Bad Day Laughs

Things Got Ya Down? Well Then, Consider These .

In a hospital's Intensive Care Unit, patients always died in the same bed, on Sunday morning, at about 11:00 am , regardless of their medical condition This puzzled the doctors and some even thought it had something to do with the supernatural. No one could solve the mystery as to why the deaths occurred around 11:00 am Sunday, so a worldwide team of experts was assembled to investigate the cause of the incidents. The next Sunday morning, a few minutes before 11:00 am all of the doctors and nurses nervously waited outside the ward to see for themselves what the terrible phenomenon was all about. Some were holding wooden crosses, prayer books, and other holy objects to ward off the evil spirits. Just when the clock struc k 11:00 , Pookie Johnson, the part-time Sunday sweeper , entered the ward and unplugged the life support system so he could use the vacuum cleaner.

Still Having a Bad Day????

The average cost of rehabilitating a seal after the Exxon Valdez Oil spill in Alaska was $80,000.00. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively saved animals were being released back into the wild amid cheers and applause from onlookers. A minute later, in full view, a killer whale ate them both.

Still think you are having a Bad Day????

A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen shaking frantically, almost in a dancing frenzy, with some kind of wire running from his waist towards the electric kettle. Intending to jolt him away from the deadly current, she whacked him with a handy plank of wood, breaking his arm in two places. Up to that moment, he had been happily listening to his Walkman.

Are Ya OK Now? - No?

Two animal rights defenders were protesting the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughterhouse in Bonn , Germany . Suddenly, all two thousand pigs broke loose and escaped through a broken fence, stampeding madly. The two helpless protesters were trampled to death.

What?!? STILL having a Bad Day????

Iraqi terrorist Khay Rahnajet didn't pay enough postage on a letter bomb. It came back with 'Return to Sender' stamped on it. Forgetting it was the bomb, he opened it and was blown to bits.

There now, Feeling Better?

Thanks to my mom who forwarded this... it's a good reminder that things could be so much worse...

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It's that time of week again!
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This week's Week~end Wordle is courtesy of my entry called:
lil brain blurbits. As you can see, I only had one thing on my mind that day.....LOL! Yeah, so??? I'm a damn chocoholic! Well....3 outta 4 weeks a month that is.


Waffles fries, nuggets and a sweeeeeeeet tea..yummy

I hear ya'll laughing now. I suspect iggy's laughing hardest of all though because we were having a similar conversation just Saturday night!

feelin creative for the first time in a while

I see on my friend's blog, Jeannie's Happy World , that she's successfully made it over 30 days smoke free. Congrats!! I whipped up this award for her tonight and sent it via email because she'd mentioned taking a break from blogging and I wanted to make sure it didnt get lost in all the reading she'll need to do to catch up. Congrats Jeannie! Im so very proud of you!

yeah, Im breathin

Just a note to let everyone know Im still breathing. Lots to say and not really feeling like saying it. *shrugz*

While I was out reading the entries this morning I saw another of them "TAG" thingies going around. Three of the people tagged on the entry are new readers here. As a reminder to my friends (and a warning to the newer people that joined up here), Im not fond of them (points to the link in the sidebar) please just dont. If I feel like doing it later I will.

I do have another entry started....well actually I have the pictures loaded, I just gotta write it....sometime.

It's Week~end Wordle Time!

It's that time of week again!
It's time for the Weekend Wordle.
Here's what ya do:

01) Go to to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

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My Weekend Wordle was made with my entry entitled : Entry from April 22,2007 from the Archived Yahoo360 entries section of my site. I made sure to remove the link that was in the entry so it wont show up in the Wordle. If you'd like to visit it, it's :


lil brain blurbits

I've decided that Im addicted to Blue Bunny Light Personals icecream. Each little tub has is supposed to have (*blushes*) two servings in it, but Im usually really bad and snarf eat both servings in one sitting. Considering there's only 5 grams of fat for the whole tub and 200 calories (some flavors have a bit more), Im not completely killing my diet.

They have a delightful Super Fudge Brownie flavor that is to die for. However, I found one flavor I like even more. I am seriously addicted to the Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake flavor. It's a really good thing I only buy the personal sizes (only 1 a week) and not the larger sizes as Im sure I would have eaten an entire half gallon of it tonight. Normally, I do really well on my eating modification, but tonight...well Im gonna blame this on Jeannie. If it wasnt for her entries of Jeannie's Happy World: Tastefully Simple Giveaway!! and Jeannie's Happy World: Chocolate Bliss 'n Stuff! (which shows her adorable little girl enjoying some Chocolate Bliss...), well let's just say my sweettooth couldnt handle it any longer!

Saturday night while we were headed out for supper, I noticed the first sign of spring in my yard. Unfortunately, the flash washed out the bloom...I was really hoping that the purple streaks in the flower would show up. Ah well. It'll be a matter of time before the front yard is flowering again.

We've also had some buds show up on the trees.

Here's a picture I've been meaning to post. It was taken on the evening of February 26th. We'd gotten to the traffic light at the entrance of our sub-division and the light was peeking over the trees across the road from us near the mall. It took 5 attempts to get it just right. I zoomed right in so I didnt have to crop much of the traffic out.

Over the last few days, I've gotten some more bling for my page. The first one came from Jeannie in her entry Jeannie's Happy World: A New Award!. Ok ok, she didnt exactly specify me by name but she did say it was for her readers so I took it. Pbbt!

The other comes from Yaya in her entry Just Another Weekend Of Nothing . Again, the entry doesnt specify but since I was invited to take it, I did. Any of my readers that have yet to receive these awards, please feel free to take them from my page for use on yours.

Happy St Patricks Day!!!


A woman is getting ready to go out and the husband calls from the other room, " Come on, otherwise we're going to be late!"

The woman, looking over at their dog who is sulking in the chair, calls back to the husband, " I think Fred is upset that we're not taking him!"

The husband peeks in and the woman then asks the dog, " Are you upset that we're not taking you Fred?"

To which the dog is thinking," I am a little peeved, to say the least!"

I saw this in my daily reading this morning....and a certain little white English Welsh pooch came to mind....

It's Weekend Wordle Time!

I figured I'd better get this posted before I go in for my sleep cycle and since Shan's got her's up already I can pop in and sign the Mr Linky at the same time. YAY!

It's that time of week again! It's time for the Weekend Wordle.

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The final entry in this series brought to you by Iggy


just chattin on the weather

Someone was wondering a week or so ago (was it Alice or Karla?) if I had gotten some snow out of the storms that had been in the east. I'm happy to report that yes, I did INDEED get some snow. Not the foot or so that I would have LIKED to have gotten but a modest 3" or so. I've got the pictures posted here:

I've got descriptions under the pictures in the Photobucket so I won't go into too much detail here. We did get some strong winds on the 26th of February that managed to do some damage in the neighborhood. Our townhouse didnt get any damage that I know of (at least on the sections of house I can see without invading my neighbor's yard), but the one neighbor's shed had some of the siding ripped loose. I've let them know about it through their kid (dang ESLs , thank goodness the kids understand me), and showed them the picture I took of it. He climbed the fence (yeah that leaning piece of crap, Im surprised it held the husband's weight because he's very stocky) to take a peek and supposedly is going to let their landlord know (neighbors and they dont have the same landlord...wish they did because I would have just dealt with it myself).

Friday the 27th we had snow. Hubby actually had to shovel the back patio so the dog could go out to go potty (she doesnt like the snow and wont walk in it if she can help it). Like I said the pictures are on that link in Photobucket. I did post this one because I like how it turned out.

I'd noticed while taking a picture out of the bedroom window of the snow on the truck that there was a white blur in my viewer towards the bottom of the picture. I figured that maybe I'd get a shot of the snow on the ledge and see how it turned out. Sweet!

We had 70 degrees on Wednesday. It was so beautiful I was out without a jacket. By 6pm it had dropped 10 degrees and has steadily slipped in temperature over the last day and a half. It's in the low 30's right now and we're getting snow again. I've actually gotten enough cold weather this year to be amply satisfied. If this is the last of it for the next 8 months or so, I'll be content. Yeah, I'm ready for some slightly warmer temperatures now.

Holy cow!

So I skipped about half of my reads yesterday (which is better than the 4 DAYS of comic reads I hadnt gotten around to), ~maybe~ about 90 minutes worth of reading total for the blogs; and this is what I found when I pulled up my Google reader a few moments ago.

Yeah I know a good third of it is more than likely because of the 3 blogs I follow during American Idol season, but damn! In case you cant read that one number it says "All items (70)" meaning I have 70 (yes, seventy) new entries since I left Blogger last night (it aint helping matters that Blogger's not posting the entries to the readers until hours AFTER they were posted!!)! *sigh* I'll catch up, honestly...but if you were ever wondering why some of your entries get comments and others dont (especially those multi-entry peeps)....well now ya know.

There is another entry in the works, but I have a few more things to add. Maybe I should just break things down into bite-sized bits and post what I have now.....

The final entry in this series brought to you by Iggy

Warning sign for the readers regarding protecting the keyboard before reading as the blog owner is not responsible the the condition of the readers keyboard at any point of the reading of this entry. This is aimed particularly at the guys due to some of the pictures used within.
Intense Guy said...
I enjoyed your 25 things! We share a number of them in common.

Hmm... 2 cents for 2 questions? but a dollar for an answer and 10 dollars for the right answer? :)

1) If you could be any of the superheros (superman, batman and so on) which would you pick?

It took several days of research for this question. I got myself to a site that listed the superheroes and villains as well as all of their powers and back stories. After a couple hours my eyes started to cross, so I decided to narrow my search down to just their powers and left the back stories alone for the initial weeding. I got it narrowed down to 10 possibilities of whom I’d really like to be. I suspect there would have been more, but since I’m female I decided to keep the hero the same in gender. I did some more weeding today and successfully got my choices down to 6 (actually, it’s more like 5 because of the circumstances on the one involved). Having narrowed it down this far, I decided if I started writing the entry that maybe I’d be able to choose. However, I’m re-reading the question and although I suspect the spirit of the question is to pick ONE hero, BUT the question does not SPECIFY to choose only ONE. That means that I can put my own spin on it and write about all 6 if I choose! *neener neener neener!!*

So, in no real particular order are:

My first choice is Violet Parr, from The Incredibles. What’s not to like about this little sweetie? She can turn herself partially or wholly invisible at will, generate force shields and she’s cute as a button to boot. I suspect she’s much like a young Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman) in training. Being that she’s a young hero, I suspect that eventually her powers will develop further if they decide to “grow her up”. She takes this spot away from her mom (Helen Parr, Elastigirl) simply because she can do more power-wise (although I have to admit, being Elastigirl might make sex A LOT more interesting!). The only other one in this grouping that I’d even consider is Jack-Jack (because he’s got a hell of a lot of powers), but since I’m trying to stay within my gender he loses out too.

The next pick is one I didn’t know about until I did some research (although I suspect if I mentioned the name, my geeky hubby would know the name immediately). Her name is Namorita Prentiss. This hero has superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes and she lives in the water! Anyone who really knows me knows that once you get me in a pool, it’s very very difficult to get me back out of it again. I just love the weightless feeling, it’s the only time I truly feel graceful. Okay, so the corrosive acid and toxins that get secreted from her hands is a bit of a turn off… especially if it’s unpredictable and not easily controlled, but you have to admit having camouflaged skin that changes colors like my eyes do would be absolutely awesome. Well, that and the fact her aging is much slower than normal (a 50 year old superhero that looks only 20 something??? Sign me up!).

Tessa, aka Sage, is another one that I hadn’t heard of before that I found to be really awesome. To have spot on perfect total recall on any information and have a mind with unlimited storage is an absolute dream and a half. Think of what you could do with information like that. Not only do you have access to historical events and events in the present, but you can also piece together bits of info that you have on hand to predict the possibilities of future events. As a fanatic of American Idol, it would be fantastic to predict well in advance who the winner will be (think of the money I could win on the betting sites with info like THAT!!). With a brain like a computer, you can partition off sections of the mind and multi-task like nobody’s business. Who WOULDN’T want a power like that?

Ororo Munroe, better known as the X-Man Storm, would be a great one to be. I suspect if I had her powers to control the weather, I’d be in great demand among my friends. Unfortunately, her power is rather limited to the local area so I’d need to do A LOT of travelling. Hey wait! That “feeds my gypsy nature” doesn’t it Karla?? *laffz* Gypsy needs fed, helping out friends who want nice weather during the icy blasts of December and I look HOT too? Oh hell yeah!

The last, but not the least, pick is yet another X-Man. She is the one I most identified with for reasons I have yet to discover. Maybe it’s the duality that existed there for awhile. Jean Grey could read minds, project thoughts/illusions into other’s minds, and “discharge mind-numbing mental bolts”. She not only could do this, but her powers of telekinesis allowed her to levitate as well. These abilities were amplified to incredible levels during her association with the Phoenix Force (who had saved her from radiation poisoning from a solar storm by placing her in a coma and setting her in a cocoon at the bottom of Jamaica Bay, then assuming Jean’s form for a time). For months the Phoenix believed herself to actually BE Jean Grey. After dealings with an unsavory character that messed with her mentally, the Phoenix went mad and became the Dark Phoenix. There’s more on the link below if you care to read. There seems to be slightly conflicting theories on whether the Phoenix was a clone of Jean or Jean herself. In both cases, the character goes insane and ultimately dies (see second Phoenix link).

Trivial notes:

01) The Dark Phoenix is the character that I was thinking of when I was using it as a chat nick there for a while. Infact, that particular Phoenix pic was going to get altered to be a stream banner at one point. Hey, what can I say, I know awesome work when I see it.

02)The Phoenix (the mythological creature) is what inspired the “Padded Room” title.

2) What one name would be your most favorite name for a cat?

The naming of cats is a difficult matter
It isn't just one of your holiday games
You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter
When I tell you a cat must have three different names

Who really, truly names a cat? Cats really name themselves (as I suspect dogs do too, but Im not entirely certain on that matter). A name on a cat is just a word that expresses the owner’s perception of the cat’s personality. I don’t have a specific favorite name for any of the “children” (or “grandchildren” for that matter) I’ve had. All but three of the names have been media based… originating from the comics, movies, TV, musicals or even a twist on names from PBS specials. Every single one of them has been special to me, some more than others. There is no way I could narrow this one down to just one favorite name. However, if you want, I can do a whole entry on all the cats I’ve shared my life with. Actually, with the number of cats I've had, I suspect I could make it into a series of entries.....could take WEEKS to get through them all.....
Ok y'all...down below in the comments, every answer that first question iggy had for me. Name one or several and share why you'd pick them:
If you could be any of the superheroes (superman, batman and so on) which would you pick?

cover art game

I got this one over at Wendyburd's site, Pessimistically Optimistic Wendy .

If you'd like to play along this is what you do:

01) Go to "Wikipedia" and hit "Random" or click this link: . The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

02) Go to "Random quotations" or click this link: The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

03) Go to Flickr and click on "explore the last seven days" or click this link: The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

04) Open the picture in your paint program or whatever photo altering program you have that allows you to font your picture (I used Paint Shop Pro7) and put it all together. Here's mine:

An album cover for the group Mbaba Mwana Waresa titled Less Than You Settled For
The group name means:

Mbaba Mwana Waresa is a beloved goddess of the Zulu people of Southern Africa, primarily because she gave them the gift of beer. She is the goddess of the rainbow, rain, harvest, and agriculture.

meaning behind the name found here:

That album title looks appropriate too...too appropriate.

This one was fun Wendy, thanks!

Little blurbit brought to you by Punkn

Punkn said...
1. If you could choose one job, what would it be?

I’d want to be a Domestic Goddess (oh wait, I’m this already!!) and SAHM. I’ve wanted the latter for a good long time now (like nearly a decade). I'd like any job that allows me to let the creative moose out for a good run every day. I was told at one point that I really needed to be doing the displays in stores....ya know, the big window ones. Yeah, that'd be too cool.

2. Do you like other reality TV shows or just American Idol?

Not many. When RockStar was on I loved watching that. It was like American Idol with a twist or two. It's too bad they didn’t continue with that. I also now and then get into Hell’s Kitchen and America's Next Top Model (the latter more than the former as I can handle only so much of him yelling and getting beeped out). I love to see if I can guess who's gonna get the boot. Unfortunately, ANTM is on Wednesdays opposite Idol so I end up having to catch that one via YouTube. With Hell's Kitchen, I've discovered that's one hubby will actually sit and watch with me though....and he's happy to discuss it afterwards. Now and then I’ll catch Dancing with the Stars, but it doesn’t capture me quite like the other 3 shows do.

This entry by Hula

Hula's Secret Blog said...
Good job doing stuff for YOU this past week! :)

And good job going down a WHOLE SIZE! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Any advice on that one??

I printed that whole comment because if I answered just the question (although I don’t suspect it was an "official" question for what I’m doing on the interview), it wouldn’t make sense and since I don’t think many come back to see if I answered them, I’m going to answer it here.

What I commented back: Thanks Hula! Eating modifications (don’t dare call it a diet or else it won’t work) and 30 minutes on the exercise bike everyday (when I get to where I need to be I can cut down to 3-4 times a week for maintenance). Keep the foods high in fiber, low fat. NO SODA (not that it mattered as I don’t drink much anyhow because it upsets my belly when I over indulge) and cut down on the treats. One treat a week under 100 cals. I can eat all I want if it's a veggie (watch the corn and taters as they have tons of starch). Gosh I can go all day on this though...LOL

Expanding upon this: The dr said I can eat all I care to so long as a great deal of it is veggies. I’m allowed 6 oz meat total for the day. I have to try and have no more than 3 grams of fat in my foods (this is impossible for me so I keep the serving size to single digits for fat peanut butter as 2 tablespoons is 16 grams!!!) and shoot for over 5 grams of fiber (get the double fiber's 5 grams a SLICE so a sandwich will give you 10 grams of fiber on the bread alone!). She wants me to get at least 25 grams of fiber daily. This is really easy to do once you add in the apple I have every day (3 grams), the banana (3 grams), my sandwich (10 grams), 2 cups of soup (8+grams on those healthy soups), a Special K breakfast bar (5grams) AND for sweeteners in tea or coffee....use Splenda with fiber (1 gram per envelope). Don’t skimp on the dairy...just keep it low fat or skim. Spritzer dressings are your friend as is Parkay spritz butter. So many things you can change. I get 7+ grams of fiber a day just with one of my smoothies.

Smoothie recipe:
2/3 cup Fat free yogurt...Stick with plain or vanilla...or you can get a flavor to compliment the fruit you use (Light and Fit has only 80 calories for 6 oz)

1/2 cup skim milk

1 banana (gotta have the potassium...medium banana is 3 grams fiber, large bananas have 4-5 grams)

1.5 cups of additional fruit (I use the frozen fruits for a thicker smoothie....if you use frozen fruit you won’t need to add ice like some recipes call for) (many of the fruits are about 3.5-4 grams a fiber a serving)

2 pkts Splenda with fiber (if needed....frozen peaches you'll need it but if you use mangos, they're sweet enough all on their own)

Blend in a heavy duty blender or smoothie maker (or a food processor...but the lid doesn’t seal nicely and it can get messy with the liquid) until smooth. This recipe makes about 32-40 ounces. Don’t feel guilty! You would have eaten all that food anyhow. Oh and if it's thick enough I suspect it can be frozen for a nummy dessert!

Since October, I’ve lost a bit over 30 pounds. I’m down 2 sizes in panties (although I still wear the same size pants because a gal’s gotta be able to sit in them!), about 1-1.5 bra sizes on the band (a full size in the cup!) and about 1.5 sizes down in the shirts (the 3x used to be a bit big but comfy but now in some cuts I wear as small as a 1x). I’ve hit a bit of a plateau right now but I suspect it’s because I fell off the modifications around the beginning of February due to illness and am fighting myself to get back on them.

Today's entry brought to you by the Grand Pooba

Grand Pooba said...
Well now you've got me curious about your marriages! For how long were each of them and why did they end in divorce?(If that's too personal it's okay, I'm just curious!)

First, I’m going to copy and paste my comment back to you from that entry in here as I’m not certain you'd come back to see it or not.

No, Pooba, it's not too personal. If you can’t wait until can get started by going to this link (it's the first of that section of the blog) and start reading:

Good golly gal, you opened a stinky can of worms with this one. It's a LONG story and can no way be boiled down to just one entry. In the above link, I've been writing the story and I'm *ONLY* 45 entries in and not EVEN close enough to the end yet. I really need to finish it, but I get easily sidetracked away from it (that and writing in it gives me a migraine...). It may explain why I've been having such a problem with my SCSis's situation....because some of it is oh so similar to what I’d dealt with. The main reason I'd started the blog is with the hope that someone else would be helped with my words.

I'm on my second marriage and I’m pretty well certain I got it right this time. I mean, the man treats me like a queen no matter HOW I am emotionally, so I've got it really good and I damn well know it (yes, I admit I’m spoiled rotten). The first marriage began on 16 May 1992, unofficially ended (read that I ran for my sanity and life) on April 14, 2003 and Officially (the judge stamped his approval that yes, indeed, I may be divorced) on January 28, 2005. Fortunately and unfortunately no kids were involved...not from the lack of trying on my side. Anyhow, the first marriage was long and filled with frustration, verbal-emotional and psychological abuse and I simply friggin had ENOUGH! The fights we were having (which were so regular I could set a clock to them) had gotten that close to becoming physically violent. I always told him that if he EVER raised a hand against me in anger I was sooooo GONE. Guess what, he did just that and I did as I promised. I spent 2-3 months hopping Greyhounds, visiting family and generally trying to get back in my right mind. I still have days...When I left...I left my 3 fur babies behind (I didn't claim the other 9 in the house as mine, they were HIS) because I couldn’t take them with me. The hardest part was when I turned around and saw one (my girl!! *sobz*) sitting in the window watching me walk away. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I couldn’t go back if I wanted to because I tossed my keys on the floor of the living room and locked the door behind me. That's right, I made damn certain I couldn't change my mind at the last second. In 2004, while I was trying to get the paperwork served to him (he was in Pennsylvania and I was in Texas at the time)...well the paperwork started coming back RTS. I had no clue where he was. I found out from a mutual friend that he'd gotten thrown in prison...3 counts stalking and 5 counts harassment for a total of 7 months to 7 yrs behind bars. As of this morning, he's still there (I *just* checked the website). I suspect he'll be in prison until 2012. I fully suspect part of the reason he's still in is because of the 15 page statement I sent to the D.A. over his case detailling how the jerk was for the 10+ years I was with him. Well that and the fact he sent me a letter with the divorce papers that read as a barely veiled threat (to which I responded with a letter and copies of said letter and envelope to the D.A.). My complaint got bumped to the supervisor in the prison who formally warned him to never contact me again. My correspondence was then placed in his file and I suspect it's reviewed every time there is a parole hearing.

I’m not going to get into much more detail in here about it as it takes too damn long to get through the whole story and if I went into details, well I’d be writing for weeks (months, years). However, please feel free to go to the link I provided and read at your leisure. Yeah, I know, I haven’t finished the details but before I started with the details I typed my diary in there so you’ll have much of the backstory and a real good idea what it was like. A few that read in here can tell you, I’ve gotten far in healing, but still have a ways to go.

Awards and a reminder!

Did ya remember to change your clocks?

Spring Ahead graphic

Sisterhood Award graphicThis was over at Jeannie's entry Jeannie's Happy World: A new award! and she said to grab it. I think it's just darling so I did just that! For those of my readers that haven't gotten this award yet, please help yourself to it!Brotherhood Award graphic

And just so the guys don't feel left out I whipped one up special just for you. No, the drawing in the background isnt mine (before anyone gets any ideas, but damn I wish I did draw that!!!), I found it online and liked it. Just tweaked the colors (the original was in yellows and oranges), cropped and fonted it... nothing really special. Just didnt want y'all to feel left out. *HUGZ*!

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This week's Wordle was taken off my entry entitled Good Thing This Show's Free which is located in my LadyStyx's Jukebox blog.

Today's entry brought to you by Karla

Ok. This one's going to be a quick one because I ~really~ must get to bed (I should have been there an hour or so ago as it's going to be a long day).

Karla said...

1) We know you are a gypsy at heart. Have you or would you ever consider joining a circus or fair to move around constantly to feed the gypsy side of you?

Two horses grazing next to a gypsy caravan wagonNo I haven’t as of yet, the closest I came to feeding that gypsy nature of mine is that trip that I took in 2003...when I ran. The entire trip I only spent 1 week in a hotel. The rest of the time I was with friends and family.

I'm not certain I'd be fit for fair or circus work to be honest. Although part of me really loves the idea of being out on the road and would relish waking up in a new location every few days, there's this other part of me that realizes that it means alot of work packing my stuff up from week to week to get ready to go to a new location. I just couldn't imagine having to haul all the stuff around that I "couldn't possibly live without" Scene from Spaceballs where they're walking across the desert with her royal highness's matched luggage
Not that I'm Princess Vespa and her matched luggage NOR do I insist on my industrial strength hair dryer (hair dryer? WTF is that?), but I DO bring alot of things with me to keep me occupied so I'm not bored out of my mind just sitting around. Then, of course, there's all the clothes I insist on bringing simply because I'm not sure how long we'll be gone OR what I'll want to wear OR "just in case we get stuck somewhere".

However, if I had a personal assistant that did all that for me and I could just concentrate on relaxing and doing what I want when I want...then hell yeah!

Oh....some of y'all have answers on the last entry... you may wanna pop back over and grab 'em.

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Queenie Jeannie said...
#1. You mentioned your art...what do you do??

I wouldn’t call it art so much as crafts. I LOVE to finish plaster pieces. Some turn out really good and not so much. I had been hoping to make a go at selling the finished pieces but that hasn’t worked out so well. I did manage to sell 3-4 pieces over all, but that's on the course of as many years. I'd get a bunch done and end up giving them all away. I do have a few pieces I kept for myself and a slew in my closet that will probably sit there until I find the right home for them. I need to re-do the pictures because many aren’t on the blog link I provided. Sadly, most times my pictures simply do NOT do the pieces justice (just ask Karla). I've got some pictures on the site above but I've got more pictures that didnt get posted there because they were done as gifts.

I like to do other things as well. From time to time (mostly when I’m visiting the in-laws because I ~really~ need something to keep my mind off the fact that my MIL is aggravating me), I’ll work on a counted cross-stitch piece. This type of craft doesn’t hold my attention too long though because it takes forever to get a piece done. I really need to get a picture of the one I’ve been working on. More than a year later and I ~finally~ got the border done. Wow! *laffz*

Every so often, I’ll try something new. Right now, on my table, is sitting a lath art piece that I just haven’t gotten myself to trying out. I figure it’ll be another month or more before I get the guts to get into it. they have a couple kits on their site that I wouldn't mind trying if I decide I like doing it. They're rather expensive though.

The profile picture is another project I did. I’d found some “Paint it yourself” kits on clearance in a local craft store back in Texas. If I had any CLUE they were being discontinued COMPLETELY (instead of on clearance because they were bringing new styles in), I would have bought more. As it is, they’re no longer in the stores AND I can’t find many online either. It really kinda sucks because I'd like to do the same pattern in a few more colors. Presently I have one done in pink and this other (in the profile picture) is in lavendar. I'd really like to do one in blue, one in green, one in yellow and one in peach so I have a whole rainbow of them. The kit is a stretched canvas with the picture sketched on it with a numbered graph on the label. I was so scared to mess it up because it required that you mix the paints in specified amounts to get the right colors and I’d never been known to measure before mixing (which explains some of the one of a kind colors that my plaster pieces sometimes show up in). I may end up taking some tissue paper and trying to duplicate the pattern.

There have been a few more crafts I’ve done over the course of the years:

This one you can see some of the ornaments I'd painted for our Christmas tree. I did a slew of flat plasters and about 12 of those marbled spheres. All those are are clear glass Christmas balls with the insides painted. It was time consuming but very easy. A few drops of acrylic paint (use 2 or 3 different colors) and turn every few minutes for several hours (we're talking double digit hours!) until the paint has swirled and marbled, covering every inch inside. Tip it upside down in a egg crate to drain and dry (this takes even longer but as you can see, the effect is well worth it).

These are the candles I did for my wedding in 2006. All it is is plain glass holders painted with gold etching solution. I think I did at least 2 coats, possibly 3. Pop a votive candle in and tie a bow around the stem and voila.
At one point I was making beaded earrings...those ones with the tassels... but I stopped doing that project because I wasn't very good at them AND the seed beads were a tad too small for me to be handling.

#2. What is it that you love the most about American Idol?

A few years back, I was a streamer. I used to have a weekly "show" wait, that first site I had at least 3 spots during the week (plus did A LOT of fillins). So American Idol viewing basically started as a way to keep a finger on the pulse of the music industry. A way to make sure I was current with my tunes (I tried to keep the hottest, newest tunes in my files). Then, a couple years ago (someone correct me, I know I didn’t write for the 4th year...that was Bo Bice and I was in the forums then...did I start in year 5?...If I did it's been almost 4 years now) I started writing and trying to analyze who was most likely to leave each week. It's grown so I follow several blogs, news outlets, betting sites and Dial Idol (not the most accurate but can give you a good idea where the votes went the night before)....once I analyze everything (yeah, I’m lame enough to take notes)...I write up a review. My reviews are generally later than everyone else's (although I’m working on getting them done faster this year and not relying on second and third opinions), oftentimes getting them posted mere seconds before the results show starts. I guess I love it best when one of the contestants really nails their performance. I like seeing them grow and get better over the course of the show. Like one blogger I read says, "I love this cheesy show!" Now if I could just get paid for doing all this work....LOL! If that wasn’t enough (and sometimes it isn’t on the boring nights or the nights with some of those hyena-laughing drama queens), I get to spend a couple of nights a week watching it with a good friend of mine and discussing it with her on MSN. Now THAT’S the best thing in the world about this cheesy show.

EDIT: 03/05/09 @ 10:19PM: For those that have pointed out my graphic work...thank you, I'd forgotten. It's been so long since I worked on anything for anyone other than myself.

Some of the work can be seen on one of these three sites:

it's really kinda simplistic though....anyone with a good Paint program can do.

Answers to the burning questions, pt1

Well! I don't need to wait until Friday do we? A majority have voted and the majority rules. With a whopping 7 votes (more votes than I actually expected...thanks!) for breaking it up into bite-sized segments and 3-4 not caring HOW I managed to write it, so long as I do....that leaves only about 6 more people to vote (hey wait! When'd I lose that other reader??? There were 17 when I originally wrote the entry!!! *sigh* am I really ~that~ boring??). Even if they were to all to come in before Friday and vote NO....I'd still have enough votes to break it down. So here's the first installment of my interview courtesy of ToriZ:

Tori_z said...
1. If you could be anyone - be they still alive or dead - for 24 hours, who would you be? And why?

This one took a bit of thought. I mean, who WOULD I want to be? Would I want to be someone famous? Or would I rather be someone rich? How about someone who made a huge difference in this world? There are so many possibilities. After much thought I narrowed it down to someone who did absolutely none of those. I take that back, I’m sure she managed to make a difference in the world around her (and I don’t mean just the family because we all know she did a lot for us), just not necessarily a HUGE difference. Just for one day, I'd love to be my gramma. I'm sure the loneliness and the missing of the family would get to be a bit much but since it would be just for one day, I think I could manage that little bit of that type of pain. She always seemed to have this strength and a certain joie de vivre no matter what was going down and I'd love to take that day to figure out how she managed it and try and tap into it so I could apply it to my own life.

2. If you were offered an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go? And why that particular place?

There are so many places I'd like to go. I’m going to assume I’m not allowed to say that it would be a trip around the world and in that way I’d be able to hit everywhere. So, I’m going to say that I'd like to have that trip be a two week vacation to the Poconos. I'd like to have a suite in the Poconos Palace like I did last time (same suite would be even better), only this time I'd be with the RIGHT man. Yes, unfortunately a lovely place like that resort was tainted very badly in the past marriage. I'd need 2-3 full weeks there as I’m sure I'd be sick that first week with all the memories (like my trip to Pennsylvania was in 2004 or was it 2005?). Definitely need to do some memory killing there.

With the exception of WHOM I was with and the fact that once you were there a couple days, the glamour pretty much faded and you saw all the dings and scratches, it’s a really pretty place. There is a HUGE fountain (at least there was) out front in the circular drive….and the copper fireplace they were taking photos in front of while we were there was absolutely beautiful. The grounds were lovely with all these geese around and this beautiful pond with the paddle boats in it. There was an animal farm up nearby that I wouldn’t mind going to again. It was so cold and dreary when I went the first time. In fact, it was gloomy most of the week I was there. I was told that I should have come the week before when they had warm days with plenty of sun. Nah, ya think? That was the week I was touring the fkn Civil War Battlefields. Yeah, I had to tour the Battlefields on my HONEYMOON. It was one of the many compromises I had to make in order to spend a week somewhere romantic. Pfft.

Inquiring kitties wanna know

Cat peeking over a chair. The caption reads, Wat r u thinkin abowt nao? How bowt nao? N nao?
Ok. The offer for leaving questions for me to answer has now ended. You'll be glad to know I have all but one person's questions completed (just gotta get iggy's answered... he just got them to me a few hours ago) and just about ready for posting (gotta proof read and tweak 'em). However, I am now in a state of quandary. Do I keep them as is and post them in one huge entry? Or should I break the interview up into manageable entry sizes and answer just one person's worth of questions per entry? You see, some of the answers are quite long as it is and some of them....well let's just say I could easily expand upon my answers (ok, so, Im long winded). So I have a poll up in the upper right hand part of the page that I'll leave open until 11:59pm on Friday (unless I see that I've gotten about all the votes Im gonna get then I'll close it early). If you'd be so kind and peek over there and register your vote, I'd appreciate it. No's just a yes or no answer...and no we wont have to worry about counting around any hanging chads.


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