped apart so I could get the noise maker out ). It doesnt help to lock it in the livingroom because when he gets home and removes the babygate, that's the first thing she goes for. Ive tried putting it out of reach but I swear the cat's in a conspiracy with her and manages to pull it down no matter where I put it. Im beginning to wonder what the toy is made out of because the squeaker still works on it. Usually after a few days the squeakers give out...well except the one other but thankfully she tore that to hell and I was able to retrieve the annoying noisemaker out. This one, however, seems to be made of some in destructible fabric...definitely well made. Today she was particularly bad with the noise so instead of falling back to sleep as I usually do and sleeping til noon, I was up at 8am and couldnt get back to sleep. By 9am I gave up and just got out of bed.

Got a nice note from my friends in the band saying they missed me and maybe I could make the Tyler performance. Tyler's 2 hrs away so it's pretty much an over night trip for us as the band wont hit the stage until nearly midnight. The funny thing is...when I had been writing them a couple months back they'd said they were working on maybe an August showing in Dallas. I told them to shoot for August 3rd as it would be an awesome way to spend my birthday. Go figure the Tyler trip is ...on August 3rd. I've made it pretty clear to hubby I - WANT- to -BE-there. Period. With any luck he'll be on days again by then and wont need to work Saturday at all. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Feeling better today. I hate when my body doesnt follow proper scheduling practices. When it finally does what it should I end up so damn sick for a couple days and then *poof* all gone. I just hope Im not still feeling still on Friday when I go to therapy. Im doing that exercise but Im not noticing any difference to be honest. If anything my arms and shoulders are aching more and the spot that I went in for originally hasnt had any change. My luck they'll tell me I've got arthritis in the back and there aint much they can do. Ahh well.

We've got scattered storms in the forecast again this week. Last night we had some thunderboomers but they lasted only an hour or so. The creek around the corner from us is already starting to dry up. So long as we get a little rain daily the grass should stay ok in the yard. We're about ready to rent some goats though with as often as we're having to mow. Im not going to complain though because I'd rather the grass be green than the summer and winter brown we get normally.

A story to make Alice laugh

As I was in reading my friend's blog the other day, one of the comments created a flashback in my mind that simply made me laugh. As such, I placed a second comment in my friend's blog in response to the one comment. I know for a fact after the initial shock of seeing those two comments my friend more than likely laughed at the vision. I promised in a third comment on that entry I was going to tell the story here. Since there's really not much else to tell, I figured today is as good as any.

Many years ago, in the late '90's I worked at a Christian school. The story Im thinking of took place in my first year at the school. That was the year I helped out in the front office. One of the dress codes was no earrings on guys. Unfortunately, there were a few guys that would forget to remove their earring before entering the school grounds. On one particular day (not the one that Im meaning to tell, but you need this background before I get to the other), one of our hispanic boys (who the boy was is another funny story in and of itself.....names can be so damn deceiving) came into the school with his stud still in. I usually caught most of the boys before most of the staff saw them and would pull on my ear as a reminder. The boys would then remember to remove said item and place it as a pin on their backsack. On this one day, I hadnt seen this boy come in. It had gotten so if he saw me he'd automatically check but since I was stooped down helping a little one, he never saw me and didnt even think to check. This was a day that Brother D was in the foyer checking dress code and his eagle eye caught the glint of the boy's earring. He pulled him aside and began to lecture him. When I came out of the office, he asked me to come over and explain to the boy how stupid it made him looked with an earring. I told Brother D that the boy looked fine, some guys looked good with earrings so long as they were tasteful studs or crosses (boy Bro D got mad at me for that). I turned to the boy and noticed what he was wearing (a Playboy bunny head) and told him 01) it's still against the rules and 02) the symbol is inappropriate period. I told him I'd better not see it on him again. The boy removed the earring and stuck it in a pocket (never wore it again when he knew I'd be around...something about me the kids always responded well to). Brother D never asked me my opinion on much after that though...LOL. Well unless he knew what my response would be and knew it would change the child's behavior.

Anyhow, the school where we worked didnt much look like a school or church from the outside. From the main road we looked very much like a book depository with a steeple added on as an afterthought. The siding was metal. You'd think in hurricane country they would have built it in brick like most of the houses down there but no it's this cheap steel or aluminum. In anycase that building always made me nervous in stormy weather. It also made communications inside next to impossible as the walkie talkies that were purchased for contacting key staff wouldnt work inside all that well and *when* they did they only had limited range (and no, the school had no intercom system at the time). Brother D or Sister L (his wife) would get loads of calls on a daily basis. Brother D was the headmaster (but not lead pastor) and his wife (Sister L) was the accountant/ administrator. Many times when someone called for Brother D, he'd be out of his office. He'd be off giving a tour of the grounds to prospective students or sitting in on the classes. Many many times he'd never say where he was headed. When he was on a tour, we knew because they'd have to go through us first, then to Brother D but when he chose to monitor a class....*poofies* he was gone. Sometimes he just went outside to think. Anyhow, when we knew he wasnt on a tour we'd have to go look for him. First stop was always the front doors to check for the truck. If it was there the hunt was on. The grounds werent overly large (a back play yard for the little ones and the football field on the side for the older students) but when it got to be 5,6,7, 10 times a day (like this one day) it got to be exasperating. If he wasnt on the ground floor we'd have to go upstairs and poke our heads into the classrooms (which was very distracting for the teachers who were trying to go over their lessons). Mind you, there were only 7 classrooms up there at the time BUT for the one classroom you had to cut through another teacher's class to access the door. It got so if we needed anyone from that room we'd wait until class change. In any case the people on the phone would get pissed at having to wait so long as we hunted the headmaster down. Anyhow he loved to sit in Mr.E's history class (yeah...THAT Mr E....I may not like the creep but I do have to admit that the man could teach history and make it interesting). For most of the day Mr. E's class was in that one particular room. As the class we had to go through was testing, Mr E's room wasnt exactly accessible (Brother D had always said, if the class is testing dont bother them not even to cut through) to be checked that day. Well the one call had been very important and not something Sister L could answer so she took a message. When Brother D came to the front office he threw a fit and fussed Sister L and me. Well Sister L fussed him right back (gotta love them cajun women) and he looked at me thinkin I wasnt going to say anything. I didnt even look up. I simply kept working and said, "Well if ya like, I recon we could deer tag ya and place one of them fancy light up maps on the wall so we could track ya. It'd make life so much easier in here." He just looked at me and I looked up at that moment and square to his face said "and if ya feel lopsided we can deer tag the other ear so ya head sits all nice n balanced." Mind you I pick up accents well when Im exposed to them daily and Sister L has a thick southern accent...so picture that not in my usual voice but in a thick Louisiana drawl. Sister L bust out laughing, the pastor (who was right beside me but out of Brother D's sight) began to laugh too at the vision and me...well I just kept working. I got a pat on the back from the pastor for giving it back as good as I was gettin it.

Anyhow...that's the mental image I was getting when a friend was telling about her story and then another friend commented to clip the item to her nose. All I could think of was Brother D with day-glo orange deer tags in his ears. As I said in my second comment, I didnt think the one friend was up for a second attachment. ~grinz~

Two days in a row!

Holy cow...we've had sun two days in a row. Beautiful blue skies, nice puffy clouds....the only problem with today is that it's humid but that's because of the rain of nearly Biblical proportions that we've had lately (well it did rain for over 40 days...off and on, granted, but it rained!). I wish I could post a couple pix I took yesterday and today but the cord that attaches from my camera to my computer is acting up (thanks to my cat who decided it was a toy) and I cant get them off the camera disc to post them. Maybe when hubby wakes up he can fanangle it for me. If I could just figure out what position that cord needs to be in to work I'd redneck fix it (use duct tape). Ahh well.

Thursday I went in for my ct scan. I was worried because the work order said "with contrast" so I was expecting a shot of something radioactive or some sort to provide the "contrast". Thankfully there was no shots (as my SCSis would say...hoo-RAY hoo-RAY!!). I havent gotten the paperwork on my blood work from over 2 weeks ago but Im thinking she may be holding off until she gets the results of the ct so she can put it all on one paper.

Had my first PT on Thursday also. God I was so tired afterwards. Who knew just being poked and prodded could tire someone out so much? The therapist I had said it's going to take a couple seesions before they figure out what's wrong with that spot. She suspects that I did something to a joint in my back and that's why the muscle seized up...as protection for the joint. Sitting and doing nothing much and babying it just makes it worse as the muscle wont relax until the problem is fixed. They'd like to see me in 3 times a week but it's $30 a pop everytime I go in. Besides 3 times a week just isnt do-able as 01) I dont drive (yeah I know I gotta fix that) and 02) there isnt anything in the line of public transport in my area (short of taxis which means more money to go to therapy on hubby's work days). So Im stuck going just once a week but I get hour sessions...I guess that'll work. I'll have a new therapist when I go next as this week was the one gal's last week. Bummer. She did send me off with an exercise to start doing two-three times every day. I'll be going every Friday for the next 3 weeks and on Thursday the 4th (as the therapist I've been assigned has that Friday off).

Had a friend ask me to set up a MySpace account for her to use for her volunteer work so Ive been busy the last couple days getting that set. I think I have the last tweaks on it at this point but wont know until she gives me a jingle. We were trying to work on it earlier *BUT* MySpace was being a dink and giving me an error. I checked my other two accounts and it was doing it on those two so I just stepped away for a few before trying again. I got it fixed about 30 minutes after I got off the phone with her.

Yesterday, my SCSis called and asked me to check out the site she's been working on (these things come in 3's right?). It looked really good considering she has no experience short of working an email program. Im so proud of her. She was having one small problem making links on each page for the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) as when she put them on it ruined the flow of the page. After a few minutes I simply asked, "why not make a whole new page for them?" I explained that when the people are shopping, 9 out of 10 times they really dont think to look at a MSDS at that point. When's the time they're going to be frantic for them? When there's an emergency or an audit. So place the link on the front page and put all the links to each MSDS on the respective page. That way they can print what they want when they need it. Simple fix. She pitched the idea to her boss and he loved it so I get a call back telling me thanks because I made her look very smart. LOL

Not much happened Friday except it was dry enough for hubby to tame the jungle out back. Summertime is usually so dry here that you can mow once every month...every 2 weeks at the earliest. So far he's had to fire up the mower every week (when it manages to be dry enough out). The comics posted are from Thursay and Friday this week. How appropriate! Other than that not much going on yesterday or today as hubby was trying to put his body back on the night schedule as I was attempting to keep myself on a regular schedule. It's been the pits as Im up and ready to do stuff and he's still sleeping. This is NOT gonna be conducive to baby making for sure as there arent too many hours where we are up and going (dont forget willing) at the same time. I may have to put myself on the night schedule like it or not. On the otherhand, I've got some peace and quiet while I try to blog or work on projects. Plus I can really stretch out in bed....I can get about 5 hrs or so of deep sleep as I dont seem to toss and turn nearly as much.

I'd forgotten how pretty blue skies were....

Yes that's right, we had a nice sunny day for the first part of the day. It's a real shame you cant see how pretty it really is as the simply does NOT do it justice. The pic was snapped aiming along the back corner of the property. Looking the other way you could see that it's trying to get bleah on us again but since I've been bitchin soooo much about the rain, I figured ya'll would rather hear about the sun. WHOOT! Free Vitamin D. I wish hubby would get me a nice rocker to put on the porch on days like this so I have someplace to sit and enjoy the day. All we got are those cheap-ass plastic ones that I wouldnt DARE put my fat butt in for the fear of it breaking.

It was so nice out today that while I was out to get the mail (which is something I've taken to doing just to say I got ~some~ exercise in), I saw a little butterfly out catching some of that free Vitamin D too. We dont get too many butterflies in our area and fewer still sit around long enough for me to haul my butt into the house, grab the camera anad come back out to get its picture. Now if I could get that pretty black and yellow that I saw a week or so ago to come back....

I also noticed a not so savory development on my property due to all the damn rain. In the 3 years or so we've been in this house, not once have we had mushrooms. They were rather extensive too. *Bleah* Im gonna have to have my hubby go to Loews and see if there's something we can do to get rid of them (while he's there maybe he'll buy me that rocker too...yeah right).

While I was out I figured I'd get a picture of that stupid tree that's been giving my allergies the fits. Everyone knows I complain when the magnolias bloom (gardenias do the same...even burning a gardenia scented candle is enough to clog the sinuses). However, this year this tree went in bloom right on the heels of the magnolias so there was no real break. As much as I'd love to just chop it down and be rid of it, it wouldnt help any. Why?
Because this is what is right across the street on no fewer than 3 properties. So basically cutting mine down wont fix the problem. The only thing that helps is the rain because it washes the pollen out of the air...but then you get the mold spores that trigger allergies too and those beautiful lawn fungi...

Getting Married in Heaven

A joke that was emailled to me... too good not to share!

On their way to get married, a young Catholic couple was involved in a fatal car accident. The couple found themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates waiting for St. Peter to process them into Heaven. While waiting they began to wonder: Could they possibly get married in Heaven? When St. Peter arrived they asked him if they could get married in heaven.

St. Peter said, "I don't know. This is the first time anyone has asked. Let me go find out," and he left.

The couple sat and waited for an answer.....for a couple of months. While they waited, they discussed the pros and cons. If they were allowed to get married in Heaven, SHOULD they get married, what with the eternal aspect of it all? "What if it doesn't work? Are we stuck in Heaven together FOREVER?"

Another month passed. St. Peter finally returned, looking somewhat bedraggled.

"Yes," he informed the couple, "You CAN get married in Heaven."

"Great!" said the couple. "But we were just wondering: what if things don't work out? Could we also get a divorce in Heaven?"

St. Peter, red-faced with anger, slammed his clipboard on the ground.

"What' s wrong?" asked the frightened couple.

"OH, COME ON!!" St. Peter shouted. "It took me 3 months to find a priest up here! Do you have ANY idea how long it'll take to find a lawyer?"

No, I havent floated away

This is getting obnoxious, this stupid low pressure system that's stalled out over our state. What's happened is that it's sandwiched between two high pressure systems that show no signs of moving any time soon. Here it is, nearly 2pm and I've YET to see any daylight. We saw sun 2 days ago and I figured the pattern had broken. Then around 10pm the storms started up again. Have I said how much this is beginning to bug me? Oh... I have? I very nearly had to bail on my stream this week a mere 15 minutes into it. If there had been lightning you can be sure I would have. According to the weather reports we're in for more of the same this whole week until Saturday. At least that's what it's saying as of this posting...Lord knows what it'll say when y'all get to reading it.

This is the last week of daytime hours for the hubby. I havent decided whether or not Im going to change my sleeping schedule or not. It's only for a month as it stands so it's almost not worth me changing my sleep habits. Besides without him home around 730-8pm at night, I wont be inclined to eat a full meal at that hour. My full meal would now end up being a late lunch (around 3 or 4pm so I could pack something for him to take for his lunch) putting it at a time where I can work some of it off before climbing into bed. This could be beneficial especially if we could find it in the budget to get that bike Im wanting. I'd also get a full night's sleep for a change. The only thing Im not liking is if he cant get this Saturday off as we have friends in town and I really dont wanna go alone (bands and bars and gals going by themselves aint the best mix). I may just have to cancel that trip...again...*sigh*. Maybe hubby will be off when they're in Tyler...it's 2 hours out and 2 hours back so we'd end up there overnight but it'd be worth it.

I got a couple calls late last week. One from the place doing my ct scan and one from the physical therapy place. I have appointments for each place this Thursday. The ct in the morning and the PT in the afternoon. All I have to do is call the obgyn and schedule that one. Maybe I can get lucky and get a time in between....maybe I'd better just schedule this for Friday just to be certain. My luck I'd get them all on one day and one would make me late for another. Good news is that I got a letter from MedSolutions (they certify certain radiology services for my insurance company) saying that the ct will be covered under my benefit plan. That's one worry off my shoulders as I KNOW how expensive those buggers are.


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