Day 15

Day 15: A song that describes you.

Considering my physical appearance, I could easily go with the rather obvious choices of Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen or Green Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf, but I think I'm going to go with this Liz Phair song instead...

Day 14

Day 14: A song that no one would expect you to love.

There are several that actually fall into this category.
01) Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory : not fond of the artist but I love the Cher-like feel the song has.
02) Katy Perry ft Kanye West in ET: I like Katy better than Gaga but I simply abhor Kanye. Yet I can't help but listen to this song repeatedly. Best is when I can find Katy's version of the same song without Kanye.
03) JLo ft Pitbull in On the Dance Floor: Love JLo, can't stand Pitbull. However, this song makes me move every single time.

However, knowing that I'm eclectic, I don't think any of those choices will absolutely surprise anyone.

So maybe I shouldn't go with the word "love", maybe we should substitute the word "like" in there. This brings it down to exactly one song that may actually be surprising. It's a song that is a mash-up between a song a hate from a group I adore with a song I love from a group I'm not so fond of.  Strange thing is, I'll sit and happily listen to it any time I come across it!

Day 13

Day 13: A song that is a guilty pleasure

I remember when this song came out. I was working in a school that was a bit to the south of New Orleans. A blind person could tell which grade levels where on the play ground simply by which brother was being discussed. God forbid if you mention the wrong brother's name, that's fo' sho'.  A few years later, when I was working for Toys R Us in Pennsylvania, this same song was being played on the store PA system and without a second thought, I started humming along. Oh the looks I got from some of the co-workers... *laffz* You see, I'd only been there a week or two and they weren't quite sure what to make of me to begin with, then I started be-bopping to a kids' tune... Yeah, they pretty much thought I was nuts.

Day 12

Day 12: A song from a band you hate

As you all know, I'm rather eclectic in my tastes of music. There isn't too much that I don't like. There are, however, a few bands that I really don't care for at all. Well, let me rephrase, I don't generally like the band but SOMETIMES there's a song or two that I can tolerate. In this case, it's taken a cover of a song that I like to get me to listen to them.

Love the song, not fond of the video...

Day 11

Day 11: A song from your favorite band:

YAY!! I can put up another Styx song!! *chuckles* As many of you know, I'm rather addicted to a couple games in FB which takes me away from here for much longer than I care to be. What some may not know is that FB isn't the only place I like to play. I've also discovered this other site that helps deal with those "I miss streaming" moments. Do I miss it all the time? No. However, every now and again...

Anyhow it's like a mix of a chatroom/forum/Twitter format and everyone is playing music at the same time. You see something you like, you click the link and listen. You really like what they've suggested you "prop" them (kinda like the "like" button on FB). You really really like it, you repost it (called reblipping). For an example of what I'm talking about, check out my station. I met a very nice guy on the site, TrainWreckRadio, who introduced me to a Styx cd that I hadn't heard yet (I was pretty much still stuck in the DeYoung era with Styx), called Cyclorama (or as he calls it "The Dangling Carrot disc").  This song, in particular, is one he likes to spin when he knows I'll be around to see it. I have to admit, it's my favorite one off this disc.

Day 10

Day 10: A song that makes you fall asleep

When I'm trying to relax enough to get to sleep, I can't listen to anything with lyrics in it because I sit there and try to sing along. All I can listen to is an instrumental number. The softer the better. Usually I opt for acoustic guitar or piano music. The first one that comes to mind is this next selection because when we were living in Texas and shortly after we'd moved into the house, hubby started working nights. I was fine staying in the house by myself.... until it was time to crawl into bed. At the time I had a hard time getting to sleep when I was alone in the house, mostly because I wasn't used to sleeping by myself (although I do sleep better, I just can't get TO sleep alone) and my ears ring (worse now then they did then) so I need something making noise as I'm trying to drift off otherwise I end up with a vicious headache.  Solution? Grab my cd player and put in some Yanni. I'd crawl into bed, put the earbuds into my ears and turn the music on really softly, enough where I could just hear it, and let the cd run. By the time hubby got home, the cd finished and shut off. The trick at that point was getting the earbuds out and the cd player moved without disturbing me.

Day 9

Day 9: A song that you can dance to.



*giggles in embarassment*

Well... maybe a little, but I don't count dry heaves set to music as dancing, it's more like lurching to an auditory stimulus.

Day 8

Day 8: A song that you know all the words to.

During my school years, I was in the choir. Like I've said before, I love to sing (albeit not very well). Most songs that catch my attention, I'll look up the lyrics to, so there are a great number of them I know all the words to.  However, there is one that I've known the words to for a very long time and in a pinch in highschool (I forgot to do the lesson), I was able to write it from memory in the 5 minutes we had for homeroom.

Day 7

Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event

Now picture a wedding party getting up and dancing this one. This would be a small segment of how my brother's wedding reception went. Complete with them all singing their respective parts. Oh... and a 6'2" 200+ pound man dancing the part of Magenta. Yeah. Not an image you're likely to forget. Even more than a decade later.

Day 6

Day 6: A Song that reminds you of somewhere.

This one reminds me of home. Some of you may remember me saying how much I missed home, particularly around Christmas time because the family would turn on the music and decorate or make goodies (fudge and cookies) while singing. Ok, so it was mostly my mom and I because the guys were pretty much tone deaf. From 3rd grade all the way to my senior year of high school, with the exception of one year, I was in the choir. I wasn't (and still am not) particularly good, but I love to sing. Hey, the saying is "Make a joyful noise". It never said anything about it being pleasant sounding! While I was younger, mom and I would just sing the same part. As I got older and was learning to sing harmony to other voices, we started taking different parts. She usually took lead while I took the harmony. The only exception is this song, because my register is lower and I have an easier time hitting all the notes. Actually, I still have this song memorized. Then again, any song I liked enough to learn I more than likely still know the words to. This is going to make one of the upcoming days a pain trying to decide which song to share!

How about you? What song reminds you of a certain place?

Day 5

Day 5: A song that reminds you of someone.

There are many songs that remind me of different people, however, I'm so gonna have to go with this one.

My streamer friends should all remember this one and know exactly who it's meant for. I know I don't usually say it, but I appreciate your friendship and love spending time online with you. You're such a great friend!

Day 4

Day 4: A song that makes you sad.

This one's the easiest one on the list so far. There's only one song that makes me so sad that if I don't cry, I come damned close. It all started back in the mid-80's when my gramma moved from NY to Fl. Those of you that have been following this blog long enough know how close I was to her. She left NY in the autumn. That Christmas, I couldn't listen to it without tears coming to my eyes. Once I moved out of the family home and went out on my own, this song made me even sadder because family was so very far away (they moved out of state about 3-4 months after I struck out on my own). To this day I can't listen to or sing it without getting all sniffly.

Pardon the rather out of season pick:

Day 3

Day 3: A Song that makes you happy

I had a hard time picking this one. Why? Because I love music in general. I can pick out ones that I play when I'm mad (the songs I always played when I did my "female empowerment" or "fk you" streams) and I have one or two that always depress the hell out of me. So I had to really think on this one. I decided on choosing one that  not only makes me happy , but always gets me to bounce around when I hear it. Wouldn't you know, I had a couple pop right into my mind. They're songs that make it IMPOSSIBLE to sit still when they get cranked up. I think I'll save one for a later entry... Anyhow, today's pick, the song that I always play when I need to get out of a desperate funk (maybe I need it on continuous loop these days, eh?) is:

Day 2

Day 2: Your least favorite song

This one's a hard pick as there are at least 4 that I can name that I really hate. They are (in no particular order because I hate them all pretty much equally):

01 & 02) Hey Jude and The Long and Winding Road by the Beatles. Not only do these dongs seem to take FOR-FRIGGIN-EVER to play, but that dingbat I was married to LOVED the Beatles and that's pretty much all he'd play. Not only did we hear them ad nauseum via cassettes, but he also insisted on playing them on his guitars (acoustic mostly but later he got himself a second hand electric) AND sing along. Dude was tone deaf. These two got played quite often.

03) Unchained Melody. This one actually fits elsewhere in the list so we won't bother putting the video up quite yet for it.

and the last one (but certainly NOT the least on the list is):

Drum roll please

Yeah go figure that the group that gave us my favorite song also created one of my most hated songs. Why? Because everytime I go into a chat room or music sharing place, people take a glance at my name and figuring out that I do love me some Styx, they play this one. *barf* Puh-LEEZ! This one actually fits in in a way in a few days so expect a revisit to it.

Day 1

So I found on a friend’s page somewhere (Facebook??) a game labelled The 30 Day Challenge. The object of the game is to pick a song for each of the 30 days that matches the subject that is given for that day. In an effort to get me back into writing something everyday (even if it’s just something small), I am going to attempt this game. My hopes is that it’ll help me past any writer’s block I’ve been having.

day 01 - your favorite song

My favorite song is quite obvious to anyone who really knows me. Actually, it’s as plain as the online nick that I’ve used for several years now, LadyStyx. Yeah, the story behind the name is really all that lame….

So. What’s YOUR favorite song… and why?

When Sir Arthur Becomes a Bigger Bitch Than You Are

I know I haven't been the best in and around here for awhile. However, a few have asked after me and it's just so much easier to update everyone at once instead of trying to write everything out each and every time....

As ya'll know, about a year, year and a half ago, I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I know a great deal of the problems could be corrected with substantial weight loss (and maybe a trip or five to a therapist..) so I got myself to a nutritionist. She put me on an eating modification and I took up riding a stationary bike. Boy I was doing so well too. I'd lost 50 pounds and was feeling great. That's when my "good" knee decided that the grinding in the "bad" knee obviously wasn't enough to aggravate me and decided to give me a great deal of pain, heat and swelling. A couple days rest and things were fine, so I carried on. I did, however, make an appointment with the dr and then went to an orthopedic regarding my knees.

The dr had x-rays done on both knees and the ortho and I sat down to review them. I was diagnosed with severe arthritis, bone spurs and knocked knees. Great. I was also told the latter problem I'd more than likely had all my life and was I prone to falling? Yeah, I was and had. The damage had been done and there isn't much they can do but suggest OTC painkillers or shots (I chose the former). It was recommended I find a good cane and take some of the weight off that bad knee. This was October of last year.

By November, my right knee had taken a rather alarming turn for the worse and developed a bad wiggle. It didn't just give out slightly, oh no. It gave out enough that my whole right side fell downwards and as a result gave me a lurching walk and placed extra stress on my knee, hip and back when I walked. By December, I was walking with a cane and by Christmas the knee went one step farther and started a back and forth wiggle on every step. I could no longer walk at a normal speed. A normal speed gave me the double wiggle, a slower pace gave me the lurch and the only way I could get around cane-free was to take little half steps.

By January, I was begging for the shots. I kept putting it off because I knew they were going to hurt alot. By February, my knee was popping several times a day and my hip would join in 2-3 times a week. It grew extremely painful to get around and any thoughts of getting on my bike had gone out the window. Actually, thoughts of the bike were shot by December by the knees being so very uncooperative.

In April, I caved in and went in for a shot in the worst of the two knees. I also broke down and bought a wheelchair suitable for my weight (it's not, that's another story though) so I could still go to DC (pictures are slowly getting loaded to the Flickr account) when my friend (NYBro) came down from NY.

I was told in my appointment that my knee "crumpled due to severe pain", but this shot would "make my knee feel as good as new", that it would "hurt for a few days after" and that "it took a couple weeks to feel the effects". What's this tell you? Told me that I shouldn't have much of an issue getting around, just a bit of a wiggle once in a while. They were kind enough to sign some papers for me to get a temporary handicap placard for the truck because I simply couldn't make the walk from the back of the parking lots anymore. After the shot, I was totally LAME for the entire night and had a helluva time getting around my home. The next day? I felt great. I was able to get around the store during our weekly shopping trip with minimal to no pain. Awesome. The next day, however, I only got a half day pain free.

Since then, it's been all down hill. The Icy Hot I'd been using on both knees does nothing, the OTCs don't work and the shot most definitely has done nothing. The pain's actually increased in both knees. The left knee, which had to start taking all the weight 80% of the time as opposed to only half the time, has increased in pain and has started giving out a couple times a day. This was the way the right knee started so many months ago. It's very painful going up and down stairs now. The right hip, which had cleared up there for  bit, is back to popping 2-3 times a week. The right leg tends to drag when I'm super tired. The cane's not doing much good anymore. Oh and I seem to also have developed another pain in my left leg. If it doesn't feel like a bug climbing up or water dripping down my leg, then it constantly feels like it's wrapped in an ACE bandage and it always feels like it's on the brink of falling asleep on me. This pain developed a couple weeks ago. I guess it's time to bite the bullet, get over the fact that I gained ALL of that 50 pound loss, and just go to the doctor again.

Today and yesterday have been a real joy as getting in and out of chairs and any amount of walking is almost enough to bring tears to my eyes. Lying down hurts, sitting hurts , walking hurts.....

Oh... and my shoulders have decided they want in on the action. The right one I'm fairly sure got jacked up with my purse. In December, after a week of pain and the acquisition of the third leg, I decided that it was in my best interest to wear the purse cross my body. Go figure it's "in style" now. All I can say is thank God for adjustable straps. The left shoulder has just recently started acting up (as well as my hand and forearm) but there's not much that can be done. It's doing that because it's being worked constantly with that cane.

I'm suspecting the temporary red handicap tag is going to get made into a permanent blue tag by September....

Any bets that I end up in that damned chair for good and we'll need to move simply because this townhouse isn't built to handle a handicapped person?


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