yeah I'm still here

Decided to play hooky from FB today because there are just so many entries to catch up on so I'll be doing some reading today. Or maybe I'll drop another entry in the Padded Room.... or a nice cuppa tea and read a book? So many ways to sit and do "nothing" it's hard to choose. Maybe another entry in here's in order? Or better yet, one last one for the Journey blog as I suspect that's gonna be closed pretty soon. Maybe I should repurpose it and use it for something else entirely.....

Dropped a few new pix in the Flickr if anyone wants to go take a peek.

Got the following in my LOLCatz email the other day and figured considering my last entry, this might be a great way to get back into it. Although... I have been dropping entries nearly daily in the Home page (all pictures, but at least it's something) and I did drop a couple in the Padded Room over the last week and a half to two weeks.

a cat lying on a bed with some light prismed on its fur creating a rainbow with the caption What Does this mean?


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