updates, the truck and a ponderance

Well the shoe-in I thought I had with Target turned out to not happen. I cant say it's upsetting me any to be honest. After the interview that day I was beginning to think the job wasnt going to be for me. I mean who sticks their overnight stockers in uniform when your company isnt a 24 hr store? It simply doesnt make sense! Now WalMart, I can see it because they are open 24 hours and the stockers have to handle customers too....but Target? *shakes head* I not only would have had to put out money for khakis (which is to be expected when you live in knit pants...when you MANAGE to pull ON pants that is)...but red shirts too? Im sorry but having to put out a hundred or two dollars on work clothes just doesnt cut it with me...ESPECIALLY when you know it's ~just~ for a seasonal position. I told hubby this as we were going to the car to drop me off home. In the days following the interview this feeling just got stronger that I wouldnt be happy there anyhow. Then on Wednesday I got the "thanks but no thanks" card from Target. At least they were nice enough to let me know one way or another...most places dont do that. I cant tell you how relieved I was about this though. I had been praying all that time that one of the other places would call first. I still havent heard from the others I had applied to but it's still early. Most places dont exactly have their seasonal people in place for another week or two anyhow. On the off chance that the first batch doesnt pan out, however, I have another 4-5 target stores Im going to drop resumes and cover letters to. With any luck something should pan out in a week or two. *crosses fingers* All I know is this is turning out harder than it used to be. Could be it's because Im a bit older (yeah I know Im not but when you're competing with 20 somethings for the same jobs...pushing 40 real hard just doesnt help matters any), or it could be because I have been out of work for as long as I have.

Called my mom today and she's doing very well. She sounded like she's in better spirits than I was at the same time of recovery for my gall bladder operation. Of course, she's in better shape and handles pain better than I do so her recovery may take less time. She's already getting around on her own, much to my daddy's dismay. I think he was looking forward to taking care of her for a while because she had to do alot for him when he was out for his shoulder and arm. Ah well.

Hubby went with his friend Bill yesterday back to work. The truck had broken down sometime last month as he was headed to work and it's been parked there all this time. They went to see if they could nurse it back here so it would at least be off the work's parking lot. Damn thing broke down 3 times before they got it halfway home and then wouldnt start at all afterwards. *sigh* Hubby ended up calling to have the bugger towed home. It's now making a very nice lawn ornament to my front lawn. They're not sure what's wrong with it but have 4 or 5 ideas of what it COULD be. Some are easy and relatively easy fixes....others, however, not so much. Looks like it's not going to be fixed until the top of the year or when tax time comes. This sucks because at 15 mpg it has the better gas mileage of the two vehicles.

Ok question... say you have an aqcaintence that you had a falling out with. This person hasnt talked to you in forever. In fact the last time you actually talked it wasnt pleasant at all. Then this person has tragedy in their family....so you do the right thing and send a sympathy card. You get no thank you (not that it was truly expected) nor any acknowledgement of it with the exception of a mention to a third party who made sure you knew that it was acknowledged (but it wasnt said directly to you). All of a sudden you start getting forwards from this person...not often but just enough so you know they are alive. No notes, no Im thinking of you, nothing but generic forwards that tell you to pass it to 5 friends or so. They dont talk to you otherwise...no call (which is fine I hate the phone anyhow), no notes, not even a brief chat in a messenger service. How do you deal with this person? Ok better yet, say you sent a very polite note simply stating it would be nice to hear FROM them now n then and not just forwards all the time and they wrote this really nasty note back at you? I really had thought I had handled this one correctly for a change...I guess not.


AliceKay said...

You'll get a good job offer soon. Hopefully at a place you'll really enjoy.

Sorry to hear about the truck. I know how it goes tho. We put a 3rd transmision in our old Taurus after the 2nd one failed in Maryland (Marty paid for it) but it's junk and you can't drive the car (it shifts whenever it wants to) Now the warranty has expired on the original used transmission we had put in there and there's nothing we can do about it. Marty is not only out about $1500, he can't drive the car at all. We got ripped off. I'm sure the salvage yard knew we would run out of time before getting that "replacement" transmission installed. :(

Hey, about your "acquaintance"...I think I know who it is and I get the same forwards. Most of the time my email addy doesn't even show up, so I hit delete right away. I sent this person a note saying I wouldn't be opening any email from her where I didn't see my addy in the TO place, but I still get them, and so I still delete them. Sorry to hear she sent you a nasty note back. This person has problems...and it isn't you. *hugs*

ChicagoLady said...

It sounds like things have worked out for the best, regarding the job at Target. Keep looking, and don't let things get you down. You're a hard worker, someone will come to their senses and realize that and snatch you up quickly.

I'm sorry to hear about the truck, and how long it might be before you can get it fixed. Will keep my fingers crossed that it's one of the "easy" things to fix.

As for the "friend," that's a tough call. You can do what AK does and just delete the emails. And maybe since the person sent you the nasty note back, you won't get any of the other emails anymore...Sometimes you can't win for losing.

LadyStyx said...

Yeah I know Alice. And yes Chicago...you cant win for losing sometimes. She's got problems and it doesnt help matters that she's pushed or pushing everyone away. I must be a sucker for punishment. I just sent a nice lengthy letter...no apology though. Simply did what I did last year with that other problem...put it all in her court. She chooses to talk that's fine, if not...well then that's her biz and I'll be light a few extra emails...oh well. Got enough on my plate without having to worry about if I offended someone or not (Lord knows I try not to, but sometimes I just cant seem to keep myself outta trouble). My friends should all know how I am by this point. If she needs someone to talk to I'll always be here.


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