Checked my secondary FB account yesterday and found a note from one of the ex-nieces asking if I knew when the idjut was getting out. I told her that after speaking to my source and some math I'd figured July 19th. I also suggested that she and her older sister sit down and have a chat with their mom and start asking questions (something I had been encouraging all along, mind you) about the whens and where he was headed. Looks like the time crunch finally lit a fire under at least her butt because I checked to day to find another response from her. Looks like the math was off or that he's getting a few days off for good behavior or something... Anyhow, the timer now reflects the new release date. She also let me know that he'll be headed to his folk's house to live. Not sure if this is permanent (more than likely not). As much as I am slightly relieved (for now) that he's not headed in this direction, I am now worried for my NYBro, who will more than likely end up running into him (remember, NYBro started out as his best friend...) and for the family members who have extended their hand to me. I have a bad feeling that if he finds out that these two young ladies are in contact with me, he'll try and harass them to get to me. Unless he's as changed as he professes to my mom (yeah, I don't like it much but to be honest, it's a good way to keep tabs on him).


For those of you following the Journey blog... it's been repurposed, redecorated and renamed. It seemed rather silly keeping it as it was when there's quite obviously not going to be any use for it. The new name is Falling Out of Warranty . Clicking the title will take you straight there so you can update your links. Some of the same stuff will be located there and it does have a content warning on it.

Some do play nice

While I was catching up in the blogs a few weeks back, I stumbled across an entry at Deanna's entitled b...bu...but we have squirrels! that made me think of a picture I'd snapped just a few days prior. I wasn't going to post it right away because I was in the middle of that meme and I didn't want to interrupt the flow I had going. We all know what happens when THAT happens!

Anyhow, she was discussing why we haven't seen anymore of those squirrelly stories coming from her neck of the woods. It seems that they've taken to bum-rushing the feeders meant for the pretty birdies and hogging down all the seed. The birds don't seem to enjoy this harassment and have stopped coming around.

I'm here to tell you that they can and do manage to share eating quarters very nicely, it all depends on where you're located. You see, for those who don't read Deanna's blog, she lives way out in the Boonie-docks with trees and all that lovely nature around her. The squirrels don't have as much selection in a free buffet there as they do in the middle of town, like where I live. Cul-de-sac after cul-de-sac after cul-de-sac filled with townhouses. It's much like living in a fish bowl. I hate it. Behind us is a strip mall then a busy street and on the other side of that is a big mall. Needless to say, the squirrels gotta get when and where they can and if it means being nice to the birds to get a share, then so be it. It might help that 80% of the birdies here are brown and kinda blend in with the ground... might also help that the Mourning Doves show up in a flock of  7-8 and each one is almost as large as the squirrel. Then again, it might be that one dove that I nicknamed "The Godfather" because of the way the others seem to defer to it. Just sayin'.

There's at least 6, if not 7, assorted birds on the right.
I've got other birdie pictures that I'll post at a later time..... more colorful ones :)

Day 31

Habit? Naw. I just had no friggin clue what to write today and definitely had no idea what to call the post. However, I'm in a habit that I kinda like and I really would like to keep going. If not everyday, then at least 5 of the 7.

I did find some links that had a few more of the 30 day type memes on them. Who knows, I may just borrow one .... or several of them. Better yet, maybe I'll mash a few of them up into one huge game. I do have one that I want to post beforehand, though, but I have to dig back to the post that made me snap the shot as well as get the shot off the camera.

Anyhow.... I'm hoping I got my mojo back    ^_~

I do need a teeny favor. I'm repurposing the Journey journal and using it for my medical posts. I need a snappy name... or at least some ideas for a name. It ..um... had and will have an adult setting on it. 

Day 30

Can you believe I actually made it? Maybe I need to do these a bit more often.... or at least something similar. hm. It's a thought.

Day 30: Your favorite song this time last year.

Considering the release of his album was in November 2009 and he'd dropped 2 videos from said album, I was all about Adam Lambert. His is one of my favorite cds to have in my stereo because it makes me get up and move, which is something I really need to be doing....

So today I have 2 songs I'm going to post. One was one that hit the video stations (which has a cameo at around the 3:15 mark of that season's 3rd place Idol, Allison Iraheta) and one that is my favorite off the cd.

If I Had You

If I Had You (lyrics for the hearing impaired or simply those that don't like watching Adam.... we all know how intense he can be while performing)

Music Again

Day 29

Day 29: A song from your childhood

There are several. None of which I remember. Well, none that I remember from back then. I've heard them plenty enough in the following years.

The song that was #1 on my birth date:

The song that my mother said I requested most often, much to the absolute shock of her dj friends:

And this one, which needs no explanation at all.... unless of course you didn't hear the story. Those that caught my streams heard the story often enough.

Day 28

Day 28: A song that makes you feel guilty

This is probably the one day out of the entire 30 day game that I've been dreading. Why? Because I have plenty to feel guilty about but nothing that I'd care to admit to anyone. Things that I plan on taking right to my grave kinda guilty. Unless I finally decide to go to a therapist, then I'll be doing plenty of talking because they're paid to keep those secrets.

I mean, technically I could do an absolute cop out and pick Tiny Dancer by Elton John because it reminds me of the very first time I spoke to my present hubby. Why should that great memory make me feel guilty? Because I was still married to my first husband at the time. So basically, I have that little twinge of guilt but the warm feelings of a good memory pretty much outweigh any moment of guilt I feel.

So. What do I post for today?

How about this one? It fits well because I feel really guilty about the prison that I allowed myself to be put into during the first marriage and the one that I went into the minute I ran. The jailer is different and the punishment has changed from external to internal. There are days where I'm not sure who was/ is worse. One of these days I'll get it figured out.

Day 27

Day 27: A song you wish you could play.


I'd start with anything from this composer:

and work my way all the way through to and including this gentleman's works:

Hm. Looks like I'll be putting the classical in the stereo later when I awake from my sleep-shift.

Day 26

Day 26: A song you can play on an instrument

I haven't played an instrument in forever, not that I was any good at it anyhow. However, when I was younger we had a Casio at home and one of my favorites to play (and I could almost play it by memory) was Sentimental Journey.

When I was in 6th grade, my mom actually sent me in for lessons. Never could pick it up. Then again the organ they taught us on was a Hammond. I'm not exactly the most coordinated,and getting the chord, melody and foot pedals put together correctly was next to impossible for me. So, needless to say, I flunked out pretty quick. It took me weeks to be able to play the following song even 1/3 the way through. To this day... the first 7 notes make me sing... 3-1-2-1-5-2-5

Day 25

Day 25: A song that makes you laugh.

This one's an easy one. The hardest part of today's entry is finding a decent video of it. The one with Ray Stevens singing it is a lousy quality and the one with the puppets is kinda... well... *meh*

In a not too distant second place is this other Ray Stevens song....

Day 24

Day 24: A song that you want to play at your funeral.

Actually, the person who made up this list really got that wrong. If it's your funeral, that means you're dead so how can you play a song?

Anyhow. Any of these songs would be fine to play at my funeral. Each would be very appropriate, to say the least. Actually, play 'em all.

Daughtry: Home

John Lennon: Free As a Bird

Bon Jovi: Thank You For Loving Me

Then again.... this one would be awesome to go out to....

Day 23

Day 23: A song that you want to play at your wedding.

Ok, for this one, I'm going to use the one that was actually played as opposed to one I want played because I don't plan on taking that walk a third time, unless it's with my Sweet Baboo again.

Those that have ever caught my streams should recognize this one. It's the song my sweetie would request (or play because he was a streamer for awhile too)for me.

Sweet story: During my trip to Dallas to meet Ranger, it was the second or third night I was there, he called and cancelled a date we had scheduled because he was so tired (12 hour days will do that to you) and wasn't feeling well. I was tired and upset that evening. Spent most of the night crying because of other things that were bothering me (I totally understood the long hours and not feeling well) and I wasn't in any shape to go out anyhow. Later that evening, I get a phone call and when I answered I heard a click.... then this started playing:

Day 22

Day 22: A song that you listen to when you're sad

I generally don't listen to music when I get to the point where I need a good cry.  In the spirit of the game, however, I shall post a couple songs that at least reflect the theme.

Mark Willis' Don't Laugh at Me
(this one really touches me every time I hear it...)

and R.E.M's Everybody Hurts
(although I like the R.E.M version, I'm going to post the Coors version because I kinda think I like it as much)

Day 21

Day 21: A song you listen to when you're happy.

Just like my F-U stream, I also have a selection of music that I play when I'm happy. There's at least 93 songs in this list...

No, I won't be posting them all.

Well maybe two of them............... *laffz*!

When I'm happy... I feel like moving.... alot. So put on your dance shoes (or not, some of us like dancin in our stockin feet) or bop around in those chairs.... whatever...

Robert Randolph and the Family Band: Ain't Nothin' Wrong With That

Cascada: Evacuate the Dance Floor

Day 20

Day 20: A song that you listen to when you're angry

Anyone who's heard me stream has more than likely heard the stream that I've dubbed either the Female Empowerment or F-U stream. Any single one of those songs could very easily be posted in this entry because it's the stream I go to when I'm truly pissed off. My favorite to blast when I'm really angry is this one... and the louder I can play it, the better.

Day 19

Day 19: A song from your favorite album

I've got several different favorite albums and it would be oh so easy to just pick another Styx song, slap it up in my blog as an entry and call it a day. However, I'm not going to go that route. My favorite cds, after almost anything by Styx, are Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet and Rob Thomas's .....something to be. I'm having a trouble choosing just one song off of the Bon Jovi one so I'm going to post a selection from Rob's cd instead. This one is my very favorite song from the cd.

Day 18

Day 18: A song that you wish you heard on the radio

Pfft that. How about an artist I'd like to hear on the radio? I simply cannot choose just one song of his because he's so flipping talented. As a result, I'm going to share 2. His originals, it sounds like he has instrument accompaniment, but his covers are mostly all just him. You may remember him from last month (or was it the month before?)

Dream World

Fireflies (an Owl City cover)

Day 17

Day 17: A song that you hear often on the radio.

To be honest, I don't generally listen to the radio at home. Most of the time I'm either playing my cds on the stereo or I have something playing on the computer. When we're in the truck together out and about, 9 times out of 10 he has the talk radio on (*barf*). However, whenever he gets out of the truck to quick run in somewhere, I usually turn the station over to the one rock station we manage to get in town (there are actually 2-3, but the truck radio's kinda finicky). Actually, I've almost got him trained enough where most times he will turn the channel over to the rock station as he exits the truck. Those djs have some awesome taste in classic rock, that's for sure! Led Zep is in heavy rotation there and this one is played quite often.

Day 16

Day 16: A song that you used to love but now hate.

This one's easy. Anyone who's been my friend for longer than 5 years can tell you which song will get a stream muted faster than Mr Roboto and it's this one. It doesn't matter who sings it. I love listening to Clay, he's got such a gorgeous voice, but this one song he covered was enough for me to put the cd down and say "um, no thanks" (although I will admit his version is about the only one I will listen to so long as it's not played often).


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