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The picture at the top is the Dallas skyline during the daylight. It takes on quite a look after dark as seen to the left here. The second largest building on the skyline with the ummm ~unusual~ shape to it is Reunion Tower. As you can see...it ummm looks even more interesting after dark. So yes....everything pretty much IS bigger in Texas... LOL (oooh bad bad). The one with the interesting angles is Fountain Place. That one's a pretty one to see at dusk with the sunset reflecting off of it. The goldish looking one is called Bryan Tower. It's actually got gold reflective glass on it. The pix of Fountain Place and Bryan Tower are ones I took on our trip to the Dallas Aquarium. I found a great interactive map while looking for that picture I have at the top of the page. For those of you interested in the history of buildings and such, it's got the details and background on each.
Hubby and I had a wonderful night last night. He surprised me by calling about 20 minutes earlier than I expected and told me he was on his way home Just a nice meal out at Olive Garden and back home. I had the seafood fettucini and a sangria while he had the parmesean crusted tilapia and a frozen margarita. Poor guy had had a long day at work and I was pretty much tuckered out when we got home so we both headed off to bed as soon as we returned from supper. We were so tired infact, that my peepers didnt even stay awake long enough to see 10pm on the clock. Needless to say I was up bright and early this morning (630am....damn) and couldnt go back to sleep....now Im tired. LOL. I've read all my email, all the blogs, commented, responded, written my blog entry here and reworked the layouts on two of my areas and it isnt even 11am yet. I still have laundry to do, work my music (proof some, re-rip others) and possibly finish up 2 more of those horses. All I wanna do is sleep now though! Maybe a nice nap first....

urology, PT, upset with my computer, big thanks, and a special day

Hubby had his urology appointment last Thurday. He's doing fine right now but unfortunately hasnt passed a stone large enough for the dr to analize. This could be good as it's entirely possible that they pulverized it so well that he wont pass much more than bitty fragments. On the other hand, it's also possible that the procedure didnt do as it should have and break it down completely. As he seems to have the stones that wont show on an x-ray and only on CT scans, we wont know until next month when he goes in for his next appointment if anything's left. In other words, they've adopted a "he's not in pain let's wait and see" posture again. *sigh* He hasnt screamed in pain while home, so I know for sure if anything is passing he's not doing it here.

Friday was my last PT session. Looks like there isnt much more they can do for me that Im not already doing for myself. Joey did send me off with another exercise to add to my regiment. I still say my problem stems from that one incident and the fact that Im over weight. Sleeping on my stomach probably doesnt help matters either and Lord knows we could use a new mattress. Any one or all of those could be the problem. I find once I've been up for awhile it doesnt hurt quite so bad but yes there is distinctly still discomfort there. I think Im going to have hubby work some Flexall in daily and see if that helps. The PCP may just need to start sending me to a chiropractor for adjustments regularly. Who knows. At this point I'd say that Im just plumb getting older...but I know for a fact at least ONE of my devoted readers is older than I am and I just know she'd tell me Im still a kid yet. :P~

Im so upset with my computer. Something happened while I was working with my music files and making room because the one harddrive was nearly full. I've been going through and deleting duplicates and making lists of the specific folders so I cleared up nearly 8 GB of space. Well Friday I went looking for a particular song that I KNOW for a fact I had....surprise surpise it wasnt in my WinAmp...so I looked in the E: and damned if it wasnt in there either. Infact alot of my tunes were *poof*...all my Christina Aguilera was gone. I can tell ya I noticed THAT one for sure...and the Christopher Maloney and the one Bangle song and today I found a *GASP* Styx song missing!!!!!!!!! Now I know I had that one because it's one of my favorites (no I still had all 3 versions of Lady *whew*). Thankfully I havent lost it all but it's going to be slow going getting things back from disc into the music files.

Big thanks to those who were in on the home page yesterday and today. Your comments mean alot. The fact that so many like the new look just tells me Im on the right track with my pages. I may retweak this page as well to make it easier on those who have trouble reading the pale font on the jean backing. Im going to see if I can add a transparent navy to where the text is (like the green on the front page). It should make it easier to read.

I was going to write more in my pages today but I seem to have run out of time. I spent a good part of the day fixing my playlists on Project Music and writing a nice long novel to a friend (who probably was surprised that it was in her inbox when she got home from work). Plus with all my usual reading and leaving my fingerprints on everyone else's blogs...I seem to have run out of time. I gotta get myself going and dressed because hubby will be home in a bit. You see, today's a very special day. ChicagoLady, Alice and possibly even Tori will know what Im talking about. All they have to do is think back one year ago. For the rest of you newer readers, today is one year since I said "I Do" to the greatest love of my life. As such, he's taking me out to supper and maybe we can grab a movie afterwards. Well the first part is a sure thing, the movie not so much as he has to work tomorrow.

weather, PT and whatever else comes to mind...

Not much going on here. Friday was my PT appointment and I've graduated from the "poke, prod, pretzel" stage to the exercise machines. I knew I was outta shape but damn. I got winded just on the first one! The first machine was one to exercise parts of my back and my arms. It kinda reminded me of a bike tipped on end so you could use the pedals with your hands. I was to go in one direction for 30 seconds and then reverse and go the other way for 30 seconds. This was to be repeated for 5 minutes. Going forward was no problem...the opposite direction was harder. I told Joey that next time I was starting off backwards so I could do the easy direction last! LOL. After that I was given 2 exercises to do with the latex exer-band (makes my hands smell like I've been handling a friggin balloon). The band I was sent home with and I gotta do those exercises 2 times daily 15-20 reps. The first one Im to keep the arms bent and parallel to the ground the other I move the hands down and to the back. The last machine I was placed on was similar to a recumbant bike (where ya seated and stretched out some) but you didnt pedal, it was more like the exercise from a stepper. This was so the exercise wouldnt aggravate my knees as much (those stair steppers really do a number on my knees). I was told first session no fewer than 5 minutes but no more than 10. We got talking and before I knew it I was at 4.5 minutes! I decided I was going to push myself to the 7 minute mark and see how I felt. By 7 minutes my body was all like "WTF???" and we figured it was best if I got off before I couldnt walk out. I'd love to get one of those machines in the house for sure. I'm pretty sure I'd be on it daily. I'll settle for a bike if we can get the funding. Thing is with all the medical that's been going on here and the co-pays going out the door, I dont forsee it happening for at least another month or two. Ah well.

The weather's been nice here for a change. It's dropped from the 100's and high 90's of last week to the 80's thanks to hurricane Erin sweeping through down south. No, we werent in any of the flooding. I know a few have been worried about that. Lord knows how the weather pattern will change when Dean decides to make his appearance. The most we got from Erin was a typical Texas storm. Alotta wind, alotta rain and more thunder and lightning. It was a bit stronger than we'd been having but managable. I got blue skies outside both windows today so I wont complain. It's nice enough that after I get done with my blog Im going to take the first two horse pieces that I finished up outside and give them a coat of protectant. With any luck I'll have pictures of them up in the craft area in a couple days. That is assuming the cord for the camera decideds to cooperate. The cat used it as a chewie at sometime or another and now it's in a barely working state. If I could work out what position the cord works best in, I'd do a redneck fix on the bugger and be done with it. Gotta love duct tape.

I was in a friend's blog yesterday and she'd mentioned something about dropping a particular stream spot but not wanting to let anyone down. I dont blame her. When I started my spot it was a busy day. We'd have about 8-10 people in over the course of the day and most would stick around for quite a while. Since then it's kind of whimpered out and most times I sit in the room by myself. Im lucky if anyone's listening in from the outside and luckier still if a couple come in at any point during the stream. It's almost not even worth firing up the program anymore especially when I have a hubby home that I could be curled up with on the sofa watching a movie or some television. Most especially since it's his last night off and he goes to work on Sundays. It would make it so much easier to just keep going if there was an email or three in the email saying that they'd had me on the outside or even an MSN message (or yahoo or ICQ for that matter...) but I rarely get those anymore so I feel like Im talking to myself most times. Im just waiting for the last shoe to fall at my site to be honest. I've always said this was going to be my last place. There are only 4 other places that I can think of that actually have this type of streaming . Two of them you wont catch me at, one Im not comfy at and the other well I wont stream anywhere that wont allow me to "wear" my own work as a banner. The third one I hear is in almost as bad shape as my current place (although it's under new management now and the reason I left is no longer there) and the last one....well like the friend said...I wouldnt want to ruffle feathers and I think there's alot more feathers there that I'd end up ruffling than she would. Besides, that site owner hasnt made an attempt to contact me much in months. I tend to think they dont want much to do with me right now anyhow. I think if the shoe drops and something happens where Im at, I'll be dumping all the stream stuff for good and removing the music as well. No sense having that temptation around. The thing is...I like this hobby...I miss the excitement and I miss making banners. Maybe I should just go look at getting employed at 100.3 Jack because they let you play just about anything you want there. Then I'd be getting paid for what I love doing.

Thursday hubby has a urologist appointment. We'll know if he needs to have another round of Asteroids played on his poor body to get the rest out. We were told it could be weeks before he passed them all. The dr will also be analysing what hubby caught in the net to see what's causing this and see what we can do to reduce the frequency of occurances (he seems to be prone to them...just not normally this large). I think it's his caffeine addiction and if he'd get himself off the Mountain Dew (or at least the amount he drinks of it) then it'd clear up some. Telling him to lighten up on that is like telling me I gotta give up chocolate....it aint happening anytime soon.

an exhausting day


When we got to the admittance desk, we were greeted with a cheery "Good Morning~". I told (more like snarled) them I'd give credit for it being morning (I had to as I knew the hour was an a.m.) but as for it being "good" not a chance. The lady behind behind the counter said that it was ok because hubby had left a message and at least we got there. How nice of them. Here we are, a half hour late and we didnt have to wait. I thought they were going to need that whole time to get him sedated and stuff, I guess not.

I knew it was a one hour procedure so I wasnt expecting anyone out much before 730am but when it got to be 8am and I didnt see a dr or nurse, I started to get worried. I worried even more when the parents of the patient to my left had some one out not once , not twice, but at least 4 times between 745am and 805 am. Hmmm. Hubby's good buddy from work (the dude that works the opposite shift from him...the one he covered for during that one month) showed up to give us a ride home afterwards. They called me back to see him about 830am or so. Ohhh there's my baby! He looked SO much better. I could tell with the coloring and sense of humor alone. He was already grousing for his clothes because he was jonesing for a filthy weed (bah...I dont know how anyone can put one of those in their mouth..*BLEAH*). While visiting hubby he was telling me that they'd injected him with dye and xrayed him again. Are you sitting? This second set of xrays showed precisely what the first ones did a few days ago....BUBKUSS. Here he's sitting with the internal equivilant of the damn Death Star sitting in his body and they COULDNT FIND IT!!!????!! They ended up doing precisely what we hoped they wouldnt have to do. They had to scope him. I see everyone crossing their legs...particularly any guy reading this. Needless to say, he's a hurting puppy right now. The doctor wants to see him next week to double check and make sure they got it all. He said something about more xrays. Now why the hell are we doing more xrays when the buggers didnt show up the last 2 times?? Anyhow it was explained that sometimes a large particle splinters down and doesnt always turn into a small stone or powder during this procedure. So he gets to spend the next week panning his urine with this cute little strainer to catch the particles coming out. They want to take the stones and see what's going on to give him these stones as this isnt the first time he's had stones, just the first time he's needed help passing them. Now it's going to cost the insurance company 1-2 CT scans, 3 sets of xrays and extra medicine for pain when if they hadnt tied the drs hands. They could have saved themselves the extra set of xrays, an allottment of pain killers and a CT scan if they'd simply allowed the doctors to do what's needed in the first place. No, Im not over that yet and I doubt I will be for a while. It's just so frustrating.

dollies, new cd, PT and kidney stones

I promised in a comment on this morning's entry that I was going to post some more pix of my dolls. The pair on the swingset were the first ones that hubby bought me when I moved to Texas. I'd had to leave nearly all my others behind when I ran in 2003. The one in sage in the backrow of that other pic this morning was one I managed to save by sending out a window to a friend to hang on to while I travelled. Another that I attempted to save in the same manner got broken while the doll was waiting for me to find a new home. Sad as the one that broke meant alot to me.

Anyhow, in the bookcase one...the fairy in purple and the one in yellow are full-body porcelain dolls. Kind of rare as most places put porcelain heads, hands and feet on a cloth body. Those two were ones I got off EBay for like $10 a piece (awesome deal Im telling ya). The one in green sitting and the white angel behind her in the same pic were from Paradise Galleries. The bookcase and swing pix were taken in our last place.

The picture above with the 2 shelves was taken here in the house. The gold and apricot dolls on the bottom were bought in a grocery store and a Family Dollar type store respectively. The doll on the top left was bought in a truck stop while travelling one year. She was gotten shortly after I bought the one in light blue and the one in maroon on the right. I couldnt believe how close she looked to those two and she wasnt even the same company. They and the one on the center bottom spot were all EBay purchases as well. I must have at least twice the dolls now than I did before I left. If I could only find a replacement for the one that broke. That company is out of business though and the doll is rare as anything. I've yet to see her anywhere online.

Today's PT was an early appointment. The sessions are going well. This one was working the soft tissues on that side. He says I have a bit of built up muscle over on that side. No surprise as that's the side I always carried my books on in school and that's also the side I carry my purse on. Nowadays, my purse isnt quite so heavy, in fact the only time it bothers me is when we travel and I have not only the usual (cell, glasses, wallet and all my change) in it but a camera, batteries and extra discs. It's not like a few years back when I carried not only my own stuff but idiotboy's crap too (yeah....slave, whipping boy and pack mule...gotta love it). Anyhow...Im feeling looser on that side. I have a feeling that it's always going to bother me some....just the next thing to fall apart on me. Ah well.

While we were out after PT, we made our trip to Wally World. Figured we'd better get it out of the way before he had his appointment as we didnt know if he was going to be laid up after or not and we really needed to put some food in the house. While at Wally World, I did pick up the Constantine cd. I havent listened to it all the way through yet, but I'll do that while Im ripping it to my computer for streaming use. I'd do it right now but Im double browsing and listening to the music on my front page ;). Sounds like a couple of the files need replacing again. Time to find a place to upload my own tunes so I dont have this problem anymore.

When we got done shopping and came home, I checked the phone handset in the kitchen to see if we missed any calls (the phone has 3 handsets...the main unit is in the office...the other handsets are located in the kitchen and the bedroom). Instead of going to the office to check the answering machine, I simply redialed the one call that had come in. It had come up as Health Central Woman on the id so I figured it was someone from the obgyn for me. This had me worried because they never call with good news...only bad. So I call them back and they answer something about a urologist. Of course considering that it had said Womans Health on the id, it kinda threw me and I asked her to repeat it again at which time I realized it was for my hubby. They wanted him in right away for xrays. We got the spoilables put away and ran back out the door to the urologist's office. Got the xrays done and then the dr saw him. Unfortunately the xrays didnt show much conclusive so they're going with the CT readings. The urologist's office will be calling back on Monday with an appointment later in the week for him. He'll be going to the hospital Im guessing and having one of those noninvasive procedures where they strap some gadget to him and his vibrates and shatters the stone. He was told that this procedure is 80% effective. If this doesnt work then they'll shove him in the hospital and remove it that way. You gotta love these damn HMOs that make you jump through hoops. Personally, if a patient comes in with abdominal pain and something of this magnitude is suspected, I think the drs should be allowed to automatically send the person in for the tests that day. None of this "wait and see" bullshit. If they'd just done that Monday when he went in in the first place, they would have seen how big it was and dealt with it right then. He'd be recovering by now. Ohhh no, let's "wait n see" if it passes. Well GEEEEEEEEEE it's 12MM (nearly a half an inch for us non-metric folks) in diameter, no normal sized man is going to pass that without a shitload of help!! So now my husband has been on painkillers all week and wont get any damn relief until the middle of next week unless he breaks a high fever and the pain become unmanageable....then they'll take him at the hospital and deal with it. Does this make any sense to anyone??? Me neither. Nope...sent him out with another pain medicine which is actually weaker than what they'd sent him off with before. Go figure. Do I sound bitter? You betcha. Are they going to have a helluva lawsuit on their hands if anything goes wrong? Hell ya.


I think part of my problem lately is something I saw on a tv talk show either Weds or Thurs. I think it was Thurs now that I think of it. I dont normally watch those things because alot of times they'll cover a topic that depresses the hell out of me and I've had more than enough depression for my lifetime as it is. This one particular one I stumbled over was on a segment dealing with sociopaths. When I say stumbled over I mean I wasnt really watching tv, but merely moving from the office near the livingroom through to the bedroom....it'd make things easier if there was a door straight from the office to the bedroom Im telling ya. Anyhow, they had a therapist talking about what a sociopath is and why they are the way they are.

so·ci·o·path (sō'sē-ə-păth, -shē-) noun
One who is affected with a personality disorder marked by antisocial behavior.

Definition courtesy of The American Heritage® Dictionary. Considering the topic I have going in my Padded Room, I found this a familiar yet depressing topic and was wondering what she'd have to say that would explain WHY I had to go through what I did. The definition definitely matches the situation and the person. So of course I have to dig and see how much more matches. While looking up the traits I found a good article
here. For ease I'll put the two most telling paragraphs in here as it's a rather long read otherwise:

Sociopaths have always existed in varying form and to various degrees. They have been known by various titles. They have been studied using various techniques, and through the years their ailment has been blamed on various causes. But one thing never varies: all sociopaths share three common characteristics. They are all very egocentric individuals with no empathy for others, and they are incapable of feeling remorse or guilt.

Sociopaths are very egocentric individuals that lack a sense of personal responsibility and morality. They may be impulsive, manipulative, reckless, quarrelsome, and consistent liars. Sociopaths are usually unable to sustain relationships and have a total lack of remorse for their actions. The sociopath may also be very prone to aggressive, hostile, and sometimes violent behaviour. This aggression may or may not lead to criminal behaviour and often takes the form of domestic violence. Along with these other actions, sociopaths often engage in self-destructive behaviour such as alcoholism or addiction to drugs. This, of course, usually worsens many aspects of the sociopathic behaviour. Despite these previous symptoms, the sociopath may be an excellent actor, always appearing charming, calm, and collected. They usually have a normal or above normal intelligence level and good verbal fluency. It is these qualities that sometimes place the sociopath in leadership positions within their social groups and often make it hard to spot their "black side".

The person in my Padded Room section exhibits signs of the true sociopath as well as the Dyssocial sociopath described later in the article. He hasnt shown signs of the secondary or neurotic sociopath yet, but that's because he's still behind bars from that last time. It's just a matter of time to see if he's going to be a repeat offender. If he ends up behind bars shortly after being released, we'll have our answer to this.

Another article that goes into a list of traits of the sociopath. Most telling is about halfway down in the section labelled Psychopaths Next Door. Here's a link that takes you to the site they got that part of the article from.

Anyhow... back to the tv program. The guest speaker went on to say that she believes there is no cure for this problem and that many people are born with these tendencies. If you go by the listing of traits you can find online, many could easily be called sociopaths. Her biggest point was that although born with the tendency, not everyone goes all Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde. She said her theory was that the environment that the sociopath is born into has alot to do with it. So, a boy child born with sociopathic tendencies gets born into a family where there's a strong father figure that yells alot and talks down to the females in the family...this will more than likely foster a young man who believes it's appropriate to belittle and verbally abuse women as this is all he's seen for his whole life. Once one sociopathic trait is fostered, it stands to reason that other traits will come to the surface right? So what if this ISNT all my ex's fault? What if just possibly it's a genetic problem that cant be cured? Im not sure whether I hate him or pity him at this point. I am grateful that I wont be bearing any kids like him for sure. It also makes me awfully glad Im where Im at now.

I know that was a deep topic but it's kinda been on my mind for a few days.....

Just catching up

I've been meaning to sit down and get this entry done, but the last couple days I havent really felt like writing. It isnt that I havent had anything to write about, for I certainly have plenty to say. I just havent put my finger on it yet. Im sure it'll come to me eventually.

Thursday was a busy day. Thankfully hubby didnt have to work Wednesday so we could get our bodies at least somewhat used to being up at an AM hour. Good thing because my first appointment for the day was at 10:45am. The appointment was at the obgyn with Dr Bascom. She seems to be a nice enough lady and is highly recommended by my PCP. After a nice chat she told me what all we were going to do in an effort to get a baby into our lives. I wont go into details here as they really are a whole hell of alot of tmi. I mean you have to expect it will be considering the dr and why Im going. I think Im going to start yet another blogspot through this account for it. Ive got some ideas on decor for the page, now I just need a nice name.

Anyhow, my second appointment for the day was my PT at 2pm. I gave Joey the whatfor for making me feel like hell the last week. He repeated that he TOLD me he had gotten aggressive. This session wasnt so bad but I think he was taking it easy on me because he KNEW I was going out of town on Friday for my birthday. It also could be that he doesnt feel that I need the therapy for much longer. I still get some pain, mostly when I twist into or lean into that side, but it's not like it was. At least it doesnt hurt when I sit or turn to my left. He thinks there will only need to be another 1-2 sessions. This is a good thing. I still need to do as the first PT lady told me and get some new "overtheshoulderboulderholders" with some better support for my back. That one recommended something with a racing back and wide straps....plus to invest in a sportsbra for around the house as it'll help the rest of my back. I have a feeling I'll need to keep doing these exercises for a while though just to keep it all limber back there. Of course, that may help out that subject in the precious paragraph ;). Ok ok....so...I got a friggin one track mind! Can I blame it on male hormones? *laffz*

Mom and Daddy left me a present in my email in the form of an Amazon gift certificate. You can be sure I was off shopping as soon as possible. Surprise surprise...I didnt buy any music with it! LOL I figured since it was a gift from Mom n Daddy, then it should be something off my list that Mom would have picked out for me so I headed straight for the porcelain dollies. Ok, yeah so, I collect dolls...I also like musical carousel horses. Yes, there is a girly side to me every now n then :P~~. I have expensive tastes in what I like too, but I settle for the less expensive stuff because it's just as pretty. My most expensive piece is a Geppeddo (the company is now out of business...sucks because their stuff is "da bomb") retailling at around $35. The picture to the right is the one I picked out as their gift to me. With their gift certificate, and the little extra in my account there, we only had to pay a bit over $6 for her....less than the $7 ship charge. Gotta love that. Hmm I wonder if Paradise Galleries has anything new....maybe I'll go look later and see if Linda Mason, Linda Hanson or that Tom F have anything on sale.....

Friday we got up and going. I had a few chores to do and we wanted to wait on the mail to show up before we left. I had a chance to to check my emails, blogs and MySpace between tasks and remembered to drop thankyou notes to those who left something nice in the areas I have online. We packed up and headed to Tyler. Tyler is about a 2 hour drive and completely do-able with the seive I call my bladder (more than 2 hours means pitstops along the way). We got ourselves to the Motel 6 in town and then went to supper at the Denny's next door. Servie was a tad slower than I care to have for a restaurant that wasnt overly busy but since there were only 2 waitresses working I couldnt complain too much. After supper we hung around the hotel for a bit and just rested. Around 930pm or so we left for Clicks. Clicks is a billiards hall / bar that hosts bands and supports local music. Some of the bigger names out there started in places such as this so it's rather exciting to be somewhere where the next best band just may make their major breakthrough. After we got in, I immediately started looking for my friend Dane. I figured it should be easy...just find the cute bald dude (kinda like a Where's Waldo game...without the striped hat). Yeah right, my luck there were at least 4 bald guys in the place! Thankfully he came up to get something to drink from the bar. Yet again, he was gracious enough to spend 15-20 minutes sitting around talking with us. Im so damn glad to see that it wasnt a one time deal. Plus I got a hug as a greeting this time....awesome. They were running a little later than planned tonight. I guess the plan was to hit the stage around 1030pm, at least that's what Dane had said in his message to me. Oh well. The show was well worth it. I had had a good time at my first show last year and this year I wasnt dissappointed in the slightest. I think there were some new songs in there as many I didnt recognize (*makes note to get the live cd*). It's hard though in a live performance. Oftentimes they're half way through a song before I realize I recognize it. Not just Squint, but any band in general. Maybe it's just because Im getting older. Who knows.
Im hoping Dane's (that's him on the left) feeling better today after that spill he took. From what he said later the drumset that he normally jumps on was set up just a bit higher than normal. The pic above is from another concert but you can see what I mean about him getting up on it. He'd made mention of it but forgot when he turned to make his approach. Poor guy tripped and flew over the drumset and onto the cymbals located on the drummer's right hand side. In the process, he also tipped over the pitcher of water he had up there and got a wet ass. What a professional to just keep going and laugh it all off! Thankfully, there werent any major damages to him. It could have been worse, an earring or eyebrow ring could have gotten caught and ripped out. The worst he probably got was some bruises and a few cuts because as he said "You cant land on a heap of metal and not expect to get scratched" He did manage to make the leap a couple other times successfully later in the show, although he nearly put his head through the ceiling once (again refer to pic to see how low the ceiling is). From what he said he was hopped up on steroid shots from the day before....he'd gotten majorly stung by wasps while cleaning his yard and had to go to the hospital. The shots were to help him from being in pain as many muscles were hurting terribly. I hope Saturday's show in Shreveport was easier for him.

Well, I think Im going to scoot. I still need to do an entry for the Padded Room today (maybe) and I think I'll start working the page for that other section...or at least getting some ideas together. Maybe I'll just go out and spend time with my babe. He came home sick today. I guess he was in pain at work and went straight to the dr's office. Looks like some kidney stones are trying to pass. They say if they arent out by Wednesday that he'll be needing to go in for some scans. They took blood and his sugar's up as well. He's on the sofa right now with his three meds lined up...one for pain, one for nausea and one for his sugar.


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