I guess it's official now

So Friday was D day according to one "niece". That morning I got a message from the other saying that it was confirmed that he was getting out on Sunday and heading for his folks' house. I thought it was rather weird that they'd release on a weekend simply because I'd thought that administration dealt with releases and in most businesses (even if it's in a service industry, it's still a business) the admins don't work weekends. I as much told her this but got no answer. hm.

Anyhow, here it is... the Doomsday that I had originally in the timer and I look up on that trace site and see this:

Inmate Locator Results
No inmate found according to the requested search criteria. Please click here to search again.
If you have problems finding an inmate, please contact the Support Team.
Return to search page

No, I didn't mistype the id number as I've had it committed to memory for years now.....

Guess I'd better find something to keep me distracted today. All I really want to do is curl up on the sofa and bury my head in the blankets.

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