unexpected call, where's the snow?, walk thru

Saturday and Sunday we didnt do too much around the apartment. Mostly just watched tv and worked on the computer. Well, he spent the time on the computer while I worked on some needlework. Yeah, I know I still have to take a picture and show ya'll how far I've gotten with it.

Monday I got a rather unexpected call on my cell phone (which looks just like the one to the left only it's an awesome shade of purple). It must have come in while I was sleeping because in the afternoon I heard it chirping at me that I'd missed a call. Mind you, this phone still has a Dallas number attached to it because we wanted to get into the new place before changing it. Guess what the message was? The message was from Lane Bryant's in regards to an application I had filled out online for a job. heh heh heh. *shakes head*. The message said if I was still interested they'd love to interview me as they had full and part time positions available in their store. Well I called them back and let them know that although I'd LOVE to interview and take a job with them that it would be impossible now as I was in Virginia. *shakes head again* Maybe it's time to change that phone number....
Not much else is going on. They keep promising us snow but all we get is cold while everyone else around me gets that beautiful fluffy white stuff. *sigh* So Chicago, when should I expect that shipment of it? I know you've got plenty to spare. I'd ask Alice to send hers as well but I know Tori's wanting some across the pond so I wont be greedy.

My goodness did we all catch American Idol this week? What a freaking waste of time that was. If it had been a movie , I would have demanded my money back for sure. Usually by now I have the field narrowed down to a couple worth watching, but not this year. There are a few that bear watching but none that really stand out. My original prediction (before the season started) was we'd have an AAM as a winner but there are a few girls out singing him easily so Im not too sure at this point. Another pattern emerged while I was looking at the past winners...and ya know we're due for a white female with an awesome voice again. A winner, like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

Around 430pm today we're due to go for our walk through on the townhome. I plan on getting the non-essentials packed up this evening when hubby goes to work and the rest on Saturday. I figure I'll just leave a couple days worth of clothes and the meds here and take them over when we go on Monday morning. I guess I'd better get myself to bed a little earlier this morning so Im better rested for the walk through.

not much going on

Comic to the right (for Tori's benefit) has 4 waiters at a table with one holding a cake with a candle on it and Simon Cowell sitting in a boothe. The waiters all look sad and one of them has her face in her hands. The top says "Waiters hate Simon Cowell..." and Simon's saying "That was the worst rendition of the Applebee's 'Happy, Happy Birthday song' I've ever heard! - Just bloody dreadful!!"

The competition portion of American Idol started this week. With any luck, I'll be still blogging it in my MySpace area. It may be a little rougher getting it done, but with the help of YouTube, Dial Idol and Rickey.org (and the betting sites once they get geared up and going) I should be able to still get my reviews up. I did really well this week getting 2.5 out of the 4 elimintated correct. I only gave myself half a correct on the one because I wasnt completely right as to whether they'd be gone or not. I felt VFTW would factor in higher than they did. This is the first week though and they're not in full gear yet. It usually takes them a week or so to get a good pick in for the year. The one I missed...well I missed that one COMPLETELY. Ah well.

I've gotten some new cds in the last few weeks. I finally broke down and bought myself the Sara Bareilles cd, Little Voice. I really enjoy that one song she has out and I believe with the way my tastes have been running lately that it'll get some decent playtime in my stereo once we get into the town house (along with my Kate Voegele cd). A couple days ago 3 other cds from my Amazon wishlist came in. I'd been going back and forth on this one cd and kept picking it up in the store but I KNEW I could get it cheaper on Amazon so hubby broke down and got it for me. The cds that came in are the Natasha Bedingfield Pocketful of Sunshine one, Idina Menzel's I Stand, and Leigh Nash's Blue on Blue (lead singer from Sixpence None the Richer). I cant wait to listen to them. Oh, yeah, I could play them on the laptop but the speakers arent the best and I'd have to turn the volume way up to enjoy them. This is something I dont really want to do to be honest.

This week we were *supposed* to get snow. Hmmmm snow *goes to look it up...maybe they have pictures?* ...snow.... ahh here it is :

snow [ snō ]
noun (plural snows)

1. ice crystal flakes: water vapor in the atmosphere that has frozen into ice crystals and falls to the ground in the form of flakes.

Ok so by the dictionary definition we DID have snow, if you could count those piddly little dandruff sized flakes snow on Wednesday. Im not kidding, you had to SQUINT to find a flake and do you think we got any showing on the ground?? Hell NO! So by Thursday night and into Friday they tell us that the next front coming through is supposed to be sleet and snow. I tell my hubby when he leaves Thursday to call me if the roads are bad BEFORE he leaves work. Hmmmm no call. The roads were wet, but never froze. In fact, the roads were so good he drove a workmate back to his home a good 45 minutes one way in the opposite direction before coming back home. I guess the guy carpools and something happened and he got stranded at work.

Speaking of work, on his way out the door yesterday my hubby told me they may be changing his shift already. Looks like they're considering putting him on the front end of the week in a month or so. I asked him if it was nights or days and he wasnt sure yet. I asked him if it was a step up or sideways and he tells me a little of both. It's just sideways in the job level BUT a little step up in that it'll earn him brownie points with the bosses. That's good I guess....only a month to month and a half in and they're already wanting to put him in areas where they really need the help (they're short handed on that shift and someone's leaving in a month's time so they'll be even more short handed).

I got an email from a friend of mine up in Joisee the other day. Seems her fiance and she *FINALLY* picked out a date. They'll be getting married in July this year. Thank goodness she gave us enough heads up! With the move and his new job and me having to go back to work, I need all the heads up I can get! I have to laugh. She'd wanted to have all her previous "brides" (she's been a bridesmaid and maid of honor several times over...kinda like the movie 27 Dresses) in her wedding party but there were at least 10 of us and a couple of us it was twice over. She opted to have a couple close friends as attendants and allow all the previous brides enjoy themselves instead of having them work the celebration. How nice...this way no one's feelings would be hurt that so and so was in the wedding and they werent.

I went shopping Monday last week and bought myself some more supplies for needleworking. AC Moores had the cross stitch floss on sale for 4/$1 which is a pretty good price (better when it goes to 10/$1), so I stocked up on the colors that Im going to be using for my next project. I think I've decided that the one Im working on is going to be my friend's wedding gift, Im not sure yet. I may decide against it though, I havent absolutely decided yet. Anyhow, the next project is going to be a Home Sweet Home sampler for our townhouse. While I was AC Moores, I looked for a case for my bobbins of floss. Im not really liking the box I have presently (which is packed up) as there isnt enough room in it for all the colors I have. I didnt like any they had there but I did find a beautiful needlework piece from "The Gold Collection" that I just had to pick up. That brand is one of the more pricier brands like "Dimensions", the pieces average about $32+ and in many cases much higher. I generally wont buy them because of the price but I had a coupon for 50% off a regular priced item. Gotta love that. I ended up walking out of there with roughly $42 worth of stuff (19 skeins of floss, a package of plastic floss bobbins and the needlework piece) for LESS than the original price of the piece ($32 regular price). I paid a total of $23.35...a savings of $17.71. That savings got spent though in Michaels (which I found out WILL price match as long as I have the competitor's ad) where I found a nice pattern book ($6) and a box that will work nicely with my flosses ($10). Now that I look at it it looks alot like one of those little doodad boxes for work benches. You know, the ones with the screws, bolts and nuts stored in the little drawers? I'll have to remember that the next time I need a box like that and just hit up the hardware department. *shrugs*

Hmmm I guess there was more to say than I thought originally.....

What happens AFTER Valentines Day

For Tori's benefit: The picture above shows a courtroom with a defendant and his lawyer standing before the judge.
The judge is saying "You are charged with flying around naked & shooting people with arrows after February 14th. How do you plead?"
Defendant in the orange prison jumpsuit? You guessed it, Cupid.

just mishmosh

Not much going on here in Virginia. We had some interesting weather this last week. One day we had winds so strong that branches came down in the area. Thankfully we didnt lose power. The winds were roughly about 50+ mph. A couple of days ago we had rain that swiftly turned to ice because a cold front came in right in the middle of the storm. Unfortunately we were caught outside in it. By the time we got back to the apartment the sidewalks were slicked over really well. Let's just say it was so icy...that it took me 5 minutes to get the the staircase to get to my apartment. The stairs are like 2-3 steps away from the parkinglot, and the sidewalk I had to cross to get them is slightly slanted towards the street so it's a slight uphill walk to them. Needless to say with my bad knees the step up to the sidewalk is a bitch on a normal day. Hubby had to get on the grass and pull me up onto the sidewalk so I could get to the grass and then we spent a minute or so helping a neighbor over in the same way. Thank goodness the stairs are sheltered from precipitation (unless it comes in horizontally, then we're fkd).

Found another great restaurant a couple weeks ago. We've been there twice now. It's called Glory Days Grill. The Tuesday before we tried it out for the first time. Timing is an issue with the place as it doesnt open until 4pm and usually we like to catch lunch around 2-3pm and generally eat out then. By suppertime (around 8pm for us), we've got all our running done and are at the apartment. The food was great though and service was awesome. We noticed (after we put the order in that Tuesday was a ribs special ...well damn. So we went last Tuesday for the ribs special. The ribs werent bad but they werent exactly the best either. Chilis and TGIFridays have the best. Well honestly Tony Roma's has the best but I think they've mostly closed down. Now THAT place knew how to do ribs...and the warm wet napkins they brought so you could wipe your face and hands with to clean up afterwards..? Heaven.

Hubby and I are getting antsy to get into our new place. It'll be nice to finally get into some semblance of normalcy for a change...if you can call this schedule normal. LOL. At least I wont have 3 flights to climb up and down daily, just the one to get to our second floor. Plus we'll be near some shopping and sidewalks so I can get out assuming the neighborhood is any good to be walking in alone...not that it matters as we're there for 2 years. Good thing is the lease is signed for 2 years which I believe means the rent cannot go up in that time frame. Here's a picture of the outside of the unit. I'll be taking more pix once we get in. Hubby took some of the backyard too that I can post later. It's not a really big yard but definitely larger than some of the patios you see with apartments. We dont need much of one, just enough to let Katy work off some of her energy. It's gated too so I can pretty much put her out and not have to worry about her leaving the yard.

Oh and we were out to Applebees the other night. It took them 20 minutes to get a waitress to our table. Talk about starting to be upset. Thankfully the floor supervisor managed to get to the table before my temper actually got flaired and apologized for the delay, they were a bit short staffed. However, since it took so long to get to us he was offering free appetizers because of the wait. Well since we were getting the 3 course special...we ended up getting both appetizers, both desserts and one of the meals in it's entirety free. The entire meal cost us less than half that what we normally spend there on a date night. Awesome.

I have about a third of my needlework piece done. With any luck I'll have it done in a couple months.LOL! I really should grab another pic of it but I think I want to get the next section done before then. I could be doing that while Im sitting here in chat listening to the tunes and watching Stargate Atlantis so maybe I'll close this out now and do just that.

Phil Stacey News

Found in my MySpace while reading the blogs:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

FIRST VIDEO SHOT IN NASHVILLE THIS WEEK Nashville, TN – February 14, 2008 – The debut CD from American Idol Season 6 finalist Phil Stacey will hit stores on April 29th. The date represents a slight move from the previously announced mid-April street date, and is the result of Phil's already jam-packed travel schedule. "It has always been my first priority to make the album I have promised the fans, and I needed this extra studio time," says Phil. "Lyric Street has been great to work with me on this!" Phil chronicles his busy schedule and day-to-day experiences each Monday on his USA Today blog, found at http://blogs.usatoday.com/idolchatter/2008. Phil's debut disc features the lead single "If You Didn't Love Me," written by Wendell Mobley, Jason Sellers and Rascal Flatts' Gary LeVox. The song is already making a rapid ascent of the country radio charts, and is currently reaching over 1 million radio listeners each week. Roman White, who directed videos for both "Before He Cheats" and "So Small" for Carrie Underwood, filmed the video for "If You Didn't Love Me" in the Nashville area this week. Shot at an old motel, the clip features several different storylines of people who depend on the love of others, as well as a very special guest appearance by Phil's wife Kendra. Phil made a name for himself in 2007 when he performed for millions of viewers each week during his competition on the sixth season of American Idol. His renditions of the country hits "Where The Blacktop Ends," "The Change," and "I Need You" were among his most praised performances of the season. Following his time on American Idol, Phil toured with his fellow contestants over the summer on a 55 city tour before moving to Nashville, where he signed with Lyric Street Records. Lyric Street Records is a part of Disney Music Group. The Disney Music Group is the recorded music and music publishing arm of the Walt Disney Studios.

Jeff Dunham and Jose video from YouTube


Here's another that's come into my inbox several times. Im eventually going to make banners for this to go on my pages (mostly as a reminder to me to put my daily click in). This link will take you to the tab for the breast cancer one but there are several other tabs you can go to as well. All it takes is a few moments to click this link then click the "click here to give" buttons. For every click, they give the item free to someone who needs it. The one for pets donates food for animals in shelters, the one for breast concer donates mamograms...etc you get the idea.


If you doubt this is true...here's the snopes page dealing with it:

Storm warning

This is the second time I've gotten this one in my inbox. Everyone keep an eye out and stay safe.

The FBI is warning of Valentine’s “Storm” attacks.

Go here if you wish to read about it:
*No antivirus is catching this one 100%...*

Spoiler links and some Melinda news

Ok these spoiler links hit a few days to a week ago. If you dont wanna know, then dont click 'em.



Like I was saying to Chicago in the comment on the last entry...I only see 2-3 that meet my prediction (an AAM to win) *BUT* Im not seeing enough out of any of them to be positive of my statement. I may just end up changing my mind in a couple weeks. Some of those gals looked strong on the first showing....could be an interesting year after all.

In last year's news...Melinda's *finally* going to be dropping her new cd soon. February 12th will see the release of her version of My Funny Valentine hitting ITunes.


Bo News

I found these while I was in my MySpace and thought I'd pass them along. One belongs to the Blogger account of Professor Tom Mengesha who is currently over seas:


And this other is an article out of Stars and Stripes:


I thought many would like to see these items.


Well I spent the day on Sunday just lazing about. I dont think either of us really wanted to do much of anything after getting that one call telling us we were denied. Worse yet was the call he made to the first complex and getting the *IF* we accept your application speech. *bah* We were told that they'd review the application again and we should call on Tuesday to see *IF* we were accepted. *sigh* Sunday evening we pulled up the website on this business card one of his new friends had given him and purused the rental units on the lady's site. We found several we wanted to look at...one of which had no picture.

Monday...I cant remember much of what we did. These days just slide right by lately. I do know we took the addy of the rental with no picture and drove by the area to check it out. It seemed nice enough and was located right behind a strip mall. Awesome. Afterwards, I remember going to ACMoores craft store to pick up more supplies. I had decided that I am really enjoying the one pattern I've been working on that I want to do a second one and frame them both as gifts. We went to Barnes and Noble too to pick up a newspaper and both of us ended up picking up a couple magazines each. I chose a couple counted cross stitch magazines that had patterns in them and one came with a free kit. I cant wait to do one of these newer patterns. We went to lunch and then did the grocery shopping for the week. Im fairly sure there were a couple other errands we ran but I cant for the life of me remember what they were. Hubby called the realtor with rentals were listed with and arranged for a viewing of 7 of them.

Tuesday we got a call from the realtor and she said we could see 5 of them. Of the other 2, one was listed through another agent and she had to get ahold of them to see about showing it and he hadnt called back yet and the other needed at least 24 hours notice because there was a large dog on the property. Ok, so 5 out of 7...still a good day. The first place we looked at was a 2 bedroom condominium (or a glorified apartment as I'd call it). New carpeting, ground floor...more like a basement as there was a half flight of stairs down to get to it. It was a very nice unit. The closets needed some help though as the doors stuck on a couple of them but all in all not bad. The second place we went to was a nice 3 bedroom townhome. It was the one we drove by the day before. It was built in the 70's and needed a little help but not bad overall. It even had a full sized washer and drier that comes with it (and a dish washer too WOOOOT!!!). The next unit was nice. I wasnt fond of the carpeting... it was nice and dark BUT was this cheap stuff you find in schools and restaurants....something a stick vac could handle. This came with a washer/drier too but it was in the same closet with the water heater and turned in such a way that I'd need to wedge myself between the 2 units to do the laundry. Yeah, I see THAT happening. The next unit was bloody horrible and in an unsavory neighborhood. The last was in a slightly better area of the same neighborhood as the one before it. It was nicer but you could tell both had had bug problems like you wouldnt believe. Ew. The last one had a nice yard with no grass as it had been covered over with "astroturf". The fencing was in horrid shape on the one side of the yard though and the opposite neighbor had the meanest sounding dog in their yard. From what I could glimpse between the slats of the fence, it looked like it could be a pit. Ummm no. Not EVEN in a good neighborhood for $100 less on the monthly rent. We decided that we liked the first townhome the best out of all of them. Oh yeah, it needs a tiny bit of love but it looks good considering how old the building is (it was built in 1973). We let the realtor know of our decision and she said she'd talk to the company that's leasing the unit out.

Hubby and I went to lunch and made another stop then came back to the corp housing. When we got back I fired up the laptop and saw an email from the realtor. She said that the company had had another app come in for that unit but it "didnt look good" and advised that we fill out the attached pdf app and fax it to her right away. She also suggested that we write a note explaining any dings on our credit report that could possibly be found and detail out the problem we had with the A.R.M. It took us an hour or so to get the letter hashed out and then hubby took and loaded the app and the letter on a thumb drive and we went to the UPS Store to get them printed up. After we went to supper at a restaurant called Glory Days. Mmmmm yummy. Well worth the money and I cant wait to explore their whole menu. While at supper we took the time to fill out the application....may as well as the UPS Store was only a couple doors down and there was no sense taking the paperwork back to the place we're staying at to fill in and then have to make another run to the UPS Store to fax the information. We finished supper and then put the finishing touches on the app. The guy at the UPS Store had to laugh as this was our third trip in there over the course of the day. We faxed the realtor the 3 page app, the letter and a few other documents that would help our case.

We got back to the corp housing around 750pm or so. Just in time to get comfy and get ready for my show. Is it me or is everyone else completely underwhelmed with this season too? Im so underwhelmed that I completely forgot it was on Tuesday night until hubby mentioned it. In fact, I still have my notes for my MySpace entry (for both nights this week) that I havent even bothered to type up yet.

Yesterday, hubby was scheduled for work so we didnt plan on doing anything. We got a call...it was the realtor. I braced myself for the "no, Im sorry...let's see what else we can do about this" that I was absolutely positive was going to come across the telephone lines. It was a good thing I was sitting because she said that we'd been accepted. WOOOOOOOOOOT!! It's going to cost us about $2500 up front, which isnt bad as it's first and last month's rent and the pet deposit and first month rent on them too. We'll be going to the bank later to the bank to get a certified money order and then heading to the landlord's office to sign the paperwork. Move in day will be either the 1st or 2nd of March depending on hubby's schedule (he's working every other Saturday so if he's off the we move on the 1st, if not then on Sunday the 2nd).

I guess Im gonna scoot. My knees are still hurting some and my feet feel a little bloated tonight. I really should have been in bed several hours ago but I kept dropping off while typing this. Shoulda hit the sheets when I left chat...that's for sure.

Ah well.

Sharing an email from my Dad

Andy Rooney's CBS Newsman: Tips for Handling Telemarketers & junk mailers...

Three Little Words That Work !!
(1)The three little words are: 'Hold On, Please...' Saying this, while putting down your phone and walking off to watch TV (instead of hanging-up immediately) would make each telemarketing call so much more time-consuming that boiler room sales would grind to a halt. Then when you eventually hear the phone company's 'beep-beep-beep' tone, you know it's time to go back and hang up your handset, which has efficiently completed its task.

(2) Do you ever get those annoying phone calls with no one on the other end? This is a telemarketing technique where a machine makes phone calls and records the time of day when a person answers the phone. This technique is used to determine the best time of day for a 'real' salesperson to call back and get someone at home. What you can do after answering, if you notice there is no one there, is to immediately start hitting your # button on the phone, 6 or 7 times, as quickly as possible This confuses the machine that dialed the call and it kicks your number out of their system. Gosh, what a shame not to have your name in their system any longer !!!

(3) Junk Mail Help: When you get 'ads' enclosed with your phone or utility bills, return these 'ads' with your payment. Let the sending companies throw their own junk mail away... When you get those 'pre-approved' letters in the mail for everything from credit cards to 2nd mortgages and similar type junk, do not throw away the return envelope----------------------------- Most of these come with postage-paid return envelopes, right? It costs them more than the regular 41 cents postage 'IF' and when they receive them back. It costs them nothing if you throw them away! The postage was around 50 cents before the last increase and it is according to the weight. In that case, why not get rid of some of your other junk mail and put it in these cool little, postage-paid return envelopes!

One of Andy Rooney's (60 minutes) ideas. Send an ad for your local chimney cleaner to American Express. Send a pizza coupon to Citibank. If you didn't get anything else that day, then just send them their blank application back! If you want to remain anonymous, just make sure your name isn't on anything you send them.You can even send the envelope back empty if you want to just to keep them guessing! It still costs them 41 cents.The banks and credit card companies are currently getting a lot of their own junk back in the mail, but folks, we need to OVERWHELM them. Let's let them know what it's like to get lots of junk mail, and best of all they're paying for it...Twice! Let's help keep our postal service busy since they are saying that e-mail is cutting into their business profits, and that's why they need to increase postage costs again You get the idea !If enough people follow these tips, it will work ---- I have been doing this for years, and I get very little junk mail anymore.


I am so happy

The day my first banner went up in a chatsite, I was proud.
The day my first banner for another streamer went up in the same chat site, I was proud.
The day several of my banners for several others went up in a chatsite (much to the chagrin of the site owner), I was prouder still.
The day the site owner got pissed because my banners were "everywhere" on that site, I was proud.
The day my banners went up in 2 OTHER chatsites thereby proving that one manager right, I didnt think I could get prouder.
The day my first decor went up in my own Blogger and MySpace accounts, I was very proud.
The day my decor went up in other people's Bloggers and MySpaces, I was extremely proud.
Up until then, I didnt think I could get much prouder...honestly.
Then today came.
It started as a joke, honestly. Then my friend said he'd printed up the little banner I made for him and I was glad that I made him happy.
I thought he was joking when he said he was going to print a bunch up in color.
Then I checked his blog just a few moments ago and ya know, this has got to be my proudest moment yet (click the link and scroll to the second picture). Thanks iggy. http://intenseguy.blogspot.com/2008/02/bottles-in-tree.html

We're back to...

Denied. Got the call this morning. We may end up in that one where they want 6 months rent up front. *sigh* Guess I know what I'll be doing today.

Update @ 128pm: Called that one place back and got an *IF* accepted that it'll be 6 months up front for a 6 month lease....all 12 for a year lease. Had been told originally that because of where he worked they'd take the 6 months for the year but today he talked with the site manager and she'd said no...all 12 months up front for the year. They're pulling our file again and double checking for a decision. We have to call back on Tuesday. .oO(damn I need a fkn drink...) Im at my wit's end at this point. We have a little over 30 days left here and STILL no place to live due to the damn credit reports.... *criez*


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