So the computer started acting up a couple weeks ago, I'm sure Chicagolady could tell me exactly when. It started throwing an error code on certain people's blogs (some that I participate on regularly!). I was an unhappy camper to say the absolute least. In order to read some of them, I had to resort to using Firefox. After a few days on FF, I tried those blogs again via my usual IE7. Imagine my surprise when, they not only worked, but the Google reader link started working properly again! YAY! So I chalked it all up to Blogger being a piece du merde at times and taking their sweet-assed time fixing problems. Things were good for almost a week now. Last night, the computer decided upgrades were needed and what did it do? Upload IE8 on me. *ugh* Ok, I can deal...right? Well the above video shows ya what I got today. I only checked the two sites so far and I think I'm going to walk away from the computer (actually, Im gonna hobble because the cold's got my knees achin this morning) for a while. I'm really kinda pissed off today so I may not make it in to the blogs at all. A real shame as I have loads of pictures I wanna share, a day and a half of blogs to read and emails to deal with. Between a computer that seems to be bound and determined to make me use FF, and knees that don't want to stop achin... *checks calendar* oh damn...*sigh* ya, and THAT too. It's not likely to be a good day around here. Someone bring me a couple heating pads, a cuppa catnip tea and a cinnamon muffin please?


Queenie Jeannie said...

Hugs honey!!! You are NOT alone!! I had to get FF too and I just plain ole hate it.

I had IE7 and it worked fine but I listened to Thomas and "upgraded"....and had nothing but problems since. Blogger and IE8 are not compatible and although Blogger is "working on it", I wouldn't hold your breath.

Did I mention I HATE FF???

Sorry about your knees and general malaise!! Here are some gentle hugs, a box of Thermacare pads (these sooo work - buy them!!!), some apricot tea and a muffin. It will get better hun!

The Wife O Riley said...

I've been getting error messages too on some blogs, but I just hit refresh and it comes back up. I am so not technical and probably couldn't figure out what the problem is other than our old computer.

I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

Karla said...

*hugsssssss* FF sucks..well in MHO anyway. I luckily don't have to put up with "that time of the month" anymore but I can so empathyze with you about THAT! I hope you get to feeling better soon..*hugsssssssssss* again.

Intense Guy said...

I've been getting the message with IE8 (and not IE7) so its not anyone computer - its a problem with blogger/IE8.

I do what Wife O Riley does, click back and then refresh - I'm thinking its blog sites with lots of bling on them that are doing this.

Hugs ya tight and gets ya some tea. Hope that knee feels better or I'll send Harold after you to tend to it.

Pop and Ice said...

I said yes when my laptop prompted me to upgrade to IE 8. I always say *yes* to that stuff. Of course then certain blogs don't work right - like Candy's Daily Dandy. It shows up all in brown with black lettering and I have to highlight it to read it. So unless every freakin blog I read blows up I'm going to slog through the IE8 upgrade and hope it gets fixed soon.

I hope you feel better soon, as well!

Carrie said...

What the FREAK?

I got tired of IE freezing up on me and now I use Firefox. I haven't had any problems since I made the switch. That STINKS!

Deanna said...

Huggsssss Styxie - I hope your out of sorts, sorts itself out soon.

I haven't upgraded to IE8 yet because I've read posts where people say it was causing problems. For a week or so, though, I was getting errors on IE7. That seems to have sorted itself out, though.

Progress? Sigh.

Wendyburd1 said...

I'm sorry!! Google Reader won't even open up for my anymore, I had to find a back way to get it and bookmark it ans now it is the only way I can use google reader!

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear of your problems with the computer. I don't have mine set up for automatic installs...only automatic updates that download. Then I choose what I want installed. I unchecked the IE8 box as soon as I saw it there, thanks goodness.

Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

Toriz said...

I have a particular blog that internet explorer keeps deciding it can't display. Just the one mind, the rest are fine. No idea why, but after a couple of days it usually lets me go back to it. Then it's fine for a few days, then it wont let me visit for a few days.... You get the idea. :(

Anyway, hope your knee's not aching so much now. I see what you mean about us all falling apart. *Hugs*

junyah said...

I maybe Male, but when isee somebody type the word THAT is red. i knew what she menat..lol enough to know that ladystyx needs a hugs..( or two )...


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