today's appointment

How we see ourselves. The left frame has a thin-ish woman looking in a mirror and thinking "Look at me...I'm FAT!!! I'm a tub of lard!!! I must eat less." The right frame shows a fat-ish cat looking in a mirror and thinking "Look at me... I'm EMACIATED! My ribs are showing!!! I must be fed." Two women chatting over lunch. One is eating a salad and the other a burger and a drink. The one eating the salad says " After I lose 20 pounds, I'm moving to a new apartment. When my weight comes back, it won't know where to find me."

A woman, standing on a scale and pointing a gun at it. The caption reads "Fed up with how her diet is going, Charlene takes a more serious aim at her target weight."

How to burn 5 kilos in 15 minutes... Comic shows a fat man chasing a set of bathroom scales while yelling "Come back!" to which the scales are yelling "Like Hell!"

Ok, now that you've had a good laugh....the good news is that according to my OFFICIAL weigh in (meaning not my scale but the one at the dietitian's office, a weight that will go into my medical file) I'm 268.8 pounds. When I started doing something about my weight in August, I was 298 pounds. You read that right....a loss of nearly 30 pounds in 5 months' time. If I figured correctly, I lost about 10 pounds in the 6 weeks between those two appointments. This includes the trip that I complained about in December where I had breakfast (against my will, mind you) at Hardee's 3 of the 4 mornings (I gained at least 4 pounds just because of that AND because my bike wasnt there so of course I DIDNT exercise) I had to lose that before I could make any steps forward. The BMI has gone from over 49% to a much nicer can only go down from there. Oh...and in another 40 pounds, I'll be merely obese and not morbidly obese. YAY me! Only another 120 pounds and I'll be down to my goal weight (putting me just on the "normal" side of the BMI charts). I cant wait.
Last night's ride:
Calories burned: 364.8
trip miles: 10.41
ave mph: 20.82
Oh...and the last time I was in to the dietitian's office, I'd brought a picture of what amounts to a normal meal for me now adays to show her the changes I made. This trip in I noticed that she'd had it tacked up to her wall and found out she uses it as an example to her other patients! I need to get a new shot for her with the additional tweaks (Ive changed breads and yogurts for ones that are even better for me plus added an apple a day). Best yet, Im not due back to see her for AT LEAST 3 months...unless I "fall off the wagon" and need a "kick in the tail"...then Im to come back right away.

Tell Me Something I Don't Know Now....

I got this one from the entry Holy Crap!! I'm Sane???? Say It Isn't So! that babyrocasmama wrote on her Last Shreds of Sanity blog.

Your result for The Crazy Test...

You're crazy!

You scored 5 Sane, 2 Insane, 8 Crazy, 7 Weird and 3 NeedHelp!

Who let you out? People need to lighten up.

Deep down inside: you wish you had fur slippers

Your great abiding passion is: leather

Your innermost fear is: someone will figure out what you’re doing

Your greatest strength is: secrecy

Your deepest regret is: you didn’t pack a lunch

Your most sincere hope is: gravity will work

Your best quality is: intelligence

Your weakest trait is: surprise

Your reason for living is: two-fold

You find your sun in Pluto on the solstice. Watch for twigs on the 5th. Success will follow you during the sliver moon, but you must enjoy it. Look for a sign in the window sill on the 16th.

When you grow up you will be a trend setter.

You will have 2 children cloned from you and 1 Hummer.

You will live everywhere.

Your spouse’s name will be “Honey.”

You will have a rich and exciting life.

Everyone will love you.

Wisdom will follow you all of your days.

The Queen of Triangles indicates your future. The Card of Death represents a new beginning. The Three of Chalices turned sideways shows your past.

You were born in the year of the Python. Your Sign is Obtuse. In your past life, you were alive. Your wrinkles tell the story of your life. Your destiny is unfolding.

Take The Crazy Test
at HelloQuizzy

So I get a call

...this morning at 9am. Can you say unhappy camper? It's my darling dearest sweet hubby saying "Wakie wakie". My response? Well it cant exactly be printed in here....LOL. While I was fussing up a storm about being awoken at ~such~ an hour (which is an unGodly hour to me no matter WHAT my bedtime is), he very sweetly tells me to get up and look out the window. What do you suppose I see when I look out the window? This:

Ok actually that was looking out the office window but the show was pretty much the same out the bedroom window as well.

So I put fresh batteries in the camera and waddled as quick as I could down the stairs and headed outside MINUS my coat. You see I simply could NOT wait to get out in it! Nope, couldnt wait at all! Yeah...that's my nasty, ashy, needstobeshavedbadlybutwhothehellhastimetobecausethere'sSNOWoutthere leg and foot adorned in the fuzzy light blue slipper.

Nope, couldnt wait and didnt bother with the gloves either. Definitely a different snow than the lake effect Im used to from NY as this didnt pack nicely at all. It snowed from before 9am (there was a half inch or so on the ground before he called me...he said it was sleeting when he left at 6am) until 130pm or so. Varying flake sizes showed up...sometimes small and grainy and sometimes a bit fluffier. We're supposed to get more tonight. About 90 minutes ago or so it started sleeting again so Im hoping this is the sign more is going to show up tonight. Granted, it aint enough for one of those face first dives that I posted on the home page a while ago, but it's a start.

A few more pix here:

Last 2 rides:

Mon: Calories burned: 369.2, trip miles: 10.54, ave mph: 21.08

Today: Calories burned: 361.6, trip miles: 10.33, ave mph: 20.66

Yeah, I had a slower day BUT I spent 15 minutes shovelling the front walk and the back patio before riding.

So I get an email from my SCSis yesterday (actually several), she had a day in court and the house she'd been in was awarded to her spouse...immediately. So she spent last night grabbing what she could (I'd been telling her for a couple weeks now she should pack, just in case) and getting ready to move. She's supposed to be headed to another location today...wouldnt tell me where in an email because it seems the *censored* managed to get a worm put on her computer and was tracking all her correspondence. No word if the paperwork was all signed or not. I know one of her emails had said she's got a lawyer (something else I'd told her to get done right after she first informed me that the *CENSORED* wanted a divorce) BUT I also see her MySpace page already has her listed as divorced. *shrugz*

Sometimes a window opens up before that proverbial door slams shut - TI to cut jobs 12% as profit sinks 86%

TI to cut jobs 12% as profit sinks 86%
(01/26/2009 5:24 PM EST)

Texas Instruments Inc. said it will lay off 12 percent of
its workforce, or approximately 3,400 employees, as it restructures operations following one of the worst sequential and year-over-year quarterly performances in the history of the analog and digital signal processor company.

Dallas, Texas-based TI also warned that it does not expect
sales will improve significantly anytime soon due to continuing weakness in the general economy, which helped drive down fourth quarter revenue 30 percent from the immediately preceding quarter and 26 percent from the comparable quarter of 2007.

(click the link above for complete story)

What does this mean for us? Not much considering that hubby is now at a new company. However, if he'd been one of the "lucky few" who had managed to keep his job or been just moved within the company last year there would have been a very distinct possibility of him losing that same job this year instead. Losing a job NOW, when many many many businesses are going under or at least reporting less than stellar earnings...even WalMart...would have been a disaster for us.

Catch up, stats and a pic

It seems (even though she knows better than to do this) that my dear friend Chicago over at I Don't Care What You Say Anymore, This Is My Life has decided in her infinite wisdom to TAG me. *sigh*. So anyhow, the object is to go to the 4th folder on my computer and pick the 4th picture. However, since I have several folders within folders both on my computer and in my Photobucket, it can be rather awkward trying to figure out which one to pick. Thankfully, I do most of my non-American Idol day to day blogging on the laptop that's in the livingroom. It makes selection a bit easier as there arent so many folders that would contain pictures on it. The above photo was snapped last January while we were still living in the corporate apartment. We'd just finished supper and hubby had spoiled the dog *again* with scraps so she was very full (proof was a huge belch from her later) and ready for a nap, so that's what she did. He stretched out on the sofa to watch tv, put her up with him and she fell right to sleep....belly up.

ride stats:

January 23, 2009
Calories burned: 360.40
trip miles: 10.29
ave mph: 20.58

January 24, 2009
Calories burned: 354.6
trip miles: 10.13
ave mph: 20.26

January 25, 2009
Calories burned: 369.70
trip miles: 10.56
ave mph: 21.12

I seem to have won this award again. Third time. Somebody upstairs must be trying to tell me something.... Actually, I suspect I know why it keeps showing up.
Anyhow, thank you to Melissa over at The Scholastic Scribe: The Bling That Refreshes for the lemonade award. Pretty much everyone I read has received this awards already so Im not going to issue it out. If you read this blog and have not received this wonderful award, please feel free to grab it for your very own. We all have our own problems and deal with them in our own fashion. Sometimes we share, sometimes we dont but in any case...we all make lemonade out of the lemons we're given.
Im gonna close this out for now. I *just* got an email from my SCSis and the news aint good there. *sigh* I do have a few more entries that I've got bouncing around in my brain...I've emailled the links to myself and I'll eventually get them posted. This is just a very tough time of year for me and with all that's going on in my loved ones lives....well it isnt conducive to my emotional well being.....


Calories burned: 364.4
trip miles: 10.41
ave mph: 20.82


Calories burned: 352.7
trip miles: 10.07
ave mph: 20.14

just another day

Today's smartass exchange:

Email from hubby:

"What food substance, of varying temperature, size, shape, and nutritional value will be served on possible various dinnerware this evening?"

My response?

"assuming the slow cooker did it's magic and the meat gets cooked all the way thru.... red."

Today's ride:
Calories burned: 373.7
trip miles: 10.67
ave mph: 21.34

Addicted to blog

81%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating

Found this in Blogging is my drug of choice over at A Nut in a Nutshell by Blueviolet. Considering I have 10 blogs here (not that I update ALL daily but still) AND 2 over in MySpace AND one in Yahoo AND that there is more than 20 of you sittin in my blogroll on a daily basis, I'd have thought this number would have been much higher! Then again, I dont update as often as some of my readers (4,5,12 entries a day...ok, that last one was an exaggeration..).


Dont ya just LOVE the timing on things?

Tori: A bear and a porcupine are sitting on a log, talking.
Bear: (pointing off frame) Check it out! What kind of dog is that?
Porcupine: Chow.
Bear: Of course it's chow, you idiot! What kind of chow?
Porcupine: Hmm... He's kind of portly... I'm guessing he's high in trans fat.

I guess the next question would be whether he'll be served in a bowl or on a plate... ~grinz~

silly hubby strikes again!

Yup, you read that right. He struck again. He's one that learns fast. Today's email inquiring about the night's meal read:

"What type of edible, hot or cold, on a plate or in a bowl, with
variable nutrition value, are we having tonight? "

Yeah...that's the type of man I married. Then again, I'm just the type of woman that will try as hard as she can, stretch her brain to find another smartass comment to make him try and close THAT loophole. Like iggy told me earlier, by the time all is said and done...hubby'll need to write a short novel in order to ask me what's for dinner. *laffz*

Still no snow here, plenty of cold. Not the cold that Chicago, Alaska and all points north have been having....but pretty chilly compared to what we've been having. I actually WANT my winter coat with the hood now.

Today's ride:
Calories burned: 368.4
trip miles: 10.52
ave mph: 21.04


Calories burned: 346.8
trip miles: 9.90
ave mph: 19.8

better than yesterday...just need to kick it a little faster and keep it over 350....

Actually below freezing today....and still no snow. They keep promising it, but it either never shows OR someone's stealing it over night.

NYBro called last night...seems all the snow I've been wanting has been constantly been diverted north as they've had a total of 90 inches+ this year so far. Im pretty sure he's tired of it by now.

more bling

Now here is a new one. I'd like to thank Queenie Jeannie for this very lovely award and the reason she gave as to why she was issuing it.

"LadyStyx & Chicago Lady - These wonderful ladies are acknowledged together because in the bloggy world, where you find one you can almost be guaranteed to find the other!! These lovely ladies inspire me to be better about truly FOLLOWING blogs I "follow". No matter what drivel I post, they both read every post, every day, and always post a comment. I mean ALWAYS!!! It's really nice to know that you aren't just talking to yourself! Big hearts that really care about people, that is who these women are!"

I am truly flattered at the compliment and honored to be paired with such a wonderful person! I'm with Jeannie as I'd hate to leave anyone out and generally will share the awards I receive with everyone. However, if I read this correctly, it narrows down my choices just a bit. So here are my choices:

Intenseguy. Iggy always seems to know what to say and when to say itto make a person smile. He has an INCREDIBLE way with words and his blog is AMAZING. You never know if you're going to laugh, cry, get a history lesson or simply have something to ponder.

Chicagolady. Yeah, I know Jeannie already gave it to her, but I cant think of anyone that I chat with regularly that is closer to my thoughts than she is. I mean, for crying out loud we often have to tell each other "get out of my head!!" LOL!!!

Tori. Tori's another that deserves this award. She and I are so alike at times that it's scary. For a real treat, check out her poetry page.

silly husbands pt 2

So...Thursday night, our conversation goes like this:

H: (asked because I must have a full meal in my belly before my shot) Where do you want to go to breakfast tomorrow morning?

M: I dunno, havent thought that far ahead, ask me tomorrow morning.

At this point, I see the lightbulb go on over his head and smell the smoke and just KNOW what he's thinking because it's the same damn thing I'd do.

M: And I dont mean the minute you hear an obnoxious bodily function NOR when you hear the pills rattling because Im taking them NOR when I blow my nose. I mean after all that AND my feet (with or without slippers) have actually touched the floor.

Sad I felt the need to qualify that to him.

So...Friday morning, I sit up and go through the morning ritual. He hears me and comes into the bedroom....squats down, passes a hand UNDER MY FEET (I got short legs so when I sit on the edge of the bed, my feet dangle) and says:

H: Nope, feet havent touched the ground yet.

Then he starts to walk out of the room. *laffz* I told him then and there he better expect that his silly self was going to make it in my blog *again*.

Friday's shot went ...well it went. Because of the reaction last week (more than a quarter sized swelling with itching lasting around 18 hrs), we had to take another step back. Im getting sick of this, I should be done with the build up shots by now but my body's fighting it every step of the way. I brought up the weight issue again but Im guessing Im just not wording it correctly because I keep getting the "it shouldnt be because we have all sizes patients getting these shots" comments. *sigh* *Leaves it in HIS Hands*

Anyhow, while I was there, I got on the scale again. If you recall, last week I was bummed because the weight was up about 4 pounds from the last official weighing. This week the difference has been cut in half. Considering I eat before my shot AND I still had the sneakers on AND well that other stuff I mentioned last time ...this is pretty good. I should be just about down to where I was in a week or two. I have another dietitian appointment at the end of the month. I know I wont have nearly the weight loss, but with the trip away from home, Im hoping for a little leniency in this matter (especially since I at least ATTEMPTED to make smart choices while there). I doubt I'll get it though because I was supposed to be adding more veggies and fiber and I really havent done more than I had been doing other than tracking the best I can the amount of fiber I've been taking in. Im ~supposed~ to be taking in about 25-35 grams a day but most days I can account for only 20 or so. I know how much is going in my tea, how much is in the bread, how much is in my tv dinners and cereal, but when it gets to how much is in the apple and banana I eat...that's another matter. I was allowed the occasional 100 cal snack but I only allowed myself 1 splurge all month. Pretty good considering Im a sweets fiend and normally have a goodie daily (not to mention ALWAYS buying dessert when we go out to supper). I even had told her that I wasnt giving up my nightly cocoa as I found a low cal one to substituted for the full sugar one I HAD been drinking. Do you think I've gotten into that cocoa yet? Nope.

Two friends talking as they leave a Slimming Class and the one says to the other...I cant believe it- I am SO proud of myself! When she told me I'd put on three pounds, I never swore once! Calories burned: 316.4
Trip miles: 9.04
ave mph: 18.08

A bit slow but I'm not 100% for a couple of reasons, one being that I spent part of the night clearing my throat. I half expect that Im coming down with whatever hubby's been fighting off (he's had it at least twice now). Although Im not feeling 100%, I still managed to get on the bike AND put it up to the next tension level.

today's ride

Calories burned: 381.6
trip miles: 10.9
ave mph: 21.80

Best ride for this level occured on Monday, January 12, 2009 (The Year in Review). Tomorrow, Im scheduled to start level 7 but considering that it's been a fight the last few days on the machine due to the colder temps aggravating my knees, ankles and hips....well I may just keep to this level a bit longer. Then again, I may change my mind when I wake up tomorrow and just push through. I promise, I'll take it easy and be sure to not get myself hurt.

some bad news and the creative moose wanders around unsupervised

I got a letter from mom and daddy this morning stating that their ability to do any travelling this year is more than likely going to be nixed. This really kind of sucks for them because they have gotten to where they go to Indiana once a year to visit with my brother, his wife and their kids. The reason why their plans are pretty much shot is because of this:

Mom's been working for them for several years. Thankfully, there should be some semblance of a severance check...but we all know that the money doesnt last all that long and she aint exactly a spring chicken. Let me rephrase that, it's going to be a trifle more difficult for her to find a job as she'll be turning 59 in August and has no more than a high school diploma (she became a housewife right after graduation). She and I are alot alike, all we know is retail.

In answer to the Grand Pooba's question in the last entry, yes, that is where the new title came from. I'd been thinking for weeks that this blog needed a different title and had been looking for something that sounded just right. I pulled up lyrics to all my favortie songs, and scoured the motivational/ inspirational quote sites, finding nothing that captured my attention. Then, while my mind was on something else entirely (namely a quote that Chicago and I saw on a t-shirt last night that I thought would just work for what I wanted), the creative moose gnawed through her lead, kicked down the stall door and commensed to singing show tunes. She wasnt singing just any show tune either...oh no. She pulled up one from my choir and theater past....that particular song from Pippin. Mind you, I hadnt thought of that musical in years.... Anyhow, it seems to match my mood lately.

Now to come up for snappy titles for the other 5 blogs on this account.....

today's ride:
Calories burned: 373.3
trip miles: 10.66
ave mph: 21.32

Corner of the Sky

just a quick note

Calories burned: 379.0
trip miles: 10.82
ave mph: 21.64

Busy busy and lots of reading to do today as the American Idol sites I have bookmarked are in full swing now, so Im kinda running behind. I still gotta get dinner made and things set up for tonight's show. Thank goodness I got my write up from Tuesday's show done last night (it's over in MySpace...I may have to add one contestant from last night to tonight's review as I had a chance to listen back on her performance). Not sure how Im going to manage things once we go to nights around here. I may have to just stick to my own schedule.

previous AI contestant news

While getting my bookmarks set up (and adding 3 new authors to my blogroll so I can keep track of their American Idol writings), I found one that may be of interest to the fans of Michael Johns and Brooke White. First click this link and then click the second link on the page.

"Here’s a great treat for those of you anxiously awaiting the day until you
can listen to the full tracks from the Shaun White: Don’t Look Down Soundtrack.
One of the tracks titled Life is Okay is actually a Michael Johns - Brooke White
duet! "

It's a very nice song and I cant wait to get my hands on it to be honest. Yeah, that's right, this David Cook fan's giving this song 2 thumbs up.

Calories burned: 371.5
trip miles: 10.61
ave mph: 21.22

The Year in Review

Dave Barry has got to be one of my favorite authors. When he's "ON", he's very very funny and when he's "OFF" his articles can be kinda...well eh. The one time of year that he tends to be his funniest is during his The Year in Review article. It's a long read, so you may want to bookmark it and go back to it when you have time. Between the election and the economy (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and gas prices were a favorite target), he had enough fodder to fill several pages.

I measure up to a second Lemonade and a best blog!

In answer to Maki's question in the comment section of one of my entries...yes, I like bling! Sometimes it gets a bit much with several flying around at the same time though and with several of us reading some of the same blogs, well it gets a bit hard finding people to hand them out to. My blog got named in no fewer than 4 blogs this last week. *BLUSH* I am totally honored that you all thought of me.

This award came from Maki over at Posh Mom’s Diary . The rules are simple but I think Im going to have to tweak one of the steps for one of my choices. The rules are:
Rule 1 - Say a nice thing to a man in your life.
Rule 2 - List at least 6 ways you measure success in your life.
Rule 3 - Assign 5 other worthy blogs

Ok, rule #1 is easy. Im always telling hubby how much I appreciate everything he does and the way he puts up with me and my unpredictible emotions.

Rule #2: Well Im going to leave this one up to my readers. Why? Because I havent found a way in my life where I CAN measure success yet. In my eyes, I am and always have been a failure. I've had one failed marriage and havent managed to do anything worth while in my life. Shoot, I havent even finished that one blog area writing about it! The only thing I can even think of that I managed to do right was get away from that jerk and get the divorce done (with the ex dawdling and in prison the entire time).

For Rule #3 Im going to pick (in no particular order):

Chicagolady @ I Don’t Care What You Say Anymore, This Is My Life
Punkn @ Punkn’s Place
Marmite Toasty@ TWADDLE everyday rubbish
ToriZ @ Torizworld
Intenseguy @ Intense Guy

Modification on Rule #1 for those without a special man in their lives....Choose one person (man or woman) that means the world to you and say something nice to them.

All of them much more deserving of the award than I am.

Babyrocasmama @ Last Shreds of Sanity nominated me for the Lemonade award. This is the second time I've been awarded this. I cant tell you how thrilled I am because now I not only can make lemonade, but now I can also make sugar-free lemonade for those readers that are dieting or have diabetes! As I already issued it out the last time, Im going to just say that if you have just joined my readers in the last month or so AND have not gotten it already (well shoot...those that want it again, go ahead and grab it too)...please by all means swipe it. *points at all the n00bies, like MsHLP, Pooba and the like*

The final award I have I received from Punkn (link above) and received as an honorable mention in Intense Guy's (link above) blog. Thank you. I am extremely humbled. There are several that are very much deserving of this award (namely every blog Im following) so Im going to pick 5 and just hope that they'll get the ones that I missed. I mean we all pretty much read the same blogs anyhow.

The winners are:

Pamela @ The Dust Will Wait. She participates in a few of the memes out there so you never know what you'll find on her blog from day to day.

Mr&MsHLP @ Vanity Plates Creepiness in 8 Characters or Less . Some of those submissions are extremely funny. Funnier still are some of the comments that come up.

Dorky @ Dry As Toast. Whether dealing with a serious topic or just being her sweet, goofy self, her's is a must read.

Queenie Jeannie @ Jeannie’s Happy World. You want blog bling, she's probably issued it to you, you want to know what giveaways are going on...she's probably entered it (or is giving it away with that adorable assistant of hers, Bella).

Melissa @ The Scholastic Scribe. She's another you never know what you'll get. Definitely a recommended read.

Oh...and my ride:

Calories burned: 392.9

trip miles: 11.22

ave mph: 22.44

Silly husbands I am busy at the computer, listening to tunes and cleaning up the projects floatin around the laptop when my darling hubby emails me from work. His usual emails are "What ya doin? How are the kids?", basically an "I Love You and miss you lots" communications (kids referring to the furbabies). Another question that's usually sent is an inquiry about supper to which I generally send a one word response (I hear Karla already...) FOOD. Then if specifics are desired the response is : hot or cold, in a bowl or on a plate (Karla, stop laughing). Well today, hubby decided to forestall the answer he KNEW he'd get by emailling this:

"What type of edible food substance, hot or cold, that is served on a plate or
bowl, will we have this evening?"

Gotta love him.

What's Your Word?

While Im surfing the 'net, I have this nasty habit of emailling links to myself of reminders of stuff that I thought (at the time) would be interesting to do. Unfortunately, I end up getting sidetracked and then end up with a full inbox that I every now and then have to weed out. Today, I got sick of looking at all the email from myself so Im cleaning out the email while listening to the tunes in my Jukebox.

Yesterday while cruising around the blogs a couple of the writers I read were giving out awards and of course I had to at least pop in and check out the sites of the winners...I mean that IS why those links are put there right? Well one site I visited was Freedom First's place over at Off My Chest. The link should take you to the entry I saw when I visited. Well the quiz it referenced looked interesting so I went ahead and did it for myself. This is the result I got:

Your Word is "Peace"

You see life as precious, and you wish everyone was safe, happy, and taken care of.

Social justice, human rights, and peace for all nations are all important to you.

While you can't stop war, you try to be as calm and compassionate as possible in your everyday life.

You promote harmony and cooperation. You're always willing to meet someone a little more than halfway.

Yeah, that pretty much fits.

a phone call from SC

Calories burned: 382.3
trip miles: 10.92
ave mph: 21.84

My SCSis called today. It seems when excrement decides to roll downhill, it picks up speed and becomes an avalanche. I havent gone into alot of detail in regards to her situation so I'll just say that everytime I hear from her, the situation's gotten even worse. Not only did her husband tell her ON THANKSGIVING DAY that he wanted a divorce, but due to events after that day she's managed to lose her job as well. I really feel for her because I was in somewhat the same position not just a few years ago (losing a job through no total fault of my own). The company boss has encouraged her to file for unemployment and he'll be certain it goes through (the firing wasnt due to poor performance). However, now she's facing a divorce and now no income. The call wasnt all bad though as she's driven to Georgia to pick up her sister and they're making plans to go to Louisiana to get their mom so they can all move to Georgia together after the divorce is final. She's needing a job now though. What she needs is a job that she can do from home online, something she'll be able to keep even after she moves. She is like me, only a high school education, but is quite bright and learns fast (she learned that web stuff faster than me!). In the job she was at, part of her duties was to revamp their website and make it easier to use for the customers to use. She even added the MSDS sheets so they are available to their clients online, just incase one was needed after hours. She'd be really good at web upkeep for a site (or even more than one site). If anyone has any ideas as to where she can at least start looking, it'd be appreciated.

mish mosh

Calories burned: 382.00
trip miles: 10.91
ave mph: 21.82

I meant to get the pictures pulled off my camera today, but hubby decided the minute he heard me doing my morning routine to prepare to get out of bed (namely yawn, make those unspeakable bodily noises that some people do and get into my medicine which is on my bedside table) that he was going to come into the bedroom and harrass me. *shakes head* Morning people, I swear! First thing out of his mouth wasn't, " good morning hun" or anything like that. Ohhhh no! "Do you wanna go to breakfast at the buffet and then to McKays?" Mind you, my feet hadn't even hit the floor yet. Have I mentioned I don't do well first thing in the morning?

So we got up, got dress and headed out the door for the morning. I didn't bother to pack the camera as we were just headed around the corner and everyone here's seen the neighborhood OCHAs so why bother? UGH! I wish I'd packed it. In the time of parking, getting out of the truck and getting back INTO the truck...I saw 10 plates and one that was very site worthy. *sigh* Just my luck.

We got back home around 11am or so and I haven't been upstairs yet. I just didn't see the sense in going upstairs just to have to come back down again to ride. So, I've spent the day downstairs reading blogs and adding some new ones to my daily reads.

I think I've decided to switch around the dining area tomorrow. I'll be moving the stereo to the wall adjoining the "Problem Children" and loading in some opera or classical... While I'm moving things around, I need to weed in the 16 or so cds I've acquired over the last several months into the music shelves. It's beginning to look like I'm going to need a bigger shelving unit soon. Better yet, maybe I should start listening to every cd and weeding out the ones I really don't want anymore.

plates, plates and more plates

Calories burned: 378.4
trip miles: 10.81
ave mph: 21.62

Shot day. It still itches a bit. Im hoping for a response like last week's and we'll be able to take it the next step up next week.

Hubby has a consult today for the lump on his finger. Im not kidding you, on the way to his appointment this morning I saw no fewer than 12 vanity plates. The most memorable on the trip to was I RPBLCN (at 2 lanes over and 65 mph, not a chance the camera was gonna catch that one). We saw at least 5 in the parking lot of that small diner we like to go to and several on the way home. My favorite was a jaw dropper on the way to the dr's office that I missed entirely due to being in shock which read DADS ROD. Hmmm...first that and then I come in to the blogs to see that iggy dropped a nut. No wonder I need a cold shower.... I lost count on the plates when I got into the 20s but I expect in the drive to the consult (in Fair Oaks), then to the diner (Fair Oaks), then the dr's office (back to Manassas), then to WallyWorld and both grocery stores (Shoppers then Bottom Dollar for the bananas because they have them much cheaper)....well I suspect at least 25-30+ total vanity plates. I managed to get about 4 or 5 because traffic made it difficult (that and this slow as molasses camera...). Ah well. I'll be putting them in the Photobucket tomorrow.

Seems like my pedalling speed's going down some. I suspect it's mostly because the seat's gotten rather uncomfy the last couple days or so. Feels like I've lost some cushion back there. At least I seem to be at a semi-comfy speed. So long as I burn 350 calories a trip, I'll be happy for now as it's approximately one meal's worth of calories. I am a trifle unhappy with myself though. I got on the scales at the dr office (full belly and kidneys due to the 32 oz of tea I'd had at lunch AND my sneaks were still on) and I weighed in at 4 pounds HEAVIER than just before Christmas. *sigh* Time to knuckle down again I guess.

Oh SO not fair!!!

Calories burned: 382.3
trip miles: 10.92
ave mph: 21.84

*sigh* So I was late to bed last night (try very early this morning) and as a result I slept until 1030am or so. I was informed by my darling husband (who felt it was safer for him to let me sleep instead of waking me) that it had SNOWED early this morning. I dont mean just a little smattering of flakes, but snowed heavily (enough that we could have captured it on the camera)...AND STUCK to the ground! Oh, and the sun's been out for a couple hours now so the snow has all melted except a smidgen by the fence....

Now watch this be the only stinkin snow we get all winter. It'll be just like my luck if this winter's unseasonably warm for the area.

a plate that reminded me of a friend

Calories burned: 381.6
trip miles: 10.90
ave mph: 21.80

While we were out running errands the day after our return from Tennessee, I was (as always) in "hunting" mode for OCHAs and vanity plates. Actually, more the latter than the former as I know iggy's got pages and pages of aliens in his special folder in my Photobucket (he'll be writing for years). Anyhow, imagine my surprise when I looked up after loading fresh batteries in my camera and saw one that reminded me of our own dear marmie!

White van with a Delaware plate that says MARBLE on it

link for pictures

Calories burned: 385.5
trip miles: 11.01
ave mph: 22.02

best on this level

I know I havent blogged about the trip to TN yet. I probably wont because it was rather uneventful. There are some pictures here though:

I was rather inspired by a few of the trees in the area as they showed such character. Not every tree draws me like these did. The one at the edge of the property looks quite old. It's enough to make someone wonder what all it may have witnessed over its long life. I dont think it's old enough to have seen any action from the Civil War, although it certainly could have from where it's standing as according to my MIL... the Confederates had actually been on the hills seen in the distance behind it.,_Tennessee

'tis nearly the season

The devil's on the stand and a lawyer is questioning him. Just WHAT were you doing in Georgia anyway? Hmmm? Isnt it TRUE that you were lookin for a soul to steal? Your confession states that you were in a bind cause you were way behind. Care to elaborate, Mr Seacrest? I mean, Mr Lucifer?
Adam is sitting at his desk talking to the computer. Computer, computer in front of me. Who's the nearest that you see? To which the computer responds Some nutcase talking to a computer.
'Tis nearly the season when one of the very few reality shows that I DO watch comes on. Hell's Kitchen isnt so bad on hubby because he'll actually watch that and discuss the show with me, but HK aint the one coming on. It's the time of year for American Idol and I tend to take over the best tv in the house for the duration. This show is much more time consuming for me and will require a shuffling around of my schedule so I can get the bike ride in BEFORE it airs. Why? Because Im so lame as to take notes and write up reviews (such as they are) about each and every airing....which means my MySpace gets a good workout with a minimum of 3 entries a week as I try my best to predict who will go and why and who my choices are FTW (For the Win). No worries, I dont tend to inflict the readers here with such drivel....well not much at least!

Sympathy cards for the American Idol widower in this house can be sent through here. I'll make sure he gets them....sometime or other. *laffs*

There's always the possibility that I wont get addicted this year at all....I mean, my choice did WIN last year and this will be kind of anti-climactic. Then again, I say this every year and end up so embroiled in it that my friends have to check to see if Im still living.

hubby's sick

Calories burned: 380.4
trip miles: 10.86
ave mph: 21.72

Hubby's been sick for about a week now. He *finally* dragged his butt into the drs office after being nagged about it. In fact, my last words to him as he went out the bedroom door this morning were "Doctor, today". What's he say to me? "Im not familiar with that group or the song." Smartarse. Anyhow he came back home around 1015am or so and promptly climbed into bed. From what he said, the nurse fussed him that he should have come in last get it dealt with. Absolutely no sympathy (and a bit of laughter on her part) when he confessed that I'd been nagging him to go in. Even less sympathy (and more laughter) when she realized that he was sitting in the waiting room on FRIDAY afternoon because I was in for my shot. I'd told him even then, he should go and get it looked at since we were already there....did he listen? Ohh Noooo! *insert eyeroll* Turns out that he's got a bad sinus infection. Well at least it's not contagious. Even if it was, I still have those antibiotics the dr issued weeks ago "just in case".

Were under a winter watch here in Manassas. Supposed to be getting some winter-type weather tonight and into tomorrow lasting until Wednesday morning. It's not coming from the north (like so many of my northern friends have been threatening send that snow), but coming from up south through Tennessee. It's highly possible I'll be getting some of what Karla had. Yay! Best part is, although Im stuck with hubby another few days (he started back to work on Sunday), he wont have to drive in any winter mess (Im fairly sure that those in Manassas cant drive in the winter mush).

Redneck fix

A blue car with its backend bashed in strapped together with clear tape that is usually used for shipping packagesAs we were out on Friday, I grabbed this shot. Thankfully, since I do alot of OCHA and license plate camera (as well as a few extra batteries) are generally right at hand at all times. The only time the camera is NOT in hand is if Im going into a store that sells cameras. As you can see, not just duct tape fixes everything. It looks like clear shipping tape works just as well!


I was awarded bling over the last couple weeks. Cant remember where all from though. Im pretty sure of these two coming from Jeannie. If Im wrong (whether it be whom they came from or if I missed a couple other awards) someone please let me know and I'll make sure to credit where it's due. Im also meant to pass them along so if you 01) follow this blog (or any other of the 10 blogs on this account) AND 02) havent received them yet ...then by all means grab them for yourselves and spread the love to others!

whew...Im tired

Calories burned: 382.8
trip miles: 10.93
ave mph: 21.86

To answer Chicagolady's questions:

the best day was November 24 with 406.8 calories burned, 11.62 miles travelled and an average mph of 23.24. This was a level 3 ride.

For those even more curious:

the second best day was December 15 with 406.0 calories burned, 11.6 miles travelled and an average mph of 23.20. Now some may consider this the best ride because it was a level 4....putting it at a tougher ride than the previous one.

then again on December 31 there was a 394.8 calorie burn with an 11.28 trip and an average mph of 22.56 which was the best for level 5. Remember I lost 4 days worth of riding that month too. So I'll leave it to ya'll decide what the best ride was.

For those that are tired out from just reading my stats:
INCLUDING today's ride:

Calories burned: 26,864
miles "travelled": 767.31
approximate ave mph: 21.5

Happy Birthday Queenie Jeannie!!

a basset hound wearing a party hat and holding an allday sucker in his mouth
*makes sure to add this new holiday to her calendar so I remember next year*
Calories burned: 369.2
trip miles: 10.54
ave mph: 21.08

well hell

Calories burned: 356.2
trip miles: 10.17
ave mph: 20.34
start of level 6

So, no, the shot appointment did NOT go well. I didnt suspect that it would. With the reaction the way that it was last time, I had fully expected to take a step or two backwards in the dosage amounts as has been the usual procedure. However, once I showed Sharon (the usual allergy nurse) the pictures of the last reaction (one taken 8 hrs after the injection and the other more than 24 hours later), she placed a call to the allergy dr. After a discussion of several minutes, it was decided that we'd not only step back...but we'd have to back it up to the previous vial. *sigh* Not only would we have to back it up to vial 3...but we'd have to use a different "schedule". Some vials are done on a schedule A which is about 4 shots worth for the vial. Some vials are schedule B which is 6 shots for the vials. Vial 4 Im supposed to be on a schedule A, but we'd modified it to an A.5 by adding a .3 shot between the .2 and .4 shots because my body was handling it so poorly. It's been decided that here on out I will be on a schedule C which breaks the vial down into 10 dosages. Yeah...means even LONGER I'll be needing the "build up" shots. I was also told that it's entirely possible that my body simply wont take a stronger dose than what is in vial 3 or 4 (which means I wont be inflicted with vials 5 or 6). What I do know now is that I have at LEAST another 10-15 weeks of the "build up shots".... I am beginning to wonder if the weight loss might be part of the issue. The body changes and medicines begin to react differently...?

I did it, I did it...all by myself for the most part!!!

Calories burned: 394.5
trip miles: 11.27
ave mph: 22.54

So we've hit the new year and I had the daunting task of setting this year's spreadsheets up for my rides. I wanted to get them all set so I wasnt having to do the new sheet each month like I did last year. With just a little help from hubby (who showed me the trick to autofilling the dates in an Excel spreadsheet so I didnt have to type each one individually) and a little ingenuity on my part(applying the same trick to the Average MPH column which has formulae in it instead of dates), I managed to get all 12 months done in about an hour or so (as opposed to the many many hours it would have taken me to do each cell separately).

The news is saying we should be getting snow showers tomorrow morning sometime. Bet not enough sticks around to enjoy it. Certainly not enough to dive face first into.

Tomorrow shot day. I'm bringin my camera with a picture of the last reaction on it so the nurse can see how bad it was. I suspect she's gonna back the shots up a few steps because of it. I have no clue why the shots have been giving this kind of reaction....they've been doing fine the last several weeks.

Happy New Year !


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