just a few updates

We made it back home sometime yesterday. I'm so happy to be home to be honestly. There's so much to do. I've got nearly 400 pictures to sort, resize and get uploaded to my Flickr account. The project is liable to take me a few days.

I came home to 30 messages in my inbox and 80 entries to read. Yeah, I can tell I've been gone 4 days. It's taken a couple days but I have them down to 39 more to read.....

While we were on or way home, I had a couple more title possibilities come up. I figured that when I got home if there wasn't any more votes I'd add them to the poll and extend it by a week. Imagine my surprise when I checked the poll and found 3 votes last night and then another 2 more this morning. I was even more surprised when the one title ran away with the poll. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

I've got some weeding to do this week. When blogging begins to feel like a one-sided friendship, it's definitely time to re-assess the blog following procedures.

The trip went fairly well. Everyone survived... surprising. Some of us ended up a tad crankier than others. Then again, if the sun did this to your skin everytime you spent anymore than a few brief minutes in the sun. What you can't see in the picture is the fact that there are little blisters EVERYWHERE on that arm. The sad thing is, even if I use the strongest sunscreen... I ~still~ blister. It's not a heat rash because it just happens on my hands and arms and not on other parts of my body that are covered (where you'd expect heat rash to occur). It's also not an allergy because, like I said, it only happens on the hands and arms and not everywhere that's exposed (in other words, my face doesnt have a problem although I seem to have a very slight problem on the upper chest when wearing a v-neck shirt). The only thing that seems to work on the itch is Benedryl gel. Creams don't work (not even my Aveeno that I use every shot day). I think I'm going to add it to my list for the yearly physical and ask the dr. In the meantime, I need to see about making a lightweight cotton jacket for when I have to be out in the sun for longer than 10 minutes.... but mostly for car rides where I can't get into some shade regularly.

I think that's it for now. I'd like to get some reading done before I crawl in for the night.

It's SATURDAY!!! Game Day!

I'm getting this entry set up on Wednesday night to be posted on Saturday as I won't be home. If someone would be so kind as to get me signed into the Mr Linky on Shan's page, I'd appreciate it. I won't be home until Monday night and would really hate to miss out on playing.

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

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This first one is just a general Wordle. I upped the word count to 500 to see what I'd get. Gee, any wonder that I'm highstrung with all this clogging my brain up?

This next one is a bonus. Those that have been reading my blog the last few days will have a real good idea what it's about. Poll's on top, over to the right>>>>

EDIT 6/29/09. Idiot friggin Blogger must be on the rag because this scheduled post DID NOT FRIGGIN POST WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

What a sad couple of days

Edward Leo Peter "Ed" McMahon, Jr. (March 6, 1923 – June 23, 2009)
Farrah Fawcett (February 2, 1947 – June 25, 2009)
Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958– June 25, 2009)
You will be missed.

omigoodness...a sighting!

So after my shot and the errand running on Thursday, we pulled into our parking space at the TH and what do we see? This cute little bugger. It might have been our good friend Sugar Bush. I'm kinda hoping so because I've been worried she hasn't written in her blog since Christmas. My dear friend Deanna aka punkn had commented once that Sugar had been spending alot of time raiding the bird feeders in the area. Evidently,as you can well see, that isn't the case.

Squirrel number 1

You see her there? She's sitting at the top of the picture, peeking down from out of frame. But oh! What was that hunny? Look farther down the trunk? Ok....
2 squirrels in tree. One has back to camera and is climbing up and the other is looking down the tree but all you see is the head poking down from the top of the pictureHey! It looks like she's traveling with Charlie! No wonder we hadn't seen him in a while either.

Squirrel number 2As you can see, both of them are doing very well. They squeaked that I could take all the shots I wanted, so long as I passed along to their dear friends that they said hi. They were very adamant about the conditions. So, here it is from Sugar and Charlie:

"Squeak squeak squeak, squeak, squeaker... Squeakin"

2 cents from the chaotic mind

So I think I have the decor up, I'm not sure I'm totally in love with it yet so you may expect it to change a time or two more until I'm satisfied with the results. I've changed 3 more of my blogs over to the 3 column format because I think the new format will service them better as now I can add links for resources in one of the sidebars without junking up the already existing one. In the Padded Room (the Phoenix page), I've started adding links on where to go for help. I hope this helps out someone in the long run. Time to start writing in there again eventually. Been almost 8-9 months since I did anything with that page.

All I have left for this page (other than the title) is to see about getting a sig to actually post everytime without me having to remember to put the code in. I've tried going into the settings section and putting it in the code box but it just won't stick (my luck it's a main code issue and I'll need to do the same thing as when I reworked the header code). Really kinda sucks. I also need to see if I can find a proper widget for the Photostream. I'd much rather have mine look like iggy's with the pictures 2 by 2 instead of single file.

With all the ideas that came in and the comments that sent me into other places looking for ideas, I ended up with a full page (front and back ) of ideas. I suspect there were about 50 possible titles in that list. I've tweaked some of the ideas and narrowed down the possibles to like 7. Now I just need to decide which way I wanna work it. When I get it narrowed down to 2 or 3, I may stick it in a poll to see what y'all think about them. Then again, I just may decide I love one so much that no amount of voting is going to change my mind (and there's one that's getting to be that way) *shrugz*.

Have been having loads of fun with my camera. It seems like the subjects of choice (besides plates for the HLP) have been our "kids", clouds and flowers. I've loaded a bunch more stuff in my Photostream if anyone wants to take a peek. Uploaded several pictures last night once I learned the lesson of "reduce the file so you can fit more into the limit for your freebee account". I'm just waiting on the day that I have to go pro on that bugger. Since I'm loading only the best pix I've taken, I expect it may be a while before I get to that point.


Aint that look just priceless? She's taken to giving the snooty look every now and then. Especially when I've got the camera in hand....


This is a SFC (straight from camera) of Katy. We'd just started daytime shift and so had rearranged our Thursday errand run. The groceries had been bought and hubby dropped me off to the dr's while he headed home to put the food away. When I got out from getting my shot, there at the door of the office was hubby and Katy. I told him it was a good idea because this way she gets out for a walk now and again. She loves the road trips too.

Speaking of road trip, we'll be headed to TN for a couple days. We're leaving out on Friday morning. Poochie is going to the "spa" so it'll just be the two of us. We're expecting to be home sometime Monday. I'm angling for a day away from the family and a side trip into Knoxville. Hopefully, I can get some zoo pictures. I haven't been to a zoo in a couple years or more. Please keep us in your thoughts as we travel that we arrive safely, that I don't end up with sunpoisoning or hives and that I don't freak out and finally kill my MIL. Thanks.


While we were out the other week, hubby saw this beautiful honeysuckle plant. He said that if he was certain on what type of pesticides were used while the trucks were spraying, he would have picked some. Says they taste really nice and sweet. Once we get into our own place again (eventually), I'll have to remember to plant some.

two-tone tulips

I can't remember where I saw this beautiful flower, but I really wish I'd thought to grab a few more shots of it. I suspect it was at a business somewhere. Which reminds me, hubby came home early today and took me out to Logan's. I got some more water fountain and geese shots. Unfortunately, as sunny as it was, I couldn't tell if they were good or not and won't know until I get back upstairs for the day.

Actually....I've got another set of pix I need to upload tonight. I didn't want to put them in my Photostream until I was ready to write about them. I think I'll work on them tomorrow sometime.

Found out a couple weeks ago that my stylist no longer works for the salon I'd been going to and of course no one there will give up where he headed to. I'm still in mourning. Ended up having to color my own hair. I hate doing it myself. The solution stinks and the bathroom isnt nearly well ventillated enough. Plus I can never get a color that looks good on me. Now that I'd been going pro and he'd found a nice color and style for me, I hate the fact he's no longer there. I think I got close though with Nutriesse Chocolate Caramel. It's supposed to be a medium golden mahogony brown.... looks more red on me than anything. I'll have to get hubby to get a pic of me outside.

Looking at the comments from my last post, it seems someone has gotten a trifle spoiled with me posting everyday-ish. Hun, I don't post everyday anymore as there isn't much to say and it got to the point where it was just riding stats. No sense boring everyone to tears with that. Yes, I'm still riding...I just had to modify it a bit.

I think this'll need to do for now. Got a few more things but I don't want an entry too long. I know, too late.

***edit 12am. I think I got the sig figured out. I was right, it was a main coding issue and a pain in the ass to find. I'm hoping it'll work each time now. I think so as I just pulled up a new entry as though I was going to write in it and it already had code in there. I also figured out how to remove the box from around my sig and pictures. Whoot! Go me! Now to work on that Flickr Photostream problem...but not tonight. I'm tired and ready for bed.

It's that time of week again!

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

02) Post it on your blog with a link to Shan's Week~End Wordles or Last Shreds Of Sanity.

03) Once that's done, go back to Last Shreds Of Sanity and sign the Mr Linky that she'll have up (this will help direct those who play along to your blog...we're talking new peeps reading and maybe new followers for everyone....). Dont forget to leave a comment on the sites you visit!!

Sorry it looks a bit smaller than usual. Normally, I reduce the word count to about 75-100 words but I felt with the updating I was doing that I'd bump up the count to about 200+, just to make it more interesting.

a little of this and a little of that

I was over visiting at razorsandvines the other day and saw this quizzy thing she did. I figured, what the hell. I wasn't really overly surprised with the results to be honest.

I'm a O30-C35-E27-A10-N84 Big Five!!

About a week and a half (or was it two weeks) ago I sent several packages out. A couple care packages and about 3 cards (4 if you count the one in one of the care packages). Once card went to my "sis" in Georgia and the other to my dad. I know it was early but if I didnt send it when I did, I would have forgotten. Anyhow, below are the two cards with the insides pasted at the bottom of each respective card.

Yeah, I got some real class...LOL. At least I know they'll get a laugh. If I sent mushy ones, I would have gotten phone calls demanding who I was and where the "real" LadyStyx was. They know me too well.

We popped into McKay's Secondhand books a couple times the last few weeks. It's wonderful to be finding some of the books I read as a kid for next to nothing, it surely beats paying full price. I found a few more books off the list I carry in my purse. Big Red was a hard one to find, actually almost anything from that author is hard to find. I actually "discovered" a new series written by Teri Farley while I was in Borders a couple weeks ago and have been working at getting every book in the series. I've got all but 5 books now. Best thing on this series? The fact that each book has only cost me $0.75 each.

We've had quite a bit of rain here lately. While waiting for my nutritionist appointment last week, I saw on the news that we'd had 12 days of rain in 17 days. Here it is a week later and we've had several days more. The stinking weather is so bloody unstable that it's ridiculous. Today we had a cloudy cool day until afternoon and then it got sunny and humid. *bah* Shortly afterwards we had a bit more rain. I'm really getting tired of it. More rain means the weeds and grass grow quicker and on a dry day? Well my allergies act up.

I guess this will suffice for now. There's lots more little bits to write about so with any luck I'll have a few more days worth of entries. However, right now I'd kinda like to get the pix from the camera uploaded and the plates I captured sent to the Photobucket account. I've got the name narrowed down some and I may or may not put it to a vote depending on how sold I am on one of the choices.

Oh...and BRM? The WW is already up in a scheduled post. It should pop up around 5am or so.


Ok...so I had a bit of help.... via the Blogger help area. But still... I DID IT!

Hot shit I'm good!!!

Ok, now back to our regularly scheduled modesty......

video and updates

One of yesterday's comments reminded me of this song and scene. I wish I could have taken Ivana's advice but there was nothing to take but what I had in hand when I left.

I've got a full page of ideas I'm tossing around now. Thank you to everyone for giving the moose a collective kick in the tush.

I've changed colors to the page (the white is a bit hard on the eyes). I had alotta peeps say they like the clean white backing so I think I'll be keeping it a solid color for a while...see how I like it. You know me though, it probably won't stay that way for long (just until I tweak the other blogs into the new format)!

I've got the frosty boxes back in there by merging the new code with snippits of the old code. I'll be putting the bling back up in a bit. I wish I could figure out why it's not allowing me to put a banner up in there like it used to. If I recall, it took awhile to get it to work the first time through also. Just a matter of time before I get that fixed as well.

I think I got it

Am gonna keep my fingers crossed and not bother with the extras (the clicks n whistles I had up) until I'm for sure. I can't friggin believe I had to rip it all out and start over. Worse yet? I had to do all the adjusting in FIREFOX to make it work in both browsers.

Ok. Leave the 2 cents below on if it's working properly and which browser you're on. It should be a WHITE background and things should be centered properly.

Also. I'm still taking ideas on a name. Please see previous post for info on that. Friends from 5yrs+ back, you're defeating the purpose of the exercise. You of all people should know that if I'm actually asking for ideas, then I've more than likely been trying to figure it out on my own for a while as it is and I've pretty much gotten frustrated about it (some of y'all know me better than me at times). You also should remember that it's a big deal if I'm ASKING for an idea.... I had a few good ideas (thanks BRM) in the comments and one in email (thanks iggy).

Once I get this one squared away, I'll be doing the same to a few more of the blogs on my account so I can add resource links that correspond to the theme of the blog.

Excuse the mess!

Please excuse the mess. I'm trying to freshen up somewhat around here and see if the change of scenery will get the Creative Moose back to work. She's been awful lazy lately (and not just in my blog, Im sure).
I finally got around to sporting a 3 column format. It's something I've been considering changing to for a while now. With any luck, it won't slow my readers browsers down too much.

Along with the 3 column format, I'm going to slam some spackle up and get some fresh decorations on the wall and in the banner. You all know me, it won't last long once it's done. I can hear Shan now..."I'm tellin ya, this chick's got BADD...Bloggy ADD!" What can I say? I'm a Leo, it's in my blood.

I'm thinking that the blog needs a fresh new title to go with it. I've had someone point out to me the last day or so that my blog's name is really hard to remember. I don't know why..then again, my family was really into theatre and I used to be in choir so maybe it's easier for me. Maybe I should put the song up permenantly on my page so it earworms its way into everyone's head? Nah.

So I've been tossing around ideas and can't come up with anything. I need a nice snappy title that I can live with forever that also conveys ME. The only words that keep cropping up as I think about it are Fragment and Fracture. I don't really want to use the former as it's too close to that game that some of you play on Fridays but what can I do with the latter? Everyone put on your thinking caps and leave some ideas below. If you need some ideas, go to the Padded Room and Archived 360s and read. I don't want it to reflect the past life as I have a blog for that. It needs to reflect the damaged life attempting to move forward and deal with the day to day of now without having a total meltdown daily. Did that make sense?

Oh hell, I could always swap the titles of the Home page with this one.....would that be easier?


A -Age: pushing 40 way too hard *sighz*
B -Bed size: Queen
C -Chore you hate: vacuuming and dusting
D -Donuts or Kolaches: donuts (the old fashioned, fry cake kind in chocolate!!)
E -Essential start your day item: a cuppa tea, hot or cold
F -Favorite color: purple
G -Gold or Silver: Gold
H -Height: 5'5"
I- Instruments you play: my vocal chords, and badly!
J -Jokes or Rhymes: Jokes
K -Kids: zilch *sigh*
L -Living arrangements: rented townhouse with awful neighbors
M -Movie: Three Musketeers (1993)
N -Nicknames: starshine
O- Overnight hospital stays: gall bladder surgery
P -Pet Peeve: Undisciplined children (dittos this from Jeannie)
Q -Quote you like: just one? How unfair. "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."~Berthold Auerbach
R -Right or left handed: Right, leaning towards ambidextrous
S -Siblings: one (3 if you count the in laws)
T -Time you wake up: When I feel like it
U -Underwear: for flinging at the tv during American Idol! *laffz*
V -Vegetable you dislike: a good 95% of them....
W -Ways you run late: Hubby waiting til the last possible second to let the stinkin pooch out to potty before we go (it's never my fault, really)
X -X-rays you've had: dental, back, and one other but I cant remember what for
Y -Yummy food you make: chocolate chip cookies (what!? It's food. You can eat it)
Z -Zodiac sign: Western- Leo, Eastern-Rooster, rising and moon signs- Taurus and/or Aries depending on which chart you use.

Swiped this from Queenie Jeannie, who did it a few days ago. Play along if you care to...or not. It don't matter.

It's that time again....it time for the Weekend Wordle!

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

02) Post it on your blog with a link to Shan's Week~End Wordles or Last Shreds Of Sanity.

03) Once that's done, go back to Last Shreds Of Sanity and sign the Mr Linky that she'll have up (this will help direct those who play along to your blog...we're talking new peeps reading and maybe new followers for everyone....). Dont forget to leave a comment on the sites you visit!!

I love the fact that Get Everyone Better got put together...as well as Blogs Think. Yeah, we all know the blogs tend to take on a life of their own at times.

Neglect, expansion, redundancy and loss

So while we were out several weeks ago, I noticed a building that we must have passed several times over the 18 months or so we've been here. Actually, considering I'm at the dr's office once a week, it's more than just several times. When we first moved into the area, it used to be an Animal Clinic. Sometime in the last several months (probably a good 6-8 months ago), the clinic has closed down. Since then, it's taken a rather forelorn and neglected look. The day this picture was taken, the first thing I thought of when I saw it was the fact my account at Blogger has much began to resemble it. The pages don't get freshened as often and the entries...yeah right. We all see how that's been. *laffz* Now ya see why the building reminded me of my blog. Both are in desperate need of love and care.

Although several businesses have closed down around this area, but we've been seeing expansion as well. The furniture store that closed down in the strip mall behind our townhome is in the process of being taken over by the second hand book store, McKays (which is presently in the same strip mall but in a much smaller location). It's good to see that their business is doing so well that they can expand into a bigger space. I guess we can thank the economy for that. With things the way they are, the second-hand stores are doing better than usual. Not many people want to pay full price when they can get items that are next to new for a fraction of the price. That's fodder for another entry.....
In the line of expansion, the Walgreens near my dr's office is getting close to opening up. Kaiser (my dr's office) has built a new building and will be moving into it this weekend. I'll be going there next week for my shot. Just down the road from us is a store that's been empty for a while. The signs say an Aldi's is moving in. I'm looking forward to checking it out. One of these days I really should see if it's within walking distance. It'd beat crossing that busy street (4 lanes) to the new WalMart that's being built in the mall (I'm guessing it's about the same distance of a walk, too).

Some businesses are doing so well that they feel the need to build two of their company side by side, like the &-Elevens below. The only major difference between the two is that one has a gas station attached to it and the other does not. Gotta love redundancies.

Well, we've covered the neglect, expansion and the redundancy. You'll notice there isn't another picture, yet I do have one more word in that title. Jeannie, the good news I hinted to in my email (ya know, the "I know something you don't know" email)?
*points to the Weight Watch ticker above*
Yep. Thursday was a trip to the dietitian. Not that I really needed it, but after the last unofficial weigh-in (256.6) I decided that it was time to get one on file. Anyhow, I needed her to see I was still doing well and that I hadn't gained any of it back. I weighed in at a 253.....45 pounds gone in 10 months. I'm 13 pounds down since my last official weigh-in in February when I had to go in for that sinus infection. The weight loss is slow going and it seems to bounce around (not a straight downward slide, but an up and down with a downward trend....did that make sense?) but it aint coming back, so long as I behave myself....which I rarely do.

Hey Hey We're the Monkeys!

So one of the things I've been doing since I started playing hooky on a regular basis from the blogosphere is that I got into my painting again. The following pictures are the pieces I did for my GaSis's Christmas present this year. Normally, I wouldn't post pictures of a gift item until the person has received it, but since she presently has no internet access and absolutely no time to check more than her emails via the library (not that she ever checks my blogs anyhow...another of those that tell me they "didn't know" *sigh*), well there isn't much chance she'll see these.

She won't be getting all three monkeys in the trio above. I only posted the one in the maroon cap so y'all could see the front of the piece because I definitely needed to show the little extra detailling I added to the one in the blus cap. She's a bigtime Yankee's fan. I think I got that symbol right... not bad for freehanding it and not having a picture to copy off of. The monkey with the maroon cap has no detailling on his hat.

This cheeky little guy I put in her favorite color and painted the flowers in silver to give him some bling.

awards and a minor whine

Damn. I loaded these pictures 3 days ago and have yet to write the entry. *sigh* Maybe it's time for a nice long dandelion break and totally unplug for a week or so? All I know is when the power shut off at 730am and woke me up (the buzzer on the air purifier went off and THAT is what really woke me), I was really annoyed that I may have to sit in the dark stuffy house most of the day with no electronic stuff to keep me occupied. Oh granted, I could sit in the sun and do my needlework (I really could use the free Vit D) or drag the crafting table out of Harry's Closet (Cupboard) .oO(wait...is that where I put it?) and paint in the sunshine. The one problem with that is that I tend to get sun poisoning if I'm out too long (which I would be if I got into painting or stitching). Yeah, and people wonder why I like the night better for the most part.

So inside I stay. However, thanks to that low-life freakazoid I was married to the first time around, I have this slight problem with my ears. You'd think that if I had ear problems, that the quiet that results from no power in the house would be a welcome thing. It's not. You see, with the fans going and the hum of the computers and the other equipment acts as a "white noise" and the ringing in my ears (which were fine until The Freak decided his hearing wasnt what it should be so he blasted things like the tv and radios at the highest possible levels instead of going to a dr and having his ears checked) isn't as noticable. When it's super quiet though, and not even the hum of a PC to offset it, well it becomes unbearably loud. It makes it near impossible to go to sleep when the power's out. Just another thing to add to my ever growing list of stuff to check at my yearly physical in August.

Anyhow. I got the following couple awards over the last week or two (or 3...) and need to get them posted. This first one I received before but I've now I seem to have received it twice over again. I don't mind, it's a very pretty award! This time I received it from Razors and Vines. I'm really thrilled she thought of me to be honest. My writing doesn't hold a candle to the way she expresses herself. I also snagged it from Yaya (who also bestowed the next award to all her followers as well)!

This next great award was received from Yaya and Queenie Jeannie (oh heavens, in looking for the link I see Jeannie gave the prior award to everyone too). Isn't it the cutest? There are rules and regs to this one but since everyone probably seen it already, I won't bother posting them. The one rule I WILL follow is answering the "Why do I blog?" question.
So, why do I blog? It started out as therapy...trying to get myself past the Decade from Hell. Then it kind of evolved into an account with several blogs attached to it. It turned into a dumping ground for jokes and Inspirational items that get emailled to me, a place to put sellable items, and a format to keep everyone informed. I got so sick of people saying "I didn't know". I still get that one now and then, but now I can say... "well if you'd read my blog, you would have known!" Well at least I could when I was updating regularly ~smiles~. Unfortunately, someone manages to grab me in the IM or on the phone and by the time I realize I hadn't actually posted about it...well days/weeks have gone by.

So I'm still having a problem now and again with certain blogs. Yes, iggy, they seem to be the ones with scads and scads of advertisements on them (you know who you all are!). Somedays I can read them via the usual method (IE) and other days I pretty much have to lurk or visit with my new friend FireFox. It's rather frustrating to have to jump between browsers to be honest. Really frustrating.

'Tis Saturday

It's that time of week again!
It's time for Shan's Weekend Wordles.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

02) Post it on your blog with a link to Shan's Week~End Wordles or Last Shreds Of Sanity.

03) Once that's done, go back to Last Shreds Of Sanity and sign the Mr Linky that she'll have up (this will help direct those who play along to your blog...we're talking new peeps reading and maybe new followers for everyone....). Dont forget to leave a comment on the sites you visit!!

Sorry for the delay. We're in the process of changing over to a dayshift schedule here and I simply lost track of time. I think I'm going to have to make sure to get Saturday's post done and scheduled to be posted on Thurdays. Cant be hard to forget then because of my shots, right? Or does that come across as way too organized?

Anyhow, I've been somewhat offline about a day or so due to the problem I discussed yesterday. My knee's feeling better but Im going to give it one more day of rest and since there's no way to comfortably elevate it while Im at my desk.....It might take me a couple days to get to all the blogs....sorry. I really gotta get a few entries done too.

Anyhow, since I actually did an entry this week....I'm using that entry for my Wordle.

Damn. Even my Wordle's telling me what I need to do "Please read computer blogs". *sigh*




So the computer started acting up a couple weeks ago, I'm sure Chicagolady could tell me exactly when. It started throwing an error code on certain people's blogs (some that I participate on regularly!). I was an unhappy camper to say the absolute least. In order to read some of them, I had to resort to using Firefox. After a few days on FF, I tried those blogs again via my usual IE7. Imagine my surprise when, they not only worked, but the Google reader link started working properly again! YAY! So I chalked it all up to Blogger being a piece du merde at times and taking their sweet-assed time fixing problems. Things were good for almost a week now. Last night, the computer decided upgrades were needed and what did it do? Upload IE8 on me. *ugh* Ok, I can deal...right? Well the above video shows ya what I got today. I only checked the two sites so far and I think I'm going to walk away from the computer (actually, Im gonna hobble because the cold's got my knees achin this morning) for a while. I'm really kinda pissed off today so I may not make it in to the blogs at all. A real shame as I have loads of pictures I wanna share, a day and a half of blogs to read and emails to deal with. Between a computer that seems to be bound and determined to make me use FF, and knees that don't want to stop achin... *checks calendar* oh damn...*sigh* ya, and THAT too. It's not likely to be a good day around here. Someone bring me a couple heating pads, a cuppa catnip tea and a cinnamon muffin please?

Something to tickle the funny bone

So. In my WW this week I mentioned a commercial that I was simply lovin lately and so I figured I'd share a few of them that have been making me chuckle.

The Samsung ones, lately, have been totally off the hook.

Oh dear...this one nearly killed me. I hadn't seen it before. Excuse me while I wring out the keyboard...

I suspect with this latest one, it even helps him lower the seat when he's done.

And then there's this one...the one I find funny on the basic, sick, twisted, ohsowrong kind of humor level:


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