Havent really felt like blogging lately, sorry. Just wanted to drop in to let all know that yes, Im doing fine...well Im breathing at least.

I also wanted to leave a "Happy Birthday" for my sweet hubby.

Not much going on here. Just cant seem to get motivated for anything lately. Im tired all day and when I think I should get to bed, I wake right up . Next thing I know it's several hours later than the goal bedtime.*sigh* I think Im going to start setting my alarm FOR bedtime....or at least to get me started that direction on time.

Well, I've been on the "local" honey for a week now. I dont know if it's working or if it's just the timing and all to be honest (wishful thinking??). I do know I was able to pull myself off the Flonase for the last few days and just keep to the Astelin. That should make the eye doctor happy. The last eye dr had a fit I was on the Flonase because it had the steroids in it and could cause cateracts...that's why I had myself pulled off it in the first place. The Astelin tastes like ass, but it's a non-steroid medicine. I managed to make it 3-4 days without the additional Flonase on top of the Astelin. Today it feels like Im going to have to go back on it again for a couple days because my ear hurts again. Ah well. I dont feel as stuffy as usual though. I'll give it another week before I decide on whether to keep up with the honey or not....well maybe I'll take it to just past my allergist appointment. That's gonna be fun...I have to be OFF my meds for 5 days or more so they can do the testing. If Im sick, they wont test. Thing is, I need the meds to feel well....so if Im off them I get sick and if Im on them the tests wont work (they wont even allow me Benedryl...not that it does much for my sinuses anyhow!). *sighz*

We had a helluva storm the other night. It rained for about 20 minutes or so earlier in the day and figured that'd be it. Infact when my TxSis called, she asked about the weather and I'd told her 20 minutes of rain and that's it. Wasnt sure what it was doing outside as it was dark and I wasnt about to go out and check. No sooner I was off the phone with her then I noticed it was raining hard. Shortly after, there were flashes of light out there, but it wasnt bad at. No thunder or anything so I figured it was traffic. The cable was going a little wonky on the tv but again nothing big to worry me. A bit later...we started getting the "turn to Ch21" alerts on the screen. Oh my. Stupid people running that area of the site Im telling ya. They sat there and posted the alert AFTER it'd already expired!! They had one that was supposed to last from 10:45pm until 11:15pm. When do you suppose it got aired? 11:30pm. Shit...my townhouse coulda been blown clear over by then!! this happened not once but TWICE during the course of the night. A warning that was much too late to do me any good at all. Well anyway they were more concerned with those points ~just~ south and east of me. Dale City was actually mentioned at one point...they're 20 minutes to my SE. Yeah this one was a close one. I cant believe we've had two in a little more than as many weeks. At least here I have Harry's Closet and a half bath downstairs to go to for safety. Now if we could get the damn stations to post the information in a more timely manner!! We had some flooding in the area.... not in my neighborhood nor between hubby's work and here though. Only damage I saw out there was to my irises. A shame...they were really pretty. Oh well. We'll just mow em down tomorrow and look for them next year. It's just too bad it didnt do any damage to the bamboo out back...that shit's weeds. They're as bad as raspberry bushes (yummy berries but damn it takes over a yard) I swear! If I cant find something to kill it off, Im going to need to take and dig it all up and pray I get it roots and all.

You cant really see it in the smaller pic of the bamboo (like those smaller pix of the irises) so I posted a larger one from my Photobucket. If you click on it, it'll take you to the picture on that site and it can be seen better. You can see a piece of bamboo that's managed to get between the slats of the fence. I've done some reading tonight on how to get rid of it so I'll be trying the ideas out in the next couple weeks when hubby gets back on days. The "operation" is going to take the both of us to do. Im hoping we wont need to dig as it's all near the fencing. I'd hate for that crap to ruin that fencing (the side is the neighbor's responsibility and I'd hate to have to deal with having to replace it). The bamboo extends all the way from the back fence up to our home...gonna be alot of work. I dunno who was so stupid as to plant this stuff.
Mild depression, farmer's market and flowers

I really havent felt much like writing lately. There's just been a couple things on my mind the last couple days or so. Things I was worried about (and one I still am worried about), but yet I really cant talk about. No, it's not anything going on with me. It does have something to do with a couple really close friends of mine though (each with her own problems). There are times I hate being so far away from those that I hold close in my heart. Both hit a bit close to home though, a little closer than I'd care to have.

One was easy once I cleared my mind of all the details and saw what all was at the heart of the matter. It dealt with jealousy and dissappointment issues, a procrastinating future husband and a mother who's suffering panic attacks. This friend is handling the future hubby to be ok but the other stuff was kinda getting her down and she wanted to know if she was crazy for letting all this stuff bother her. I just reminded her she has a very strong backbone and she's not going to please everyone with her decisions. That it was their (hers and his) day and no one elses so no one else's opinions really mattered, so long as THEY were happy. I suggested a few things for the hurt feelings that a couple of people in her life were feeling. I also pin-pointed why her mom was having the panic problems, when they started and why they were getting worse. All I did with that one was put myself in mom's shoes for a bit. She and I have an awful lot in common in that we've divorced and are still healing so it was easy to get into her shoes and see things through her eyes. I think I pretty much got that friend feeling better (I think it helped to actually use the words "you arent crazy"). She's told me Im either psychic or have missed my calling as a psychologist. Hmmm. She isnt the first to have said that lately....

The other friend's problem hits really close to home. A lot closer than is comfortable for me to be honest. She's going through much the same I was before I moved to Texas. Those that have read that other section of my site know exactly what Im talking about. She's got it worse though. Her "problem child" is much more manipulative and evil than mine ever was. In essence, where mine was just nasty with half a brain....hers is down right evil and very smart. On top of things, he's been physically violent with her. I suspect on more than one occassion too. Needless to say this hasnt helped me out much and Im fighting many of the bad memories all over again because she has alot of questions of how I felt and what I thought and etc etc etc. Something tells me it's going to take both of us to help one another heal.

Saturday we went to the farmer's market to get some local honey. Looks like the market in my area doesnt carry it. I saw alot of other products, just not the item I needed. Go figure I found what I needed at a Bloom's grocery store. The honey I got was made about an hour away from us. It's the closest I've found so far. There were no ingredients listed on the label, just honey so im hoping they didnt blend anything else in it. I've been taking it for 2 days now and hope that it'll begin to help things out some soon. If it works, I'll put hubby on it too.

Not much else is going on. Im going to put a few pix in here that I took this last week. The pansies were taken at a business of some sort. The dogwood bloom (the hand holding the bloom is hubby's), floral bush (look iggy...a wrinkled worm!) and irises are right in my front yard. The irises should go into full bloom sometime this week if they havent already (no, I dont look outside...I only notice things when I actually leave the house for something). The tree with the beautiful pink blooms was in a parkinglot of a restaurant. Boy, the pic turned out nice. It just may end up being a background on my page sometime in the near future.

Time for bed. Im finally exhausted enough where I think I can fall asleep for my 5 hour nap. Everyone have a nice day. *HUGZ*


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