Many apologies for those that came in looking for the usual Wednesday post. Ya see, things are a bit off schedule around here this week and it wasn't until 3pm before I realized that it was Wednesday and that I hadn't posted the clouds. Why are they off scedule? Because hubby's home, sick, this week. How sick, you ask? Well, Sunday he had the technicolor-yawns at work so I told him he'd better go to the dr on Monday. With the aches and pains and the other symptoms, I suspected the flu. He went to the dr on Monday, told them he had the flu, and they diagnosed bronchitis and bronchialspasms. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? 'Scuse me? With the yucky spewage and aching and no diagnose of the flu? Well he rested and took his meds and was scheduled to go back to work today. By 5pm yesterday, it was obvious that he wouldn't be making it in today because he wasn't holding too much down. Back to the dr today where they diagnosed him with bronchitis and

wait for it

you see it coming right???

THE #()&^! FLU

No shit sherlock. We've had it often enough to know when a certain type of flu comes along and knocks us on our collective asses thankyouverymuch (yet another non-existant word just to throw Pooba for a loop).

Mind you, I haven't been 100% since they gave me that flu shot a couple weeks ago, but it was manageable. Last week, they gave him his while he wasn't feeling 100% and now he's got it. Which means this headache and feverish feeling in my face is prolly just what I think it is. If I still feel this bad tomorrow. I may just change my shot appointment into a dr appointment instead.

So anyway, my mind's been in a few different places this week and as a result...I plumb forgot.

So I did it

I finally sat down and composed a letter to the person that prompted that 3rd Wordle. I'm not going to go into detail about it here, a couple people know what's going on. Let's just say I had a huge decision to make and I threw the gauntlet down....drew the line in the sand. Told her that her behavior was simply not acceptable any longer. If she couldn't straighten up than to not bother writing me back. This was a big deal because there are ALOT of years invested in this friendship but it's gotten to the point where I simply cannot allow this treatment anymore. At this amount of time, there should be a level of respect given to each other and I simply wasn't being given it. Oh granted, she's going through a bad patch...but I've been there and done that already. I can be a great resource if you just ask. I'll help where I can....all I ask is the most basic of courtesies.

Anyhow. I've steamrolled over one speed bump and I think I feel a little better. There are a few more that I need to deal with. At least I am now aware of what the problems are, the hard part will be dealing with them. I won't go into them here. They're fodder for another entry.

The Weekend Wordle

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

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Ok. This is the Wordle I get when I put my link in. Not exactly what I'd hoped for.

How about if I up the maximum words to 2000 and just put the "Bloggyville" entry in? Oh look, I see a couple names in there. I'll have to take a magnifying glass and see if I can find more.
However, this next one is what's eatin at me these days. I won't be blogging it because ...well just because. A good look at the Wordle will give you an idea of what's got me all tore up and pissed off though. I definitely will be letting myself chill another day or two before writing the problem child and telling her off.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go to bed and see if I can sleep some of this grumpy mood off. I'll try and get caught up on my reading when I get up later.


Wow. I seem to be in a mood and a half this last part of the week. I know what's doing it though and I'm sure once I've dealt with it, I'll be back to my cheery self again. It's just a couple things.... one I can't do anything about and one I can. I'll be holding off on the latter until the former has run its course though as there's no sense handling it and losing the time invested in the situation when I'm in this kind of pissy mood (my 5yr+ friends can tell you how deadly THAT is).

Thank goodness Shan's put her game off until tomorrow because, frankly, I'd forgotten all about it (yeah, my mind's *THAT* distracted with the issues). I'll try to shake this enough to get a Wordle up for the game later on tonight.

Oh. And for those following the AJTP blog....we failed...again.

Just an attempt to cheer myself up

Edit: 10/03/09 they took the video down but thanks to Jeannie's blog we have a longer version of the same video.

Like she says in her blog...watch it while you can.


Once more for the Whatchasee. So, what did YOUR inner child see?

Well, here's what I was thinking of when I saw those clouds.

See y'all, I don't ALWAYS see cartoons!!


You know the drill. Open your minds, access your inner child and tell me whatchasee. Put your whatchasee in the comments below. Come back later tonight around 9pm or so and find out Whatisaw.

we're all adults, right?

Just a quick update. Consider this a ptmi alert for a couple sections...

Last Thursday I had my dr's appointment and as I had said before, I got out of there with several referrals.

I have a podiatrist appointment this coming Friday to check the cyst on my foot (it's been there for years and really isn't bothersome, so please don't worry). I'm also hoping to accomplish several things at this appointment.

First and foremost, conquer (or come close to conquering) this damned phobia I have with certain specialists (podiatrists are number one... dentists and eye doctors coming in a close second). I've noticed it doesn't matter WHERE I am, but the minute I see one of those chairs in an exam room, my pulse races and I feel sick (plus I tend to go several shades whiter than an albino). I'm fine if I realize I don't HAVE to sit in it (like the allergy shot room), but if I KNOW I'm going to have to be in it... that's when it gets to me. I'm hoping this appointment will be nothing more than a "Hi, howya doing, lemme introduce you to Lady and Styx... they're ticklish and fearful...please handle with care!"

Secondly, I need this dr to know the medical background of the family so they know what to be watching for. Diabetes runs on both sides of the family so there will be different care for my tootsies than the average person's. We'll also discuss the leg pains I get and how I'm treating it as well as the fact I fkd up my left foot several years back and it's become a bit of a problem in the damp and/or cold.

My girls have their appointment next month. They were free and clear last year and I'm anticipating the same this year. Looks like this is going to be a yearly thing this year now that I'm 40. Well that and considering that dad's mom (Mimi) had cancer so badly when she passed (started in the liver, lymph and lungs and went to everywhere else..including the bones).

Next month I also have an appointment with an auditory specialist. I know there probably isn't anything that can be done with the hearing loss or the tinnitis, but at least it'll be documented that there is a problem.

Sometime in the next few days I'm anticipating calls for appointments to a urologist as well as one for a dermatologist. The urologist simply because I'm tired of the problem Im having everytime I sneeze/cough/laugh real hard unexpectedly. My mom suspects a dropped bladder. All I know is I'm tired of certain things happening, ya know? As for the dermatologist, I was a "sun-worshipper" in my youth (I didn't always get sun poisoning, I used to tan really nicely!! honestly!) and since mom is having problems (she's gonna be 60 next year), I figured it's a good time to get things looked at.

The appointment went pretty well. I was informed that an EKG was going to be SOP for the yearly appointment because I'm 40 now. Personally, I think it's because I've been obese all my life. Either way, it just makes sense..and it's not as though it hurts. The EKG came back clear. I weighed in at 250 (see tracker above), putting me at 48 pounds down from last year. The bp came in with a nice 123/64 or so. The problem was with my blood work. The White cells were up AGAIN....but the shocker? My Triglycerides were up as well. Can anyone tell me how the HELL that happens when a person's lost as much weight as I have? When I was 298 they were 144 ...I'm down to 250 and the buggers went UP to 205!!!! The dr put me on fish oil tablets to help bring that down. I've also decided to try Cholestoff to bring that number down. Hopefully this all will bring the HDLs up too. For the white cells, I'm on amoxi again....

Top things all off, since my shots are so out of date I not only got a flu shot (which, surprise, has given me a mild case of flu and the antibiotic isn't helping it) but a Tetnus as well. It took 3-4 days before I could use that arm properly.

So here I am, not feeling 100% and off my eating plan. I skipped my smoothie for 3 days and so wasn't getting my daily yogurt. As a result, the amoxi managed to give me one of those nasty little side effects. *sigh* Since I'm having that problem I can't do the other test that I need to do to see if we were successful this month. I have to wait until I'm done with the meds before I continue. However, if the signs I'm seeing are right, we missed the window...again.

awards and a tour of bloggyville

Warning: extremely long entry.You'll be here and in other blogs for awhile so save me for the last read. I don't mind, honestly. Just make sure you go potty, wash hands, grab a meal or snack and drink...yadda yadda yadda...you know the drill...before sitting down. Oh and grab some kleenx just in case.

We all know what a poor bloggy buddy I've been. I didn't get my thank yous out timely and this one deals with the awards I didn't post when I should have. As much as I'd like to blame it all on the addiction to that site that I have, I suspect many of these simply got jambed up behind the Journey entry. Most of my usual readers can tell you, if I get something on my mind and I don't blog it right away, well everything else gets tossed to the back burner until it's dealt with. Usually, once I get the problem out of the way...the rest of the entries all insist on being told LIKE NOW!! However, I had a dr appointment on Thursday and it's taken til today to actually feel close to 95%. That's another whole entry though. If you have yet to have these awards given to you, please feel free to help yourself.

Anyhow, these are all the beautiful awards that were either specifically sent my way, OR the general reader was instructed to please take. Many of my friends are like that as we don't like thinking that anyone got left out. The only two that I'm sure of where I got them are the first two, because I made sure to change the name slightly while in the files so I knew who. Not sure why I didn't with the other two. Anyhoo...the first two were swiped off of Deanna's Blog. They were so beautiful that I couldn't resist.

I ~think~ this next one came from Wendy, I'm not entirely sure. I seem to remember making a comment on her blog saying I already had it....

*goes to double check*

Yeah, here we go the rules to this one are on this entry that she wrote on September 2nd.

Now, this one....I have no clue who I swiped it from. I suspect it may have been iggy's blog although I'm not really 100% certain on that. If someone could look into that for me? Thanks.

N/M I found it.

Anyhow, if I recall, this one was supposed to provoke some actual thought and as such became a bit of a speed bump because if you've learned anything about me , it's that anything that takes thought pretty much places my brain in traction for weeks. Well. In honor of this award I'm going to put in some links of my more popular entries as well as a few of those entries of others that really touched me in some way. Personally, I think collectively ALL of you deserve this award and should be proud to wear it on your blog somewhere (oh crap...this means I gotta get these uploaded into the Slideshow stream now...).

The most popular of my entries by far seem to be when I'm in a very dark spot or when I fail at something. Why is that? I thought for sure everyone wanted happy bloggers? *laffin* Anyway, I had two tie for the position of "Most Popular Blog Entry" at a whopping 21 comments a piece (ok, so it aint whopping, but dammit...I got a very small following comparatively speaking and not everyone leaves a bloody comment like some of y'all's entries get!). The first one was written on February 10th, dealing with my then SCSis (now GaSis) who'd called me up and left me feeling very disturbed. The entry was titled In A Dark Dark Spot Right Now . This story seemed to have reached a bit more even footing as of the end of July. However, I'm in the dark....again.... I am hoping it's just that she has no phone service and no friggin common sense to ask the boss if she could make one 5 minute phone call to assure her friend of 30 years that she's ok. I surely HOPE it's nothing more serious than that. Needless to say, it's weighing heavily on me right now. I do have an idea, but it needs to wait until tomorrow.

The next one was written on August 11th in 2008 and was entitled Itshouldabeenakodakmoment. A bitch of a title to write, but one that expressed the frustration of not being properly armed, OR while being properly armed just not having enough juice in the damned camera to get that perfect "Kodak moment". This, too, garnered 21 comments. I think this one may have actually gotten that number because I asked a question at the end of the entry (which is something I don't generally do). Maybe I need to write when I'm pissed off, sad or frustrated more often?

Some of the runners up are:

From the Home page (please remember this blog section plays music automatically BUT the player's at the top so you can turn it off):

The Committed TShirt creation that was made for iggy. This May 12, 2008 entry got 14 comments.

The Super Bowl Sunday post that debutted the new bumper sticker for the upcoming election season. This entry from Feb 2008 had 11 comments.

From the "Padded Room" entries (the Like a Phoenix blog):

The Nov 13,2008 entry entitled Tour of Duty-TRU intermission where I go into a small side track of some of the troubles occurred in the one apartment I was living in. Surprisingly, they WEREN'T caused by the jerk I was married to at the time. That one had 9 comments on it. It only got that many because I'd neglected the blog for so long though.

Then there was the 2 parter I wrote in June of 2008 called Great Escape. Both part 1 and part 2 got 2 comments a piece. Not bad considering that it's a much smaller circulation than the 2 Cents blog.

The last 3 entries come from the Journey blog. It's another that I don't exactly update frequently. Mostly right now, it's a place to whine and put things that I deem much too adult at times for my usual writings. All 3 are ones I wrote in 2007.

Interesting Read dealt with information as to why certain test were being performed and why certain medicines were being considered. We've sense discovered that the one medicine does NOT play nicely with my body. This was writen August 16th and got 8 comments.

Two days prior I posted one entitled Thursday August 2nd where I dealt with the indignity of being a woman, seeing a new doctor and having a very long overdue pap. What some of the issues were that the dr was considering placing me on. All the "Let's try and get this baby started" good stuff ya know. All that stuff that had to be placed on the back burner because hubby had to have certain surgeries to fix him up. At the time, I had to weigh things as to importance. His, which were MEDICALLY necessary.... or mine, which were just because I wanted a baby. Obviously, his were much more important.(7 comments)

The last worth mentioning in this section is I Hate This Feeling which dealt with the fact my dr stuck me on Prometrium and how the drug affected my body. This got 7 comments.

Now. Here are some of my favorites of the ones I read.

The entire Insight Series written by Dorkys Ramos, where I think I saw this reflection type post first. I like these posts because they really make me think (and then the brain goes into traction and I forget to comment most times....just know that they're some of my favs of yours).

There are a few over at Yaya's Place (whose Fragment Friday entries are the bomb all and on their own) that really get to me. Why? Because Yaya and I are sorta in the same boat right now... or at least in two like boats rowing side by side. Each wanting desperately what some women (Octomom, Kate, et al) seem to get so friggin easily. We just wanna be mommies. Her entry on Aug 10 2008 called Why I'm A B^tch goes into the side effects of the medicine she's taking to help her get pregnant and the frustration (and I suspect a bit of depression) she gets every month when the medicine hasn't worked it's magic.

Then there's her entry on March 22nd of this year that actually made me cry. I had to step away from the computer for a good long while after reading How Do You Be Happy For Others where she answers a reader's email in detail on her blog. All those same feelings that I have...right there...and someone else was feeling them too.

Next we're going to visit iggy's blog entry called Trees Are Like People (June 3rd) was stunning and thought provoking even in its simplicity. I haven't seen a tree the same since. A real shame that no one thought to include this gem in their choices. Oh look...it was HIS blog I first saw the award on...awesome.

Oh look...THIS is where I got the award (*whew* I really would hate to think I swiped yet ANOTHER award!) so I actually EARNED this one too!! I got the award from over at Deanna's Blog in August. I am going to agree with iggy on his selection of He Had Curly Hair and a Crooked Smile and I Loved Him Very Much as one of the best entries. I'd say that a close second would go to Change Your Thinking entry. That one got me to thinking of an idea for an entry which I have yet to post but I think I'll stick in the drafts for the next appropriate moment as they seem to hit every year at least twice...

.....7th inning stretch.....

Put down the food for this one. This one is from Marmy's blog and the entry is called Laff Me Red Stripey Sock Off. Actually, most times it's inadvisable to be drinking or eating while reading her posts. It's much too messy and I'm sure the monitor and keyboard don't appreciate getting splattered. This is one of her shorter entries but gives you a good idea what she's all about.

Then there's always a trip to Razors and Vines blog. I suggest reading the entry entitled Ever. I love the quirky writing style. I just may need to adopt that style considering both sides of my personality like to fight for control of the keyboard.

do not

Do so.

And the last stop on this entry is going to be in Shan's blog. Her entry, An Apple For the Teacher? Nope, School Supplies which went into how little teachers get for supplies for their classrooms. Every word of what she had to say was true. Actually, things are much much worse for the private schools... or at least it was at the private Christian school I worked at in Louisiana. I was there for about 3-4 years and I can tell you the average there wasn't even the national average for teacher pay. They were alotted ~maybe~ a grand total of $50 per semester for stuff for the classrooms (visual aids, decor, standard supplies like chalk and erasers were supplied by the school if extra was on hand) and dickyboy's salary never topped $24,000 for the year.

She also wrote one called We Are Women...We Must Backstab that I think should be required reading for everyone. Thankfully, I don't believe I've seen any of my bloggy readers saying stuff to purposefully hurt another around here. Now sometimes, there's the errant question that gets misread, misinterpreted, whatev... but that happens because of the medium. If we could only HEAR what the heart and mind of the writer is writing, then there wouldn't be nearly the hurt feelings.

Well, that completes our 3 hour tour...

Holy shit it took me that long to write???

Yep, it did (thanks to the contant stream of emails that came in while I was writing and we all know I just can't let 'em sit there when I'm at the computer....).

It's a special day!

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
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Here is just a general WW of what I'd discussed recently:

Here's what's really been on my mind. The entry this WW came out of is in the Journey blog.
Just when I was getting things lined up, a little cuckoo emailled me and let me know that someone's birthday was today. As a special for the week, I decided to pop over to the birthday gal's site and make a WW just for her. I had to do a bit of tweaking because I couldn't get it to look right. I still don't have it right, but at least the main words in it are in the right order. If you have a chance, pop over to Marmy's Blog and wish her a very happy birthday. While you're at it, take a read of a few of her entries. No food or drink though, because even when she thinks she's discussing something sad, it's her way of words that will get you to laughing anyhow.

Oh...and I'm leaving this video for her, if someone would be so kind as to let her know it's here? Thanks.

I've been put to shame!

Ok. So we all know I've been fighting this terrible CrackFacebook games app addiction for a while. I think I've got it to a manageable level now so I can get into the blogs a bit more often. That combined with the several blockages that have hit (well maybe more like big speed bumps) have pretty much kept me from WANTING to write. As y'all know, once I get something in mind that needs to be written...nothing else is going to be forthcoming until I deal with the issues at hand. Since I took care of the one in the Journey blog, it's opened the way to doing this one.

I'm really kind of ashamed I waited as long as I did to do this one to be honest. I mean for goodness sakes all my RAKs arrived and the recipients all said their thank yous. Even the one RAK that in turn became part of another RAK got thanked. And then today....there was another thank you for a gift that wasn't originally part of the RAK we did... but was a genuine RAK with no strings attached.

I've been put to shame.

and for this I'm very very sorry.

Maybe I can blame it all on these little cuties and say I've been busy painting again?
Maybe I can blame it on the fact I've been highly considering doing another RAK sometime in the next few months?

No, I didnt think so...

Too long ago, I got a package as part of the RAK from Georgia. The package says to pass it on but I'd already done that step. I couldn't wait to rip into the parcel and see what Jeannie sent me.
She sent me this bee-autiful little box with a dancing bee fairy and a bumble bee on the lid. Upon handling this piece I heard rattling. Could it be she enclosed just a bit more?
So I open the box and there is a small assortment of candies. Well...there goes the eating modification, albiet just briefly. Mmmmmmmm Krackles. I promptly snarfed down the sweets. What can I say, I have a total lack of control when it comes to sweets and carbs (pasta, breads and the like).

As you can see, I found it a very nice home right where I can see it daily as a reminder.

A few days later, as you all may remember from the one entry, I got my package from Pennsylvania. Considering the conversations we'd had, and the fact he kept referring to a "lab" now and again, I was wondering just what would be in the envelope. Hmm...I can't find a picture of the packaging! *WAH* Well...it was really cute. The stuff was in a Fed Ex envelope which was, in turn, stuffed in a brown envelope. YAY for extra special handling!
I found many delightful things inside. First there was this OCHA "birthing" kit so I can make my own Lil Iggy. Seems like that'll be a good Monday project, whatcha think? I do need to make a slight subtitution to the directions though as I'm a decaf tea drinker. I hope this doesn't affect the cone making process. *crosses fingers*

Then there was this awesome photobook/calendar. I seem to remember some of that clip-art. LOL. Within the front cover was my very own OOP Club card (OCHA Obsessed Person) and a bumper sticker! I see he updated it to reflect the next election year too....
The outside cover has this beautiful saying and has iggy's name right on the spine. No way this one's gonna get lost in the bookshelf.

Inside were many of the lovely photos he's shared with us over the course of the year (one of which was featured in that little video I did). One of my faves was the castle which is located with the month of August. Look at this, he even sent me a shot of the "moose". Creative or otherwise, this moose was a welcome addition to the package.

The last photo was the one he took when we were celebrating my anniversary. I certainly hope that was alcohol free champagne or apple juice though.... You can see at the edge of the photo some writing...that's his signature. It's for when he gets famous so I can say "I knew him when" ya know. Thinking ahead as always!

In the back of the booklet was a recipe for a delightful OCHA shaped dessert. I can't wait to try it one of these days. Orange sherbet is fat free and if I use a low fat vanilla icecream, it shouldn't mess with my eating modification too badly.
Thank you both for such wonderful gifts. They certainly put a spot of sunshine in my day.
PS. This is going into the Blogger is a bloody idiot file too because of the problems the stinker gave me uploading the pix!

We lost another

RIP Mary Travers, you will be missed.


Ok...here's the Whatchasee one more time....

I must be good and ready for the cold weather because this is Whatisaw...

And Karla? Yeah I saw it too. All we need is a huge cuppa cocoa to float him in. Maybe we could sell it by telling him it's a hottub?

"We're going about this all wrong! This Mr. Stay Puft's okay, he's a sailor, he's in NY. We get this guy laid we won't have any trouble!"

Oh yeah...it's STILL one of those weeks!

Whatchasee Wednesday

Y'all know the drill. Put whatchasee in the comments below and come on back around 9pm to find out whatisaw (assuming I saw anything this time around... been rather uninspired with the clouds this time around, maybe it's because the classical wasn't playing in the radio this week). This week's cloud formation is a donation from Deanna.

Since I'm placing this on a scheduled post, as par my usual, how many of you realized I actually posted TWICE on Tuesday? As of this writing, I know of only 2 that noticed......

This doesnt change my mind

No. I still don't like you any, sir.

No. I still don't trust you or any of those involved with you either.

These are my opinions and I shall hold them until the day I die.

However, Sir, I DO give you props if you actually said this.

even the president disapproves

It was one of those weeks....

The package in question came on Saturday but didn't get into my possession until Sunday morning because we don't exactly check the mailbox daily when we're home all day.

Turn it up a bit. Yeah...I actually talk during this one....and laugh...no *snortlez* though.

S.A.TUR.DAY Niiight...ok, so it's really morning, I couldn't help myself.

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

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I know, I've been a terrible bloggy buddy. So terrible, that a friend had to call me out on it in one of my entries. This week's wordle is made out of ideas that have been floating around in my head (not to mention my picture folders, but failing to get out into the blogosphere due to this addiction). I'm hoping that if I get the list out there, enough comments will kick the moose back into gear and have it ready to run by the time I get my military built up.

This is what I wrote in the box on the Wordle site:
Street signs prompt blog idea
Flowers , flowers and more flowers
A couple trips to unexpected places
A couple new toys
Artsy fartsy
Shadow of a well-endowed woman
Failure to storm
Going to work out custody rights to the fkn truck
Aliens for iggy *
RAKs shipped and received (thank you Jeannie, I still gotta post yours...I know)
Love package from home
XXX Dragonflies
New addition to the family
Neighborhood news

*Now the "aliens for iggy" is pretty much a reminder for myself to get those pix uploaded into his special folder and don't really count towards my entries, but since those ARE something I'm clicking on a weekly basis (along with the clouds and the HLPs), I figured I'd better add them to my list.


Ok. Here was this week's picture once again.

Let's flip it around so it's facing in the same direction as the WhatISaw.

That's better.

And this is the second thing I thought of when I saw the cloud.

As for the first thing I saw.... *laffs* well it was a (rest of comment censored for common decency due to mixed company and ages reading this blog).
.oO(Oh no she just didn't!)
(I'm afraid she just did, just like that comment over in Yaya's blog!)Oo.


Whatchasee Wednesday

Yeah. I know. I really need to work a schedule out so I can get everything I want done accomplished during the week. I may have to take my Me Mondays and use those to do my writing. However, I know me....and once the computer's on, that's it. Ah well. At least I didn't forget our game. Ok ok...I almost did and was starting to shut the computer off like an HOUR ago when I remembered I hadn't done the Wednesday posts! So, instead of saying :P~~~ like I wanted to, I dug into my files for this picture.

You know the drill. Around 830-9pm there will be a post with what I saw....until then, everyone drop exactly what you think it is into my comments.

It's Saturday...already?

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

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I know, I know, I been a really bad bloggy buddy the last week or so. It's really not entirely my fault. I got roped into that CrackFacebook and all its time-suck games. Everytime I turned around there was another one. At one point, I'm not kidding, I had 7-8 games I was following. I looked myself in the mirror and said..."ENOUGH!" and I promptly weeded all but 6 total games. There are 3 of those little time sip games, ya know the ones...they only take a minute or 5 to play and the game's over (now whether or not you play more than one game...THAT'S what kills ya time-wise). Of the major time-suck games, I'm down to 3 now. I'm trying to set limits on how long I'm in there, but many days I fail. Anyhow, I truly have at least 2-3 entries I really need to write so I'm hoping to be all caught up with my reading and commenting later today so I can write all day on Sunday to get the whole week set up. If I feel ambitious enough, maybe I'll get two weeks worth written. Nah. Who am I kidding. I'll be in Flickr all day uploading the next batch of photos or off stashing my "money" in a slush fund and fighting wars...... but until then, I think I'm ~finally~ gonna get myself into bed. Only been up 20 some odd hours today...


Ok. Here's this week's cloud pic.
I actually had another pic of this formation but it's not loading the way I want it to. I suspect it's because of the bit of a tree in the frame and Blogger just can't get it through it's fleabrain that the way I'm trying to up load it is the way it's SUPPOSED to be. *sigh*. So I've simply turned the existing picture 90 degrees. Looks different, doesn't it?

This wasn't what I saw when I clicked that picture, but I saw it while I was working with the clyx on my computer it came to my attention. No it's not the suncatcher as a whole, but the subject within. Close...but not what I saw at first glance!

No, THIS is what I saw at first (second and third) glance(s). Ok. This is 2 weeks running I've seen a cartoon figure. You think my brain's trying to tell me something??

Chicagolady posed an interesting question last night (when she ~finally~ came up for a breather from her game...). She wanted to know what we were going to do once winter hit and the sky was nothing but nasty grey clouds and really too dark to do some serious cloud gazing. I told her I have several pix on the computer and a few donations from that darling shepherdess we all know and love. Between that and Google, I suppose we could make it through the winter. Better yet.... we've got several beautiful days before the winter hits. If anyone would like to donate an afternoon's worth of clouds to the game, please send them along to my hotmail account.

Whatchasee Wednesday

Ever since starting this exercise/game/theme (whatev), I've found myself extremely fascinated with the clouds. So fascinated, infact, that there have been times I've almost fallen backwards while looking at them. Maybe that's the reason why this activity really should be done while lying on one's back in a field, or at least a lounger chair. The clouds this week have been really active...moving faster and therefore being hard to catch in just the right shot. Just when I notice a great formation, it's gone before I can get my camera up to capture it.

Ok, here's this week's Whatchasee. Interesting formation, is it not? For those that keep saying they have no imagination, try downloading the image to your computer and turning it around every which way. Or if you're industrious, like the one commentor a bit back, download it to your laptop...go outside and hold it over your head! *laffz*

WhatIsaw up at 9pm.


So I got this postie note in my email yesterday evening:
Remind LS to please add up mileage to date Gotta love when my friends remember what I'm supposed to be doing . *laffz*

Anyhow, here's how the last 10 (and a smidge over) months have gone biking-wise.

My average mph on any given day is 15.27. Not great, but I've been in a bit of a fight lately. Some days I just do NOT wanna get on that contraption. I think it's mostly because my knees have been putting up a fight and a half. When I dont ride, the right knee decides to act up and if I DO ride ...well depending on the ride I had that day my left knee likes to complain. It's to the point of having to put Icy Hot patches one either or the other OR both sometimes. Just another thing to add to my list for the dr this month (appt scehduled for the 17th)

At least I haven't totally given up on riding....that's a plus, right?

Time...I've been on that bike a total of 9405 minutes. That's 156.75 hours.... or 6.53125 DAYS if I was riding 24/7. Damn. All this time to only go 6 days?? *sigh* Maybe the next set of figures will cheer me up.

Mileage: 2,736.94 miles. I could have easily done a one way trip from Frenchville, Maine to Homestead, Florida and been on my way back again. Another 12096 miles and it would be a round trip. If I was going cross country, I'd be about 4 miles out from Sacramento, California... which I will be headed through by the time I get done with today's ride.

Calories killed: 95,832.3.

To put it in perspective... that's approximately 77 triple Whoppers with cheese (at 1250 calories...no fires, no soda, just the damned burger)...OR approximately 85 Dairy Queen Large vanilla shakes (at 1130 calories... approximately 74 of the chocolate variety at 1300 calories).

Even more perspective... my present favorite meal... the Subway meatball marinara foot long sandwich (no fries, no chips, no soda) is 1,120 calories. I've burned nearly 86 of those.

Even MORE perspective: My absolute favorite meal to go.... Chik-fila.
12 count nuggets: 400 calories
waffle fries (gotta have those!): 420 calories
cookies and cream milk shake: 700 calories (oh man...kill me now)

total meal: 1520 calories

all that time I've been riding and I've ONLY almost burned off 63 of those.

October 19th will be the one year anniversary of the biking....


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