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I took these a few weeks back, just after our last cold snap. I'd meant to post them but by the looks of my edit section, I got sidetracked several times over. They were all taken while we were headed in to Logan's Restaurant for lunch. The retention pond was all frozen over yet they still had the fountains running. The geese were all up on the ice near the main road while the gulls were walking where ever they felt like being. The first shot below was actually the last shot I took. As I was snapping shots of the birds, I heard hubby say "That would make a neat shot". When I looked down I saw these awesome tracks...


ChicagoLady said...

Yeah, once the geese and gulls came back, I saw them out on the ice too. Now that it snowed all day, I'm sure they're gone. But the birds are happy, because they had food all day, lol.

That's a really cool shot of the prints in the snow/ice.


Carrie said...

*honk honk*

*honk honk honk*



You didn't understand that?

Fine, I'll translate.

"Cool pics..."

The Wife O Riley said...

Great pics!

AliceKay said...

Cool pics, Styxie. It's been cold enough for ice there....now all you need is some snow to go along with it and you will be happy. LOL

whimsical brainpan said...

That first pic is really cool!


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