Just a few things

Still trying to get back into some of the habits I had before. More than likely going to take a bit to re-establish those patterns again....

Hubby's had this week off as he gets back into night-shift mode for work. We've had some news though. It's likely that it'll only be a one month deal this time around because the company is looking to restructure and make a permanent scheduling. This means that if you have a compressed day schedule, you'll be on days... period. If you're on nights, you'll stay nights. I told hubby that he might want to put in for a day-shift, even though the sleep schedule will kill me. Why? Because of the health of 75% of the life-forms in the household. We need to be available to get to dr/specialist/vet appointments and a night-shift schedule simply doesn't make that easy in the slightest.

***and that news hasn't hit my FB page yet ^_~ ***

We had to get rid of Penny (our Lincoln) a couple weeks ago or so. She'd turned into a real Money Pit to say the least. The repair a couple months ago was actually more than the car was worth so when she had another issue come up, we decided it was time to get something a bit newer. We are now driving a 2012 Nissan Altima that we named Anyssa. Yeah, it sounds like an odd name, but hubby wanted something that combined Nissan and Altima. *shrugs* Actually, a funny story comes to mind. We'd named the car and I posted a picture of our new precious when a friend asked what color she was (she couldn't tell if the car was dark blue or black).  When I said she was dark blue, my friend pointed out that she needs to have a Tardis sticker on her. With this idea bouncing around in my head, I thought "why not name her after a companion?" So I looked up all the Dr Who companions and imagine my surprise to find that she was named somewhat appropriately! Heh.

Hubby's looking at wanting to move. I know, we've been saying this forever now. Anyhow, we're in the process of starting to weed out stuff. I got started on the clothing the other day and we ended up dropping off a huge bag of clothes to the Goodwill store down the road. While we were at it, we took in 3 boxes worth of dishes (we'd decided to switch to some lightweight Corelle dishes because the stuff we were using was getting too heavy for me to handle anymore thanks to my arthritis). I still have the dresser and the tub of out of seasons to go through yet. I half expect there will be another bag or two of them to donate. Tomorrow's project is to start going through my crafting items and figure out what I really plan on doing and what I can ditch.  A few of the small pieces will stay (like my Santa trio) and I forsee a bunch getting re-homed or tossed. After I get the boxes downstairs and the craft closet upstairs weeded, I'll be going through my ceramic dolls. Hubby said I should keep them but I pointed out to him that I'm simply not as into them as I was and I could stand to get rid of about 1/3 of them. After the dolls, the stuffed animal collection will get culled. Tired of seeing some of this stuff around. So much to do....

I know there's a bunch more that needs updating. If one of my FB friends would kindly post in the comments the items I need to discuss in here... because I've slept a few times since it all happened.  Thanks bunches!



Intense Guy said...

Neat name!

I remember when you got the car - the old truck died slowly too.

Good luck with the new wheel - don't run over any Charlies..

ChicagoLady said...

Good luck with the sorting and purging. I was working on that over the winter,got side-tracked, then finally finished the first stage in April or May. Still have lots to do, and I'm not even thinking of moving. Yet.


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