update, apology and a plethora of awards

As pretty much everyone here knows, I've been down with a nasty bug. It's lasted a bit over a week now. So I went to the doctor yesterday. The good news is that I dropped another 2 pounds over the course of the week (266.8 now). The bad news...my bp is up to a 142/77 BUT this is pretty much normal when I have a sinus infection. The doctor has me on a 10 day course of Avelox , she says it's the best thing out there right now. Unfortunately, if you read that link, you'll see that there is a SLEW of side effects. One of them has already hit me (even though I only had the one dose so far) and according to the reading, Im not allowed to take anything to fix the problem. *sigh* Also, because of that same side effect, I dont dare stick to my eating modification nor get on my bike. The last thing I want is to be caught in a position where I cant get to where I need to be quickly.

Anyhow, as the doctor was peeking in the ears, nose and throat with that little light thing, she says to me...."You could stand to lose a little weight". WTF? Excuse me? Ok...credit, yes I do. But please look at the file before you make a comment like that! What is the sense of having our files on a computer so every doctor in the circle has access to them in the blink of an eye and then NOT REFER TO IT??? Even with the hard copy files that my last dr dealt with, she could tell when there was a weight loss or gain just at a glance, no matter HOW much time was between visits (shoot, she'd remember something we discussed nearly a year prior and ask me about it at a later appointment). Well, of course I opened my mouth and informed her I was down 2 pounds from the week before at the dietitian's and down about 30 from August (when I weighed 298). What do I get for the hard work? "Oh, well I guess that's ok then". *inserts a HUGE eyeroll* Man I miss that doctor...

Due to the problems I detailled out in my last entry, I havent exactly been keeping up very well with posting the awards. Since I got no response to the inquiry of who all had recently sent awards for me to pass, I did a little digging into the blogs of the usual suspects and emailed the links to myself (I hate a junked up email inbox and it's the only way to be sure I at least give a second look at things that I found interesting initially).

Here are the awards I've received over the last month (give or take a week or so). If you havent gotten any of these awards yet (most that I follow have though), or just wanna swipe them, please feel free to do so:

The following were received from wifey:

The above was also received from Chicagolady in her entry http://makingsmallthoughtfulblogentries.blogspot.com/search?q=awards

<<(both of these from this entry)>>

The next was received in Queenie Jeannie's entry

From iggy, I received this one (this is a brand NEW award so I know many of those that are reading this more than likely DONT have this one yet!!!): http://intenseguy.blogspot.com/2009/02/650-kilogram-metersminute-lbe.html I dont recall if we made any rules for this one so if there's a blog that gives you the warm fuzzies (like Jeannie, Cassandra, Babyrocasmama.. and the rest of you that are just joining this particular circle of friends) then feel free to hand it out. Nothing like a nice warm hug especially on these chilly late winter days!!

The lemonade award was received from babyrocasmama in her entry http://mylastshredsofsanity.blogspot.com/2009/01/i-got-another-award-this-one-is-really.html

And this last one, I've received twice now! It was given to me by Cassandra in her entry http://mommaneedsatimeout.blogspot.com/2009/01/some-bling-meme.html

Thank you all for the wonderful bling. I really do appreciate them, honestly.

I have another large entry coming up on Monday, Im in the middle of writing it at this point. With any luck I'll get it squared away to have it posted on time.


ChicagoLady said...

Congratulations! You really ARE loved! Hope the meds help you feel better soon. Hugs!


Karla said...

why didn't you just slap that doctor? That's what I wanted to do just reading what she said!

And yes, I completely concur with what Chicago said...You are loved.

Feel better soon! *hugsss*

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better.

The Wife O Riley said...

I am having the same problem with the Chiropractor, he insists that I need to do "cardio"

Congrats on your awards and I'm sorry, I must have missed the part where you asked who gave you awards.

Toriz said...

A lot of doctors are like that, unfortunately. They don't even take a quick look at your notes. It annoys me. Especially when it then leads to something that's either annoying or hurts your feelings... Like how they STILL keep insisting on checking to see if I can see anything or not. And how - after more than eight years - they're still surprised when they can't get a pressure reading from my left eye. I don't hold out much hope for them getting the point - despite my stunt during my last appointment - because the last time Carl and I went to an appointment together they insisted on trying to check his sight too... And he's had none since the age of two! (Bearing in mind he was about 19 or 20 the last time we went on an appointment together... He's now 25).

What's the point of the notes if they're not going to read them?

Anyway, well done on the weight loss. The doctor may not be impressed, but I am! You're doing a fantastic job! :)

Hope the meds make you feel better. *Hugs*

And, congrats on the awards! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your awards and on the weight loss! That's absolutely fantastic!

AliceKay said...

I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

I save links for different things like artists' websites or video links I want to check or blog later in my Drafts folder in my Windows Mail. I just put my hotmail addy in the To space and click Save. It's about the only thing I use that hotmail addy for. LOL

Deanna said...

Ok, I would have been seriously pissed off at the damn doctor. I hope you get to feeling better and back on track soon.
I hate to say it but the awards have become hard to deal with it. In the back of my mind I think if I'm reading the blogs, then they deserve the award! Anyway, you deserve every award you receive.

Wendyburd1 said...

Agh I would have kicked the doc in the groin, it hurts no matter what sex you are!!First, a person knows what they weigh, they do not need a comment that reinforces their bad self-esteem, so just how the doc put it sucks! And I am so sick of doctors NOT looking at charts! My mom, a nurse, says only nurses take the time to LOOK at charts...well have a nurse in the room then!!
Way to go by the way. I couldn't do anything to lose the weight, so had to resort to surgery, because my Diabetes were so out of control...and am still not happy with my weight!

Intense Guy said...

Congrats on all the awards - you deserve all of 'em!

Dorkys Ramos said...

I've had my fair share of inconsiderate doctors who should've had their licenses revoked. But I'm glad you felt the love from all your blog friends :)

Hope you feel better as well!


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