hello hello hello echo echo echo

*peeks in*

.oO(anyone still here?)

Not that I'd blame anyone for not hanging around. It's truly no one's fault but my own. I haven't exactly been the best bloggy friend in the world. There's no way I can say that it's because there's nothing to say, because I have plenty I could be talking about, a whole year's worth infact. However, I just haven't felt like it compounded with the addiction (which got worse as I got introduced to 3 other games... *sigh*). I keep saying that I'm going to weed a couple of them out but I can't seem to choose which 2 to toss. I mean the one game has alotta time invested, while 2 of the other 3 seem to be a tad more interesting at this point...

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who came in to wish ranger (hubby) a Happy Birthday. He wanted me to pass along his thanks. :)

I've been trying to get around to the blogs as I can. It's pretty sad when some that you'd never miss end up having entries into the double digits that you need to catch up on! Now that Idol season is over, I won't be reading those other 3 sites as much because I'm not needing to keep on top of things as much. That cuts down on about 85% of the reading I do daily. I got through about half of them the other night. Going to try and get another 20-30 entries read before going into CrackFacebook.

As I was catching up, I came across a certain blog that pretty much took aim at friends that disappear and choose other hobbies over this. Sorry, I don't deal with snark like that too well. You'll noticed I stopped commenting and I haven't read a single blog entry after that. I probably won't either. I'm sorry you take offense at what I do as a hobby and I'm sorry you're hurting, but that wasn't cool. Next time, try dropping a line if you feel I've been too quiet. Others have, and I answered as soon as I got their note. All I know is when I find something a small group of us would enjoy, I make sure to include you in the emails. You haven't bothered participating when we get going on stuff like that. As for my "friends" on the other site, yes the list is substantial and no I don't talk to all of them... but there are a great many I ~do~ manage to talk to every day. Again, best bet... drop me a line there. I answer all those daily as well. In fact, it's the first thing I do when I get in. Oh wait, you can't, because you aint bothered to send a friend request even though we have a few common friends. Ah well. Your loss. Yea, I know I could always send one along... but after that snark, I don't think I'll bother. Oh and your commenting ~when~ I drop a post... well you don't do it all the time because from January to May I was dropping at least twice a week over in Styx Picks and I haven't seen you over there not once, although I know for a fact you watch the program. *gets off soap box*

As for the Mommy bloggers, I'd like to apologize. I don't often comment on your blogs simply because you have something I've been wanting. I know you're proud of your kid and it is YOUR blog to do with as you see fit, however it's really hard to visit when I don't have one of my own and there's only so many ways that I can say "oh how cute" or "how absolutely darling". However, you bloggers are actually why I needed to drop this post today. I was attempting to catch up in my magazine reading (which fell behind when we moved and never really caught up on) and I saw a link in Redbook that y'all may enjoy. I read the first few entries and was simply in stitches. Yeah, it's alotta kid based stories, but funny is funny no matter how it's delivered. The blog is called Mommy(and Daddy)Lingo and it has story upon story about the funny stuff parents end up having to say to their kids (one is titled "Um, stop making Batman kick your pee pee"). She's only got 11 followers at the moment. Well, 12 if you count me but I'm in private right now. Anyhow, I thought you ladies might just enjoy some of it, it's a good read.

Gotta go. I have a project I need to get done and a package to get ready to go out tomorrow or the next day. A surprise that I cannot talk about until the recipient gets the package. At that point, most of what I want to talk about just might decide it's time to be written.


Deanna said...

*waves at Styxie*
I'm a firm believer that each person needs to do what is right for that person. Once friends try to control each other, then the friendship becomes strained.

Anyway, glad to see you. Looking forward to more posts.

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad to see you - whatever the form is - e-mail, blog post, IM...

I personally have to stay out of Facebook since I'm an admitted weak person, addict-type and if I got "lost in there" I'd end up sleeping on the curb having lost my job and home from it. It is no reflection on anyone in there - and I miss the give and take that I saw there when my account was active - I activated the account to be in better touch with a friend whose father has cancer. It slowly grew to "more and more" and I realized I had to bail. My deactivating my account should NOT be contrued, ever, as a "de-friending". Such is not the case.

I can easily understand the "salt in the open wound" effect that some of the "mommy blogs" would have on you and others that want a child of their own - so very, very badly.

For years, pictures of couples holding hands or kissing or showing "couple-related" affection gave me the same deep in the gut burning self disappointment and yearning/urge to have something/someone that... wasn't there (or to be).


I like and admire you - just the way you are - you been through a lot - your stubborn pluckiness is something I admire. You've always 'been there' for me - for which I'm thankful. I know you are "somewhere abouts" and if I drop a line - you "surface". Your continued pictures of orange cones reaffirms your thoughts occasionally are of me... and I want you to know each and every day, when I see your hand-painted birds, dogs, and monkey with his banana sitting on the hutch in my living room, mine are fondly of you.

$2.00 - since I left far more than two cents.

Pop and Ice said...

*still stalking Dharma*

Karla said...

See you in crackbook :)

Toriz said...

I have a Facebook account, but it's only still active because I can't deactivate it (word verification issues). I never really got in to it, to be honest.

Anyway, Hi, and I hope Ranger had a great birthday.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Girl, take your sweet time and don't feel pressured to cater to others...then again you seem to be doing juuuust fine on that front. We'll be here when you pop in and hope that all is well on your end. Everyone's free to spend their time as they wish so long as they're not going around hurting people so enjoy it :)

And happy belated bday to Ranger!

Queenie Jeannie said...

*scratching head*

I have no clue what's up, so I can only surmise that it has nothing to do with me. So if it does....I'm lost, lol!

You have been missed!! But I guess that's more of a selfish thing, wanting you to come out and play on bloggyland more often! Besides whatever "this" is, I hope you are OK.

Pamela said...

we're all doing other things. Weird how that happens.

BUT.. I took some neat cloud photos that I will be posting (I'm going to do a series on our recent trip)

Anyway, can you believe I looked up at the sky at the speed of 70 mph in the middle of Nevada and woke my husband. GRAB the CAMERA. (And then i figured you would be proud of me)

Melissa B. said...

For the record, I'm always tickled pink when you drop by. Hope we can hang out again real soon!

Liz Mays said...

It's your prerogative to choose whatever you like doing in life and it's not for anyone to judge! I admit I miss your blogging here, but if you feel the desire to blog one day, at least you have the forum! You're in my reader so I'll see ya there when it happens!


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