Over-due award postings and thanks

Got the following 2 awards from Wifey's site.
The first one was received from her entry entitled It's Raining Awards.

The one below was received (snagged?) from her entry of Six Word Saturday .

Neither of those have any rules (*whew* thank goodness...I hate rules!) other than to enjoy and share. As you can see, I enjoy them alot and now I'm sharing. If you havent received or snagged either of them yet....please do so now.

This next really pretty one was from Beeandrose in her entry called We all fall down the tale of Gimpy . Again, I see no rules (thank YOU!!! Someone up there really likes me today) other than to take it and enjoy...pass it around. So if ya don't have it, grab it. Don't make me find a way to stuff it in your comment boxes!

This one is from Yaya via her post Friday Fragments Focus Friday. Again, no rules (y'all love me!!).

And finally this one from Rae Ann over at Critical Mass via her entry Queen of Alll things awe-summm. Oh NOES! This one's got rules!! *sigh*

The rules:

List 7 things that make you Awe-Summ and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love.

Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know they have won!

Also link back to the Queen that tagged you.

Ok, in fairness...I don't know if she even has time to read my blog as I'm having trouble remembering who does and doesn't comment. Maybe it's time to weed my reading list down to just those that visit? No worries. Since I hate being tagged, I wont be tagging anyone. If you want it and are willing to follow the rules, then have fun.

Ok, 7 things about me? You really want me to let the Leo loose?? You asked for it....

01) I love to work with the graphix programs on my computer. Personally, I don't think I'm that good but I've been told otherwise by many. Nine times out of ten, the artwork you see in the banners and backgrounds on my pages have been done by me. In fact, the stuff I have up now, I snapped those pix and made any adjustments by myself.

02) I used to stream for a chatsite (this aint the awesome part). Actually, I've streamed for several different ones at one time or another and in most of them was deemed good enough to be a trainer for the newbie streamers. It was said I could train a monkey to run the program when others couldn't (this is).

03) If anyone has been watching that bar up there, you'll notice I've lost OVER 40 pounds now. I think I'm plain ol' AWESOME just for keeping up with this because I simply do NOT normally have the drive to do anything like this.

04) I make a MEAN lasagna, well as mean a lasagna as a non-italian can muster. I don't make it anymore because this hubby won't eat it and I simply cannot have a pan of that stuff sitting around here!

05) I paint plaster pieces rather awesomely, the camera just doesnt capture the true beauty of them. However, if you were to ask me in person....I'd tell you they aren't praiseworthy (Im just that awesome).

06) I learn most things quickly; it takes very little time to train me on anything. You show me, then talk me through a few times and as long as I use the skill daily....I'll be able to do it (like those codes putting the links in....got it memorized now thanks to this entry so I'll be able to type them in from memory).

07) I was smart enough to walk away from a hateful marriage before it went completely bad and someone got hurt. I'm the type that can make a great friend and will stand by your side as best as I can in times of need, but piss me off and you'll regret doing so.

If you dont have any of the above....PLEASE help yourself to them with my blessing.


Anonymous said...

I don't know girl, I make a mean lasagna too. We should have a lasagna challenge. Lol! I used to nanny for this hard core italian family and before I left I made sure I got their homemade recipe for sauce and lasagna!

Great job on your weight loss! Woot Woot!!!

I always wondered if you did the art on your bloggity blog blog, Looks great!

Intense Guy said...

Your blog always looks great (its a good read too!)

And your painted plasters look great too - I got four of 'em to look at each day.


And given what your saying about your lagsagne, I'm gonna have to some how finagle coming over for dinner someday!

Deanna said...

You deserve every award around. I think I'll leave them be this time around. I'm going to do good to catch up on my reading.

I liked the 7 awesome things about you. You are right on the money!

LadyStyx said...

Heh heh heh, Yaya, I didn't just work for the Italians...I was married into the family ;). What color horsehead was it you wanted for those that were troubling you?

Yeah I find the pix I like best and cut down the pix for banners and stuff. I know enough about the codes to change the colors on my own. That's why you dont see anyone else's flags on my pages. :)

~smiles @ iggy because I gave him his answer in MSN~

*blushes* awww thanks Deanna (damn that feels weird typing...)

Wendyburd1 said...

I make a righteous lasagna and there is not one drop of Italian in me!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow, you have alot of awards!!! And yes, you ARE awesome!!!!!!! Your background rocks.........I can almost smell your flowers!

Toriz said...

Congrats on all the awards. :)

Carrie said...

Wa-hoooooo! 40 lbs is AWESOME!!

I totally know what you mean about lasagna!

MarmiteToasty said...

Congrats on the awards....... and BIG CONGRATS on 40 lbs... you go girl :) - I expect the chocolate parcel didnt help much lmfao

I love lasagne and make a wicked garlic chicken lasagne.....

happy sunday dear you..


ChicagoLady said...

Congratulations on another successful swipe I mean snagging of awards.

Wow!!! You were able to keep it to just seven awesome things about you? LOL

A monkey huh?

I think I agree. Those are some pretty awesome things about YOU!



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